"Oh Harry! Yes Yes YESSSSSSSS!" Ginny moaned in lust as Harry pounded into her. Ever since Harry had entered his 7th year at Hogwarts, he'd been getting more sexually active.

It used to take forever to get Harry aroused. She could barely even kiss him without him getting all nervous. It was such a contrast from what they were like now.

"Fuckkkk Ginny you're so goddam tight. You feel so good. I wish I wasn't about to fucking explode in you," he panted.

Ginny loved the feeling of cock inside her. It was so perfect and pleasurable. Harry and Ginny were practically fucking every night, every time it felt better and better.

"Oh Harry, right there. Keep going. Faster, faster. Fuck me so hard that I can't walk," she begged. She didn't even feel the wall against her so tightly. Harry loved pushing her up against the stone walls in the Burrow, fucking her so hard that she coulcn't breathe afterwards. Ginny loved the cool stone against her nearly naked body. Sometimes the rocks dug into her back, but the pain just aroused her even more.

And Harry continued, pounding his whore over and over. Both of them were moaning between gasps of breath.

It had been the perfect oppourtunity for them. It was Christmas break, and Harry had come over to the Weasleys to celebrate, like usual. But this time, the rest of the Weasleys and Hermione went to Diagon Alley to go Christmas shopping.

So now, the only ones home were Harry and Ginny, fucking so hard.
"I think I'm gonna cummm in your pussy in like 3 seconds," Harry breathed.

"Go right ahead. Bury it deep in me, Harry," she moaned. She had been on the pill ever since Harry started advancing on her.

"Here comes!" He yelled as he exploded into her. Her pussy contracted right as he had began to cum, milking the tender cock even more. Ginny felt the strings of cum splash inside her, moaning as she climaxed herself. Harry kept going, filling her completely up until some dripped out.

Harry embraced her, breathing heavy on top of her and letting his rock rest in her warmth. She was panting herself, always did when Harry fucked her. He never disappointed her.

"I want to get on the bed, Harry," Ginny said. "I need to relax. I'm so spent."

"Yeah," he agreed and climbed onto the bed with her. Both of them were completely naked, except Harry had pulled on his boxers. Ginny was still nude, her red hair complimenting her flushed expression.

"That was so good, Gin. I want to fuck you like that all the time in school. It's the best high I've ever felt," he admitted, still recovering his breathing.

"Me too. I want you in me every night. I won't be able to sleep unless you do," she purred, taking down his boxers slowly.

"Baby, what are you doing?" he asked as he watched Ginny pull him out again. She said nothing, but opened her mouth. Harry had always known that Ginny had beautiful lips, but he always noticed them when she did this.

Ginny licked the tip of his mushroom. cum was still over it, some of her juices mixed in. She cleaned him off, slurping on the cum, while stroking his cock at the same time. Harry was hard in an instant. All he saw was this river of red hair fall onto him as she took him deep into her throat. She worked so carefully, inching every little bit into her without gaging. What a pro.

"Ohhhhhhh Ginny!" Harry moaned as she sucked away. "You're too good, baby. You're too fucking good." He felt the cum buiding in his dick, but held it in. He wanted to keep enjoying this.

Ginny loved the huge cock in her mouth, the taste of the cum was unbelivable. It was so satisfying. She felt him begin to heat up and knew he would burst again soon. She rolled her tongue right over his tip, bringing a tiny jolt to his pelvis. Precum oozed out, she licked it up in preparation for all the cum that was about to errupt into her mouth.

She moaned deeply on his cock, sending vibrations down the shaft. That did the trick. "Ohhhh fuckk Ginny. I can't keep it in anymore. Fuck fuck ahhhhh," he panted and exploded into her yet again. She yet again felt the ropes of cum just coat her mouth and throat. He kept spraying until finally he evened out and finished. Some dribbled out her mouth, but she licked it all up.

Right as she was swallowing all of her cum, she heard a clearing of the throat at the door of her bedroom. Ginny's heart sank as she turned her head.

Fred and George: both smirking their evil grins.

"So, Harry's finally getting some action from our slutty sister, then eh?" Fred mocked, looking pleased with himself.

"This-this-isn't what it looks like, guys," Harry said.

Fred and George just began laughing as Harry tried to cover up.

"Oh god, please don't tell mom and dad!" Ginny cried, afraid they would nark.

"Oh, we won't tell mom and dad," they said smiling. "Not unless you do something for us..."

Ginny knew this couldn't be good. Whatever they wanted would probably be cleaning up after them, or having to run difficult errands for them, or doing their chores for them. This would suckkk.

"We want you for one night. All to ourselves. We wanna fuck you in every hole, baby sis. We want to do whatever we want to you, no complaints," George grinned. Fred was smiling too.

"But...but, I'm your SISTER! That's disgusting!" Ginny protested.

"Yeah, you're our sister. But you're also a fucking tease. Walking around in those Hogwarts hotshorts, never wearing a bra, accidentally dropping your towel in the hallway. You get what you deserve, you slut," Fred argued.

Ginny said nothing. It was true, she had teased them. But really she was just testing on them to see how Harry would react if she pulled the same thing on him.

"And if I don't do what you say..." Ginny began, fearing the worst.
"Then, we'll tell mom and dad about you and Harry's...hobby," George blackmailed.

Harry looked nervously at Ginny. He always thought Fred and George were cool, not like this. At the same time though, he understood why they wanted to fuck Gin. She was banging, in all seriousness. Gorgeous green eyes, fair milky skin, beautiful bold red silky hair, a size C cup, a great perky ass and the tightest pussy in the world.

Ginny knew she had to say yes. There was no other way around it. They would tell Mom and Dad, and not only would she get in a TON of trouble; she would never be allowed to see Harry again.

Harry and her locked eyes briefly; they both knew what she had to do. She had to give herself up to them. She had to submit.

"Okay," she finally gulped out. "When do you want to do this?"
"Tonight," they both said at the same time.

"Go take a shower though, we don't want any of Harry in this. Oh, and put on something naughty. Be in our room at 9 o' clock, right when everyone else is going to bed. Enjoy the rest of your day, " George explained, with Fred still smirking.

The twins left Ginny's bedroom. Ginny wanted to cry. She only liked fucking Harry. He always pleasured her just like she wanted. She trusted him. He trusted her. It was a whole other level with Fred and George. She had heard them fucking girls before, especially over the summer. When they forgot to put silencing charms in their rooms. Ginny had heard Fred and Angela going crazy one night. Fred put it in her ass. She heard her screaming to go slow because she needed to adjust. Ginny was amazed her parents didnt wake up.

Harry wondered why the twins had come home early from shopping. It was just weird. Maybe they knew Harry and Ginny would be going at it.

"Oh Harry, I don't want to go with them. They are so rough in bed. I've heard them having sex before. I don't think I can handle them," Ginny whimpered, afraid.

"Baby, if you fuck them like you fuck me, you'll be fine. You're the best I've ever been with. By far. Fucking pro, Ginny." Harry comforted her.

"Thanks Harry. Hey, who all have you been with?"

"Cho, drunk one night stand with some chick I met at Three Broomsticks, anddd once with Fleur's little sister," Harry said, thinking back. "What about you?"

"Once with Neville. He was so nervous the entire time. It was cute. Some other boy who I don't remember. And..." she turned red. "Once I gave Snape a blowjob to raise my Potions grade."

"Noooo wayyy" Harry laughed, thinking how gross that must've been.

"I'm gonna go clean up. Rest of the family will be home soon" Ginny said, climbing on top of him to make out with him once more. Harry stuck a finger in her, and pushed in over and over again, each time adding more fingers. In minutes she was cumming all over the place. After another passionate kiss, she departed and went to get ready for her big night...

Ginny examined herself in the mirror. She had already put on her black lacy thong and was looking for a matching bra to go with it. She found the perfect one, padded a little bit to make her look even bigger. Ginny knew what turned her brothers on. She had tested many looks on them. She knew they loved her black tight silk corset, her dark purple and black miniskirt, and her long sexy black boots. She looked like a slut; exactly what got her older brothers so excited. Harry called Ginny's cell phone right before hand, wishing her good luck and to be careful.
He would come to her room whenever the boys were done with her.
She released her silky red hair so that it drapped on her shoulders, so powerful against the black silky corset. She looked amazingly hot, the corset barely containing her milky breasts. She found herself still sore from Harry's pounding in her earlier. She was ready to give herself up to her lusting brothers.

She crossed the hallway, and knocked on their door at exactly 9 o' clock. The rest of the house was pitch black. Everyone had gone to bed really early. Except Harry.

George opened up the door, pleased to see Ginny looking her naughty best and right on time. Fred cast a silencing spell in the room, so no one would be able to hear the fucking that would commence. Their room was dark, with only black lights and red lights on. Rave music was playing on their speakers at just the right volume. They had transformed their room into a fuck room, using simple magic spells. Instead of their bunkbeds, a huge bed took up the corner of the room. The sheets were silk and never been used. Magic was awesome.

"You're looking particularly hot tonight, little sis," Fred said, as he started taking off his shirt. George pulled his off too. "Get on the bed, Ginny. You're gonna wish you had never been caught," he taunted, slapping her firm ass as she crossed the room. Ginny felt nervous. Fred and George were SOOO experienced. She had only done it a few times with other people, multiple times with Harry.

"Who wants her first?" George asked. "Actually...why don't we split her?"
"What hole do you want? Ass or pussy?" Fred questioned. Ginny began to panic. She had never taken it up the ass before. She heard of girls doing it, sounded so painful. She wanted to protest, but part of the deal was no complaining. She was supposed to be their humble sex slave.

"I'll take the ass," George said, licking his lips and looking at her tight smooth ass that the skirt barely covered. Ginny began to tremble at the thought.

"Let's get her prepped. She'll need some arousing if we're gonna get any of that," Fred said, walking over to the bed. Ginny's heart raced. Fred sat down on the bed next to her. "Let's get you outta that tight corset Gin," Fred whispered to her, and put his mouth over hers. He frenched her, felt her up for a good two minutes. His hands trailed to the back of the corset, tugging at its buckles, slowly unclicking each one. He pulled off the corset with one rough tug, revealing her strapless silky black bra that cupped her breasts.

George, meanwhile, took a seat at the other end of the bed, watching his brother strip his younger sister. He felt himself go hard right away.

Ginny was moaning now as Fred sucked her breasts. He had torn the bra off, releasing the milky globes that he so desired. Ginny was getting so hot. She was getting punished by her two brothers for catching her in the act. That was fucking hot right there. She moaned louder at every suck and nibble. She was so preoccupied with Fred attacking her breasts that she almost didn't notice George slide something into her twat. It felt big, but not the same texture as a cock, felt smoother and colder.

"Vibratio!" George commanded whatever was in her, and she felt the intense pulses emitting from the object. It began vibrating so fast that she thought she was gonna cum right then and there.

"Ohhh God, George! What did you put in me?" She panted, closing her eyes and enjoying the ecstacy of her brothers toying her.

"A chilled cucumber. A nice long, thick one. Just a little smaller than Fred and I's cocks," George said. Her pussy was streched to the max. Little smaller? How big were they?!

"It feels soooo good. Oh fuck. FUCk!" Ginny moaned eagerly as the thing increased its tempo.

"Lay back, little sis," Fred soothed, gently letting Ginny relax on the bed and release her tension. Ginny complied, while uncliping her skirt to reveal her black lacy thong for the boys. They liked the sight of it and told her to keep it on for now, so that the cucumber could stay in without anyone holding it. "What about my boots?" She asked in between George's kisses.

"Leave them on. They are so fucking hot. Make you look even sexier," Fred told her, licking her breasts so tenderly. "See? This isn't so bad now Gin, is it?"
"No," she admitted. "It feels soooo good."
"Enjoy it while it lasts though. We're gonna stretch you out so bad after tonight. You'll be sore for days, baby" George whispered into her ear. That only turned Ginny on more, as she felt her juices began to consume the vibrating cucumber in her pussy.

"I think she's ready to take us now," Fred said, pulling off her tits. "She's giving me a blowjob first," George said, guiding his cock towards her mouth. Before she could say anything, he stuffed it into her mouth, choking her at first until she adjusted to its size. Fred and George were HUGE. A good 10 inches, at least. Harry was only 8 and 1/2 when he was erect. But Fred and George were huge. She wasn't used to this size in her mouth. It was so big. She managed to get her tongue around his cock and began sucking and slurping on the huge rod. "Thats right Ginny. Oh yeah. Suck it nice and hard, Gin," George ordered, his hands guiding her head. He had placed his hands in her silky smooth hair, cupping the sides of her head and thrusting himself into her throat even harder.

Ginny could barely breathe but enjoyed every moment of the fucking. Her tongue was all over the cock head in her mouth, sucking on every inch. He kept moaning and she felt the heat building in his cock.

"Gin, I'm gonna cum down your throat. And you're gonna be a good little slut and drink every drop, aren't you?" He commanded her. She nodded, and purred to hurry him up in his cumming. She could barely breathe and needed some air soon.

"Ohhhh GINNY!" He screamed as he burst in her mouth. Her throat was absolutely drenched in his cum. She was coughing and gagging on the amount of cum in her throat, but swallowed all of it like the pro she was.

Once George had caught his breath, he decided "Ok, now that slut can take both of us. She's ready for her punishment."

Fred agreed and laid down on the bed. Ginny was still getting off from the vibrating cucumber in her twat that was beginning to slow down. It had gotten her so worked up, but hadn't been enough to get her to climax. She needed a real cock for that.

He pulled the cucumber out, watching as Ginny's pussy clung and milked it as he pulled it out. Fred then pulled Ginny on top of him, slowly inching her down on his cock until he was in completely. Ginny felt so streched, but savored every second of the huge cock in her. She felt so good and so full, but the pain was also there. The pain mixed in with her pleasure and made her feel even better about having a huge cock in her pussy. She moaned so loud as she began to bounce up and down on his cock. Fred was shouting as Ginny bounced on top of him, thrusting her hungry pelvis against his.

George took this as his opportunity to join. He grabbed Ginny's waist and pushed her down even more on the cock so her ass was in the air a bit. He held her there, Ginny too preoccupied with the pain and pleasure of Fred to notice George's anal attack. He lubed up his dick with some stuff he had and began to push in.

Ginny didn't notice at first, but immediatly felt it hit her when he got about an inch in. She felt the pain, but also felt even more full than ever. The fuller she felt, the hornier she got. She moaned and shrieked in pain as George continued to bury himself in her. She was screaming for more, but she didn't know if her ass could take all of him. She began to slowly rock on Fred's huge cock in her pussy, fufulling her pleasure so she could cancel out the pain of George's cock in her ass.

She felt SOOOO streched. But the more they both kept pushing in, the better she felt. Her pussy had now completely engulfed Fred's huge member, and George was working his way into her ass inch by inch. She climaxed over and over again as Fred continued to bounce her up and down on his rock member.

"OHH FRED! YOU'RE SO BIG! UGH, YOU FEEL SO GOOD IN ME! Fuck me sooo hard. Fuck me like the slut I am. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Freddy," she begged to Fred, who fufilled her cries and kept bouncing her. She increased her tempo, then remembered the full ass of George's cock and how good it felt now. "George, you're too big. I can't handle it. You're so big, ahhhhhhhh!" She was moaning and moaning until she couldn't breathe. It felt so good. She was gonna explode in the waves of pleasure that were rocking her frail, violated body.

Thrust after thrust. Pump after pump. So much cock in her, filling her up. Cock after cock. She only moaned now, as Fred and George both pounded the daylight out of her. She felt herself nearly black out from the pleasure. She felt like she was gonna faint from the overwhelming ecsctacy that was trickling through her body like electricty.

"This is the tightest hole I've ever fucked!" Fred screamed in delight to his brother. "Her pussy milks me so nicely. She knows how to use it."

"Her ass is just the same. Sooo fucking tight. I can tell she's never had it up the ass before. She was so tense in the beginning. Now she's doing quite well," George complimented.

Ginny was too preoccupied to think about what they were saying. Her pussy and ass were both so streched. She wanted them to cum in her so badly. She wanted to feel them all over her. She wanted both of them in her now.

"Please cum in me. I need your sweet seed in me. I want to have all of you," she cried as she kept riding Fred. George exploded in her ass, coating all the inside of her, and spilling some on her ass cheeks. He pulled out of the damp hole, scooped up the cum and had her taste it. She licked it up as fast as she could, cherishing the cream.

Moments later, Fred exploded in her pussy, layering her sore pussy in cum. She felt herself fill up, felt so wonderful to have cum in her again. Ginny collapsed on top of Fred, desperate for air. Her pussy had come to adore the ten inch cock in her. It felt so nice to be stuffed like that. Fred softened up and eventually slipped out of her, letting her roll over next to him, completely spent.

"Enjoy yourself, Gin?" George asked, running his hand over her sore breasts.
"Yes. So much. You guys are amazing," Ginny admitted, blushing.
"Let me finish you off," Fred said smoothly, and began slurping up her juices from her soaked twat. She still had some cum in her that was dropped out, but he took that all up too. His tongue was darting all over her clit, inching in every few seconds to get her stirred.

"Oh God Fred, I can't climax again! I can't even breathe," she was panting heavy as he continued to lick and arouse her pussy again. He hit her G-spot over and over again, each time getting a small cry from her. She ran her hands through Fred's hair, edging him on to continue his oral attack of her pussy. "Fuck me with your tongue, Fred. You're so good to me," she dreamily sighed as he continued pleasuring her to climax.

The rest of the night was spent fucking. Ginny had never done so many posistions before. She had them pounding both her holes doggy style. She had one in her pussy, one in her mouth. She had one in her ass, one in her mouth. Both in her hands, while she jacked them off. Both of them cummed all over her tits and her body. By 4 a.m., she was exhausted and finished.

The boys were falling asleep too from all the rough fucking. Ginny had never felt so wonderful before in her life. "Anytime you boys want me, I'm yours. Unless I'm with Harry. Don't tell Harry I enjoyed it though, he would be mad," she warned them. The boys would want future visits from their baby sister. Who was a lot more mature than they thought.

She slipped back across to her room, completely spent from the intense fucking with her brothers. She checked her cell phone, 3 missed calls from Harry. She called him back, got his voicemail. Guess he fell asleep. She went into the bathroom, took a long shower and cleaned herself out. Her pussy was so tender and sore from the pounding it had taken. Then, Ginny went back to her bed and passed out; dreams of Fred and George's cocks racing through her head...

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