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Slowly back to normal
It's almost been two months. 5 days until that mark. I was on the couch today, listening to music downstairs. I was so close to being over her. I still felt that pain, it held me back at somethings, but nothing I couldn't handle unless it was insanely painful to me.

My music is up, and I think "Only a few more songs til a smoke break." Yeah, Im a smoker now. Thats why I made saved by a cigarette.

Through the music I think I hear my mom yell Allie's real name. Now I have a pretty wild imagination. I didn't think I could hear anything with these things going on full blast, so I just shake it off. But around 15 minutes later, I take off my earbuds, and grab a cigarette. My mom comes down the stairs, faster than a bat out of hell. Her expression twisted in a perculier way. "Get upstairs." She tells me.

I'm completely confused, but I put my cigarette behind my ear and go up the stairs first. Now as I walk up my stairs, trying to figure out what the fuck is going on I hear my name. It's a familar voice. Thinking its my mom's friend or mom's friend's daughter I keep going up the stairs, with my head down ready to greet her. I was wrong. In front of me it was someone I hadn't seen in almost 2 months.
It was Allie.

My face now a twist of emotions. First Sadness and pain, anger, joy and happiness.. But then relief. Glad that this girl I loved so much was still alive and well. I showed these emotions, which Im sure was funny as hell to my mom and Allie. My mom pats my shoulder and tells us, "You need to talk" and she walks away.

I look up at Allie's face, and study her. Her eyes puffy, her standing there, sadly, gently swinging one foot back and forth with her pink flip flop. I smiled. "Come on. I need a cigarette and we need to talk." She slowly follows me downstairs to the swing, my smoke spot/relaxation place.

"Sit" I tell her and light my cigarette. I lean my head back, my cigarette in my hand. When I look to my right I see her, elbows on her knees head in her hands looking down. "I'm a smoker now." I tell her stupidly. She looks at me, and sits patiently.

"Why did you leave me? Why didn't you tell me the reason? Why?!" I ask her my voice raising with every question.

She moves her purse to her side and opens it pulling out 3 pictures. They were of me. I was with a girl, kissing her on a bench in one, holding hands with her in another, and passionately kissing her in the rain, somewhere in my town. I have a confused expression on my face. "Who the fuck is that?" I ask her. Completely an honest question.

"My father gave these to me." She says finally utters. "He told me you were with this girl. So I left with him. They're fakes."

I had completely forgotten about my cigarette and saw it was half ash. I drop it and burn it out with my foot. "Why would he do that? What does he fucking have against me! I never did anything!"

"He was protective of me.." She sniffed, a tear running down her cheek. My expression softened. Piecing it together, I realize she said "was" and not is. I know why she's crying.

"He's dead, isn't he?" I say, feeling terrible now.

"He hated any guy that would take away his little girl. He loved me, needed me. Which is why he did such an awful thing," She told me. "He told me he was sorry for taking me away from you. He told me they were fake pictures, He told me he was sorry for causing you so much pain... I found him dead two days ago. He's already buried, the funeral over."

I swallowed, holding back the tears, while wiping away Allie's own tears. "His apology is accepted." I say with a smile. She smiles back and hugs me, kissing me through her tears, so happy I let her back. I said it before and I'll say it again.

I will ALWAYS be there for her, no matter what happens.

And now for today...

Strumming my guitar with Allie next to me I look at her and nod. It's a new song, and I don't care what anyone says. It's a good one.

I hit all the notes of the intro to "Misery Business" by Paramore. Such a catchy tune! With Allie's voice it's perfect. She actually remembered all the words, something I rarely do.

"Ah, God I love that song" I tell her.

"Good song!" She says, taking a sip of water. I put my guitar down and pick her up tickling her after she swallowed getting many giggles and shouts to stop. Despite her protests, I keep going until I think she's had her fill.

Laughing myself I lay her on the couch. She was a bit pissed seeing as she hates being tickled but I kissed her, right on the lips holding her. Smiling as I pull away and see her blue eyes flutter open. 'She's so beautiful.. God I'm so glad she's here with me. I'd die without her' I thought. Now, I believe if she took off again I'd never bounce back up.

Laying with her there was, well, quite a great feeling just being with her. Moving her hair out of her face, kissing her slowly. Something you hardly ever get unless it's with someone special.

Finally sitting her up, I remembered I promised her we would go swimming. Trying to enjoy my last days of summer I gladly took her there, blasting music. Her wearing one of those thin skirts, under it her bikini bottom and her top, and I in my trunks with a towel around my neck, tapping the steering wheel.

When we got there we took the seperat routes, I going right she going left. I turned on the water, got a little wet, and went outside.

Allie, already beating me to the chair was putting on her suntan lotion. Getting the stares of a couple of 13 to 14 year old boys in the process. Literally, laughing out loud when I heard a groan from them when I started to rub it into her back.

"That feels so good baby" she cooed, my strong hands working it into her back.

I pulled myself close to her ear. "Look at those kids, staring." I said with a smile. One turned embarassed. The two others looking away but quickly turning back.

"Let's fuck with them" She said giggling.

Trying to keep the laughing to a minimum, I squirted a little bit of lotion into my hand. I rubbed it into my hands a little, and wrapped my arms around her. Aiming directly for her tits, I start to rub it in. I see the two that were still looking begin to turn away, shaking their heads, knowing they were caught.

Despite them going away I keep rubbing it in, even after it was all in. Actually slipping into her top about twice, feeling her nipple. It was so damn erotic. I put some on myself, Allie rubbing it into my chest and back. After that, I was going to need some of that cold water.

Diving into the 5 foot water enjoying the cold temperature, I hear a splash. I come up and see Allie pulling one finger for me to come, her hair soaked.

"They're staring again" She says covering her mouth when I get to her. She was trying so hard not to laugh.

Sure enough all three were looking at her, soaked in her blue bikini. Having taking off her skirt when I was in the water, I'm sure they got a free show.

"Those shitheads." I say laughing. "Come 'ere."

She came to me slowly, my back against the wall of the pool, her arms around my neck. She pulls me in and begins to kiss me with the three looking at us. We actually almost got carried away, really badly wanting to get my hands on her. Only remembering that we were in public.

My tongue darting inside of her mouth, eyes closed, her tongue in my mouth, the water... Being in public no less.. It was a very erotic feeling being like that. When we finally pulled away, I lost track of the young teens, hoping now they'd go away for awhile. Not that I mind them being around it's just not cool having guys staring at my fiancee'. Allie now having to feel that when I climbed the ladder out.

One of my favorite things to do when swimming is to dive. Coming every summer I try to add something. Now I'm no professional at all, usually landing on my stomach getting a very painful belly flop. But on this day I got lucky, and managed to get one front flip and land in the water without hurting myself.

Swimming out ready to go for another dive, waiting in line I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see a girl, brown hair, brown eyes, shorter than Allie, and looking very confident.

"Hello." I say to this girl, completely puzzled as too what she wants.

"So is that girl like, your girlfriend?"

I blink twice pulling my head back, an expression known as "what the fuck" on my face. "Not exactly.. my fiancee' why?" Now hoping I wasn't going to hear what I thought I was going to hear.

I got nothing but a slight frown and she walked away. I sighed, and dove in again swimming to Allie on the other side of the pool, knowing she'd be wondering what's up.

"Nice dives. Who was the girl?" Was the first thing I heard from her.

"I have no idea. She asked if you were my girlfriend and I said, my fiancee' and she walked away."

She cracked a smile. "We're very popular today." She said. I smiled and kissed her.

"Can't catch me!" I say, pushing off the wall as I go underwater. I hear her yelling my name as I come up.

"Adam, I can too just slow down!!" I look at her and see her pushing off too gaining on me.

"Crap, crap, crap!" I say hurrying as fast as I can. "I'm gonna-blublubb" And my head goes underwater.

"Told ya!" She tells me as I resurface.

I shake my head and go under water now gripping her legs and holding her high as I take her up and drop her in the water. Laughing, so very hard as she comes up.

"You big-" Now she's cutoff, by me kissing her.

"I always do that." I say smiling.

She splashed water at me playfully. So the rest of the day had us swimming playing, and getting lots of looks from people at the pool. Getting hungry after being in the pool for a few hours, we finally leave at 5 and head home and wash up.

The ride home was the most tortureous 10 minute of my life. Allie constanly teasing me, showing her pink erect nipple at stoplights. On occasion rubbing her pussy, monaing, barely over a whisper. When we got home Allie raced into the house before me.

Walking inside with a bulge, I creep downstairs, my manhood hard and proud. Walking downstairs, sure nobody was around I take off all of my remaining chlorine scented clothes. I wrap a towel around my waist, and bring some fresh clothes, my erection dying down from the cold. Opening the bathroom door, I see Allie, muttering an "Oh Shit."

She stood there, all sexy in a thick warm towel. Her clothes on the counter, I place mine next to hers, along with my towel the I took off.

Allie moved one side, then the other, putting the towel on top of our clothes. She was so beautiful. Firm breasts, beautiful face, curvy figure, piercing blue eyes, blonde hair. She eyeballed me, my penis hard and erect, my green eyes, now somewhat shaggy brown hair, arms and chest. She leaned up and kissed me, myself leaning down to meet her lips.

I slid my tongue into her mouth, kissing passionately, moving into the shower. Pulling away for only a minute to turn on the water, I sat next to Allie in our big hot shower, steam engulfing us.

Finding some soap during our kisses, and pinches I make some bubbles and washe her. Gently cleaning her cheeks, down her neck and tits, lathering up the soap and washing her arms and stomach. Cleaning down her thighs and her legs, ending at her cute feet, toes wiggling as I washed.

Pulling her up, still kissing her I rinse her off. Getting shampoo and conditioner, I wash both of our heads, smiling, kissing, and laughing as she looked so intensly relaxed as I washed her and myself.

Rinsing off again, Allie set me down and began to soap me up. My face and chest, working her way down slowly, gently stroking my cock again before pulling me up to rinse me. Kissing her as I turned off the water, dick still hard as stone, I dry her off along with myself and we put on our clothes. Seems kind of pointless because..

As soon as I threw our clothes in the hamper Allie kissed me and led me to her room. Not able to take it any more I pull off my clothes again, Allie doing the same, just leaving her short jean skirt on.

"God, I've wanted to have sex with you all day." I moaned into her ear, pulling her onto my bed.

"I know..mmm... I've see how hard your cock has been all day."

I moved my hand to her pussy, fingering her quickly, finding her hard clit. "You've wanted to too huh?" I asked, teasing her, moving my hand away from her tight hole.

"Yes! Put it back in!"

I had a better idea. I put her back on the bed and spread her legs. I went down to her pussy and licked furiously. Her hips bucked, "Oh, God!" She cried out.

Taking my middle finger and pushing it into her pussy, I worked as fast as possible, desperate to make her cum.

Pushing in two fingers now, her pussy scretching, I curl them up, hitting a spot I had never hit before. A slightly different spot of her pussy. She became tight, louder, bucked harder. She came as if it was a flash flood. The G-spot.

Pulling away, licking the rest of her sweet nectar I come up to her smiling. "I got lucky" I said grinning.

Still panting she manages "You're next."

She kissed my lips, down my chest and down to my dick. Gently sucking the tip, causing a moan from me, she moved down my dick, sucking about halfway, cupping my balls in one hand.

Pulling up and moaning on my dick, my legs jerk at the feeling of her throat vibrating. Unable to stop myself from moaning I cry out. "Fuck yeah.. Oh Christ!"

She kept this up, not messing a single spot, occasionally going all the was down, fingering herself uncontrolably.

Feeling the cum rise, It was the only feeling I felt at the time. "Here it comes!" I cry out trying so very hard not to buck, probably going to hit her in the face. She sucked harder and I shot into her mouth feeling her swallow every bit, milking the last bit out of me and the last moan.

We both lay together panting. Kissing her after my breath was back, I taste myself, she tasting the rest of herself. Unable to control myself now my dick took control of me as it rose again to full mast after about 10 minutes.

Raising myself on top of her I stuck my dick between her legs and under the skirt. I began thrusting in and out, at a fast pace. Almost like a beast being chased I didn't slow down for about 5 minutes, causing many moans of approval from Allie.

Sucking on those pink nipples, I finally slowed down and rubbed her clit at the same time. She rubbed my back, digging her nails in me everytime my tongue moved across her nipple.

"Oh.. Oh Jesus! Keep going! Faster! Oh yes!" She began to cry out. Quickening not wanting to make her wait. I rubbed her clit faster, sucked harder.I felt her pussy get tighter, and a gush of fluid came over the two inches of my dick not buried into her.

"Oh my, God! Oh my, God!! Mmm, fuck!! Yes!" She cried out.

"Oh I know you love it. Oh yeah" I moaned, heightening my arousal.

Continuing that pace never slowing down, causing two more hard, wet oud orgasms from Allie, now convulsing under me, crying out dirty talk. "Oh yes! Fuck my pussy! Oh God!"

I kept going, now pulling away from her tits, watching them jiggle. I felt the buildup and knew I was going to cum soon. Aiming for her tits, I sucked again and rubbed fast, thrusting even faster than ever. "Oh, oh fuck!" Allie moaned out. As I came, I felt her pussy tighten and an even bigger wave of her sweet nectar flowed out of her. Collasping after the 5th burst of cum, all sweaty and hot, on top of Allie.

After we caught our breath she said to me "Your an animal." Smiling sexily at me, kissing me, face all read and hot.

"All for you" I said smiling back, kissing her passionately. I pulled away, kissing her forehead. "God you're amazing." I whispered.

"You're a renaissance man." She said. "An incredible guy, incredible fiancee' amazing lover."

"Your beautiful, sweet, an amazing fianee', an amazing lover.. Mmm, we're so made for eachother. Glad I love girls like you." I said with a smile.

"I love you too" She said kissing me. Cleaning up again, and putting on our clothes, we headed upstairs and went out to eat with my parents, sitting next to eachother, flirting the whole way through.

Part 9, hopefully sometime soon. School is distracting.

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