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My first. tell me what you think.
It was the beginning of what was going to be a glorious summer.
My parents had left the country on a round the world trip for their 17th anniversary, it was something they always wanted to do. I was left behind, and sent to my Aunt and Uncles farm to work for the summer. Although I was 16, and disappointed that I would not be able to be in town for all the parties happening, I knew it wasnt gonna be that bad. The work was light and the tempurature was warm, and the crops had several weeks to go till harvest.

Aunt Kay and Uncle Nick wern't you usual aunt and uncle. For starters, they wern't even actually My Aunt and Uncle. Uncle Nick and Dad were friends in College, and stayed friends after. Why Nick went from being a Yale Law graduate to a farmer I will never know,but it did not bother me. Kay was his wife, ten years his younger. At 34, she was in the best shape she could be in. A gorgeous redhead that was able to tan, she was 5'7" with some of the perkiest B cups I have ever seen. Smooth legs, a flat stomach and a stunning face with a gorgeous smile, she was causually graceful but incredibly stunning.

They picked me up at 5:00. I was ready to go about and hour earlier, so I bid farewell to my parents and ran out the door. I tossed my Luggage into the flatbed of the truck and hopped into the cab of the truck.
"Hey guys" I said breathlessly
" Hello Matthew," said Nick, starting up the truck." Got everything?"
" I think so" I replied
"Hey Matt! How are you doing!?" Kay said.
Before I could answer she kissed my cheek. She smelled good. Sweet and flowery.
" Great I guess" I replied. I did a quick scan of her without making it obvious. She was wearing a short Jean shorts, and a tight, low-cut tee-shirt. Crossed with her plunge up bra it was a deadly combo.
We chatted for a while before I dozed off.

I awoke with a jolt. We had just turned off the highway onto a gravel road, and that was the first of many potholes. It kept me from sleeping, however, it did make quite a sport out of Kay trying to keep her tits from bouncing out of her shirt, which I watched with great amusement out of the corner of my eye.

We pulled into their driveway after a few hours more, and we hopped out of the truck, only to be greeted by their dogs, Thumper, Daisy and Doe. I gave them all a pat on the head as we headed inside the house. The rest of the night went without incident. I unpacked my bags in the room next to theirs, and spent the evening watching TV and eating spagetti, joking and flirting with Kay. Nick was a rather withdrawn man, and spent most of his time in the study on the phone. Kay bid me goodnight when Nick went from the study to their room, and I decided to stay up and watch one more episode of Cops. I went to my room when it was over, and lay down in bed. From the room next door I heard muffled voices, and then about 30 seconds of mattress creaking, and then silence. I had heard that they were having trouble concieving, but I guess Nick wasnt trying too hard. I rolled over and went to sleep, with visions of Kays bouncing tits in my head.

I awoke late in the morning and had bruch with Kay. Nick had already driven into town to go to his second job, running the local coop. We had a casual conversation over our Bacon and Eggs. Kay asked me if I had had any girlfriends,(which I didnt at the time) and other things like that. Sex was easily discussed with her, so we chatted about different pickup lines, turn-ons/turn-offs, which I thought was totally hot. I helped her do the dishes, and then told her I was going for a walk. With over 6 sections of land, I had plenty to explore before it was time to leave. I stepped out the door and called the dogs, thinking they could go for a walk with me. Doe came trotting up so me, so I gave he a scratch behind the ears and told he to follow me. We rounded to corner and came to a halt in front of Thumper and Daisy, giving it their all. This set something off inside me, and got me hornier than hell. Never the less, I walked away from it, calling Doe to follow me, trying in vain to walk off my boner.

Doe and I walked for a good hour and a half, with me checking on landmarks so I could figure out where I was once I was in the combine. It was about one O'clock now, and the sun was just cooking the very gound I stepped on, hot dirt making its way into my shoes. We took refuge in a small bluff of trees in the middle of one field, seeking shade. In the center of the bluff there was a small clearing, about 8 feet by 8 feet, with soft grass growing there. I thought it was a good a place as any for a liedown and a nap.

I awoke with a huge boner, and felt something pressed against my crotch. I opened my eyes to see Doe licking and nudging my pants.What ever awoke in me when I saw Thumper and Daisy roared again. I stood up, and took off all my clothes, and put them in a pile near the edge of the clearing. I knelt on my knees, and set to exploring my new found partner, running my fingers through her fur. All of a sudden my fingers felt a sudden wetness and the Great Dane wimpered. I felt around a bit more and found her pink hole, looking beautiful. I took a deep sniff. It smelled like dog. I started rubbing my fingers around the edge of her hole, getting them soaked. I licked them. It tasted like heaven on earth, and I loved it. After fingering her hole for a good ten minutes, I got the balls to eat her out. she stood absoluetly still, quivering ever so slightly. After another ten minutes of this, I wanted release. I stood up, held open her hole, and gently guided my 6 inch missle to its target. The head went in, and it was incredible. Every slightest movement caused the greatest sensation, sending me nearly over the edge. Just as I was about to thrust in all the way, Doe stepped forward and I slipped out. She turned around and gave my dick 3 long licks before I blew my load all over her muzzle. I was surprised at how long I was able to last, however, was frustrated about the little stunt Doe pulled on me. I went over to the pile of clothes and redressed as Doe licked the cum off her face. We walked back to the house. When I stepped inside, I saw that it was 6:30. I couldnt belive how long I was out there for.I stepped inside and was greeted by Kay, who was waiting in the living room for me.
"I was starting to wonder when you would get back," she said, giving me a nice tight squeeze of a hug" Did you and Doe have a good time?" Call me crazy, but I swear that the look she gave me indicated some sort of knowing.
" Yea," I replied" For a while there I thought we were lost"
" That can happen, she said to me," Come on, I kept some dinner warm in the oven for you."

After a good meal of roast chicken and mashed potatoes, The night previous seemed to replay itself. Kay followed Nick to bed, and there was about 30 seconds of the old one-two before the house became quiet again. I wondered if Kay was satisfied.

I awoke later the next morning to Nicks truck leaving the driveway. I got out of bed, got dressed, and went out to have a late breakfast with Kay, who was wearing a tight plaid shirt and blue jeans. I could see today that se wasnt wearing a bra, because he nipples were poking through the shirt ever so slightly. As we ate, she quickly steered the topic towards sex, asking me if I had any questions. To humor her, I asked about a girls period, etc. before I thought up of a brilliant way to find out about the "relationship" Doe and I had formed yesterday.
" Aunt Kay," I asked" Can animals and people have sex?"
She lifted her eyes to mine. For a second I thought I saw her eyes gleam and her tits perk up.
"I thought we would get to this if I kept asking. Did you and Doe have a nice walk yesterday?"
I started to blurt out answers and questions, but she just lifted a hand to silence me.
" Im not angry Matthew."she said calmly" Just tell me what happened"
I told her my story and my frustrations. She listened intently until I was done talking.
"Do you want help with Doe?" She asked" She can be such a handful. She get so horney but there is no other dog around tall enough to satisfy her."
I was stunned. I was moving my mouth but no sound was coming out.
"Do you want help with Doe, Matthew?" she asked once more.
I managed to blurt out "Yes!"
" Step outside and go find Doe, I will be in the living room waiting."
I flew out of that chair and moved faster than I had ever moved before. The prospect of this gorgeous woman helping me fuck a dog was driving me wild. I found Doe lying down behind the silos, next to Thumper and Daisy. I called her, and we rushed up and into the house, and into the Living room. There was a large sheet laid out on the floor, but no sign of Kay. I sat down on the couch with Doe and waited.

Kay did not keep me waiting long. She emerged from the hallway wearing nothing but a featherlight dressing gown. Her nipples pushed through the fabric, and as she walked towards me I caught flashes of her pussy. She stopped in the middle of the room, and let the gown slide down her shoulders. She motioned for me to stand.
" Your clothes, Matthew." I looked up at her."You wont be needing them."
A little shy and alot nervous, I stripped down, until we were both naked in the living room, with my cock standing out proud.
"What a gorgeous cock you have there Matt. We might need to play with that, just you and me, later."
"I..uh.. Okay." Being in the presence of this gorgeous woman was muddling up my brain.
Her long, straight hair went down to her pale shoulders. Her tits were perfectly formed, with stiff, eraser bud nipples standing out. following her smooth stomach and curves down to her waist i saw that she had a gorgoeus pussy, with an only slightly trimmed bush. A gentle complement of freckles covered the top of her shoulders and tits, and she seemed to be staring at me the same way I was staring at her.
" Stop looking at me," she said all of a sudden, snapping me out of my trance "You will have plenty of time to explore this this summer. Now, call Doe over to you." I did as I was told. She nelt down next to me as Doe backed her rear into my crotch.
" Now," she said" I assume you found her cunt?" I nodded" Good she said. Find it again." I felt around until I found it, and spread it open for Kay to see. "good. Now, from what you told me, It sounded like you tryied to stand behind her and hump her. This wont work because a dogs vagina slides up at a different angle then you might expect." She slid her fingers all the way into Does pussy, heading more up than forwards.
"Do you see?" she asked. I nodded yes."Then stand up. Im gonna guide your cock in. Push nice and slow, and DO NOT start pumping until I say so." I stood up, And felt Kays hand grab my cock, and put some gel on it. it was cold and made my cock jump. She lifted my stiff member up and prodded it against Does backside. Doe responded by lifting her ass higher and pushing back. Kay found Does pussey and started feeding my cock in, bit by bit. I felt it slide in. The first thing I noticed was that Does pussy was extremly hotter that a person would be. I mentioned this to Kay."A dogs body tempurature is higher then that of a persons" she answered. Finally I was all the way into Doe, her pussy clenching my cock, urging it to go. "Bend over and place your stomach against her back" Kay said. I managed to do this with little difficulty, ending up in a shape that was similar to Thumpers position on Daisy.
"You all set sport? Kay asked me as she gave my balls a squeeze. I nodded. The feeling of the fur on my body and my cock in Does pussy was sending me into bliss. I felt Kays Tits press into my back and slide down, her mouth tracing a path down as well. My hands we hanging over Does sides. I felt for 2 of her nipples and gave them a gentle squeeze.Then, I felt Kays breath on the back of my neck.
"Go." She whispered.
I started pumping Does tight pussy, every time I pushed forward she pushed back, pushing me in a little deeper than what I thought was possible. I felt warm pussy juice seep out and drip off my balls. Kay was there Licking and sucking my balls, keeping them clean, I would have liked to see it, but my chin was rested firmly on Does Back. I felt like I was getting warmer, my cock expanding. Tingles were running through my body, and I came. I came with such force that it started pouring our of Does pussy, with Kay there to drink every single drop. I kept pumping until my orgasm had subsided,and came to a stop.
"Wow" was all I could say.
" Good show, big guy," Kay said to me.She stood up." Now pull out.
I did as I was told, and a mess of warm cunt juice came pouring out.
"ooohhh, that looks good." Said Kay. And she knelt down and sucked the liquid off my cock, milking it until it was completly dry.
She went and put Doe outside, and we were left standing there, both covered in sweat. Kay, it seems, fingered herself to orgasm sometime during my Coitus with Doe.
She grabbed my hand and led me to the couch, where I lay on top of her,my back to her stomach, with my head resting on her tits. We started to make out, my lips pulling on hers, her tongue and mine pressing togeather, dancing. after a while we stopped, and he turned on the TV to some porn. We watched it, whispering softly to eachother, until I, overcome with the days events, fell asleep with one hand fingering her pussy, and one nipple in my mouth, Not, however, after whispering,
"Thanks for teaching me."

End Part 1

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you said at one part that you were lying on her with your back on her stomach then you started to make out,,,,,,,, wonereing how you could accomplish this when you had your back to her??

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i want to fuck a dog


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I can't picture a guy fucking a dog. It disgusts me but I did get a hardon as kay fed his cock to the dog. Is it rue tyhat a dog's pussy is warmer than a girls?


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next part pleze!!!awsome


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fbailey Its Grammar NOT Grammer so dont criticise

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