Harry and Hermione had gone to stay with the Weasley's so that they could all go to the Quiditch world cup together. Hermione was sitting in the backyard with Harry and Ron when she wondered where Ron's little sister Ginny was. Ron had been teasing Ginny all night so Ginny had run up to her room very upset. Hermione decided to go and find her. She knew that she was probably in her room so Hermione announced she was going to bed. She knew that since her and Ginny were sharing a room it wouldn't look suspicious for them to hang out.

Hermione entered the house and began to climb the stares. When she reached the landing she heard whimpering coming from inside Ginny's room. She walked to the door and then opened slowly. Ginny rushed to wipe her eyes but it was obvious that she had been crying. Hermione went over and sat down on the bed next to Ginny and put her arms around her in a loving embrace.

I just don't see why he has to be so mean to me. Ginny announced trying to hold back her tears. Sometimes I just wish I would die.

Don't say that. Replied Hermione pulling away from Ginny so she could see her face.

Look at me. I'm a mess. Ginny declared.

No your not. Your beautiful. Hermione said in a very honest but very sexy voice. They looked into each other's eyes. For the first time Hermione realized how beautiful Ginny really was. At this same moment Ginny felt heat between her legs that she had never felt before. She leaned in and kissed Hermione. As she pulled away and opened her eyes, she couldn't believe what she had just done. She was about to apologize when Hermione smiled and leaned back in locking lips with Ginny. This time Ginny opened her mouth allowing Hermione's tongue to explore hers. Hermione grabbed Ginny's hand and placed onto her B cup breasts. They were soft as she squeezed and the heat from her legs grew more intense as she felt herself grow wetter with every passing second. Hermione then took her own hand and slid it under the waistband of Ginny's blue jeans and panties. She ran her fingers in circles around Ginny's pussy lips making Ginny moan in her mouth and squeeze Hermione's tits even harder. Hermione pulled away breaking the kiss and removed her shirt. Ginny was surprised to find that Hermione wasn't wearing a bra. Ginny leaned forward running her tongue over top of Hermione's tit. Hermione withdrew her hand from Ginny's pants and laid on back pulling Ginny on top of her and pressing her face in to her chest. Hermione reached her hands around and grabbed each of Ginny's ass cheeks and squeezed. Hermione began to moan loudly as Ginny nibbled on her left nipple. She separated her lips from Hermione's chest and looked up at her in approval.

I'm confused. Said Hermione in a seductive voice. I thought I was supposed to be making you feel better. Hmmm�what can I do?

She took Ginny by the ass and flipped her over onto her back. She slowly on buttoned Ginny's shirt until it was open enough to pull over top of her head. She pulled the front of Ginny's bra over top of her breast. Her breast were very small but were covered by large pink tits that were stiff and very sexy. Her lips and tongue went straight to work on them. Ginny began to moan and breathe faster and faster as Hermione suckled on her tits. She raised her head and looked in Ginny's eyes. She moved down her stomach and began to undue her pants. Once undone she pulled down Ginny's pants quickly followed by her silky red panties. Ginny spread her legs to reveal to Hermione her untouched virgin pussy. There was not yet any pubic hair but she could see where it was just starting to grow. Hermione licked her lips in anticipation. She leaned in and licked around Ginny's pussy before running her tongue over Ginny's clit. Ginny squealed loudly. She ran her tongue up and down between Ginny's pussy lips. Ginny lay here head back as she felt the sensation of Hermione's moist tongue on here tiny twat. She began to moan even louder when Hermione raised her head.

Keep your voice down sweety. She whispered. I'm enjoying this to but if you don't keep it down we'll get caught.

Ginny bit here lip as Hermione went back to work on her pussy. She laid her head back on the pillow and moved her hands onto her tiny tits. She began to squeeze and massage them and at the same time thrust her hips up into Hermione's mouth. Just when Ginny thought she was about to pass out from the mounting pleasure she felt Hermione pull away. Gasping for breath Ginny raised her head to look at Hermione who was digging through her pockets.

What are you doing? Ginny gasped. Why are you stopping?

I have an idea. Hermione replied with a sexy smile. She found what she was looking for as she pulled her wand from the depths of her pocket.

Ginny moaned allowed as she realized what Hermione was thinking. Hermione took the fat end of her wand and ran it up over top Ginny's hard nipples. She slid it down Ginny's stomach and onto her soaking wet pussy. She slid the wand around Ginny's opening and then raised it to her mouth. Hermione stuck out her tongue and licked the juices of Ginny's sexually charged twat, savoring the taste. She then bent down and slowly slid the fat end into Ginny's pussy. The wand wasn't as big around as a real cock but it was definitely large enough to make Ginny moan louder then ever . She shut her eyes tight as she let the feeling of Hermione pushing the wand in and out of her take over her young innocent body.

Ginny wasn't the only one enjoying this. Hermione looked down to see that the whole front of her jeans was soaking wet from her horny pussy. Her nipples were rock hard and just as she took her free hand and grabbed one she heard a noise behind her. She turned around to see Harry standing in the open doorway with a shocked expression on his face.

Shut the door! Hermione said quickly. He quickly stepped into the room closing the door behind him. At the same time Ginny realized what was happening.

Oh no! She said quickly trying to cover her boobs and dripping wet pussy.

It's ok Ginny. Harry won't tell. Will you Harry? Said Hermione looking at Ginny reassuringly. Hermione remembered that this was not the first sexual situation Harry had seen her in. They had sex once in Harry's bed and ever since then her and Harry had been secretly in love.

Harry looked at the frightened cornered look on Ginny's face and the sexy smirk on Hermione's face. Just as he was about to answer he had an idea.

Of course I won't tell. He said with a smirk. On one condition.

What's that? Hermione asked.

I get to join you. Harry said with a grin. It was at this moment that Hermione looked down and saw the large bulge in the front of Harry's pants. She almost moaned aloud as she imagined what Harry might be doing to her in a few minutes. She sat down on the bed and slowly turned to Ginny. She leaned in gave Ginny a long wet kiss. She pulled away and looked at Harry with unbridled sexual passion.

Come and get us. Hermione said trying to sound as sexy as she could.

Harry briskly walked over to the bed nearly jumping on Hermione. They smashed their lips together, their tongues dancing in each other's mouth. Hermione slid her hand down Harry's stomach and grabbed and rubbed his dick through his pants and boxers. Harry looked at Ginny, as Hermione shoved her tongue down his throat, wondering why she was just sitting there.

Get over Ginny. He said between kisses.

I think I'll watch for a minute. Ginny replied nervously

Suite�your�self. He tried to say with Hermione's lips still around his. Harry pulled away from Hermione and stood up. He began to take off his pants. He began to strip slowly so he could tease Hermione who's pants were soaking wet between the legs from the moisture of her tight fuckhole. He finally got his pants all the way off followed by his boxers. He stood up straight and Ginny gasped. She had never seen a cock before and she was mesmerized by it. She felt the heat between her legs and she knew that once Hermione was done with him it would be her turn.

Get your butt over here. Hermione said patting a spot on the bed. Harry walked over and sat down on the bed next to Hermione.

Hmmmm, your mine. She said grabbing Harry's now erect cock and massaging it in her hand.

She spread Harry's legs apart and lay down in between them. She got her face right up against Harry's balls and slowly stuck out her tongue giving each ball a lick. She then moved in closer and took both of his balls completely into her mouth. She laid there with his balls in her mouth for what felt like five minutes sucking and licking them. She then released his balls and ran her tongue up and down his shaft. She slid the head into her mouth and sucked as she slid his cock all the way into her mouth. Her nose was centimeters away from touching his pubic hair. Harry moaned in approval as she slid her mouth up and down his cock. Harry knew he was about to come but he didn't want to come so soon. He pulled his cock away from Hermione's mouth.

Hermione looked up as Harry stood up.

Where are you going? She asked wiping her mouth.

Stand up. Harry said grabbing her arm and pulling her to her feet. He reached his hands down and grabbed each of Hermione's ass cheeks. She moaned into his mouth as he rubbed and slapped her ass. Hermione took her hands and began to undue her belt. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down and off. She then pulled away from Harry and slowly slid her silk panties down revealing her small bush of light brown pubic hair. She slid the panties off and walked over to the bed. She laid down and spread her legs.

Take me. I'm all yours. She said in pure lust and love. Harry moved between her legs gripping his cock. He placed it at her entrance.

I love you. He said before he slid his rod into her.

I love you too. Said Hermione truly happy for the first time in her life. But if you don't fuck me right now I'll kill you.

Harry pushed his cock deep inside her. Hermione moaned loudly as she felt Harry's seven inches fill her up. Harry began to pump her slowly at first but the pace quickly picked up. Hermione began moving her hips to meet Harry's thrust with her own. Harry felt himself about to cum but he knew Hermione wasn't there yet so he slowed down. Hermione took this opportunity to pull his dick out of her. She turned him over and straddled him like she was riding a horse. She gripped his cock and slid it into her as she sat down on top of him. She began to ride him as fast and hard as she could. She grabbed Harry's hands and placed them on her B cup boobs moving his fingers so that he pinched and rubbed her stiff nipples. Hermione began to feel her orgasm building in her stomach and moving throughout her body. Harry squeezed her boobs hard causing her to moan loudly.

I'm Cumming! She yelled at the top of her lunges as her pussy walls contracted around Harry's throbbing dick. The sudden squeezing of his dick and loud moans from Hermione were enough to send Harry over the edge as well. His body tensed up as he shot a thick stream of goo into the back of Hermione's pussy. Hermione collapsed onto Harry's stomach as the laid there trying to catch their breath. Just as they were calming down the heard Ginny speak.

My turn. Ginny said with a smile. And I want to do everything.

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