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It was a humid summer evening and I had just gotten off work and was
heading home. I work in a high rise downtown in a midwestern metropolis
and seldom find time to go out of the building because it takes so long
to get an elevator to the street level and then to find another one back
up to the 23rd floor which houses my office.

I don't usually find myself attracted to co-workers. To me they are just
part of the furnishings. As I shut and locked my door, I noticed the new
computer programmer, Steve, staring at me. I caught him in the reflection
of the glass of my office door. Realizing he was caught, he grinned and
started walking down the hallway rapidly. I watched as he walked away, head
erect, looking very casual in his Gap shirt and black jeans. (Friday was
"Jeans day" at work - morale thing, you know). He was about 5'8" tal l,
with dark brown hair that hung just a little too low over his ears in
little ringlets. I figured him to be about 28 years old. I walked slowly
behind and occasionally he would look back and see me following and flash a
smile with his beautiful pearly white teeth. He seemed to be stalling while
everyone else got onto the elevator and was still standing in the hallway
as I approached.

I don't claim to be Miss America and I seldom flirt with "younger" men
because my children are all grown and it would almost be like going to bed
with my sons. However, I couldn't avoid the magnetic attraction that I felt
building between this handsome young man and myself. I'm nearing 50 years
old, short, a little too heavy, but I've been told I'm attractive. I have
shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, and what one might call a
"Rubenesque" body. It used to really concern me that I was a little over
weight, but I've seen women much heavier than me and I figure as long as I
feel good and can still dance and screw like a 28 year old, why worry about
it? This might turn out to be interesting.

As I stepped up to the elevator, Steve turned toward me and smiled.

"Hi, Dee," he said.

"Hi Steve, how do you like your job here so far?" I inquired.

"Oh, it's okay. I'm still learning the ropes, so to speak. Are you heading
home?" he asked.

"Yep. I'm so glad it's Friday. I'm ready for the weekend. How about you,
any exciting plans?" I sneakily asked.

"Not yet, I'll see what's the elevator.....Going
down, I assume?" He asked.

"Why, yes.....if I'm lucky." I responded, "You?"

"Perhaps I'll go down too, who knows?" He answered.

We stepped on the elevator, alone together, the last persons to leave the
office. He stood next to the control buttons and pushed the lobby button
and we began to descend. The elevator jerked a little and I fell against
him. His arms wrapped around me and grasped my large breasts as my body
leaned against him. I had reached back to grab the railing in the elevator
and was met with a hand full of hard cock.

"I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, embarrassed.

"Don't felt pretty good." He responded, grinning widely.

"I don't usually grab guys' crotches, you know." I stated slyly.

"Oh really? Well, tell you can grab mine any time." He answered.

Just then the elevator stopped cold and the lights flickered. In a few
seconds the lights came back on but the elevator didn't move up or down.
Worried, I looked at Steve and noticed he didn't look too concerned.

"Looks like we might be stuck here a while. Power outage I would guess." he

"Really? I wonder how long it will be out." I commented, looking much more
concerned than Steve.

"Who cares. Say, why don't we make the most of it. Have you ever made love
in an elevator?" He asked.

"Nope, can't say I have....but I'm always willing to try new experiences."
I responded.

He turned me toward him and pulled me against him as he kissed me lightly
at first, then as I wrapped my arms around his neck, his tongue probed my
mouth, flicking and sucking my tongue into his mouth. His mouth was so
sweet, so hot. His tongue was about 6 inches long and I thought he would
choke me if he plunged it any deeper into my mouth.

"That tongue is unreal!" I squealed.

"I have just the place for it." He answered, sliding downward and pulling
my skirt up over his head. I was wearing my black lace garter and thigh
high hose with my black hip hugger panties. He deftly slipped the panties
over my hose until I stood there with garter and hose and his face between
my thighs. He reached around behind and pulled me against his face hard,
flicking and sucking my pussy lips, one at a time at first. Next, he spread
the lips with his fingers and licked my clit rapidly, triple tong uing,
then sucking lightly and biting just a little to make me jump in ecstasy. I
could hardly stand, so leaned against the railing in the elevator,
oblivious to my surroundings as he licked, sucked and slid his tongue into
my pussy an inch at a time. It felt like a cock that could wiggle and lick
was between my legs. My juices began to flow, dripping into his mouth as he
sucked hungrily and fucked me with his tongue.

"Ohgodohgodohgodohgod.........I can't stand it! You're driving me
crazy!" I screamed, trying to pull away from his mouth because I thought
I would faint from cumming so hard and fast.

He stood up quickly and unzipped his jeans to reveal his fat hard cock
as he reached around and grabbed my ass underneath my skirt. I tried to
hold the skirt up so it was out of his way as he slid his cock up and
down my pussy lips lubricating it even more. Before I knew it his arrow
was into my sheath up to the hilt and he was pumping deep fast and hard
deep fast and hard. This was what I needed at the end of a stressful

"Oh yes...fuck me baby...that's it. ram that big cock into me
harder....harder.... don't stop! Please! I'm cumming......oh god.......I'm
cumming!! I screamed, "mmph.....mmmpp......mmmmph... oh..oh..oh..oh." he
moaned. "I'm gonna cum in you!"

"OH GOD!" I screamed, feeling his seed shoot inside me, hot and sticky.

He leaned against me as his cock shrunk from inside me, oozing his cum from
my pussy, releasing that beautiful salty smell of sex.

We pulled ourselves together just as the elevator began to descend again
and by the time we reached the lobby, we were dressed and prim and proper
again. The smell of sex lingered in the elevator and my skirt was stuck in
my panties after I had pulled them up in the elevator. I'm sure we caused a
stir as we walked through the lobby to the street.

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2011-12-31 21:17:32
Best story ever! Its reminds me of what i did with my best friend when we got stuck in the elevator except it was when i was 18


2004-12-22 04:26:18
Nice job there. I've read lots of your stories and I have to say you are by far my favorite author on the site.


2004-02-24 20:19:44


2004-02-24 20:17:37
absolutely brilliant. Just like when i was trapped in an elevator with a 18 year old virgin babe. We did so much in that hour.

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