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I arrived at the studio early in the morning so Bass could catch the
rising sun rays for my photo session. He was waiting for me eagerly,
having just finished setting up his camera equipment.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Just as soon as I get out of these clothes," I responded as I began
removing my clothes, one article at a time, dropping them on the floor
as I headed toward the window set-up.

By the time I got to the site, I was completely naked and Bass's eyes
were following my swaying hips and bouncing breasts as I went to the
bearskin rug to pose.

"Lay on your stomach for openers, okay?" he ordered.

I bent over to lie down, making sure Bass had a good view of my backside
as I positioned myself, turning round and round so he could get a good
look from all sides. My heavy breasts swayed with the gravity until I
settled down onto the rug. I raised my face on my hands and posed
innocently, wiggling my legs and swinging my hair from side to side. He
began to shoot a few frames and then walked over to me, bent over me and
ran his hands over my back and my ass, down to my legs.

"I have to check the lighting, you know." he explained.

"Yeah....right....I responded...Check it with THIS pose." I taunted,
rolling back onto my back so that I was lying face up toward him. I
placed my arms behind my head, causing my breasts to raise higher. His
eyes widened as he moved back to his camera.

"That's perfect lighting....turn a little toward me, though." he ordered

I noticed a slight bulge in the front of his pants so I figured I'd have
some fun with him. I moved so that he was looking directly down the
center of my body, between my outspread legs, over the top of my mons,
between my breasts and up to my open mouth. With my hands still behind
my head, I raised my hips to meet his gaze. The bulge seemed to get
bigger by the second and his face was redder and redder. I placed a
pillow under my hips and offered myself for him to photography as
vividly as possible.

He moved his camera closer and closer. As he approached I moved my hands
to my breasts and I squeezed each one, feeling the nipples harden
between my fingers. He seemed fascinated with my vagina, so I moved one
of my hands down to spread the nether lips so that he might get a better
view of the glistening pink rosebud inside. The camera kept snapping
away as he moved closer closer, but his hands started shaking and I
thought his bulge would burst through his pants.

"Spread your legs wider, please." he begged.

"Of course, anything you want." I answered, spreading my legs and moving
my hands up to him. He laid the camera aside and dove into my crotch,
unable to control himself any longer, and began to lick, suck, nibble
and kiss my pouting lips. I thought I would explode in torturous
ecstasy. I took his head into my hands and guided him closer, deeper. I
didn't want him to leave that spot. He continued to make love to my
vagina and at the same time reached down to free his trapped weapon from
his pants.

"Turn over, darling." he said. "I want to feel your beautiful ass
against my belly."

I complied, turning over and still positioned over the pillow, my soft,
supple buttocks were pressing against his hardness. He took his organ in
his hands and began to tease me with it, slipping it in and out between
my legs, until my love juices began to flow, anticipating his entry. He
spread the cheeks of my ass and began to lick my anus, inserting his
tongue and sucking lightly, driving me out of my mind. Finally, he
inserted his truncheon into my moistened crevice and began to pump in
and out, s lowly at first, deeper, and then faster.....faster... I
backed against him, trying to get him into me even deeper.....Our rhythm
came together in sync. I could feel his balls bouncing against me as he
pounded into me harder and harder, deeper and deeper, faster and faster.
After a little while of this, I began to scream at him.

"Please! I can't stand it! Give it to me! Cum in me!" I pleaded. My
little game had backfired. Now I was the one being seduced by this
animal ramming into me so deliciously. I thought I would lose my mind!

"Just a little more." he teased......pumping harder and faster, pounding
into me as I squirmed to be released. I reached the point of orgasm over
and over again, but he would not let me cum.

He held my hips in his hands as he pounded into me faster, faster,
deeper, deeper.

"NOW!" he yelled as he released his seed into my waiting womb. I
responded with tiny, rapid constrictions around his member, trying to
hold him inside me so he would be trapped there as he had trapped me
with his seduction.

He collapsed against me, his arms embracing me and we lay down on the
bearskin rug together. The sun was up and it was time to get to work.


2004-05-26 15:58:02
Yes I understand the object of the story is not photography, But it makes a good title.


2004-04-14 14:02:18

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