my sister had to babysit me one day
first off i will describe my sister for you she is about 5'6 with brown hair and eyes she

weighes about 175 lbs and she always wears stockings or pantyose.

one day my sister came over to babysit me she is about 35 years old and i am 13 ive always looked at her. my parents were going away for a month and they said it wouls be me and her so she brought oler a couple suitcases of clothes i offered to take her bags upstairs mainly to find out wich one she had her panties and hosiery in. when i came down my parents were just leaving and i asked her if she wanted to go swimming in our pool since it was summer. while she was changing i waited to go after her in the bathroom to change. when i came in i saw all her clothes on the floor she had been wearing black open toed pumps white pantyhose and a gold thong
i decid to wait to have some fun after we came out of the pool. she looked wonderful in her bikini it was black with skulls on each of her huge 36 tits and it had a thong bottom when we got in the pool we swam around forr an hour. when we came out her nipples were hard enough to cut diamonds with she caught me staring at them but thought i was looking at the skulls when we came inside she changed back into her old clothes to my dissapointment. when she came down she noticed i hed already changed into my clothes. we sat down on the couch to watch tv she asked be to rub her feet and without saying anything i got on the floor and srarted rubbing her feet starting with her heels then rubbed up the arches and finially working my fingers between her toes. she leaned her head back and i could hear her moaning. she said she felt better when she saw i noticed the wet spot through her white pantyhoseshe went to her bedroom so i waited awhile and went upstairs to the bag with her panties to get some relief from rubbing her perfect feet. i got two pairs of panties and the pair of pantyhose she had been wearing and went to my room. i got undressed and started working the panties up and down my cock while cucking the girl cum from her pantyhose just as i was cumming she opned the door to see where i was and saw me with her pantyhose,and laid on the bed next to me and said i was just about to do that myself but since your up want to help me? i happily agreed and she asked me what i wanted to do and i asked if i could suck on her toes when i started dhe screamed out in pleasure after about 30 minutes she looked at me and said fuck me god damnit so i spread her legs and lifted her feet up in the airand kisssed her heels as i shoved my 10 inch cock up her tight pussy she moaned after each pump we got louder she said cmon little brother cum in me i told her to let me call her my slut cmon big si be my slut. she screamed out oh godddddd immmm cummmmming just as she started squirting her girl cum all over the room i shot out my hot sticky cum on her stomach and when she calmed down sle rubbed it in and started tasting it. she pulled me in and we kissed for about 20 minutes then we fell asleep

when i woke up she had been up and downstairs making breakfast.when we sat down to eat she told me that when i was a baby and she would watch me she would sometimes let me suckle on her nipples all i could say was thankyou and she laughed.i dropped mw spoon and when i reached down to get it i saw she had not been wearing panties so i decided to surprise her i crawled up to her pussy and started licking her clit it was warm and wet and the taste was bitter she looked down and pushed my head in to her further after about ten minutes she started cumming she asked how i liked it because she had to pull my head away to stop me and i said best breakfast i ever had.

she took me to work with her to the bank and introduced me to the secratary at her officeshe was about 5 6 and really skinny with blonde hair down to her butt wich was very large and sexy, she was wearing a short grey dress and black pantyhose and at time no shoes because she was at her desk. sister told me to keep her company until lunch.we talked for a while and then she was reading her e mail and said i dont know why they keep sending me these things for diet pills dont you think im pretty. i said yes because i9 did she giggled and asked whatt my favorite feature of her was other than het face. being honest i said her butt ur her feet she laughed again and said they are very pretty arent they i said yes and she handed me a paper and left the room i opened it and it read meet me in the ladies room in five minutes i stood outside the door and made sure she was the only one in there and walked in she was in the large stall un the toilet with her dress on the door hook she said she had to pee but the toilett dudnt flush so i would have to drink her pee i happily agreed and let her sit on my face. when it started i tried to savor it thyen i licked her pussy while the warm golden liquid hit my tounge she moaned and then asked how it tasted best thing i had since breakfast she finished and layed on top of me and kissed me it was great she felt me get a boner and said what now she said her pussy felt well enough and remembering my fetishes she offered me anal and then a footjob it was great she tore the back off her pantyhose ansd asked me to get it wet enough to slip in so i pulled apart her cheeks and licked her asshole she was loving it she moved her hand back and was rubbing her pussy when i finially stuck it in she screamed and begged me to go as fast as possable wich made me cum very quickly as soon as i was out of her her hand was back fingering her ass and she moved to face me and sucked the flavor of her ass offf it and now comes my favorite partshe still had her shoes on 4 inch heels black with open toes she pushed the end of the heels into my mouth and made me suck them.........suspense get the rest if enough people like it

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You people are harsh. This story is pretty badly written but it has the potential to be really good.

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great idea to bad you can't write for shit i know we aren't judging the pullwitzer prize here but can we try and have a little civility with spelling and punctuation and a 10 inch dick bull shit be realistic.


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this story had potential but was fucked up. way too rushed, punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes messed it up


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