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Courtney tells the story from her view
in her eyes

very little did i know what was in store for me. over the past three months, i've been moving around from place to place. lying as i go. not knowing where i'd end up the next morning. no one knew of my secret because the lies were so convincing. i was depressed down to the core. I needed help. but where was i supposed to find a single meal to eat, a place to call home. or even just a tiny bit of hope. i kept walking, keeping my head high. not paying any attention to where i was going or what i was going to do next.
faster and faster, my feet shuffled on the ground. how was i supposed to know what i was looking for in life. i'm only 16. homeless, with a secret that if any body knew i'd be without life. the friends i spent the night with over at their houses were older. alot older. some were married with kids. others you'd question about what went on there. i didn't stay in those houses long. if i did i was afraid of what might happen to me or others.
i had to get across town. that seemed like the best place right now. but how and where was i going to get a ride. it seemed impossible. but only for a minute.
it was mid summer. dazed and confused by the hot beating sun. the sweat dripping down my neck, back, and forehead. i also had to get out of this heat. there was a man kind of tall, (at least taller than me.) that was headed to his car as i approached him. he was wearing a blue t-shirt with some design on the front. and jeans i thought he would die in. because the heat was too frantic. the first thought i had just seemed to blurt out.
"hi, i'm sorry to inturrupt you, but i was wondering if you could help me out." i started turning my feet, nervously, like dorothy in the wizard of oz. as if i was saying "there's no place like home".
"well, i was kind of heading somewhere, what do you need." for the first time in these three hours of walking around i found an ounce of hope.
" i need a ride across town. but if you can't its OK" i could tell he must have saw some type of sorrow in my eyes. hesitantly, he said OK. then told me, i will survive.
he asked me if i worked and then again i lied. "yes, i uh work cleaning houses." first thing that popped up into my head.

the man was really sweet and took me where i wanted togo without asking to many questions. he said his name was george and that he had a daughter about my age. i didn't think that much of it cause i just wanted to get where i was going. he dropped me off and told me to take care. duh. what is that supposed to mean? he drove away and i dropped into another clueless friends house for a bite to eat and a place to sleep. didn't last long because the cops came the next morning and busted them for coke. i had left for cigs just 5 minutes before the cops got there so i didn't get caught that time.

when i got back, noone was home and i again had nowhere to go. i didnt find out about the raid til later that day and i thought they had just locked me out. alone again. thought of my sometime boyfriend, roberto, but didnt really want to be around him right now. i had just caught him cheating and i had no idea of what the whore he fucked might have and thats why i left, so i started walking again. i am SO glad i never let him fuck me. god knows what i may have gotten. to tell the truth, even though i wanted to some times, i never let a guy do me. it just never seemed right. so i walked on. after an hour or so, i found myself in the same area that i had just left. i was hot sweaty and stinky and i was so tired. i wondered if george would let me shower and maybe sleep at his place. the longer i walked the more i thought about how nice he was. god, he was old, but he was sweet. maybe that was what i needed. i just didnt know, but i found myself knocking on his door.

george told me to come in and he got me a soft drink. diet coke i think it was but i didnt care because it tasted great because i was so thirsty. we talked for a while then i told him i wanted to take a shower if he didnt mind. he kinda looked at me funny then asked if i wanted to share one. what in the hell did that mean i wondered. did this old guy want to be with me? did he really want to take a shower with me. first i was a disgusted then i thought it might be fun. ive always been a bit tease anyway so i siad sure, why not. then he did something i didnt expect. he took my face in his hands and kissed me. and i mean really kissed me. it was sweet and gentle and i loved it. ive ben kissed a lot of times, but never like that. i don't know why i did it but i kissed him back as hard as i could even giving him my toungue. i don't know why it turned me on so much i mean god, hes older than my father, but i wanted to keep going.

we kissed for the longest time. i dont know how long it was, but it was nice. then the funniest thing started to happen, but i started to get wet between my legs. that had never happened before when i was with a guy. i didn't know just what to do so i decided to just go with it and see what happened next. then george took my hand and took me up stairs and i knew he was taking me to his bedroom. i wasnt sure yet if i wanted to be there or not so i kinda held up at the door. he didn't get pissy or anything and he didnt try to pull me into the room. he just smiled at me.

i asked him just what he thought we were going to do and he said that he wanted to know what i wanted to do. i knew rithg then that it was time to grow up. this guy seemed to care about me and he seemed to want to be with me and i wanted to be with him. i had to be somewhere. that did it for me and i just blurted out that i had to admit that i wanteed to make love with him. he excited me more than any guy ever had and i was tired of being a virgin. i wanted to fuck and i wanted to fuck HIM tonight. even though he was so much older than me, he was still the nicest guy id ever known. to this day i don't know why i said all that. i usually don't talk that much. i guess that fianlly no matter what the truth comes out.

he took a deep breath and said that maybe we should get the shower first. i said ok and we went to his bathroom. it was real nice with a large shower stall that you could just walk into. he hugged me and took off the sweaty tshirt i had on. he was staring at my tits and i knew he wanted to see them and maybe even touch them and i knew that i was gonna let him. i only had on my only bra and he reached behind me and unhooked it. he took it off and i heard him gasp. he musta liked what he saw i guess cause he was smiling. even thoug it was strange to me i thought i would be cute so i stepped back and posed for him and asked if he liked my bare tits. i thought his eyess were gonna bug out of his head before he told me that he thought they were perfecet. i think he told me that I was perfect. i dont remember now.

he hugged me again and then i took his shirt off. when we huged again i could feel is skin on me and it felt good. my titties were pressed against him and i liked it. my nips got hard to and that felt great. he finished taking my clotehs off and i even took his cloths of and he took me in the shower. he even washed my hair. i liked that. i washed him to even his cock and balls. he got real hard when i did that and i know what that means.

i wanted to look nice so i asked if he would wait in the bedroom for me and i got a brush and towel and hair drier and tried my best to fix myself up good for him. he prolly thouught i was gonna run out on him but i did want to do it tonite so i did my best to get ready and nice. my hair is so godam curly that i can't do much with it but i did my best. besides he had already seen me naked. he even kissed my bush when he took my panties of. i dont know why it felt so important for me to look pretty. i just wanted to.

i finally got myself enough courage to walk into the bedroom with just a towel around me and saw george sitting naked on the bed. he smiled when i came in and that made me smile to. i saw his cock sticking up and new that he was wanting me and that scared me a bit but i took a deep breathe and went over to him.

i tried my best to act like i knew what was going on. i posed for him again and then started to get worriede. i didnt know what to do. shit i'm only sixteen and still avirgin. he's a grown man and i bet he's been with bunches of girls. i almost started to cry then i thought i would just give in. so i stuck my titty in his mouth and he took the towl of me. he kisses both of my tits and then i sat down next to him. george asked me if i was ok and he put his arm aroung me. i have never felt so comfortable and safe. it was such a good feeling. i knew that he would be good to me no matter how much we are apart in age. i just new.

i said to him that i didnt know what to do and he said that he would teach me so i said ok. he grabbed my tit and i grabbed his cock because i thought that is what im supposed to do but i really didnt know what to do with it once i grabbed it. i asked him to show me and he said to just slide the skin up and down. that felt weird at first cause i never new skin would move like that. it did though and he seemed to like it. i liked it when he started sucking my tits and liking my nips. that really felt great.

we did that for a while and he said he wanted to lik my cunny. i told him that he would puke but he almost begged me then he said something sweet. he said it would make me feel good if he did it the right way so i lade back and let him touch me there. when he did i could feel my legs relax and then he put his mouth on me. i have never felt anyting like that because it felt so good. he just licked me and licked me all over my cunt and after a while i felt something. i dont no how to say it. it just felt like i was goona blow up or something. i told him to stop but he didnt and i had this feeling that was so good that i dont no what it was. i just new that i loved it.

he told me that i cummed but i said that girls dont do that but he said that they do and i just did. i just felt so good that i really wanted to fuck him right then but he said that he wasnt gonna fuck me. i did nt no what to think but he said that i told him i wanted to make love so that was what he wanted to do so i said ok.

i guess i started to cry a little bit because he kissed my face then picked me up and lade me on the bed. he liked me on my cunt again and then stuckk his cock between myt legs. he told me it might hurt the first time but i told him i knew this from talking to other girls. but they all said it felt really good after the hurt stopped so i told him to go ahed.

he smiled ast me and kissed me on the mouth and then started shoving his cock in. god it did hurt but he went real slow and when he was all the way in i told him to just stay still for a minute. he did and after a minute it started to feel real good just like my friends said. i told him i was ok and he started to shove his cock in and out reel slow. it felt so nice and i never had that feeling before that i never wanted him to stop.

after a little while i started to feel that same thing that i did when he was licking my cunt and he was going faster and faster. i guess he was gona cum and maybve i was again to. i felt the tingling and heat again just as he shouted my name and i could feel his juice shoot in me. i dont remember much after that excet him holding me and telling me he loved me. i said i loved him to and we went to sleep. i aint a virgin anymore and i like that. even though an old guy made me not one. he is great to me and i do love him.

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2008-08-15 07:51:01
good story but might want to check out spell check

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2007-12-23 07:50:12
Not bad, given the context, although grammar and spelling show some imperfections.
I think she's a brave girl and deserves a better future than her past was. Go on girl and find yourself a lot of happiness!


2007-10-24 05:38:43
not my idea of a good read but i must say i appreciate her bravery and patience in writing this installment. i loved her bits of wit spread throughout the story. use of grammer and the quotation marks would have been helpful. caps are a bit of a beautiful thing.. microsoft word would be a great tool for writting these. good luck george and courtney! ill look for more of your stuff out there


2007-09-08 01:50:46
ah the state of education in this story

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