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Boy fucks his drunk Mom
Drunk Mom and I

Over a few years, my Mom started having a drinking problem. I was only ten years old when I realized it two years ago. I thought it was because my Dad was overbearing and controlling. He would only allow her to have female friends that he knew. He worked a lot in sales and basically neglected me and Mom. He also traveled a bit.

One night she had gone to a all girl’s party with her sister. The host called Dad and said she was tipsy and had missed her ride home. So we had to go pick her up. Dad was totally pissed at her and made me come along as it was a long drive. But he hardly spoke on the way. He had the back seat full of his sales samples so as he went in to get her, I pushed the stuff over for myself to sit there for the drive home.

When Dad came out, it was with Mom and another woman. He had agreed to drop her off too, so he wouldn’t be tearing into Mom, at least not right away. She wouldn’t have heard him anyway as she was way oo drunk. He made the other woman sit in the passenger seat and said Mom could move when she left. With Dad’s help holding her up I sat in the confined back seat and he dumped Mom onto my lap. She only mumbled incoherently and dozed off.

As we continued, Dad talked absently to the other woman and paid no attention to me and Mom in the back seat. Mom seemed quite heavy on me but I was big for my age and liked her warmth anyway. It was actually a pleasant ride with her atop me and so dark and cozy in the rear seat. I wished she hadn't been so tipsy because I knew Dad was really pissed at her. She just snuggled in and seemed content to sleep it off.
As the car jiggled occasionally, I began to be aware of her breast against my arm. It felt heavy and warm and I slowly moved my arm back until one breast was resting on my wrist. Now my cock started to stir as I began to think of Mom totally different than I ever had before. I saw her suddenly as a sexy looking woman with a great shape and big tits. Full breasts.

In one motion I twisted my hand until I now was holding her right breast! There was no way Dad could see. My cock grew immediately hard and I feared Mom would notice until I checked her deep drunken breathing. Now I really wanted to feel her tit and moved my right hand slowly down to her waist and under her blouse, then upward again until I had her bra encased breast in my whole hand. It was electric for me and my head was spinning. Mom made no notice of what I was doing. I had seen her drunk before and when Dad was away she often fell deep asleep on the sofa watching TV after a few drinks.
I was filled with excitement. My cock was raging inside my pants under the warmth of her jiggling body. But I had no control now.
I finally slipped my fingers beneath her bra too and pulled it up from underneath and her breast was out, still hidden though under her blouse. I was enthralled now with warm bare flesh in my hand and felt her nipple between my fingers. Her breasts were wonderfully large and so warm. Now my cock was hard and pressing into her bottom. I could feel heat from her pussy. And for a minutes thought she would too until she just shifted in her drunken stupor.

We arrived at the other woman’s home and she quickly got out. I panicked about Mom's breast being bare in my hand but before I could help Mom into the passenger seat Dad pulled away. Just ignoring both of us. He turned on the radio to a news station and stared straight ahead leaving me disbelieving my luck and still holding a wonderful large female breast!
I was ecstatic now, loving the feeling of a grown woman’s bare breast in my left hand and becoming more adventurous every minute. She was hardly my Mom any more but a real woman so filling me with luck I could only follow it.. My cock was raging in my pants and I began to wonder if I could get a feel of Mom’s pussy too? She had on a summer cotton dress that was quite loose so I slowly began pulling at it until I felt the bare skin of her thigh. Then moved my right hand around until it was over her pussy, feeling the puffy hair through the cotton panties. Then I slipped one finger through and began feeling around until I felt her slit.
I was now in danger of actually cumming in my pants. My finger traced her slit up and down until I found a wet spot and slipped the tip in. I was now finger fucking my own Mom! I knew if Dad looked back he would see my face so flushed, even in the darkness of the rear seat but I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Mom sort of moaned a little but Dad didn’t hear with the radio going. Now I began to wonder what I could get away with?

I moved my hand down to my own zipper and pulled it slowly down. Doing it with stealth even though Dad would never have heard it anyway. Mom felt so hot atop me now and my hormones were raging with sexual power. I fiddled with my underwear until my cock came free, right under Mom’s pussy! I almost came from that feeling alone. I was unsure what she might do if I stuck it upward so instead went back to fondling her pussy. Then inserted my finger so slowly into her, pressing it all the way inside. It was so hot in there!

Then I couldn’t help myself and slowly lifted her right leg up a bit, pulled her panties aside and guided my cock to her moist pussy lips. Then slowly pushed it in! Just the tip. Gawd it was paradise. I had to try to pause my heart. I was afraid I'd shoot my goo all over her. I left my vibrating cock there a moment, throbbing on it's own. I closed my eyes. Tried not to do what I was about to do. This was heaven on earth!
Finally I pushed a little more until my cock was well inside her and she moaned aloud. I froze but Dad didn’t hear.
I sat very still a long moment. Trying not to realize what I had just done. I had my young cock in my own Mother's vagina! Heaven was now between my legs. My boner was pulsing with pleasure, something I could never have imagined. But it was past the point of no return now. I had no direction but forward.

I began moving under her with the slowest motions I could. My very first fuck was my own Mom! I came in the most intense orgasm I could ever have. It felt wonderful. I shuddered and tried to keep from yelling out! A wave of pleasure rolled over me in a flash. I ttried to remain breathing camly but it was hopeless. I have just put my cock into my Mom and fucked her! Oh, my God!
As we neared home I began to go into a state of panic. I zipped up and pulled Mom’s dress down again, trying my best to reinsert her breast back into her bra. Then we were already entering our driveway. I knew something would show and knew my face was full of guilt.
Dad just shut off the engine and got out, saying, “Just put her on the sofa, I don’t want to hear snoring all night.” He entered the house as I sat there. I wasn’t sure what to do. I saw his bedroom light go on upstairs for a minute or two. I waited, still only feeling my Mom breathing softly. Wondering how I would get her inside. It was completely quiet. I saw the bedroom light go out. Dad would be asleep in minutes.

But I was still in a state of panic because I thought Mom would now wake up and know what had happened. Can a woman who is so drunk feel that she’s been fucked? Would her pussy be sore?Or even tingly? Damn, I thought I was for sure going to get caught in the morning.
I opened the car door and started to ease Mom out but she seemed heavier now. I glanced up at the bedroom window and knew that Dad slept like a log. Sexual thoughts returned to my head. I might get caught in the morning, but this was now. I reached around Mom and felt her tits now with both hands, realizing how great they really were. I didn't know what 38Ds were but this must be them. My friend Jimmy always said she had great tits.
I undid her bra now and let them free, leaning around her to see them. My cock was rising all over again. Her pussy was still so close. Gawd they were beautiful! Not like those little bumps of schoolgirls! Her nipples were purple in the dim light. I decided that I could get Mom into the house and onto the sofa without too much problem.

But first I had had to fuck her again. I pulled her panties aside, positioned her so I could slide my cock into her easily. Her pussy was so warm and wet. And clasped my cock perfectly. I was filled with lust now as I slid forth and back. Even though my Mom seemed unaware of my actions, she moaned softly as I stroked her, trying to be slow and make it last. I sensed that her pussy was twitching too. She moaned in her dreamy state and I wondered what she was imagining? Her breathing was faster. I lifted her right leg and looked down at my cock filing her pussy until I came again in another fabulous orgasm. She seemed to be responding too, or did I imagine it?

Well I finally got Mom into the house and onto the sofa and used some paper towels to clean her up as best I could. I covered her with a blanket and went to my own room to sleep, anticipating the morning and what might happen. I had fears of being tossed out of the house, or even charged with something. I think I raped my Mom?
But sleep wouldn't come. My mind was reeling. This was significant even in my life. If you could have this woman, I said to myself, and she wasn't your own Mom, would you fuck her? Hell yes! My cock was hard all over again. It was taking over my spirit. It led me down the hallway, stopping at Dad's door to hear him snoring loudly. Down the stairs. Into the living room. Mom on the sofa sound asleep looking like a mystic queen of love. No lust. I moved to her and said aloud, Mom? No answer except a twist of her body for comfort. Now I moved close and just followed my lust again. Pulled down her panties, Right off. Moved between her legs and pressed my cock again into that wonderful warmth that was addicting me.
Because I had two orgasms already, I was able to stroke my hard cock in and out of that pussy many times, and each time it plunged to its depth into her, and I held it there. pressing close, eyes closed but head full of sparks, it was the best feeling I could ever have, sending a trembling through my whole body. As I exploded into her again my knees buckled with the weakness of this lusty pleasure. She lie there with only a wonderful serene look on her beautiful face. If I never could do this again, it was again, the best orgasm I could ever had and could last me the rest of my life, even if I went to prison for this! I finally fell back into bed and let my head swirl into oblivion.

Dad left very early for a work trip. Mom must have awoke later and made coffee. I heard her shower running and went downstairs. Ready to face my fate. I knew I had left her panties off and lying under her blanket. My face was already flushed. Mom finally came down and I was afraid to make eye contact until she just smiled as she poured coffee and made me some cereal. Said nothing. I waited. Expecting a throat clearing and some hard news. We ate breakfast sitting together. Dad called later and said he’d be out of town three days. Mom actually seemed pleased and smiled. I wondered if her pussy was tingling as much as my cock was.

I was ready to face the rest of my young life but could only think of my beautiful Mom drinking on the sofa tonight and falling asleep with the TV droning.
Falling deeply asleep.

Part 1.

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