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I Shall Fuck Your Corpse Tonight - Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T. done for ”Author of the Month” contest.
WARNING!! This is an ultra-violent, extremely gory, and very fucked up torture/guro story. Do NOT read if you’ve got weak stomach or if you’re offended by such content!!! To all the others, let’s get this party started! I’ll bring out the meat grinder and the lesbians dressed as sows!! ^_^

“Greetings whomever reads this,

Who I am, does not matter at the moment. I am not going to explain my motives, nor will I tell about myself. I am merely going to tell you what’s happening to my beloved doll after what took nearly months to prepare. You may know me or you may not… and if by a strange twist of fate, you will somehow recognize me… I’ve already put that into consideration, and I’ll be visiting your house very, very soon.”
– Direct quote from the letter found in the crime scene.


From my hiding spot, I watch my precious doll of tumbling flesh, Kari Kamiya, as she prepares to leave school. I see her, talking idly with her friends as she leaves the school grounds; whether or not she’s heading home doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is that she’s alone. I can only assume that no one is aware of what’s going on. This is just what I wanted; nothing would get in my way, now.

I wait for what seems like forever, ‘til the crowd at the school would disperse, leaving just me, and her. I would then climb out of my van, chloroform rag in hand, and sneak around behind her. I made sure not to make a single sound; I didn’t even breathe, for fear of startling my precious. Once I was close enough, I would reach out, taking her by the hips and drawing her towards me before my free hand would pull the rag up to her face. She lets out a ruffled scream, before the chemical takes its hold, and she passes out in my arms. Oh, the thrill of it, the rush of adrenaline. The tingling feeling that coursed through every bone of my body. Even though I’ve done this once before, the sensation would never grow old.

She would wake up several hours later, in the safety of my house. I watched her from my chair as she slowly rubs her eyes, taking everything in. I could tell by the look on her face that her senses were still dull from the chloroform.

“Well hello, Miss Kari. How nice of you to finally wake up.” I tell her calmly as I grab the remote control from the coffee table, and stand up. She cries out my name as I walk into her sights, and it made me so glad that she remembered me.

“What’s going on?!” she cries out, pure terror echoing through her voice. “W-where am I? What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry.” I assure her, a warm smile creeping across my lips as I slowly raise the remote before pointing it over to the nearby TV, finger lowering to press the ‘play’ button. “Just relax, and watch a homemade video with me.”

The gasps and screams that escaped her lips as she watched the short film of my ‘visit’ with Sora was priceless. There was no sound coming from the television, but it was easy to tell when she screamed, because every time Sora would open her blood covered mouth, one could clearly see her mutilated tongue, that I had carefully peeled open with an old potato peeler. She was screaming as loud as she could while I raped her, blood gushing from her freshly popped cherry. The grip I had on her hips was iron-tight, while I pushed her up and down on my long member. Her hands and feet would struggle in a vain attempt to free herself from me, but the thick leather bindings refused to even budge. I could remember the moment perfectly, how I had told her how much of a big, filthy slut she was, and how she always wanted someone to come along, and rape her just like this. With a smirk plastered across my face, I would raise my hands around her scrawny neck, and she would make a final gasp, her limbs flailing about, before she would go still as she fell unconscious.

I stood with Kari in silence for a second, letting it all sink in. I set my hand down on top of her head, fingers carefully darting through her hair, stroking her tenderly. “That was just a few days ago... didn’t you wonder where she went when she just disappeared?”

It was at this point she began to breakdown, tears pouring from her eyes as she lowered her head, unable to look up at me, or the screen, anymore. “Y-yes… b-but… I never expected this…”

I pulled back on her hair roughly, bringing her face back up to the television, forcing her to watch the last of the movie. The screen would flicker just a bit as I pulled out my knife, and would slowly bring it up to the flesh of Sora’s stomach. I began to slowly withdraw my throbbing prick from her hole as the sharp end of the blade pierced through her skin, tearing open a large hole in her gut. I quickly discarded the knife, and went about prying open the wound further with my bare hands, her warm intestines falling into my lap. I would smile broadly for the camera as he began to slowly fuck those beautiful bleeding guts of hers, whispering softly ‘Fucking whore, even your insides beg for dick’, though Kari wouldn’t be able to hear this.

That slut Sora was gurgling at this point, her eyes glazing over as she stared at ceiling. Blood poured from her mouth, and down her chin, mixed with saliva. She was already pissing herself, her body barely able to cling onto the few strands of life I had left her. It wasn’t long before I would start to cum, my warm fluid filling her insides, staining them a bright white. I began to pull myself away from her, as my hands moved down to feel her pulse; her heart was still beating, but just barely. She didn’t have much longer to go.

The movie ended as I rose from her near dead body, her flesh stained with saliva, blood, and semen. My mind would wonder which one of my tortures was the final straw that broke her will to live, but I didn’t care. She wasn’t the one I had my eyes on. She was merely a tool used to shock my sweet Kari… The one I had always wanted to hold.

Kari began to scream hysterically, tears streaming down her face as she shook her head, arms moving about to try to escape my grasp. She actually put up a bit of a fight, so I had to withdraw my knife from me belt, and held it up against her throat, the sharp blade breaking her skin, causing a few drops of blood to spill out. It calmed her down greatly, for the time being.

“P-please… Don’t kill me...” she begged, teary eyes looking up at me, “Please... I-I’ll do whatever you want...”

With a satisfied smirk on my face, I took her hand and walked her over to my drawer of ‘toys’, knife still positioned carefully against her throat. I opened one of the drawers with my knee, and looked over my available options. After a brief second, I saw something that was just perfect for this occasion.

“Remove your shirt.” I instructed, letting go of her hand as I turned to face her shivering body. “And your bra.”

My precious did exactly as I told her, and slowly lifted her shirt up over her head. I pointed for her to throw it down behind her, and she did before unhooking the clamps to her bra, it falling onto the ground, bringing her small, cute tits into view. She was really crying hard, at this point… poor girl must have really thought I was going to kill her now. She was wrong… I wasn’t going to kill her anytime soon…

Slowly, I lifted up a simple fishing hook from the drawer, and before she could react, I quickly drove it into her left breast, near the nipple area. She screamed, and tried to stop me, driving the knife against her neck in just a bit more. She quickly realized that her struggling only made the hook, and knife, hurt more. Once the hook was completely through her breast, I began to do the same with the mound, while she screamed and quivered in sheer agony.

“You’re the first girl I was able to give a tit piercing. Isn’t that something to be proud of?” I taunt, and she’s only able to whimper and mumble out of fear.

With a quick push, I knocked her onto the floor, reaching into the drawer to pull out a pair of leather belts. She groaned, as she slowly tried to rise, and I went down on my haunches, taking hold of her arms and legs, carefully tying her up. All the while, my free hand would start to gently caress her feet, slowly pulling off the shoes, then the socks. Once her legs were tied, I began to tickle her feet just a bit; her feet were always one of her more sensitive spots, and I wanted to see which part of her feet were the most ticklish. It wasn’t long before her fits of uncontrollable laughter told me I found it. I got up from my spot, and went back to the drawer, digging around in it till I found a bag of thumbtacks. These were just perfect! I went back down to her feet, and began to pull out the tacks, before slowly driving them into the soft flesh, one by one. She struggled, crying out in pain, a few laughs still escaping her throat. With feet like this, she wouldn’t be able to run away from me.

I then withdrew my knife once more, and walked over towards her hands. I slowly drove the knife underneath her pinky nail, and began to pry it off, taking my sweet time to make sure she felt it. I moved from nail to nail, pulling them off, Kari’s sweet howls of excruciation. Once her nails were removed, I reached into the drawer a final time, taking out a metal tong. I brought it down to her fingers, wrapping it around her pinky finger, before snapping, her bone cracking completely. After repeating the process on each finger, she passed out, from a mix of pain, and fear.

Oh, but the fun was just about to begin.


After opening the unconscious Kari’s restraints, and using them to tie her arms more firmly behind her neck, I carried her towards a large hook, hanging from the ceiling. I lifted her up, and ran the hook through the one of the notches of the belt, so that her arms were pointing all the way up. I them dress up my precious doll, by putting on spiked ankle clamps, the spikes piercing her ankles easily. Her eyebrows flinched, but she didn’t wake up. Pity. After taking another moment to bind her more securely with a few bits of rope, I took hold of a long, metallic cane, which I had glued several razor blades to the tip.

The first few whips from the cane drove the blades deep into her young, tender flesh, waking her up as she screamed in agony, body flailing around on the hook, while I whipped at her again. And again. Huge chucks of meat flew everywhere with each blow. She screamed and cried, her voice almost completely gone from all the screaming. I moved around behind her, to strike at her ass, now. Again, and again.

After... I don’t know thirty or so attacks, I stopped to admire my work. Her back was an unrecognizable mass of flesh, blood oozing and dripping down the bones that were sticking out of her disfigured form. I looked down at her but, and sneered at the missing pieces. She was like a pig that had just returned from the butcher, and I thought she was lucky, to have not died already from blood loss.

Not yet, Kari. You deserve better.

Her scared eyes followed my hands while I reached down, and pulled up my electric drill. She was barely able to shake her head, blood pouring down from her mouth. I turned the drill on, and let it hum for a long moment, just to let Kari listen to its gentle music, which she was obviously so afraid of.

I drilled a bolt straight through her foot, then another one, only slightly higher... then another one, just inches below her bloody and weak ankle. I drilled an equal amount of bolts through her other foot, as well. And then, without warning, I took my knife, and cut the belt that she was hanging from.

Kari dropped like a rock, crashing down on her feet, which was too much of a burden for her new, weakened form. Her ankles snapped off from the clamps that bound her, her leaving only bloody stumps. She cried it absolute terror as she glanced down at her mutilated legs.

“Oh, God! Kill me! Kill me please! IT HUUURTS! ” she screamed with a muffled voice, as she tried to weakly kick with the remains of her feet.

I couldn’t help but smile as I took hold of yet another hook; rope tied through its other end, and pushed it through her pussy and clitoris, then yanked up on the rope. She howled in anguish, and found herself forced up, to try to stand on her bloody stumps. Her legs did nothing, of course, and she slipped backwards, only to have her genitals torn to shreds. She whimpered in pain, as her voice grew, gradually, weaker and weaker, her blood starting to flow much slower. She was rapidly becoming pale, and her spasms were starting to weaken.

I took hold of her blood-stained body, carried her to the kitchen, tossing her into a large, iron container of hot, salty brine. She slowly sank into it, where she would boil like a lobster, although much slower, and therefore, more painfully.

Incredibly, her eyes opened and she screamed as she, again, desperately tried to escape. The salty liquid did not give her any mercy, and neither did I. While standing there, I smiled, watching her struggles go weaker. Soon, Kari was finally dead.

Once her tender flesh was fully cooked, I pulled her carcass out. I threw her onto the table, took hold of my fork, and unzipped my pants. I started to slowly eat her warm meat, while my free hand reached down, and I started to masturbate.


I moaned, while eating more of her flesh, enjoying her taste. No steak dinner was like this.

Oh Kari… Kari…

I took a bite on the remains of her tits, and ate through her body.

Kari you’re in me… Kari’s in me…

The images of Kari screaming and twitching in agony came back to my head. How she had begged and pleaded to me to end her misery.

I came.


So who was the killer? Prime suspects are TK and Davis, both of who had a huge crush on Kari. Upon never receiving the same sort of a love back, perhaps either of them could commit such an act? Could denied love have such an effect on people we thought could never be capable of acts of violence?

However, we cannot pass up the possibility of another person, such as Matt, Izzy, or even Tai. What could possibly be their motivation? Why would they want to kill and mutilate both Kari and Sora? Could the motivations be similar to that of TK’s and Davis’ possible motives?

And we can’t ever turn down the possibility that the killer may be just a nameless classmate, just a random person sharing the same class with Kari. Just somebody who no one paid attention to.

We may never truly know who did it. And that’s the true horror behind the story; we may never really know who may be the death to any of us. Could it be someone we trust and care for? Could it be someone we hardly know, someone we only see sometimes? How well do you know your friends and the people around you?

Have a nice day.

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