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She will stop at nothing -- for the money...
A continuation of the story “A Stripper’s Life: Kitten” or in other words, Part II. If you haven’t read the first part, I would reccomend that you do so before reading this story. Although I do prefer that you read the first part, it’s not essential. Thank you – to all of my fans, readers, raters, and anyone else who I may have left out. Enjoy!


I quickly read the note and smiled to myself. After I finished reading it, I got out of bed and stretched my refreshed body. I felt like I had slept for days. Slowly, I crept into the master bath and washed my face. After I did that, I did just as Maurice instructed and put on my sexiest set of lingerie that I had brought along with me.

I stood in front of the wall-sized mirror and stared at my curvaceous physique. My sexiest set of lingerie consisted of: a tiny red bra that only covered my nipples and areola, a matching G-string with no crotch, and a pair of five inch red stiletto heels.

To compliment my outfit was a rhinestone chandelier-like navel ring, large silver hoop earrings, and silver bangles. I pinned half of my hair up and let the rest of it hang. I decided against putting on make-up except for some candy apple red-colored lip gloss. After I felt like I looked my best, I did just as Maurice instructed and walked downstairs.

I strutted through the beautifully-furnished living room, dining room, then into the kitchen. Maurice sat at the marble island and smiled when I entered the room. I discreetly laughed to myself when I noticed he was buck ass naked. He pulled back the stool next to him and ushered me to sit. In front of me on the counter top was fresh fruit and pancakes. While we ate, we made general conversation.
Maurice complimented me continuously. I caught him staring down at my cleavage a few times but I didn’t mind – he was paying me more than enough. Once we were both finished eating, he grabbed my hand and lead me to the sliding glass doors that lead to the manicured backyard. Without a word he pressed my body against the cold glass. The front of my body was facing the glass and he stood behind me. My titties mashed hard against the glass and a chill went down my spine. Maurice wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my ass into his crotch. His flaccid dick pressed against my soft booty.

Large raindrops continued to fall from the dark sky. I tried to speak but before I could utter a word, Maurice buried his face in my neck. I gasped as he worked magic on one of my most sensitive spots. Slightly below my right ear, he teased the sensitive flesh with his warm tongue. I ground my ass against his crotch as I felt his dick come to life.

Gentle licks turned to pleasurable sucking. I moaned low as he continued to tease my neck. Maurice went from below my ear to the back of my neck. He moved aside my hair and grazed the back of my neck with his teeth. I smiled and begged him not to stop. Maurice was truly turning me on, unlike the majority of my customers.
He continued to tease me for a few seconds before he abruptly stopped.

“We’re going outside.” he said while opening one of the sliding doors.

“In the rain?” I quickly asked.

He shook his head yes and smiled at me. The wind blew a little rain into the room when the door was fully open. Chills went over my body, causing my nipples to become very hard. Maurice grabbed my hand and lead me outside. I wasn’t too particular about getting my weave wet but I decided not to protest since he was paying me well.

The rain poured down on us. Within a minute or two, we were totally soaked. Maurice closed the glass doors and backed me up against it. He stood directly in front of me and stroked my sides. I slowly twisted my hips and beckoned for him to come closer. Once he was close enough, I tilted his head down and whispered in his ear, “You sure you’re ready for the ultimate experience?”

He smiled wide and shook his head, yes. I told him to stand against the doors and brace himself for me. When he was in position: standing straight up with his back pressed against the glass doors, I got onto my knees in front of him. The crisp wet grass tickled my bare knees and crunched under my weight.

I reached out and grabbed his semi-hard dick. I held it tight in my fist and stared up at him. I used alternating pressure to get him harder. I’d squeeze his shaft hard for a few seconds, then release. This technique alone got him all the way hard within seconds.

“You see this red gloss?” I said while pointing at my lips with my free hand.

All he could do was shake his head. “My mission is to get this red at the base of your dick.” I smiled.

His eyes opened a little wide. I puckered up and gave the head of his dick a kiss. Thunder rumbled and a strike of lighting illuminated the sky. There was no need for me to spit on his dick since it was nice and wet from rain water. I slowly eased my fist up and down the long shaft. Before I put the head of his dick in my mouth, I moved aside the material that barely covered my nipples and areola.

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Maurice groaned while he stared down at my bodacious titties.

I opened my mouth wide and formed and O shape with my lips; without hesitation, I pushed the swollen head into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and tightened my jaw. Simultaneously, I sucked and beat his dick causing him to gasp for air. Up and down . . . Up and down, my fists went. I applied intense pressure and released while I took more of his hardness into my mouth. I worked a little over half of it into my mouth and sucked hard.

I could tell that Maurice was having trouble holding himself up. His knees trembled slightly and he groaned like crazy. I pushed back my soaking wet hair and continued to push more of his dick into my mouth. The rain hadn’t let up one bit. I knew I had to slow my roll or he would bust too early. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and placed soft wet kisses all over his dick. My saliva and the rain covered his dick and made it glisten.

Maurice shrieked and shuttered while I traced the amazing bulging veins that covered his dick. The endless maze of pulsing interlocked veins turned me on even more. Once I felt like he was ready for me again, I quickly shoved over half of his dick into my mouth. The swollen head of his dick hit against my tonsils and slid right past my gag reflex.

I swallowed him like it was nothing. If I hadn’t gained anything from being a stripper, I learned how to deep throat ANY dick. My jaws ached slightly but I ignored the nagging pain and continued to suck as hard as I could. My mouth was filled to the max and Maurice was loving it. His eyes glazed over and his eyelashes fluttered constantly.

I totally caught him off guard when I completely swallowed the remaining inches. My nose rested on his pubes. I breathed hard through my nose and kept his dick in my throat for more than twenty seconds. Maurice squealed like a little girl while he looked down at me. I stared him directly in the eye while I pulled his overly-hard dick out of my mouth.

I used one of my hands to massage his untouched nutts. I rolled them between my fingers while I sucked and stroked his dick. I pulled his dick all the way out of my mouth and smiled. A nice amount of pre-cum coated his head. I licked at it like a famished kitten and purred. His pre-cum tasted better than any I had ever had. It was very sweet and mildly salty. I savored the flavor for a few seconds before I decided I would push him all the way over the edge.

Thunder rumbled and roared overhead and rain continued to pour down on us. I massaged his nutts more aggressively and began to take his dick back into my mouth. I worked my way down inch by inch, making his pipe disappear. Maurice clenched his fists and dug his fingernails into his palms – I could tell he wasn’t going to last another minute. I wrapped my fist around his dick and squeezed tightly while I stroked it. Maurice’s back arched slightly and he mumbled, “I’m about to cum!”

I gently sat the head of his dick on my plump lips and continued to masturbate him. He placed both of his hands on my shoulders and released. His dick pulsed on my lips and his hips bucked slightly. Like a car driving ninety miles per hour into a brick wall – he climaxed. I couldn’t wait until I tasted more of his sweet creamy seed. Stream after stream. I opened my mouth and allowed it to squirt into my mouth. Nutt covered my lips, tongue, front teeth, and chin. He squeezed my shoulders while he experienced climactic aftershocks.

Maurice stared down at me while I licked away all of his sweet cum that covered my lips. After that, I savored it for a few moments before swallowing it all. I opened my mouth to show him that I had consumed every last drop. He smiled in satisfaction and removed his hands from my shoulders.

“Let’s get out of the rain.” he suggested.

He helped me up from the ground and lead me back inside. Maurice seemed like he was walking on a cloud as we walked into the kitchen. Water splattered all over the floor and dripped from our bodies. Maurice told me to sit in one of the bar stools while he went upstairs to get a towel. I sat at the same island where we had eaten breakfast earlier that morning.

Within a few minutes, Maurice came back downstairs with two plush white towels. He handed one to me while he dried himself off with the other. Once we were dry – enough, Maurice instructed me to turn around in the stool to face him. He told me to open my legs wide while he got onto his knees on the floor. I smiled, hoping that he could truly satisfy me in the cunnilingus department.

I opened my thighs wide enough for him to kneel in between them. I still had on my panties and bra. I decided to take off the bra and leave it up to him for the panties. Maurice licked his lips at the sight of my protruding pussy lips through my crotchless panties.

“I’m going to show you how a REAL MAN treats a woman.” he said with confidence.

I didn’t really hear him; I was in my own little world. Maurice gently traced my pussy lips through the material and smiled. I watched his every move. He rested one of his hands on my thigh while he gently kissed my inner thighs. His kisses were random and slow. He would gently suck the skin while he kissed it.

Maurice started at my knees and worked his way up. He paused only an inch or two away from my pussy. He inhaled my unmistakable sweet scent – not just for a few seconds but for about a minute or so. I could tell I had him hooked; He would definitely be one of my regulars. When he felt like he could no longer help himself, he reached out and touched my bare pussy lips with his index finger. My fat lips had his ass hypnotized.

His lips were slightly parted while he imitated petting a kitten. I draped one of my legs over his shoulder and encouraged him to get to work. Maurice used both of his hands to open the petals to my irresistible rose. He opened my honey-colored lips to expose my inner pinkness. Maurice collected saliva in his mouth and spit directly on my clit. I cooed low and watched as he darted out his tongue.

When his firm warm and wet tongue touched my aching clit, I grabbed onto the marble counter top behind me. Maurice worked magic with his tongue. He swirled it around my clit in circles just the way I liked it. While he encircled my clit with his tongue, he massaged my pussy lips with his fingers. My clit grew hard; he licked at it like it was his only lifeline. I unintentionally tightened my thighs around his head while he entered me with his fingers.

I believe he was surprised at how tight my pussy was. Kegal excercises do work, honey. I bit my bottom lip and moaned through my teeth while he fingered me with one finger and used his motor-like tongue. I put one of my hands on the back of his head and pushed him deeper between my thighs. He inhaled deep and continued to work his magic.

Within a few minutes, I was close to a nutt. He put two fingers inside of me and worked them in and out at an incredibly fast pace. I gasped for air while he suckled my clit and rolled one of my hard ass nipples between his fingers. I slightly lifted my bottom of the stool and lowered it down again.

“Moan for me!” he commanded.

I did more than moan for him. I screamed – as I came in his mouth. Maurice sucked up all of my juices as they oozed from my pussy. I bucked my hips at his face and dug my fingernails into the back of his head. Pleasurable bolts of electricity tore through my body while thunder rumbled in the sky above. I clenched my eyes shut and called out his name. Maurice continued to pleasure me until I experience a second orgasm a few minutes later. It’s not that often that I enjoy being with my customers, but Maurice was totally different.

Maurice pulled me out of the stool and slightly bent me over the counter. The cool marble teased my nipples. Because I had on the stiletto heels, the counter stopped right under my titties. Regardless of me wearing them, Maurice was still three or four inches taller than I was. He stood up behind me and stared at me from the back. I looked back at him and noticed his incredible erection as well as the crazy grin on his face.

Maurice surprised me when he reared back and slapped my big round booty cheeks. The hard lick sounded off of the walls and made my left ass cheek as red as a ripe tomato. I moaned and called him daddy to enhance the effect of what he had done. He repeated himself once more and watched my ass jiggle before he positioned himself behind me.

“Black booty is the best booty.” Maurice said proudly.
He held the shaft of his dick and put the head against my fat pussy lips. I hungered to have his thickness inside of me. I clenched my teeth and took a deep breath. Maurice pushed the head of his dick in my pussy and parted my fat lips. He let go of the shaft and held both of my hips tightly like he was going on the ride of his life. I pushed my ass back at him and allowed a couple more inches to sink inside of me. My pussy conformed tightly around his dick as he pushed more of it inside of me. I moaned low and urged him to keep going.

Once he had about half of it inside of me, he started to fuck me. I hungered for more of him but I had a feeling he was trying to tease me. Maurice stroked my pussy slow and precisely. I could tell he was very experienced. He moved his hips in slow circles while he maneuvered himself in and out of me. My juices thickly coated the half he was fucking me with. Some of it was so thick it looked white as the nutt I had previously swallowed.

“You ready for this, little lady?” he asked.

I didn’t say anything; I did my trademark purr like a kitten. Maurice smacked my ass cheeks and grabbed my hips again. In one quick hard thrust, he was fully inside of me. His nutts rested against my buttery soft pussy lips. I moaned in ecstacy. All eight of his inches were inside of my body – this time in my pussy. I used my toned pussy muscles to tighten my walls around his dick.

He held himself inside of me until I fully adjusted to him. Contrary to his usual gentleness, Maurice started to whisper dirty things into my ear while he pulled his dick out of me and slammed it back in. I moaned and twisted my head from side to side while he beat my pussy up. I pushed my ass back to meet his strokes; he was definitely hitting my spot.

The room seemed to be on fire. Electricity filled the air. I couldn’t hold out any longer. My entire body stiffened up. I purred like a kitten that had just discovered gallons of warm milk. Maurice massaged my clit while I bust an incredible nutt. I was caught off guard when I felt myself squirting. Clear fluids gushed from between my thighs and caused my knees to go weak. If Maurice wasn’t holding my hips so tight, I would have collapsed.
Maurice nibbled the top of my ear while I came down. He continued to work himself forcefully in and out of my pussy. His hands trembled as he tried to hold out as long as he could. I was too much for him. He cried out like he had been wounded while he slammed his hips into me. I smiled in satisfaction knowing that I had worked my magic on another man – causing him to release early. While pleasure overtook his body, he slowly pulled his dick out of me while he bust his nutt.

Maurice stood back and looked at his handy work. I stood up from the counter and dipped two of my fingers into my pussy. When I pulled them out, they were covered in a mixture of our sex. I quickly sucked the indescribable mixture off of my fingers. Satisfied, was I.

Maurice grabbed my hand and lead me to the master suite. It was only three in the afternoon, but we got into bed anyway. He laid on his back, and I lay on top of him. We drifted off to sleep in bliss. I woke up that evening around six. I decided not to wake him. Instead, I took a quick shower and pranced downstairs in nothing but a black thong.

I searched the kitchen from top to bottom trying to find food to cook. While I was searching for the ingredients for my dish, I found an apron and decided to put it on. Within the next hour or two, I created a delectable dinner that consisted of baked chicken breast, wild rice, and green beans. When I went back upstairs around eight, Maurice was dead asleep. He was snoring loud and snuggled underneath the covers. I knew I had his ass whooped.

I got back into bed with him and teased his ears with my tongue hoping to wake him up. He flinched a bit in his sleep but didn’t gain consciousness. I went from his ears to his neck. I kissed it, nibbled it, and suckled it for over five minutes before he woke up. When he finally did wake up, I told him not to speak and lead him downstairs to his meal.

Once we ate, Maurice told me that he needed to do some work in his office for the majority of the evening. He told me to make myself at home and do whatever I pleased. I decided to call up Kidada as well as Aphrodisiac. Kidada went on and on about unruly customers, amateur dancers, and other b.s. I didn’t care to hear about. I told her I would be leaving Maurice the next evening, and if I wasn’t too tired, I’d come in to work.

Aphrodisiac didn’t have much to say either. Throughout most of the conversation, she yapped about her bad ass kids and their fathers’ (yes PLURAL) who refused to pay child support. After I got off of the phone with her, I flipped through the hundreds of channels on tv. A couple of hours passed and I grew tired of watching. It was only eleven and I wasn’t ready to go to sleep at all. I went back upstairs and decided to put on an outfit that I felt like Maurice would enjoy. There was no doubt that I working hard for my money.

The outfit consisted of a black sheath-like dress that covered about half of my ass. The silky material hugged my curves completely and barely covered my titties. I walked down the long hall that lead to his office and knocked lightly on the door. Maurice told me to come in. His office was very impressive. Book shelves lined the walls. Certificates, plaques, degrees, and awards were everywhere.

Maurice sat behind a heavy cherry wood desk in a large leather chair. His face lit up when he noticed what I was wearing. He quickly closed the top of his laptop and stood up. My pussy was a little sore from our previous activities but I had to do what I had to do. Maurice told me to sit on the leather chaise lounge in the corner of the room.

“I’ll be right back.” he muttered while almost running out of the room.

He came back with a bottle of KY in hand and no clothes on. I automatically realized what he had in mind. “Lay back and spread them thighs.” he smiled.

I did just as he said and laid all the way back and opened my thighs wide. Maurice stroked his dick until it was nice and hard. He came toward me and let me stroke it with my fist while he covered my asshole with the thick oily lubricant. I knew it was going to hurt at first, but it didn’t matter – most likely I was going to be beyond satisfied.

Maurice positioned himself in missionary position on top of me and whispered sweet things in my ear while he put on the condom. He encouraged me to relax and take all of his dick in my tight ass. I loved the way he sweet talked me. Before he put his dick against my ass, he put even more lubricant on it.

“Give it to me.” I purred.

Maurice put the head of his dick against my tightly puckered asshole and let it sit there for a few moments. He took a deep breath and guided it into my ass. My back arched from the initial pain. I sucked in air and told him to keep going. Hesitantly, he pushed a couple inches in my tight ass.





He pulled most of it out and pushed it back in. I dug my fingernails into his back and begged him to stroke my ass softly with his dick.






Seven and a half.


“Damn.” I screamed.

A mixture of pleasure and pain coursed through my veins. Beads of sweat popped up on Maurice’s forehead. His pubes brushed against my pussy lips. It only took a few long gentle strokes for my pussy to become wet. My clit pulsed and begged for attention. I decided to massage it since Maurice was lost in a lust filled ecstacy.
He worked his dick slowly in and out of my tight asshole – filling me up. Before I could really even get into it, Maurice came. Not a weak nutt, but a full force, mind blowing, incredibly pleasurable orgasm. I became slightly annoyed; not only was it his second time coming early but I didn’t even get a chance to bust. Maurice got off of me and sat back down at his desk. He went back to work and told me he would join me in bed within an hour.

I figured either my pussy and ass had to have been the shit or he had one of those problems that are common among middle-aged men. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s when they climax early ALL OF THE TIME.

I slowly walked into the master suite and took another quick shower. Regardless of me being a stripper and a jump-off (I’d rather not use the word prostitute), staying clean is a must. My pussy was still a little sore and I ached for another orgasm but I decided not to use my vibe. I got into bed and snuggled underneath the plush down comforter.

Before I fully drifted off, Maurice got into bed with me. He kissed me on the cheek and spooned me. I cooed while he palmed and squeezed my ass under the covers.

“I’m going to take you shopping tomorrow . . . to show my appreciation.” he whispered.

I smiled. “Damn, I’m that good.” I laughed.

“Better than good, Kitten . . . you are mind-blowing.”
“I haven’t cumm so good . . . since . . . since . . . EVER!” he announced.

“Well I’m happy that you’re happy.” I said, partially annoyed.

“We’ll go shopping at noon and I’ll drop you off at home before six.”
“How does that sound?”

“Sounds fine to me . . . ” I said sleepily.

I yawned and closed my eyes. Within minutes I was sleep. Maurice woke me up the following Sunday morning an hour before noon. I was refreshed and full of energy. Maurice cooked breakfast again and we took a long shower together. I put on a red tube dress that almost came to my knees. To compliment my look, I curled my blonde weave and wore my red stilettos.

Instead of riding in the limo, Maurice drove us to the mall in his Mercedes Coupe. His house was only minutes from a large upscale mall. We window shopped for about an hour or so before I decided to go inside of a nice shoe store. Before it was all said and done, Maurice spent more than two hundred dollars on shoes. He didn’t seem to mind one bit. Once we left the mall, he drove me back to my apartment.

Before I got my things, I gave him my number and encouraged him to call me anytime he needed. He gave me the rest of my money and gave me a peck on the cheek. I smiled and waved while I got out of the car. When I unlocked the door, I noticed the faint smell of weed and black & mild cigars. I knew my so-called boyfriend Chef had been there.

His real name is Derwin but everyone calls him Chef because he’s really good at turning cocaine into crack. In other words, he cooks crack or he’s a street chemist. When I walked into my bedroom, Derwin was sprawled across my bed dead asleep. Derwin had above-average looks. He had chocolate skin, muscles everywhere, and nice eyes.

Derwin and I had been together about a year, give or take a few months. We never really developed a strong mental or spiritual connection – it was more of a sexual relationship. He always bought me nice things and kept money in my pockets. From time to time, he would pay the bills, car note, and my rent.

I put away my things before waking him. Derwin groaned and complained but I didn’t care. He didn’t stay at my house much longer. Before leaving, he stashed away some raw cocaine in the mattress and told me to hold some money for him. When he left, I packed the money away in a small compartment I had carved in my bedframe. I locked it and decided to call Kidada.

She didn’t have much to say except that she wanted me to come in to work a thirty minute set that night. I lied to her and said I was too tired and that I would be in the next night. Right after I hung up with her, my neighbor Kim called.

Kim and I had known each other for a while. She was a 32 year old single parent with four kids, but she was cool. I enjoyed talking to her so I was glad to hear her voice. I was quite surprised at what she had to say.

“Syntrell, I need you to do something for me.”

I rolled my eyes, “And what is that.”

“Don’t worry – I’ll pay you before you say anything . . . ”

“What!?” I protested. I hate to be left wondering.

“Well, you know my oldest son, Rodney just turned fourteen . . . matter of fact, his birthday was yesterday.”


“I want you to break him off a lil somethin’ somethin’ . . . you know what I mean?”

“Not really.” I said slightly annoyed. I hate when people beat around the bush.

“Girl, I can’t have him being a virgin forever.”
“Work your magic.”
“Show him a lil somethin . . . work it on him!” she laughed.
“Kim, are you serious?”

“Yeah, I’m dead serious.”
“I’ll give you a hundred if you work it on him.”
“He’s a virgin . . . ”

“I guess . . . ”
“You sure that’s what he wants?”

“You really think he gonna turn down some ass?”
“Especially that big ole ass you working with?”

“Send him over here in twenty minutes.” I told her.

“Don’t let me down!” Kim said sarcastically.

“Trust me girl, I’ll send him back as a man.”
“I bet he won’t even last an hour!” I bragged.

We chatted a few more minutes before hanging up. I quickly tidied up the house a little bit and sprayed air freshener to mask the scent of weed in the house. After that, I put on a matching brown bra and thong set. To go along with it was a string of long pearls and some clear six inch wedge heels. I spritzed myself with Victoria’s Secret perfume and combed through my hair. I decided to put on a floor-length black silk robe to add a little mystery to my look.

Right before Rodney came, I turned down the lights and lit a few candles. I decided I wanted to make the best of his experience since Kim was my friend and all. I had never received such a request, but there’s a first time for everything!

I heard a strong knock at my door and when I opened it there stood Rodney. He definitely drank his milk as a child. Rodney must have started puberty quite early or something. He was about the same height as I was and had brown skin. Both of his ears were pierced and he had fresh braids that were in a crazy design. He had a slight amount of facial hair above his lip and on his chin.

I let him in and told him to make himself comfortable. I went in the kitchen and poured him a double shot of Absolut® Raspberry. While I poured the shot I looked over my shoulder at him. It had been a while since I had seen him. I could tell he was extremely nervous by the way he twiddled his thumbs and stared off. I brought him the crystal shot glass and told him to toss it back.

I knew he had drunk alcohol before because he grabbed it from my hand and swallowed it within seconds. He didn’t even complain about the burning of his chest – which I knew was quite severe since the Vodka was room temperature. I left the living room and told him to relax. I went into my bedroom and got a cigar and some weed. I knew if I got him high, he would last a little longer and would be more relaxed.
When I walked back into the living room with a mirror, cigar, and small zip-lock bag in hand, Rodney looked surprised. I sat on the couch beside him and made small talk while I sprinkled the aromatic marijuana onto the mirror. Rodney licked his lips and anticipated smoking with me. He deeply inhaled the sweet aroma that filled the air. Chef always hooked me up with the best weed, so there was no doubt in my mind that it would be great. I asked Rodney if he had ever smoked before; he hesitated for a few seconds before admitting he was an avid weed smoker.

As I put the finishing touches on the blunt and lit it, I scooted a little closer to Rodney. I let him take the first hit of the kush filled dutch. He inhaled deep like a pro and didn’t cough one bit. I was somewhat impressed. After taking another long hit, he passed it to me. I took numerous quick puffs and slowly breathed out the smoke. It only took a few minutes for me to feel total relaxation. I let Rodney smoke the majority of the blunt, because I didn’t want to get that high.

Once he finished it off, the living room was filled with a thin haze. I locked the front door and lit a couple incense.

“Come on back here.” I told him while pointing toward the bedroom.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my sexual sanctuary. Rodney sat on my freshly made canopy bed and watched my every move while I stood a few feet in front of him.

“I’m going to teach you a few tricks, honey.” I sweet talked him.
“When I’m done with your young ass, you’ll be a real man.” I said.

“Oh really?” Rodney giggled.

“Do you know what they call me?” I laughed.

“Naw. I just know you a big time stripper around the way. What they call you?”

“Kitten is what they call me.”
“If you work this body right . . . ” I paused while running my hands up and down my body.
“I’ll purr for you anytime . . . ”
“For the right price that is.” I laughed.

Without another word, I got into bed with Rodney and told him to relax. I propped up three pillows and told him to rest his head. Once he was laying down, I moved to his feet and took off his sneakers. From there, I went up to his upper body and ran my fingertips down the side of his neck. He smiled and licked his lips.

“Don’t move a muscle.” I said while getting out of bed.

I stood directly in front of the bed so he could have the perfect view of my miniature show. I put my hair in a banana clip before I started. I started off by winding my hips like a Jamaican goddess. While I wound my hips in the most sexual manner, I toyed with the ties of the silk robe. I made eye contact with Rodney for a few seconds while I untied the robe and let it naturally fall from my curvy body.

Rodney’s eyes looked like they would pop out of his head once he saw my body. The bra was transparent for the most part and my nipples slightly pressed outward. The thongs didn’t cover anything except the tiny area of skin above my slit. I ran my hands up and down my body in a seductive manner, knowing that I was pressing all of his buttons without touching him.

From there, I turned around and let him see my beautiful round ass. I looked over my shoulder to see him bug-eyed and in awe. I bent over slightly and put my hands on my knees. I moved snaked my ass and hips in crazy ways. After I did that for a minute or so, I stood up straight and untied the sides of my thongs. When they fell to the floor, I could have sworn I heard Rodney groan.

I turned around to show him my incredible snatch. I couldn’t help but to notice the nice-sized bulge that had formed in his jeans and made an unmistakable imprint. Soon, I figured he had seen enough of me jerking my hips and ass. I strutted over to my dresser drawer and pulled out two red silk scarves.

Rodney smiled as I walked back toward the bed. I sat both items on the night stand and got into bed with him. I straddled him again, placing my naked crotch on top of his clothed erection. I raised his arms above his head and pinned them down while I rocked my hips back and forth against his groin.

“A real woman sucks dick, honey.”
“Never let a chick refuse you – as long as you plan on doing it in return that is.”

“Oh really.” he said somewhat cockily.
“That means if you suck my dick, you plan on me eating it?”

“We’ll go with the flow.”
“No thinking involved.”

I pressed my index finger against his soft lips and made the hush sound. I lowered my upper body down on Rodney and buried my face in his neck. I let go of his hands; He instantly grabbed my ass. I made it jump in his palms. I latched onto his right ear and nibbled lightly on it. My teasing was driving him crazy. Rodney smelled very nice – it was a mixture of Burberry cologne and cocoa butter. I moved from his ear to his neck licking and nibbling lightly

After that, I sat back up and pushed his t-shirt over his head. Rodney took a deep breath when it was all the way off. I stared down at his semi-muscular chest. He didn’t have six pack abs of course, but it was nice and tight. His bellybutton was very cute to me for some odd reason. I continued to rock my hips on his groin while he had his hands on my hips.

I used a very light touch to tease his chest and stomach. After doing that for a few moments, I leaned down and kissed his chest a couple times.
“Brace yourself.” I whispered before moving off of his lap.

I undid his belt and jeans. Before pushing them down his legs, I massaged the nice-sized lump in his jeans. Rodney helped me push down his jeans and silky boxers. They grazed his hips, knees, calves, and ankles as I helped him push them off. I pushed them off of his feet and threw them onto the floor. After that, I moved my head up to his crotch and studied his package. Rodney wasn’t working with a monster but I could tell he had plenty of potential. His breathing became hard as I grabbed his dick that looked to be a little under seven inches. My fist wrapped perfectly around it; the thickness was around average I guess.

“You’ll never receive head better than this in your life.”
“Cherish it.” I smiled up at him.

Rodney didn’t say anything. He just laid there totally relaxed. I’m glad I let him smoke a little before doing my thing. I started to stroke my fist up and down his length and let him adjust to the new sensation. I gathered plenty of saliva in my mouth and spit directly on his dick. I spread the natural lubricant all over his hardness.

When I felt like he was ready, I darted out my tongue and teased the overly-sensitive spot on the underside of his head. Rodney let out a manly moan; I continued to flick my tongue under the head. After a few more seconds of that, I opened my mouth and covered his engorged head with my plump lips. I sucked lightly while moving my fist up and down the shaft.

I lowered my mouth a couple more inches onto his dick; I began to apply more pressure with my fist while I stroked him. Rodney’s dick pulsed hard into my hands. I stared up at him to see his eyes fluttering like crazy; He struggled to keep them open. I bobbed my head up and down on half of his dick and swirled my tongue around.

I continued to do that for about five minutes before I started to bang his dick in my cheek continuously. Rodney was in heaven. He gripped the sheets hard and shrieked and groaned. I knew if I deep-throated him, he would probably pop off so I shied away from doing it for a while. Eventually, I couldn’t help myself.

I worked my way down on his dick, inch by inch, opening my mouth wider, relaxing my throat, and preparing to push it past my tonsils. I made eye contact with Rodney and hoped he would see what I was about to do. I tugged his nutts lightly while I made his dick disappear in my mouth. When I had only two inches left, I moved my head down in one quick motion, pushing it straight past my tonsils and into my extremely tight throat. His thick kinky pubes tickled my nose, but I ignored the urge to move away. A couple tears welled up in my eyes as my body begged for my airway to be clear.

Rodney unintentionally bucked his hips up at me as his muscles tightened. He groaned loud and made low animal sounds. I pulled his dick out of my throat and let his bust in my mouth. I stroked his dick vigorously and encouraged him to let loose. He tried to fight it at first, but he couldn’t help himself. Pleasure rumbled over his body and left him breathless. His seed was very thick and plentiful. I pulled his dick out of my mouth when he finished nutting. I told him to watch me as I swallowed his seed. He grinned from ear to ear and closed his eyes.

“Hun, I hope you don’t think we’re done.”
“This was only the warm-up.”
I grabbed his dick and held it tightly. I used my various pressure technique to get him back hard within two minutes. That’s one of the nice things about the young ones, it’s nothing to get it back up again. Tiny beads of sweat glistened of his forehead and chest. I went into the bathroom and got a towel. I quickly wiped away his perspiration.

“When you going to show me them titties.” he said.

“In due time.”
“Remember, I’m in control.”
“You just lay there and let me handle this.” I semi-scolded him.
“Are you really a virgin?” I asked.

“Yeah.” he didn’t hesitate.

“This time and this time only – no condom.”
“You cool with that?”

“Yeah, whatever.” he said nonchalantly.

I straddled him and leaned over slightly and placed my plentiful bosom in his face. I undid the bra and let it fall. Rodney grabbed it and threw it on the other side of the bed. He licked his lips like LL Cool J and reached out and grabbed them. He held them like two large coconuts and squeezed them lightly.

“These are some pretty tits.” he bragged.

“Suck them since they’re so damn pretty.” I commanded.

Rodney looked lost for a few seconds. He hesitantly opened his mouth as I pushed my hard nipple against his lips. Before he could part his lips fully, I pushed my nipple and part of my areola into his mouth and begged him to suckle them. He chewed at them for a few moments; He was totally lost. I instructed him to imitate a baby’s sucking – he caught on a minute or so later. His mouth was very warm and inviting. Regardless of him having no sucking skills, his mouth’s warmth was a big turn on.

My pussy wasn’t that wet, because I hadn’t been stimulated that much. When he stopped sucking my titties, I reached into my night stand and pulled out some cherry flavored lube/massage oil. I sat the bottle on the dresser and picked up the two scarves. Rodney flinched while I raised his arms above his head and tied his wrists to the headboard.
Once he was tied good, I drizzled the oil over my titties and stomach. I rubbed it in and pinched my nipples and massaged my tits. After that I drizzled plenty of the lube onto his rock-hard dick and told him to prepare for the ride of his life. I squatted above his dick and held it with my fist. With my other hand, I parted my fat pussy lips and massaged my clit.

I masturbated for a minute or two trying to heighten my arousal. When I felt like I was ready, I moved the head of his dick into my slit and held it against the entrance of my tight paradise.

“You ready?” I asked him.

He nodded his head and stared at me. I lowered my hips about an inch or so onto his dick. Without any warning, I swiftly dropped my hips all the way and slammed down onto his dick. It pushed aside my walls with ease and in seconds, his pubes were flush against my waxed pussy. My large thighs sounded off as they slammed against his. Rodney’s eyes rolled continuously as I held myself there, with him buried inside of me. I used my pussy muscles to squeeze his dick.

Rodney tried to remove his hands from the scarves but they were too tight. He groaned and a tiny bit of saliva escaped his lips and rolled down the side of his mouth. I put my hands on his chest and pushed myself up a couple inches. His small nipples pressed into my semi-sweaty palms. While moving my hips back and forth, I started to ride him. I slowly pushed myself up and lowered myself down. Sweat covered his forehead and chest.

I leaned down a little so my titties would be directly in his face while I worked my magic down below. I ground myself into Rodney and tried my best to give him the best sex he would ever experience. I whispered into his ear about how good his dick was.

I knew if I was going to get a good nutt, it would be through riding. I picked up my pace and made the strokes longer and harder. My thick thighs slapped against his as I pounded myself down on him. I bit my lower lips and toyed with my nipples. I used one hand to squeeze my nipples and the other to tease my budding clit. I rolled my hips and contracted my walls around him.

Ten minutes later, I knew I was near busting one. I massaged my clit vigorously and squeezed my nipples like crazy. I felt like my body was being pounded by pleasure as it started at my feet and rose up my body. I moaned loud and called out his name to enhance the effect of my orgasm. I clenched my eyes shut and enjoyed the momentary ecstacy. As I came down, I opened my eyes to see him smiling like crazy.

Once I was strong enough to move, I turned around in reverse-cowgirl so he could get an eye full of my plump ass while I rode him some more. Once I was facing his feet, I squatted above his raging hard-on and looked back at him. His eyelids drooped and a sly grin covered his face. I put both of my hands on his thighs for leverage while I lowered myself down. Once more, he tried to remove his hands from the scarves but they wouldn’t budge. I giggled low and continued to work my hips. Up and down I went. Thighs slapping together and my moans filled the air. Our special sexual scent was strong. My legs grew tired quickly.

Soon after, I got off of Rodney and untied his wrists. I let him get on top while I propped up my head on three pillows. He seemed slightly nervous but I encouraged him to make the big step and actually FUCK ME. He got into missionary position and kissed my neck briefly. After that, he tried to find my pussy hole. It took him a little while to get it right. First he was pushing his dick against my clit, then my ass.

I helped him guide his dick into my tightness. I maneuvered my hands between us and rubbed my clit while he worked a few inches in and out of me. It took Rodney about five minutes of slow fucking to get into what he was doing and let go of his nervousness. Rodney worked his dick slowly but he used long strokes. He would pull most of his dick out of me and push it back in. I moaned for him and encouraged him to go faster.

Rodney fucked me in missionary for more than twenty minutes before he nutt. I knew it would take a while considering he had smoked and had already bust one. I pinched his nipples and scratched his back while he gritted his teeth and groaned. He pushed his dick as deep as it would go into me and I felt it twitch while he drained his nutts. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him as close as possible. I nibbled his ear as enjoyed the indescribable sensation of an orgasm. Dribble escaped his lips and he made odd sounds that reminded me of a wounded animal.

Minutes later, Rodney rolled off of me and closed his eyes. He was dead asleep within minutes. I let him sleep for an hour or so before waking him and telling him to go home. He gave me a crisp hundred dollar bill and attempted to kiss me but I blocked him. I encouraged him to come and visit me some other time with money in hand.

The following evening

I took a shower and put on a tank top and some jean shorts before going to Cherry Popper’s. When I walked through the door, I wasn’t surprised to see that it was only about half full. Monday’s are usually slow. I went into Kidada’s office and talked with her for a few minutes. She told me that I was scheduled for a thirty minute set and someone wanted to speak to me.

After I left her office, I went into the dressing room. Most of the girls were putting on clothes. A chick that called herself Loreal was leaned over one of the counters snorting a line. Shit like that pissed me off. As far as I’m concerned, if you have to get high, do it in private. I looked for Aphrodisiac but she hadn’t arrived yet. Ebonee smiled at me and made small talk.

I decided to do my hair and makeup before dressing. I curled my hair in loose curls and pinned most of it up. After that, I applied bronzer to my honey-colored skin. Of course, I couldn’t forget my signature green cat-like contacts. I put on silver eyeshadow and nude lip gloss.

I put on a white cupless corset, white garter belt, knee highs, and a white thong. Since my set was coming up until midnight, I decided to find out who Kidada was talking about when she said that someone needed to speak to me. I put on my black silk robe and waked to her office. She left and came back with a beautiful brown man in tow.

He reached out and shook my hand and sat in the chair beside me.

“My name is Roland.”

“And what can I do for you Roland?”

“Well . . . ”
“I’m apart of a fraternity.”
“You familiar with Kappa Alpha Nu?”

“No. Not really.” I quipped.
“Kidada told me you would like to speak to me.”

“Umm yes.”
“We’re having this event . . . and.” he paused.

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