Ginny dashed down the hallway, late for class.

She KNEW she shouldn't have spent the night with Harry. She had slept past her alarm and now was late to first period.

And to make it worse, her first class was Potions.

She slowed her pace as she neared the dungeon, not wanting to attract attention to herself as she slipped in.

Snape had his back turned to the chalkboard, writing out the ingredients to a potion they were most likely going to begin making.

"Miss Weasley, so nice of you to join us. You're only...20 minutes late," he said coldly as she shrunk down in her chair. The class sniggered as Snape put down the chalk and walked over to her desk. "Maybe a detention after class would teach you to get here on time."

"But sir, there's Quidditch practice today afterschool," Ginny pleaded.

"That's a shame because you aren't going. I'm sure Potter will understand," he smirked. "Be here at 6 o' clock tonight Miss Weasley."

Ginny glared at him, wanting to hex him on the spot but contained herself.

The rest of class continued on as uneventful as ever, though she thought she saw Snape staring at her...


Hermione's eyes flickered open. She instantly noticed how sore her legs and pussy were, and moaned a little as she sat up in bed.
Her eyes lingered to Ron sleeping next to her.
The clock read 10:15 in the morning, which was ok because as 7th year students, they had free time in the morning until 11:30 to get homework done.

She looked over at Ron's figure once more, his very white but toned chest stood out against the navy blue sheets. He looked very much like a younger hotter version of Mr. Weasley, which made her smile a bit as she climbed out of bed. Careful not to stir him, she slipped on her bath robe and headed to the shower attached to his room. Then she dropped the robe and turned on the hot water.

Ron, hearing the water turn on, woke up from his slumber as well. With a quick glance at the clock, he sighed and got up. He entered the bathroom to brush his teeth when he saw Hermione's siloutte behind the shower curtain. She was so beautiful, and part of him felt like he didn't deserve her at all.

As he finished brushing his teeth, he made to leave when he heard her say, "You know, showering with someone helps conserve the world's clean water supply."

He smirked and called back, "Well, if it helps the enviroment, what choice do I have?"

She laughed as he closed the door and joined her in the shower.

Hermione was washing herself off with shower gel that smelled like cherry blossoms. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. The passion between the two seemed hotter than the nearly boiling shower water.

He nudged in closer to her and she broke the kiss, "Oh god Ron, I want to so badly but I'm so sore from last night. You rocked me pretty hard."

"Sorry baby, I know you like it rough," he kissed her again and she giggled.

"Doesn't mean we can't do anything, ya know," she hinted as she slid her fingers around the end of his cock, bringing it back to life.

"What did you have in mind?" Ron played along as she began to kiss his neck and his chest. Her kisses led down and down until she was on her knees in front of him.

The water showering down on both of them seemed only to arouse them as she stuck only the tip of his cock into her mouth. He groaned in pleasure as she tenderly sucked on the head. The grooves of her tongue were sending sparks of electricity through him as he felt the cum building.

She continued to suck on him for what seemed like hours but was really only about ten minutes until he couldn't hold it in anymore.

He emptied his seed down her willing throat, him moaning loudly as he was relieved. She sucked it dry, swallowing every last drop.

"Oh god Hermione that was so amazing," Ron panted as she stood up and kissed him.

She turned off the shower, kissed him again and then whispered in his ear, "You owe me now" as she stepped out of the shower.

Ron smiled and followed after her...


What time is it, Harry?" Ginny asked as she rolled over next to him.
"Nearly five forty five, why?" Harry inquired as he pulled on his boxers.
"Ughhh I have detention with Snape tonight. I can't make Quidditch practice, sorry Harry," Ginny apologized.
Harry smiled, "After a fucking like that, it's impossible for me to be upset with you."
Ginny giggled and kissed him and got up, slipped her bra and thong back on and then threw on her robes.
"I'll see you tonight?" He leaned over to kiss her.
"Yeah of course. I'll come here straight after detention. Then I'm yours. You can punish me for missing practice," she teased him as she slipped into her pumps.

"Well, there is a big penalty for missing practice..." Harry smirked as she blew him a kiss and walked out the door.

She hurried down to the dungeon, not wanting to be late again.
She knocked on the door before walking in, and noticed Snape brewing something.

"Ah, Miss Weasley, a few minutes early this time. How considerate of you," he sardonically replied, stirred his cauldron and headed to the door.
He closed the door and locked it.
Ginny began to get nervous as he went back to his cauldron, took a ladel and poured a goblet full of the brew. He smelled it, seemed satisfied, and then walked over to Ginny.

"Drink this Miss Weasley," he ordered.
"What for?" She asked defensively.
"It helps you focus on work, and I have plenty for you to do, and I certainly don't want you slacking on it," he barked and put down the goblet in front of her.
"You know, Professor, it's illegal to give a student the Truth Potion," Ginny warned as she looked at the drink.
"I am well aware, and if you intelligent enough you would know the Truth Potion is a dark blue color, not clear like what I put in front of you," he rebutted.
Ginny looked down at the goblet and decided to trust him.
She gulped down the potion in a quick moment, actually enjoyed the taste of it; it was almost sweet.

About maybe thirty seconds later, Ginny suddenly began to feel very weak.
She lost her grip on the goblet and it fell to the floor with a loud clang. Her back seemed to lose the ability to sit up as she leaned back into the chair. Terrified, she suddenly attempted to stand up, but found it impossible to move her legs. Panic rushed through her as she realized what had happened.
Snape came towards her, grinning with delight as she began to slip in and out of consciousness. Her whole body felt paralyzed and exhausted.

She opened her mouth a little to scream but nothing more than a mumbled whisper came out.
He grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto one of the tables.
Snape was going to rape her, and there was no way she would be able to stop him.

Tears flooded her eyes as he laid her back and began unbuttoning her robes.
"No...please no..." she barely managed to whisper as she felt her robes open to expose her in nothing but her bra and thong.

"I had a feeling that underneath all your robes, you were indeed very desireable, Miss Weasley," Snape smirked as he saw her attempt to struggle against him and fail.

His disgusting hands ran up and down her thighs. The tears began to pour out as he slowly pulled down her thong, exposing her shaved pussy to him. "Very desireable indeed!" He exclaimed as he ripped open her bra, and released her C tits.

She sobbed as he began unbuttoning his own robes, only enough to expose his penis.
"You are going to be very sorry you were late for my class, Miss Wealey," he tormented her as he pulled her waist closer to the end of the table where he was standing.

Ginny was unable to speak or even think but had to watch as he leaned down and sucked roughly on her breasts. Once he bruised them up pretty badly, he licked his way down to in between her quivering legs.

His tongue shot into her, making her want to scream in disgust but was unable to do anything.
He roamed her pussy with his tongue as she tried to push him off her, but to no avail.

He pulled his tongue out of her, licked his lips eagerly and posistioned his hard cock at her entrance. She desperatly begged him again to leave her alone but she was just smacked across the face.

Seconds later she felt his hard rough cock enter into her. She bawled as he slid slowly and painfully into her, him laughing at her pain. He felt no mercy for her as he pulled out and slammed back into her, making her emit a painful moan.

Again and again he thrusted into her, more tears streaming down her face as he raped her.

She felt him get really hot and her insides squirmed when she realized he wasn't gonna pull out to cum.
With one last deep thrust he shot his semen deep into her, letting out one low groan as he emptied the pressure from his cock.

His penis slid out in his own cum as it dripped out of her, her sobs only increased.

Satisfied, he pulled up her thong and clipped her bra back on. He didn't bother to button up her robes, enjoying the view of her body as he walked behind his desk and sat down.

"Miss Weasley, you can tell the world what I did to you. But nobody is going to believe you. Who do you think people around here trust more: me or some idiotic student?"

Ginny barely heard the words before she blacked out.


Draco's cum sprayed across Pansy's face.
Pansy sucked at giving blow jobs.
Draco knew this.
But he was so desperate.
He still hadn't gotten over the perfect fuck that Hermione was; he was still unable to find a girl quite like her.

"Hope you liked that Drakey," Pansy purred as she rubbed the cum off her cheek.
Draco rolled his eyes and said a very unenthusiastic, "Yeah thanks."
Pansy sighed dreamily and got up. She kissed him on the cheek and left him.

Draco, unsatisfied from the blowjob, left his room and headed down the dark corridors of Hogwarts. He lit a cig and took a long drag, he found that smoking helped deal with being horny.

As he finished his cig, he flicked it out a window and turned a corner to see Cho Chang, crying to herself on a bench.
Curiousity got the best of him as he sat down next to her.

She looked up from her crying, saw it was Draco and suddenly stopped.
"What do you want, Malfoy? Come to harrass me? Now is not the time," she spat and turned away from him.

"No, I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Why are you so upset?" Draco asked.

Cho, thrown off by his concern, said nothing.
"You can tell me," he urged her and she finally gave in.

"Everyone that I give myself to just leaves me. Cedric left, Harry left...I'm tired of giving guys everything and them abandoning me," she mumbled.

"I wouldn't leave you," Draco said, placing his hand on her knee and slowly running it up her thigh.
"Draco, I...don't know about this," she said uncomfortably as he leaned in and deeply kissed her. After several moments of passionate kissing, she broke away.

"Draco, want to take this to your room?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Draco, delighted by her easy submission, agreed and took her by the hand and led her back to his dorm room...


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