The door swung open and both girls gasped and tried to cover themselves as someone flung on the light.

Ron stood speechless as he watched the two beautiful naked girls desperatly pull the sheets on top of them.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT RON?" Ginny screamed in embarrasment as she pulled a blanket over her tits.

"Uhhhh," he stared blankly in shock. An erection grew in his cock as he realized what exactly he had walked in on.

"Ron get out!" Ginny cried again as she wrapped herself in a blanket. "God...I locked my door for a reason!"

"I wanted to know if you had any um condoms. I'm all out. I went to Harry first but he's all out too. He said you had some," Ron mumbled as he continued to gawk at the girls.

"In the drawer," she said harshly and pointed to her dresser.

" Gin I had no idea you played for the opposite team too," he chuckled to himself.

"I don't! I mean, I guess I do. But just cause it's so hot," she explained, still red in the face.

"Ya know Ron, you should get in on this," Luna smirked.

"But Ginny's my sister," he said and closed the drawer.

"Never stopped you before..." Ginny reminded him.

Ron stopped to consider but suddenly declined, "Nah, no thanks. I have Hermione waiting for me in my room. Maybe another time tho. Have fun. And don't worry Gin, I won't tell Harry," Ron said and left.

Ginny rolled her eyes and clicked off the light.

Her and Luna continued to pleasure each other for the rest of the night...


It was the last day before they had to all go back to Hogwarts.

Hermione awoke to the sun rising through the window. She rolled over and felt Ron next to her. Her pussy was so sore from last night. She sighed happily, kissed him on the cheek and got out of bed. She pulled on her very revealing nightgown and fuzzy slippers as she checked the time.

It was 5:08 in the morning. She couldn't sleep so she decided to get up and make some tea.

She tiptoed out of Ron's room, thinking of the amazing night she had with him. They've never fucked that much before in one evening. Over and over again. No wonder she was so sore.

The whole house was still asleep as she headed downstairs to the kitchen.

She was so distracted by her thoughts of Ron that she didn't notice a light on in the kitchen. She walked in and Mr. Weasley was up reading the Daily Prophet.

Hermione gasped in surprise and he folded down the paper with a simple "Good morning, Hermione. You look beautiful in that nightgown."

She blushed, remembering the night she had spent with him and the amazing sex.

"Uhh thanks," she said awkwardly and pulled her gown down further in an attempt to cover herself more. She wanted to run upstairs and grab a robe, but she knew it was too late for that.

"You excited about heading back to school tomorrow?" He asked casually as he watched her pour herself a cup of tea.

"Yes sir. I have so many books I want to check out from the library," she explained and took a seat near him at the table.

"I wish Ron was as passionate about reading as you are. Speaking of which, how are things going with you two?" He inquired.

"Really well actually. I learned quite a few things from that night we had, Arthur..." she said quietly.

"I wish we could do that again before you leave," he admitted.

"Me too. Why not right now? The whole house is still asleep, and they'll all be out for hours," she suggested.

"I have to go to work soon, Hermione."
"It could be a quickie?" she recommended.

He checked his watch and agreed.

"I want you right here, Arthur. Fuck me on the table," Hermione begged.

"God Hermione, you know exactly the right thing to say to get me hard," he said as he unzippered his pants. He stood up and walked over to her end of the table. She rose to meet his gaze and they kissed passionatly for a few moments. His hands ran down her body, making her moan into his mouth. He hoisted her up onto the table and she continued to kiss him. He slowly unbuttoned her nightgown, each button revealing more and more of her smooth milky skin.

She laid back as he pulled the gown off her and was completely exposed to him.

"Fuck me Arthur. It's gonna be the last time for a while," she reminded him as she spread her legs across the table. Her naked body against the hard wood surface made her quiver as she felt the tip of him at her entrance.

"I'll make it unforgettable," he said as he shoved deeply into her. She let out a small cry of delight as he began to thrust into her. The slapping of his balls against her ass made her grunt as he continued to pound her.

"Oh Arthur! That's right, fuck me harder," she cried as her already sore pussy continued to be pounded mercilessly by him.

He grunted as he railed her, he could feel his cum building up inside his cock. Her pussy was so tight and wet that he knew he couldn't last much longer. The sight of this sexy young girl spread across the kitchen table, moaning to his every move made it impossible for him to keep going.

He burst inside her, she squealed as she felt the ropes of cum fill her up. The hot seed drenching her insides made her cum alongside him. Both of them moaned as they orgasmed. The heat between them soared as he collapsed on top of her.

It took a while for their breathing to return to normal. He eventually pulled out of her and a pool of cum formed on the table. With the sound of a zipper being pulled up and a quick peck on the cheek, Mr. Weasley headed to the fireplace and used floo powder to get to work.

Hermione remained naked on the table, still glowing from the fucking but then got up. She slipped her nightgown back on and began to lick up the cum from the table. Once it was cleaned up, she headed to the bathroom and took a long hot bath...


Luna left the house around dinnertime that evening. The whole gang was sad about it being the last day, particularly Harry who had gotten little to no sex during the whole break. Ginny promised him that tonight she would do whatever he wanted in bed and they wouldn't stop until he was satisfied. She was nervous to make that promise, but was excited nonetheless.

That evening Ginny put on her sexiest black bra and thong she owned and pulled on her silky white bathrobe. She slipped out her bedroom and tiptoed down to Harry's room. She popped into his room and quickly shut the door behind her.

Harry was waiting in nothing but boxers; she could see a hint of an erection hidden.

She seductively untied her robe and let it drop in front of him. His erection grew even bigger as she climbed into the bed with him.

They began to kiss furiously.

"God I missed you Ginny," he said as he unclicked her bra and her C tits sprung to life. She sighed happily as he began to suck on them, nibbling on her nipples just how she liked.

"I can tell," she teased as she felt down to his rock hard cock. Her hand found the elastic liner of his boxers and she pulled them off with a quick motion.

She felt his thumbs hook the end of her thong and pull down. He began to kiss down her tight stomach as he ripped the thong off. His mouth trailed down to her hot cunt. He spread the folds of her pussy and pushed his tongue deep inside her. She cried out in delight as he licked up and down her clit.

"God Harry I want you now," she insisted and pulled him closer to her. She grabbed his hard cock and gently moved it in front of her hole. "Fuck me hard baby."

Harry thrusted into her hard right away, making her moan as it slid deep inside her.
"Ohhhh yesss Harry," she sighed as he slowly pulled out and then quickly shoved back in.

"God Ginny, how do you remain so tight after all this time? Your pussy is so perfect," he grunted as he gently withdrew and then roughly plunged back into her. She cried out every time he did this, begging for more.

He continued to rail her for the rest of the night, both of them loving every minute of it.


Meanwhile, in the next room, Hermione and Ron were going at it as well.
Hermione was bent over the bed as Ron pounded into her.
He held onto her small waist as he rammed into her over and over again. Hermione screamed in pleasure as he pounded her with no mercy.

"Ohhh Ron!" she panted as he emptied his seed into her.

"God it gets better every time," Ron said happily as he pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to her. He squeezed her ass tenderly as her breathing returned to normal.

"Ron, I love you so much," she said quietly as she rolled over next to him. "I want to spend every night with you."

"I love you too Hermione. And I can't even sleep at night if you aren't next to me," he whispered into her ear and kissed her cheek.

"You get a special treat for being so sweet," she smirked and rolled over so her ass was up in the air.

"I get to fuck you in the ass?" He said excitedly.

"Go for it, baby," she grinned as he eagerly stood up and lubricated his cock. He scooped up some of his cum that was dripping from her pussy and rubbed it all over her ass and into her hole, making her squirm in anticipation. "Nice and easy Ron," she warned him as he put the tip at the entrance to her ass.

He shoved in slowly, letting her relax as he shoved in gently. She let out a few moans of pain, but they soon turned to pleasure as he shoved in all the way.

Ron had never felt anything so tight and wonderful in his life. Her ass was squeezing his cock randomly, making it so difficult not to cum on the spot.

After a few quick shoves, he felt it building up in him. Hermione was doing her best to enjoy herself through the pain; she only wanted to make Ron happy. And he was more than happy; he was ecstatic.

She cried out as she felt him explode into her ass, it spilling out as he removed his cock. The cum dripped down her legs as it poured out.

Hermione rolled over, exhausted from the painful but pleasurable assfucking. Ron was absolutely glowing from the experience.

"Sooo amazing..." he kept moaning.

They fell asleep in bed together, dreading waking up early to get back on the Hogwarts Express..


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make part nine please! yes, theyre plagerized, but theyre still good!

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this person does nothing but plagarize. This guy has added a dozen or so stories in a very short time frame, but joined this site 7 months ago. If he had all these stories already writen, he could have posted them then. why now? I'll tell you why. his real stuff sucks, and he is desperate. fuck you douchebag. stop stealing stories and not giving credit.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this person does nothing but plagarize. This guy has added a dozen or so stories in a very short time frame, but joined this site 7 months ago. If he had all these stories already writen, he could have posted them then. why now? I'll tell you why. his real stuff sucks, and he is desperate. fuck you douchebag. stop stealing stories and not giving credit.

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A good fun read. Ignore all the picky flamers; there are thousands of erotic Harry Potter fanfics out there, many of them awful, and I'm happy to spend a while with a purely sex-filled, orgy-type fun fic. Well done.


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