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I know that I am getting myself into trouble when I started to talk to her again. The whole time that I am talking to Casey on instant messenger I was remembering that I still loved her, or I thought I did. I still most certainly had feelings for her and they were strong. Hell even to this day I still don’t know exactly what they are. Our conversation tonight started out so innocently, nothing out of the normal chat that we had. It wasn’t any different then what we were like when we used to date years before now. I am sitting in my dorm room and she is in her room at her school a couple hours down the thru-way from my school. My roommate has gone home for the weekend and my buddies down the hall are out partying for the night. I figured that I would stay in since I didn’t have to deal with my roomy and have a relaxing night, hell, I always have tomorrow night to get wasted, it’s Friday the weekend is young.
As we keep talking I start to drift off to left field when my phone rings. It’s my girlfriend. She goes to school about four six hours from my school and we haven’t seen each other since she left back in August.

“Hey, what’s up?”
“Not much, just hanging out, my roommate is gone home and the guys are out at the bar.”
“I thought you were going out with them” she said.
“Yea, I had planned on it but I decided to stay here, so what are you up to?”
“My suite mates and I are getting ready to go to the club. I figured that I would call before we left.”
“Oh… okay….” Great is all I think to myself.
“Nothing, have fun.”
“We will, I love you.”
“Love you too, bye.”
“Bye” she told me as she hung up.

My laptop chimes at me as I receive another message from Casey… ‘you still there?’ it read. I tell her I am still here and that I was on the phone. She asks me who and I tell her it is my girlfriend who I know she doesn’t like. We keep talking for about an hour when out of no where she asks me if I ever regret not going all the way with her when we were dating before. This definitely caught me off guard. ‘Well, when we were dating no, I never regretted it. Now, well that is a different story’ I tell her. Now I am thinking that this really can’t go well, but I figure what the hell, I will keep going and see what happens. I’m not going to lie; thinking about her is making my cock start to stir. Now I am just picturing her, she has nice b-cup breasts and is petite at 5’ 5” and around 110 pounds. I think about and remember how soft her skin always was and how sweet her lips always tasted when we would kiss. And again, my laptop chimes for me ‘if you got the chance now, would you want to do something?’ My first thought and what I told her was ‘you’re going to kill me’ and she responds ‘I take that as a yes then.’ Now I can’t tell her no that I wouldn’t do anything with her. ‘Give me a minute and I will call you’ she tells me and signs off. So now this leaves me sitting there in my room, with the thought of this girl naked in front of me and no way for relief except for my hand. “What the hell” I think, I will wait till I am off the phone with her and then get some relief. I am sitting here waiting for her to call for what seems like eternity when I know it isn’t more then a couple minutes. Finally my cell phone vibrates and rings and it is her.

“Hey, did ya think I wasn’t going to call?”
“Yea, a little, so what have you been drinking tonight anyways?”
“Nothing, just got to thinking about us and I was wondering if you ever regretted us never doing anything.”
“I told you already, when we were dating no, but now, I would honestly love to do something with you. I think you are extremely gorgeous and would be enthralled to be with you.”
“Now I know you are lying, I am not gorgeous by anybody’s definition.”
“I think you are, I think you are sexy and pretty and a hell of a lot of fun to be with.”
“I am not sexy or pretty. I am ugly and you know it.”
“Okay pain in my ass, keep thinking that. I have been telling you for years and when we were dating that you sexy and gorgeous and you wouldn’t believe me then either. I would figure after four plus years of this you would at least pretend to believe me by now.”
“Yea yea yea, so what would you want to do if we were together?”
“Wow, a little blunt tonight huh? I would want to start by kissing you and give you a massage. Maybe after that I would start to make my ways down your back with the kisses and would make sure I got every spot on your spine with a kiss and then I would work my way around to your stomach and start and the top of your jeans and work my way back up your stomach to your neck and then back to your stomach.”

On the other end I can hear here release a small moan and I know that I am starting to get her turned on.

“Then I would slowly tease my way back to your bra and would undo it and would start to tease your nipples. I would suck on one while I would squeeze and rub the other. After a few minutes I would change sides and keep doing the same thing. While I was doing that I would slide one hand down to your jeans and would start to unbutton and unzip your jeans. Once I did I would run my hand over the front of your panties and would just put a little bit of pressure right over your clit and mound.”

At this point in time I can hear her moaning and her breathing starting to get a little ragged and I know that she is rubbing her pussy. Mean while I am rubbing my cock since I was getting rock hard hearing her on the other end of the phone.

“After playing with your tits for a little I would make my way down towards your mound and would remove your jeans and panties and would start to lightly kiss around the insides of your thighs and would tease the outsides of your pussy and clit. After I figure that you would have had enough I would start to lick your clit and would very slowly insert a finger into your pussy. I would continue to lick your clit and then I would begin to lick your pussy and rub your clit and make sure that was getting you close. I would bring you close to cumming and I would back off and make you wait. After a bit I would make you cum and make then would slowly stop.”

On the other end of the line I can hear her moaning even louder and breathing even faster as I hear her cum. Her cumming makes me so hot that I shoot my load right then. We stay on the phone and don’t say anything for a couple of minutes while we catch our breath and finally I say to her “you still there?”

“What are you doing tomorrow…?”


2007-09-02 15:17:16
Part2 part2 part2 part2 part2 part2 part2 part2 part2!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2007-09-01 15:22:21
Why do you need good feedback to write?

I write for my own pleasure first, then I share it here if i want to.

Oh and one more thing i send whole stories not pieces.


2007-08-22 21:43:46
part 2 BUFF!


2007-08-20 17:03:43
part 2


2007-08-20 00:51:47
The tension is rising part 2 NOW

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