Chapter 8

As Dannie approached the beach and the dock she slowed down and caught her breath. Checking her watch she breathed a sigh of relief when she realized she was actually a few minutes early for her meeting with Ben instead of late as she had expected. “Ben?” she called as she neared the dock.
“Over here Dannie,” Ben called from a few feet down the beach where she could just make out his shape in the starlight as he bent over the eyepiece of his telescope. “I’ll be with you in about five minutes.”
“I’ll wait,” Dannie said as she watched him. When Ben was satisfied with the adjustments on his telescope he reached for his digital camera and attached it to the bracket on the telescope and checked the viewfinder before he set the camera’s automatic controls and pushed the shutter button.
“That should take care of things,” Ben said as he stepped back from the telescope. “The camera’s set to take a picture every ten seconds, and with a 2 gig memory card it should keep clicking away at that part of the sky for a couple hours or more.”
“Aren’t you cheating by using a camera for your work?” Dannie asked as she followed Ben to where he had a blanket set spread out on the sand.
“Hardly,” Ben said as he sat down on the blanket and gestured for Dannie to join him. Dannie noticed that Ben was patting the blanket next to him and patting his lap at the same time - as if he was giving her a choice of where to sit - and she decided to sit on his lap. As Dannie sat down Ben spread his legs so she could sit between his thighs and wiggle her butt back into his crotch as she settled in.
“Astronomers have been using camera’s for years when they view the sky,” Ben said, continuing his explanation as he patted Dannie’s flat belly through her t-shirt. “Digital cameras make things a lot easier because you can program them to take pictures at a certain rate and don’t have to worry about it shifting the settings on the telescope even a little bit. Tomorrow I’ll load the memory card in my laptop and have it search for any unusual movement in the sky section the telescope is focused on. That’s how I found the last two comets I named.”
“Interesting,” Dannie purred, enjoying the way Ben was stroking her stomach as he spoke. “When did you get so high-tech with your stargazing?”
“After I found my first comet,” Ben said as he slid his hand hesitantly under Dannie’s t-shirt when she didn’t stop him he started rubbing her belly under the shirt and Dannie moaned even louder at the pleasure that spread from where his hand touched her bare skin. “Apparently I won some kind of reward when I made the discovery and the money was enough for me to buy my laptop and digital camera.”
“Lucky you,” Dannie muttered between deep breaths. She could feel the sexual energy growing in her belly and pussy in spite of the fact that Ben wasn’t doing anything more than rubbing her belly.
“Luckier than you know,” Ben whispered with his mouth so close to Dannie’s ear his breath added to the energy sparking through her whole body.
“Dannie,” Ben said as he pushed his hand further up in her t-shirt so he was touching the underside of her small tits, “there’s something I’ve wanted to ask you about all day, but didn’t have the privacy to ask it until now.”
“Go ahead,” Dannie said, it felt like her whole body was glowing under Ben’s light touch and she couldn’t help but wonder it he’d done this sort of thing before.
“I was just wondering,” Ben said hesitantly, “if you’re pregnant.”
Dannie was so startled by Ben’s question that she didn’t even notice when he moved his hands up to kneed her small tits and tweak her nipples when they popped erect. “Does everyone in camp know that I’m pregnant?” Dannie sighed in both pleasure and frustration.
“Who else knows you’re pregnant?” Ben asked as he pulled Dannie’s t-shirt over her head so he could see her bare tits in the starlight as he continued to play with them.
“So far just George the camp nurse and my bunkmate Kathy. George put things together on his own and then gave me a pregnancy test to be sure - but I told Kathy myself after she told me about how she’s been fucking both her father and brother since her dad popped her cherry the day she got home from camp last year.”
“Wow, her father and her brother,” Ben said with a wry grin that Dannie could feel against her ear.
“So, how did you figure out I was pregnant?” Dannie asked, her ear twitching from the light touch of Ben’s lips every time he whispered in it.
“Back on the bus I couldn’t help but notice that you looked just as green as my mom and two sisters when they dropped me off to catch the bus,” Ben said.
“Your mother and your sisters?” Dannie said in surprise.
“Yeah,” Ben said sheepishly. “It all started about six months ago, just after I won the prize for spotting my first comet. I was out one night keeping an eye on my equipment when my oldest sister Kim got home early from her date. Later I found out that her boyfriend had made a snide comment about my astronomy hobby and my sister was so mad at him that she broke up with him right then and walked home even before they got to the movie theater.”
“Wow, that must have been some comment he made to get her that angry,” Dannie said as one of Ben’s hands started to slide down her belly while the other one continued to play with her tits.”
“By the time Kim got home she was so horny she was ready to fuck anyone with a cock, and angry enough to get back at her old boyfriend anyway she could,” Ben said with a reminiscent smile, Dannie noticed that his cock was starting to grow as he spoke and she could feel the lump between her ass cheeks getting hard. “I didn’t know what Kim had in mind when she stepped up on the porch while I was checking my equipment but once she made it clear that she was horny enough to fuck her own brother I realized I was horny enough to fuck my own sister.”
“Since it was the middle of winter it was too cold to fuck outside so we snuck back into the house and managed to make it to her room without anyone catching us and then Kim popped my cherry and rode my cock to one of the greatest orgasms I ever had. The only thing I regretted was that I wasn’t able to dump a load of cum in her hot pussy because she made me wear a condom.”
“But I thought you said you got both your sisters and your mom pregnant,” Dannie said. She could feel Ben’s cock growing longer as his story continued, the head of his prick was already touching the top of her ass cheeks and she was sure it was going to grow even long before Ben was done.
“I’ll get to that,” Ben chuckled. “After that first fuck Kim and I couldn’t get enough of each other. We were fucking every chance we got, before school, after school, sneaking into each other’s room after mom and Connie went to bed. And that was nothing compared to what we did on the weekend. After a few weeks Kim and I got a little careless and didn’t check the house before one of our afternoon fucks. When Connie walked in on us she threatened to tell our mom what we were doing unless we let her join in the fun. I got Connie’s cherry that afternoon and after that the three of us started having some real fun.”
“But something happened to get your mom involved,” Dannie said with a lusty grin. She could feel the head of Ben’s prick touching the base of her spine now and she hoped it wasn’t going to grow much longer because she was beginning to wonder if it would actually fit in her cunt when it was that long.
“You could say that,” Ben said with a broad grin of his own. “The three of us were having a real orgy while mom was off at parent teacher conferences when she got home early and walked into the living room just as I was cumming with my condom wrapped cock buried in the depth of Connie’s hot wet cunt. I was eating Kim’s slit at the same time when I heard both of my sister’s gasp and stiffen in fear when they saw mom walk into the living room. I gasped too when I pulled my mouth away from Kim’s pussy and saw mom standing there watching us.”
“I’d hate to think what would happen if my mom walked in on me having sex with K . . . with someone,” Dannie said, stopping herself just before she mentioned her brother’s name.
“Close one,” Ben said, nuzzling Dannie’s neck as his right hand slid along her slit through her shorts. “You almost told me who you’ve been fucking there - not that I really care who popped your cherry or knocked you up. After all, he’s not here right now, I am. So, even if it’s your brother or your dad it doesn’t matter to me.”
“Speaking of dad,” Dannie said with a cough to cover her surprise when Ben mentioned her brother, “what did your dad say when he found out that you were fucking both your sisters?”
“Don’t you remember what I told you about my dad?” Ben asked. When Dannie shook her head he explained, “By the time my mom walked in on our orgy dad had been gone for about three months. That’s when he ran off with his pregnant secretary.”
“I don’t remember you saying anything about that in your letters,” Dannie said.
“I thought I did,” Ben said with a frown, “but I was so upset with my dad running off like that I may have intentionally forgotten to tell you about it. Considering how often my parents use to fuck I didn’t know how he had the energy to knock up his secretary like that. Since my bedroom was right next to the master bedroom I use to hear them fucking every night and most mornings too. Of course that worked out well for us when mom caught us fucking in the living room that night, instead of screaming and locking us in our separate rooms for the rest of our natural lives she started peeling out of her clothes and told Kim and Connie to make room for her. Turns out she was so horny after going three months without a cock in her fuck hole that all she could think of was getting my shaft in her pussy as fast as she could.”
“Wow,” Dannie said as Ben slid his hand into her shorts to rub her engorged pussy lips and erect clit. “I hate to think what would have happened if your parents were still together when your mom caught you. If my parents caught me fucking my brother they’d go ballistic if they caught me fucking my brother Ken, and that’s nothing compared to what they’d do if they found out I was pregnant by him.”
“So you finally decided to come clean about who knocked you up,” Ben said with a grin as he pushed the top of Dannie’s shorts down, Dannie raised her ass up so he could slip it down to her thighs and she slid them off her legs from there as he played with her bald dripping cunt. “I was pretty sure I knew who knocked you up, but I wasn’t going to say anything until you were ready to tell me.”
“Thanks,” Dannie said, giving Ben a quick kiss as he slid a couple fingers between her pussy lips. “So now I know how you ended up fucking both your sisters and your mom, but how did you manage to get them all pregnant if you were wearing condoms all the time?”
“That story starts about five weeks ago,” Ben said as he returned Dannie’s kiss with interest and tongue. “That particular night all four of us were lying together in mom’s king size bed and I was getting ready to fuck her since it was her turn to be first when she grabbed the condom package out of my hand and tossed it across the room. Then she announced that she’d decided she wanted to have another baby, and she wanted me to be the father. And once mom decided that she was going to have a baby Kim and Connie decided that they wanted me to knock them up too. According to them they’d wanted me to knock them up for a long time but they were worried about what mom would say, but once she said she wanted me to get her pregnant they decided she couldn’t say anything if they decided to do the same thing.”
“And you managed to knock all three of them up at the same time?” Dannie asked as she turned around and yanked Ben’s shirt off his chest with one quick pull.
“Pretty much,” Ben said as he gave Dannie another tongue filled kiss while he got up on his knees so she could pull his shorts down so his cock sprang free to wiggle back and forth in the cool night air. “And that’s when the four of us realized there could be problems if people started putting things together, like the fact that all three of them were pregnant and I was the only male anywhere near them. That’s when mom made arrangements for me to attend an extra month of camp while the three of them got boyfriends so they could lay the pregnancies on them and no one would be the wiser.”
“Sounds like the four of you had the same idea Mary and I had to turn the interest away from our brother Ken when our bellies start growing,” Dannie said as she turned around to get a good grip on Ben’s penis as she continued to speak. “Mary planned to fuck a bunch of guys at school once she knew that she was pregnant but even after two months she Ken hasn’t knocked her up yet, but he managed to plant a baby in my belly the first month. I guess I was just lucky this time, but maybe Mary will get lucky this month since her cunt is the only one Kenny’s pumping his sperm into this month.”
“So when she shows up for camp next month I may find myself fucking her too?” Ben said as Dannie stroked his cock. Now that Dannie had a chance to actually see Ben’s shaft she couldn’t believe how long it was, a good eight inches long but thinner than any cock she’d fucked or seen so far, only a little more than an inch around. She couldn’t wait to feel the prick buried deeper in her pussy than anything she’d had in her fuck tunnel so far.
“Yeah,” Dannie sighed as she licked the tip of Ben’s cock. “I’m not really sure how I feel about you fucking my older sister, but if I can deal with you fucking your mom and sisters and Mary fucking Ken along with me than I can deal with her fucking you too. I don’t plan to name any names when my parents find out that I’m pregnant, but if you want me to keep you out of things completely I’ll understand.”
“I don’t mind you using my name if you have to when the time comes,” Ben said with a groan as Dannie licked his prick. “I just wish it really was my baby.”
“Maybe,” Dannie said giving Ben a broad grin as she teased the tip of his cock with her lips. “But first I want to have a couple more kids with my brother.”
“I guess I can understand that,” Ben said with a disappointed sigh, “after all, I’d like to knock my mom and sisters up a couple more times myself.”
“You know,” Dannie said thoughtfully, “it may be too late for you to knock me up this time, but I know someone who wants to get knocked up and doesn’t really care about who does it. Do you feel like making another baby this month?”
“Sure,” Ben said as he licked his lips, “I’d love to knock up another girl. Who do you have in mind?”
“My bunkmate Kathy,” Dannie said, “she’s fucking both her brother and father but both of them use protection and she really wants to have a baby. I was thinking George would be a good choice for knocking her up because he told me himself that the only thing he likes better than fucking a pregnant girl is knocking her up in the first place. But if you’re willing to add your cum to the mix that could really improve her chances this month, especially since you’ve already proven how potent your cum is by knocking up three girls in one month.”
“Okay,” Ben gulped as Dannie slid his cock all the way down her throat, “I’d love to add my cum to the mix. But for right now I think you better let go of my cock before I shoot it down your throat. If you don’t stop right now I may not be able to get it back up before someone notices that you’re missing from your cabin.”
“A good hard fuck sounds good to me,” Dannie said as she released Ben’s shaft and crawled onto the blanket before she rolled over so Ben could reach her pussy.
“And that’s what I’ll give as soon as my cock calms down enough that I won’t shoot my load as soon as I get in your fuck tunnel,” Ben said as he stuck his head between Dannie’s thighs. “So what if I eat you out first? I can probably give you a couple good hard cums before I fuck you.”
“That sounds wonderful,” Dannie said as Ben licked her slit before he sucked on hard clit. As Ben ate her pussy she lay back on the blanket and started playing with her own tits. After listening to Ben’s story about how he fucked and knocked up his sisters and mother Dannie was so horny that she could feel her first orgasm building up as soon as Ben’s lips touched hers. As she pinched her nipples and Ben sucked on her clit Dannie felt the sexual energy building in her belly - right about where she knew her baby was growing - and she clamped her thighs tight against Ben’s head as her whole body jerked and spasmed with her first orgasm.
“That’s one,” Ben said as he pulled his lips away from Dannie’s cunt for just a few seconds, “let’s see how fast I can give you another orgasm before we get to the main course.”
“Yeah,” Dannie said, gasping for breath as she recovered from her first orgasm. Dannie barely had time to recover from her first orgasm before she felt her body building toward the second one as Ben shoved his tongue deep into her fuck tunnel. “Oh God, you’re so good at this. Eat my pussy Ben, make me cum again.”
Dannie’s pussy shuddered around Ben’s invading tongue and shot a burst of sexual energy up her spine that made both her brain and body explode with pleasure. By the time the curly haired blonde could think straight again Ben had managed to pull his head free of her thighs and crawl up her body so he could suck and lick her erect nipples as he ran the head of his cock up and down her drooling slit.
“Fuck me Ben, fuck me,” Dannie begged as she wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles behind his back.
“Whatever you want little lady,” Ben said as he grabbed his shaft and aimed his cock for Dannie’s fuck hole. Even though he knew the girl had fucked at least two other guys her cunt was tight around his shaft as he inched it into her baby tunnel and he was afraid he was going to cum before he managed to slide it all the way in. Somehow he managed to hold off his orgasm and slid all the way into Dannie’s body as she grunted in both pleasure and pain, especially when he had to force the last inch and a half of his shaft into a hole that felt virgin tight around the head of his cock. Once he was all the way in and his balls bounced off Dannie’s tight ass Ben took a deep breath and started fucking the preteen girl under him with all the skill he’d learned from fucking his mother and sisters. From Dannie’s enthusiastic response it was clear to Ben that he’d learned his lessons better than he’d realized. From the first stroke Dannie was screaming so loud he was afraid someone would hear her back at the cabins, but if they did noone bothered responding to the sounds of pleasure.
Somehow managed to keep going for a dozen or more full strokes before he felt Dannie’s fuck tunnel squeeze his shaft as the girl had her third orgasm of the night and the extra pressure set him over the edge right along with her so his balls cramped up and shot a full load of cum into the girl’s already occupied womb.
“That was incredible,” Dannie moaned as her body went limp and Ben’s long flaccid prick slipped out of her pussy as he rolled off to the side to lay next to her.
“Me?” Ben asked with a groan of pleasure, “what about you? That was the best fuck I ever had, even better than my sisters and mother combined. I can’t wait until you’re ready to let me knock you up.”
“Well you’ll just have to wait - and be satisfied with knocking up Kathy, your mom, and your sisters,” Dannie said, wondering how long it would be before she was carrying Ben’s baby instead of Ken’s.
“By the way, Dannie,” Ben said thoughtfully, “how often does Beth check the cabin?”
“Not as often as she should,” Dannie said with a grin, “she’ll probably sleep until just before the wake up bell and then do a bed check before everyone gets up.”
“I’m not sure if you can depend on Beth’s old schedule this month,” Ben said.
“What do you mean?” Dannie asked. “This is the way Beth always does her bed checks.”
“Maybe,” Ben said with a shrug, “but even though she did a good job of hiding it from everyone else I noticed the way her face turned green just after she sent you to the nurses office.”
“You don’t mean . . .”
“I’m not sure,” Ben said with a shake of his head, “but after watching my mom and sisters run to the bathroom most mornings I couldn’t help but notice how much her face looked like their’s. Anyway, you should probably get back to the cabin, just in case she has to make an early run to the bathroom. Besides, you need as much sleep as you can get with your brother’s baby growing in you belly. Speaking of your belly, I hope you brought some loose fitting clothes with you because your regular things could be a tight fit by the end of the month.”
“I know,” Dannie said with a quick smile as she found her shorts and t-shirt and slipped them on. “I made sure that I brought some things that will still fit me by the end of the month - including some larger bras and panties - so I should be fine. See you at breakfast?”
“You bet,” Ben said. “And tomorrow night you bring Kathy with you and we’ll see what we can do about her little problem.”

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