'I'll come and help you' Tonks said brightly.

She followed harry back through the hall and up the stairs. Harry led her up to his room and kicked aside the dirty plates and underwear strewn all over the floor. As she changed her hair pink, she told him about her abilitly to change her appearance at will. Suddenly an extremely dirty thought whizzed into Harry's brain. Without hesitation, he quickly asked,

'What about your pubes?'

'I beg your pardon??' Tonks said quickly.

'I said, what about your pubes? Can you turn them any colour?'

Harry thought he had said something silly and thought she was off donwnstairs to inform the others but much to his disbelief, she proudly said,

'Of course I can! want to see?'

Harry's mind was racing by now and the thought of seeing his first real vagina, made his dick start to press against the sides of his boxers as it began to extend.

'uhh yeah!?' he exclaimed

She masterfully lifted of her robes standing in his bedroom in just her underwear.

'Jesus Christ' said Harry in awe

Slowly she peeled off her dripping wet knickers. Harry had heard of girls getting wet if they were excited, and felt quite pleased with himself. She stepped out of her knickers and threw them at Harry. Harry caught them and felt the wetness dripping onto his hands. He leaned down and smelt the strong musky warm odour of Tonk's pussy. It sent him wild. He then gave them a quick lick,but before he could do anything else, Tonks was already laid on harry's bed with her legs spread open.

'What did you want me to change then?'

Harry looked down on her Brazillian shave and already thought it was perfect. then, curiously he said,

'make it orange?'

Tonks scrunched up her face and all of a sudden there it was, glowing orange in the dim light. Harry noticed it was getting dark and flicked on the light exposing her glimmering pussy, drenched in its own juices.

'Wow, you must be really horny' Harry said

'I am Harry' said Tonks in a very dirty voice

Slowly Harry made his way over to the bed, crouched down next to the bed and without warning, stuck his tongue right up her tight pussy. Immediately her juices began to trickle don Harry's throat and he liked the taste so went on licking the whole pussy not wanting to spare a drop. Once he had cleaned up, Tonks was moaning loudly and said,

'Right now its my turn'

and skillfully undid Harry's belt and pulled his boxers down so they were round his ankles. Harry's six and a half inch cock sprang to life. Tonks grabbed it and licked slowly aroung the top of the foreskin, and slowly pulled it down exposing harry's full purple head. She began to expertly suck just on the bell. within minutes harry splurted his load right into her mouth and she let it dribble out of her mouth and onto her tits. she unclipped her bra and unleashed the c cup tits with beautiful nipples. she slowly rubbed the cum into her nipples and licked at them.

'I want you inside me harry' Tonks said breathlessly

'Ok but one thing' said harry 'make your pussy completely bare'

and in an instant her pussy was a beautiful skin colour. Harry rubbed his face against it, then his mouth, pushing her fleshy pussy lips around with his own lips. Harry stood up and planted his dick on top of her pussy and let it touch her shaven skin for a few moments before plunging it right in so that his balls hit her asshole. Harry held it in there, feeling the warmth and tightness of his very first pussy. slowly he bagan to move around a little pushing the base of his cock against her hardened clit, making her squeal with pleasure.

'Ohhhh Harry' she murmered

gently, harry began to push and pull a little harder, placing his thumb on top of her pussy feeling her soft labia and now solid clitoris. As he pumped in and out of her he listened to the squelching noise it was making and felt where his cock was going holding the shaft untill in sank inside her. After a few minutes of this, someone called from downstairs,

'Are you ready you two? We have to get going'

'We're just coming' gasped Tonks as they began to climax.

Tonks was bucking and jirating like a bull, moving herself towards Harry's every penetration. it all came at once tonks exploded covering harry's balls with her cum which resulted in Harry shooting his load into the deepest parts of her pussy. panting, he collapsed on top of her. They lay there for a few moments, Harry just feeling her nice squishy tits on his firm chest. before pulling his sagging dick out of her with a suction like noise. Tonks smiled as they pulled thier clothes back on. Harry was greedy for more already, and Tonks seeming to read his mind said,

'Don't worry, I'm sure there will be dozens of opportunities for more of this once we get to Grimmrauld Place, we have the rest of the summer!'

Harry just grinned sheepishly and followed her downstairs with his luggage, fondling her pussy as he went.


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