Ginny struggled against her restraints and sighed miserably as she realized she was not going anywhere.

She was exhausted from all her brothers had done to her. She knew why she let them fuck her though. She missed Harry so much that she had sex with anyone these days. Her only way of getting over Harry is by fucking as many guys as possible.

Tears began to form at her eyes as regret hit her. She wanted Harry back. But he was off with Cho Chang now. He would never come back to her. He always liked Cho better than her anyway. He had just settled with her because Cho wasn't interested at the time.

At least, that's what she told herself.

She sighed again and nodded off to sleep, trying to forget about her mistake.

Hermione collapsed yet again onto the soft cotten sheets as Mr. Weasley spilled his seed all over her breasts.

"Yessssssssssss," she happily moaned as she rubbed the cum into her breasts. "Ohhh yesss," she cried out again and stuck a wet finger into her mouth and sucked.

"God Hermione, my son doesn't deserve you. You deserve a real man, one who can pleasure you like I can," he whispered as he kissed her arm. She purred in agreement, but guilt struck her.

"Oh Mr. Weasley, this night has been...amazing. But I feel terrible doing this to Ron. He means so much to me. I don't want to hurt him," she confessed and rolled away from his kisses.

"Don't think of it as cheating on him. Think of it as practicing. To get even better for him! Cause everytime you fuck someone, you feel something new. You learn a new move or a new sound that turns you on. I'm just training you so you can handle him when he gets older. He's gonna be just like me, Hermione." Mr. Weasley told her and cupped her hand.

"I guess that makes sense. I'm just trying to make myself even better for him," she mumbled to herself. "So...the more I fuck you, the better it gets for him!"

"That's true," Mr. Weasley smirked. "Want to get in some more practice?"

"Oh god yessss," she moaned and rolled over to him. She kissed him deeply as he ran his mature firm hands up her thighs. He pulled her tiny waist into him and kissed down her neck.

She moaned as she felt him at her entrance yet again. "Ohhh yesss!" She delightfully screamed as his tip slipped into her pussy. The rush of juices began flowing inside her as his tender cock penetrated her further.

Inch after inch filled her up. She let out a loud gasp as he shoved in all the way. Her pussy clung tightly around his sensitive cock.

She could feel it throbbing inside her. The heat was driving her mad as he pushed into her yet again, even harder this time. "Oh god! MR. WEASLEYYYY OHH YES!" She screamed out as he continued pounding her pussy. Faster and faster each time, sending her over the edge.

She was so satisfied with his cock inside her. It felt complete, amazing, and all she wanted was more. She screamed as he cummed in her, his cream filling her tiny hole. His cock slid out, followed by more of his cum and her juices rolling out.

Hermione was gasping for air as her own climax ended. Her back was arched up to make herself closer to his cock. Her breasts were jiggling free, looking tender and delicious. He tugged on her nipple and cupped her two breasts together. He then began kneading them roughly, making her feel like she was being punished...but in an arousing way.

She panted as he continued pleasuring her. They both knew the night would be long and unforgettable.


Harry woke in the middle of the night, maybe 3:30, to get a glass of water from the bathroom. He had been having more nightmares about Voldemort and needed to splash his face with some water to calm himself down.

He staggered to the bathroom and poured on the water. After a quick dousing in water, he looked up at his face in the mirror.

His electric green eyes shined through the darkness.

He could barely see his ruffled mess of jet black hair in the dark bathroom. He continued looking at himself, as if he was expecting something to happen.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone crying. The sobs sounded familiar... he knew it well. Ginny, crying again. His heart broke a little, listening to her sobs. She probably had no idea he was awake and able to hear her crying.

Quietly he tiptoed out of the bathroom and down the hall to where the crying was coming from. It led to Fred and George's room. Sure enough he opened the door and attempted to flick on the lightswitch. It produced no light.

The crying was quickly muffled as soon as he opened the door. "Ginny...are you in here?" He asked the darkness.

"No" a sniffled voice replied. Harry rolled his eyes and replied, "Where are you?"

"On the bed...Don't come any closer. They left me here. They cuffed me to the bedpost. I don't want you to see me," she mumbled to him.

"Whoring yourselves to your brothers again, Ginny?" He smirked with satisfaction.

"I only did it because I knew you were cheating on me Harry. I knew you were fucking Cho Chang. I've been letting them fuck me because I can't get over you Harry. I don't want to like you. I fucking hate you for what you've put me through. But I can't stop caring about you," she sobbed.

Harry's heart sank immensly. "I'm sorry I cheated on you Gin. I don't even care about Cho. I just fucked her because I wanted some change, you know? I shouldn't have been so quick to judge you when I saw you and your brothers. I'm sorry Ginny," Harry said quietly, silencing her sobs.

" you still care about me?" She asked, her words shaking in fear of his answer.

"Of course, Ginny. I love you. I just...I dunno, I needed a break. I would never wnat to lose you," he admitted and walked over to the edge of the bed. He sat down, unable to see Ginny, but able to feel her presence next to him.

A small glint on the floor caught his attention. A small key. A small silver key....most likely to the handcuffs!

"Ginny, I'm gonna uncuff you. I promise I won't look at you," he said as he grabbed the key and walked over to the end of the bed.

"You can look, Harry." She said simply."I want you to look at me. I want you to touch me."

Harry could barely speak as he unclicked the cuffs and watched her siloutte. Her beautiful tits and tiny waist were outlined in the darkness. Harry said nothing as he leaned down and kissed her deeply. His hands cupped her face as they kissed passionately. She gasped as he pulled away.

"Harry, do you want me? I'm yours if you do," she said to him.

"I want you right now. Right here," He told her and kissed her again, this time climbing on top of her in bed. He pulled off his gray wiftebeater and plaid boxers. He knew every contour of her body as he kissed down her torso.

"Fuck me Harry," she whispered and he began.

One inch slipped into her. She sighed dreamily as more inches slid into her, streching her to the perfect size. A long groan from Harry accompanied her moan as he pushed in all the way. He began sliding in and out of her, her thrusts matching his. They were both panting and sweating as they fucked rigorously.

She rolled him onto his back and climbed on top of him, riding his cock like a pro. She bounced her tight pussy up and down on his cock, milking his balls every time she went down far.

Her moans were loud and hot. His cries of pleasure were dominant and errotic. They were both turning each other on so much that they climaxed several times.

Her pussy was dripping wet, his cum spilling out of her every time she went down low. Her rapid pants never seemed to end, and her legs seemed to be running on a whole other energy source. She didn't even feel herself get exhausted. She just kept riding Harry for all she was worth. Over and over again.

Her body was glistening from his cum and her sweat. He could see her soft figure in the moonlight. He had forgotten how absolutely amazing Ginny was. She had gotten so much better from fucking her brothers. She was lightyears ahead of her years.

With a final erruption, Harry's cock blew in her pussy, drenching her yet again. She collapsed off of him onto his side, trying hard to breathe.

"Ginny, you're all I could possibly want. I was an idiot. I'm so sorry baby," he said and kissed her. She smiled and said nothing. Instead she kissed her way down to his cock. She began squeezing his balls tenderly, knowing it would get him hard again.

Sure enough within a few moans and a few seconds, Harry was hard as a rock yet again. She took the first few inches into her mouth gently.

And she pleasured him for the rest of the night...


"Luna! I'm so happy you could come up to visit!" Ginny exclaimed when she saw her dear friend Luna Lovegood at the door.

"Hello Luna!" Mr. Weasley said from the kitchen. "Would you like to stay in the guestroom or in Ginny's room?" He asked politely and took her bag.

"She'll stay in my room," Ginny decided and grabbed Luna's hand to lead the way. Luna quickly unpacked as nighttime drew near. They were both giggling over magazines when a knock sounded at the door.

Ginny opened it to see Harry. She looked back at Luna reading on the bed and quickly stepped out into the hallway with Harry. They kissed deeply and Harry tugged on her hand to motion her to come to his bedroom.

"I can't Harry. Not with Luna here. I need to spend the night in my own bed tonight," she apologized as a defeated Harry returned horny and alone to his bed.

She quickly opened her room and saw Luna pulling on her pajamas. Her tyedye thong was clearly visible through her white short shorts and her tight black tanktop. Ginny felt herself get wet as she remembered the night she had with Luna.

"Ginny...I haven't forgotten about that night either," she said, knowing exactly what Ginny had been thinking.

Ginny closed and locked her door and walked towards Luna. Their eyes met and they looked at each other for a few moments before Luna leaned in and kissed Ginny gently on the lips. Ginny then pushed Luna onto the bed as they began kissing each other even more.

Ginny didn't consider it cheating on Harry. She was just pleasuring her friend. Nothing wrong against that. As long as whoever it was didn't have a penis, Harry shouldn't care.

She ripped off her own pajamas as Luna unbuttoned hers. The two girls were moaning as they undressed each other. Ginny slowly opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out a long black dildo. Luna moaned as Ginny clicked off the light and pulled her under the sheets with her.

Luna felt Ginny begin to insert the dildo into her tight wet pussy. She moaned as Ginny pushed the dildo deeper into her. "Ohhh Ginny!" Luna moaned as she kissed Luna's hard left nipple. She took a breast into her mouth and sucked tenderly as she thrust the dildo deep into her friend.

The two girls were moaning eagerly into each other.

They were so distracted by the heat that they didn't notice the door swing wide open...

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