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school pals fuck their sex Goddess
Drunk Mom and I - 4
What Jimmy and I had done with my Mom while she was drunk and passed out on the sofa, was enough to keep me sexually fueled for weeks. Dad came home on schedule, and I resumed my boring life, except in my room when I slipped into Dreamland With Mom mode and whacked off. Suddenly the girls at school meant nothing to me and seemed so thin, immature and definitely not sexy. Every time I caught myself glancing at their boobs I only saw my Mom’s luscious heavy breasts.

Every time Jimmy and I talked about it we descended into excited whispers about how my Mom got us both turned on without even knowing it. Jimmy said it was like having our own fuck slave. We both wanted it all to happen again.
Mom was totally normal at home for the first day or two after, then seemed to be a little edgy. She was abrupt with my Dad a lot. I thought it was probably because she couldn’t drink much when he was there. I started to measure the gin bottle and concluded that she took some every day. She was often on the sofa dozing when I arrived home after school or upstairs in her bedroom lying down. Jimmy made it a habit to walk home with me and check her out before going home himself. Every time he did I could see his cock bulging as he talked to her. And he was always careful to be so polite to her too. He said he couldn’t look at her without seeing her bare tits and pretty little bush.

One morning she told me that Dad would be away overnight and said she’d make something nice for dinner or we could go out. The ideas that surfaced in my mind had nothing to do with dinner or going out. I opted to stay in. As I left that morning for school, she called after me and said that I could have Jimmy stay over if I liked, or another friend maybe. Whatever I wanted. I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but I was overly excited all day at school. I avoided Jimmy most of the day because I wasn’t sure what to do. Did I invite him over to fuck my Mom again or keep her all to myself? I kind of wanted to have her in the bed and lie beside her and then just fuck her when I felt like it. Jimmy finally caught up with me and the image of her sucking his cock overwhelmed me.
“Hey, Terry, what’s up?”
“Been lookin’ for you, Jimmy,” I lied, “Where you been?”
“Everywhere. Here there. How’s Mom?” He grinned. I thought he had a permanent hard-on for her now.
“Mom’s fine. Wanna stay over tonight? Dad’s gonna be away.”
“Man, you don’t need to ask twice. I’m there.”
He rubbed his crotch lustily. I left him in the hallway smiling broadly. We walked home after school and Jimmy intended to come back later. Mom wasn’t downstairs. She had prepared two salads for us for dinner with cold chicken. I assumed she was out shopping. Jimmy left saying he was already crazy for tonight.

I went up to my room but on the way I saw her bedroom door half open. Looked in and was in an immediate state of arousal. I just sighed at the sight. Mom was lying on her bed face down. Naked. The towel she had had over her was on the floor looking damp. A glass beside her. She was facing away from me. I could hear her evenly breathing.
I breathed softly, thinking, Is she drunk or what? I hoped she was but thought she might be just dozing, I had to be super careful. Yet there is an empty glass there. What a fucking body. I loved the way her waste tucked in to give her such a great ass. I fuckin LOVE you, Mom, I thought. I wondered if she had been drinking all day. Slowly approached her. My pulse racing. Looked down at her. What a round ass. And her pussy slit and hairs were visible. She was angled on the bed with her legs stretched out, feet sort of hanging off one side and her head to the other. The pillows beside her. I whispered softly, “Mom? You sleeping?”

No response. I repeated a little louder. Nothing but breathing. Finally reached forward and touched her ankle. Just more soft breathing. I laid my hand on her bum. My cock was bulging to get out. I pulled slowly at her right leg to spread her a bit. She must have come out of the bath, the towel was damp. I left it on a chair. Now my cock was out and bursting, like it could sense things like this on its own. I got on my knees and pressed my face into the vee of her legs. I licked up and down her crack, letting my tongue enter her pussy through her dark pubic hair. Softly pulled at the other leg. I slid my tongue in and began licking her pussy and clit. Mom seemed more aware or something because she started making little movements back to my mouth. I slowly pulled her back a bit more and pulled the pillows under her stomach. Now her ass was raised. I looked at her fabulous pussy, licking it slowly.
I thought she had the most beautiful cunt ever. So pink and wet. I needed to fuck her, slid onto the bed with my stiff cock aimed. Slowly positioned myself behind her and started rubbing my cockhead on her pussy lips. Mom seemed to be beginning to breath harder. I slowly slid into her. Just holding there. She was twitching slightly and driving me insane and I began fucking her.

Mom’s eyes stayed closed but she was breathing erratically now and actually pushing back onto my hard cock. I was trying to be slow but Mom moved up a bit so her rear was higher and easier for me. She began to moan softly, fucking back, I was in paradise!
I was now gripping her hips plunging fully into her. She was moaning with each stroke but still had her eyes closed. I wanted her to orgasm too, if she ever awoke and caught me doing this, I thought, I wanted her to be under such a sexual spell that she couldn’t stop either. I came, barely suppressing my own grunts, and then pulled out.

Wow, was all I could say. Mom sunk back into the bed and stayed motionless, her legs still spread apart. I didn’t know what she would do now, maybe sleep more but maybe not. I just knew I needed to fuck her ten thousand more times.
Jimmy was coming back at about seven o’clock. We had agreed to play it by ear. I saw a new bottle if gin under the sink. I showered and had some of the chicken. Was eating when Mom came downstairs, now in her robe, tightly tied. I startled and knew my face must be beet red.
“Didn’t wait for me, Son? Was I out like a light?”
I stammered, “You were sleeping, Mom, so I wasn’t sure.” Damn she wasn’t even aware I had fucked her again? She sat at the table and we made small conversation over the food. I admired her lovely face. Her crisp nose and dark dishevelled hair. How her eyes were so sexy without her even trying. She asked if anyone was going to stay over and I told her Jimmy would be here later. She smiled with that and said he seemed like such a polite young man. She remarked also that I seemed to be growing up so fast. I was now a man too. And so strong to have carried her into the house that night after the party. I had not thought she’d remembered anything and my face reddened with the thought of what I had done just before. She smiled and kissed me as she cleared away the dishes. I volunteered to load the dishwasher and clean up if she wanted to watch tv or anything. Mom left the kitchen and disappeared upstairs for awhile. I hoped she was getting herself a drink. I also hoped we might be fucking her again tonight if she got drunk, although she hadn’t seemed drunk at suppertime.

She eventually came back down and settled into the sofa. Had a drink with her. She just flicked channels on the TV then left the travel channel on. I pretended to be reading a book for school but she looked so sexy I could only watch her. Taking every opportunity to check out her legs or the skin in the vee of her robe top.
The doorbell chimed. Jimmy arrived and he had our school chum Harold with him. Harold was a tall skinny guy who didn’t have too many friends, but we liked him ok. I gave Jimmy a questioning look and said hey to Harold. They came in and said hi to Mom. I noticed then that she seemed more drunk all of a sudden. We all sat around the living room chatting while it got dark outside. Or pretending to chat while we watched Mom have a few more drinks. She only asked if they were both staying the night. And seemed comfortable that they were. I took Jimmy aside and asked what Harold was doing here, he said he just appeared as he was outside.
“You didn’t tell him what we did, did you?”
“Well just that your Mom had fabulous sexy body. And that I wanted to fuck her. Then he just wanted to see her too.”
“Ok. We’ll wait until he leaves then.”

We returned to the living room and Harold was eyeing her pretty good. Her legs were out of the robe as she curled them on the sofa and from the floor you would have been able to see right up there. Harold was way slumped over and I knew he was trying for a peek. She was closing her eyes now as she drifted off a bit. We kept our conversation low and turned the TV volume down more. I had wanted Harold to leave but now I didn’t care if he stayed. I was proud of Mom and it turned me on too by having him lusting for her like that.
I was sitting in a chair beside her, Jimmy had grabbed the other side of the sofa to sit and Harold was across from her. Now I could see Jimmy’s cock bulging as he leaned back so he touched Mom’s legs. She was breathing evenly now and her pretty head rested on the back of the sofa. Jimmy daringly pulled out his hard thick cock and pulled at her robe until one part fell open to reveal her silken white thighs. We waited, holding our breath. I motioned to Harold to not say anything. Mom just remained where she was but Jimmy moved closer, pulled slowly at her top until it also was open enough to have three young guys grinning at how beautiful her tits were! Like out of a magazine and these had no silicon either. They were just heavy lusty breasts. Harold sighed. His cock was bulging too and it seemed huge until he took it out and confirmed that it WAS huge. It moved when it throbbed.
Mom stretched out along the sofa, her eyes still closed, but now we all moved closer on the floor. I began fondling her breasts. It was like worshiping our very own sex Goddess. Mom stretched out more and now Jimmy moved one leg apart and started kissing her pussy and Harold and I kissed her breasts.
I undid her tie and pulled her robe completely apart now, even slipped it off her shoulders. She was completely naked for us now. We were all fondling her when she opened her eyes.
“What are you boys doing to me?”

We all stopped. Frozen with fear. Jimmy had his face between her legs and just looked up at her with wide eyes. I was scared but just couldn’t let go of her breast and Harold just sat there as she saw his cock pulsing.
Mom’s face slowly developed into a smile. “I didn’t ask anyone to stop, only what you were up to. Naughty boys.”
“Mom, I ...”
Jimmy always knew what to say, “Mrs. Parker, you were so beautiful we couldn’t resist touching you.”
“You know that this can be seen as a very bad thing for you boys to be doing to me, don’t you?”
“Mom, we didn’t mean to ... “
”Yes you did. The first time was an accident. The second time before you brought me into the house was no accident.”
“Gawd Mom, you knew?”
She reached a hand down and began caressing Jimmy’s hair and pulling his head closer. She pulled me close to her breast. I began sucking her nipple.
“Do you think you know what to do to a woman like me then? “
”Mom, you are the most sexy woman ever.” She threw her robe aside and now stretched languidly on the sofa, displaying her Goddess white body to us all. “Thank you, Son, and who is this boy.”
“I’m Harold, Ma’am.”
“You sure are Harold, come closer.”
Harold moved close until Mom gripped his large cock and began stroking it. His cock head was huge and pink. I could feel its heat myself.
Jimmy spoke, “We had fantasies about you, Mrs Parker. About you being our sex slave. We couldn’t help ourselves.”
“Our Goddess.” I added.
“Maybe you boys will be MY sex slaves.” And she pulled Harold closer by his cock and placed her mouth over the knob, sucking it steadily right away. He was delirious with pleasure. She pulled Jimmy into her too and opened her legs for him, forcing his mouth onto her delicious pussy. I continued sucking one breast and caressing the other.
“If anyone ever finds out about this you’ll never have it again. Do yo all understand that?”

“Yes Ma’am!” we all said in unison.
“Okay, Son, now you are going to fuck me and look right into my face. No more pretending.”
My heart was pounding and she moved Jimmy away and fell back on the sofa while pulling me atop her. My cock was like a hard rock as I centered on her and slowly pushed it in. She gripped my hips and pulled me to her. Forcing my cock completely into her juicy pussy. Her naked body was incredibly beautiful. As good as any Playmate. We fucked for a few moments with her looking into my eyes and smiling with pleasure, her legs wrapped around my waste and her heels digging into my back, spurring me on.Then she had Jimmy move up to suck her breasts and Harold tried to control himself with her lips on his huge cock again but he couldn’t and came in a loud grunting noise. Mom bucked and moaned aloud now, fucking me hard and fast until I couldn’t hold back at all and gushed my load into her.
She grinned and said, “That leaves you, Jimmy, you ready? I expect you to incite these two into more by your performance.”
“Gawd Mrs Parker, you are a dream.”

Mom twisted on the sofa until she was on her elbows and knees. Jimmy slid in behind her and pressed his thick cock into her. She began to ride it slowly. Letting out a moan as she orgasmed in a long sigh. “Don’t stop, Jimmy. Don’t stop now.”
“No Ma’am.” He grinned and kept fucking her. Harold was in a trance, just watching, his cock now up again and he tried crawling under her belly to lick her pussy. Jimmy sped up and couldn’t hold off any longer, coming with a loud cry. “Oooohhhhh gawd!”
She grinned and turned to sit normally on the sofa again. She was smiling with pleasure as we were, in effect, all worshiping our sex Goddess. Then she made Harold sit on the sofa, while she sat atop him with her back to him and began delicately lowering herself onto his cock, Jimmy and I watching with wide eyes as it entered her. Then she was riding the cock slowly up and down. “Jimmy, you love eating pussy, so you come here and kneel so you can practice.”

Jimmy got the idea right away and planted himself between her legs and started licking her wet pussy while Harold’s cock was pumping in it. Jimmy had perfect access to her sexy big clit. She beckoned me to come up on the sofa and sit on the back while she stroked my cock into a hardness again. “I want to suck off my wonderful Son every day before school. I love sucking cocks most of all.” She took my cock into her mouth.
It was the most exciting vision as I looked down on my own Mom’s lovely face as she sucked my cock all the way in, giving me long strokes in and out and moaning softly as she did. Her lips and mouth and tongue felt fabulous. She kept flicking her tongue under my cock head and she made slurping noises as she took it all into her throat and out again.
"Wow, Mom, and I thought you only did this drunk."

She smiled at me, handed me the glass of gin from the side table and said, "Sip."
It was water.

The afternoon faded into evening as we all took turns fucking her, eating delivery pizza, licking her pussy or wiping her down with cool towels as she sucked our cocks and fucked us dry. Jimmy said she could look forward to sucking our cocks forever if she liked.
We all finally fell asleep together on that worn out sofa with smiling faces while cuddling my beautiful sexy Mom in our arms, who we were now complete and utter slaves to, and who worshiped her as our very own sex Goddess.

The future looked bright and exciting for all of us. And since that day, my wonderful sexy Mom has hardly drank at all.
My fantasies AND wishes were all coming true.

part 4 of 4.

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Good srtory. Keep fucking mom but eliminate the two friends, Heep mom for yourself and knock her up.

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plz use hindi language

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What I would enjoy seeing is a story about a much older woman... Preferably set in the US or another Western country, I found the ones set in India with Indian names a little too distracting. I do not know if there are any/many out on the web.

I had a very brief affair with a woman in my apartment building who was in her 80s, before she left and went to en 'elder-care' facility, even though she seemed to be still mentally competent. IF no-one else writes one, then I will *have* to... she inspires the horny little devil in me!

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this is gorefest,I will soon start a series to "drunk mom and me" so be wathching.

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