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It was the night of the biggest dance of the year and 16-year old Tracy
was having second thoughts about her date with Mark. He was nice enough,
president of the student council, active in the marching band as well as
being a star on the football team, and was certainly attractive. He had
short black hair and twinkling blue eyes that seemed to hypnotize all
the other teenage girls but her. His trim, athletic body was well
proportioned for his 5'11" height and everyone knew that his appearance
was not what he liked to promote, even thought it was hard to avoid the
effect he had on young girls (and older women).

Tracy looked into the mirror at herself, wondering if she was someone
whom others considered attractive. She really couldn't determine if she
was. She was the shortest girl in her class, 4'11" tall, 115 pounds and
had large breasts and what seemed to her to be the biggest ass in the
world. She couldn't understand why all the boys stared at her as she
walked by. They looked at her like they could see right through her
clothing sometimes! She would just ignore them and walk by, head up to
greet her girlfri ends on the way to class. She really wasn't all that
excited about boys. She found herself thinking more about girls and how
the touch, smell and feel of them caused a strange sensation in the pit
of her stomach. She didn't understand what it was, but she knew that
boys didn't have the same effect on her. She had learned about
homosexuality in her health class and sex education, but surely SHE
wasn't one of those "homos" or "lezzies", as the boys referred to them.
What did boys know about girls anyhow? They just wanted them for one
thing. That's why she was hesitant about going out with Mark. She could
take it or leave it.

She gave herself another once-over, fluffing up her short, curly blonde
hair, adding a touch of makeup and mascara, and rearranging her peasant
top so it would be more revealing. The dance had a "gypsy" theme, so she
had purchased a colorful skirt to wear with the peasant blouse. She
slipped on her shoes and walked downstairs to the living room to share
her outfit with her parents.

"Wow!" her father exclaimed as she walked into the room.

"Darling, you look really beautiful!" her mother agreed.

"Thanks, mom. Thanks, dad. I hope this isn't a waste of time." She
confessed to them. "I'm not really that crazy about Mark, you know."

"Nonsense! He's the best looking and most popular guy in school! I know
you'll have a great time. Just enjoy yourself." her dad retorted.

"Yes, dear. Just relax. Your girlfriends will be there too. If all else
fails, I'm sure they will take care of you." her mom suggested.

"Okay...whatever you say." Tracy responded, still unsure whether she
wanted to go to the dance or not.

The doorbell rang, and Tracy went to answer it. Mark was here to pick
her up. He looked very dashing in his gypsy attire, especially with his
black hair and blue eyes. Tracy's mother was taken aback.

"Mark, you look great!" she complimented him.

"Thanks, ma'am. We really should go now." he answered, taking Tracy by
the hand and leading her to his car.

"You look great, Tracy. We're running a little late, so I guess we
should get straight to the dance." He suggested.

"Thanks, I guess so." She responded, getting into the car. Mark closed
the door for her and got into his own side. Tracy was sitting as close
to the door as she could get and Mark didn't seem to mind. He wasn't as
attentive as she thought he would be, other than opening the car door
for her. He started the engine and they drove to the location of the
dance in silence.

As they pulled into the parking place, Mark turned to Tracy. "Look,
Tracy, I'm sorry, but I promised to meet some friends of mine and my
parents wouldn't let me out of the house unless I had a date for the
dance. I guess I used you as an excuse. I'm sorry, really. I have to do
something that's really important to me. Would you mind if I met you at
the dance after while? Your girlfriends are already here and maybe you
could sit with them for a few minutes."

"What? An excuse to get out of the house? That's a riot! You know, Mark,
I didn't really feel comfortable about this from the beginning, so it's
a relief to know that my intuition was correct. Go ahead and do whatever
you need to do. I'll be with my friends. Just promise that you'll make
sure I have a ride home after the dance in case you don't show up on
time, okay?" Tracy requested.

"Wow! You're the greatest! Thanks, Tracy. I'll make sure you get home
and nobody will be the wiser. Deal?" He responded.

"Deal!" She replied, getting out of the car and walking toward the
building. As she approached the door, her best friend, Betty was waiting
outside for her. She and Betty had grown up together, next door
neighbors, and shared all their secrets. They had watched each other
blossom from little girls into young women and had been amazed at how
their bodies had developed. Though Tracy had large breasts and round,
squeezable buttocks, Betty had small breasts and almost no curvature to
her backside. She wa s about 5'11" tall and wore her red hair in a short
haircut, something simple and easy to take care of during her busy days.
Betty preferred to dress in jeans and a tee-shirt and had been the
neighborhood tomboy. She was an excellent athlete, but also an
accomplished pianist and dancer. Tracy envied her athletic body and
Betty envied Tracy's soft, womanly curves. They teased each other about
it daily.

"Hi Tracy, are you okay? I knew what Mark was planning, honey. I'm sorry
if you're upset." Betty greeted her.

"Actually, I'm relieved, Betty." Tracy answered. "I'd rather spend the
evening with you anytime!"

"Look, Sandy is having a little get together at her house with Rita and
she wants us to come over too. Would you like to? We wouldn't have to
deal with boys staring and pointing at us all evening." Betty said.

"Sure. Sounds like fun. Let's go. We can walk, it's only a couple of
blocks away." Tracy answered.

The two girls walked down the steps and started up the street to Sandy's
house. They held each other's hands and chatted and giggled all the way
to the site. After they rang the doorbell, Sandy opened it, wearing a
smile, and a transparent negligee. Tracy's breath was taken away. She
was gorgeous!

Sandy was the tallest girl in the school, 6'2", with long straight brown
hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. Tracy could see her large, perfectly
shaped breasts and the thick, black hair of her mons perfectly through
the negligee. She and Betty looked at each other and Betty pulled Tracy
into the house before someone else saw Sandy. As they entered, Tracy saw
Rita standing in the background. She was wearing a leather outfit. She
had a studded choker around her neck, leather boots, a cupless leather
bra and leather g-string. Her soft, white skin was almost transparent
compared to the shiny black against it. Her cropped blonde hair was
spiked with hair gel and she wore deep red lipstick.

"What's going on?" Tracy asked, that funny feeling returning to the pit
of her stomach as she looked curiously at Sandy and Rita. "Are you
playing some kind of game?" she asked.

"Yes we are." Sandy replied. "Come join us. I have costumes for both of
you. My parents are gone for the weekend, so we can have the entire
house to ourselves and do whatever we want. I found some really cool
stuff in my mom and dad's room."

"It's all right, Tracy." Betty assured her. "This is much more fun than
any old dance. I've done it lots of times!"

Sandy led Tracy and Betty upstairs and gave them some outfits to wear.
Tracy put a velvet choker around her throat, and upon orders from Betty,
removed her bra and panties and slipped on some crotchless red leather

"Pull your peasant blouse down below your breasts, Tracy. Let's really
be bold tonight and have some fun." She suggested, walking over and
helping Tracy with her blouse. As she pulled the blouse down, her
fingers brushed over Tracy's nipples, causing them to harden. Tracy was
starting to feel really funny, but she was also curious and feeling kind
of crazy so she complied with Betty's request.

Betty dressed in a one piece thong, like strippers wear, with the straps
going from her groin up over her shoulders to form a big "V", and
covering only the nipples of her breasts. The rest of her tight,
athletic body was revealed provocatively.

"You look lovely, Tracy. Let's go downstairs now." Betty suggested,
taking Tracy by the hand.

When they got downstairs, Sandy and Rita were on the couch, caressing
one another's bodies and kissing. Tracy stared, a little hesitant and
wondering what she had gotten herself into. These were her girlfriends
since childhood! Surely they wouldn't do anything to frighten or hurt
her. She was getting excited by what she was seeing and didn't know why.
She and Betty walked to the couch and stood in front of Sandy and Rita.
They ceased their fondling and kissing and turned toward Tracy.

"Good grief! Tracy! Your breasts! They're beautiful!" Sandy cried,
reaching out to touch the tips of Tracy's breasts lightly. Tracy's
nipples hardened even more and protruded like tiny pencil erasers. Tracy
shivered, but allowed Sandy to touch them.

"May I caress them, please?" Sandy begged.

Not wanting to offend Sandy, Tracy responded, "Yes. I guess so." and
leaned closer, offering her large breasts to Sandy's hands. Sandy
reached up and squeezed Tracy's breasts gently, massaging and caressing
them, and pinched Tracy's nipples through her fingertips. Tracy felt a
stirring in her loins. She closed her eyes and swooned.

Rita took the opportunity to caress Tracy's breasts as well and when
Tracy closed her eyes, she took one of Tracy's nipples into her mouth,
gently sucking and nipping it. Tracy jerked in surprise, but Betty moved
behind her, wrapping her arms around Tracy and sliding her hands
downward into Tracy's crotchless shorts. She felt the dampness between
Tracy's legs and knew that this was arousing her. She found Tracy's
clitoris and began to massage it. Tracy was tight in her grasp and the
grasp of the other tw o girls in front of her.

Still keeping her eyes closed, Tracy escaped to another level of ecstasy
as Sandy, Rita and Betty continued to fondle, kiss, suck and caress her
body. She was their toy now, to play with as they wished. After a little
while, Sandy suggested they go lie down on the bearskin rug in front of
the fireplace in the family room. The girls took Tracy by the hand and
led her into the room, all the while touching and feeling her body and
stealing a soft, gentle kiss as they entered the room.

"Lie down, Tracy, We want to play with you." Betty gently ordered.

Now incredibly aroused and needing to fill an aching void, Tracy
positioned herself on her back on the soft bearskin rug. It felt soft
and warm against her skin. The girls proceeded to undress her and her
lovely breasts spread out for their admiration. They pulled down her
shorts and gently spread her legs so they could look more closely at her

They had seen her naked in the gym locker room but had never had the
privacy or the inclination to really look at each other so closely. They
positioned themselves around her and continued to squeeze and caress her
breasts, suckle her nipples, kiss her soft pouty lips and feel the
softness of her smooth young skin. Tracy closed her eyes and gave
herself to them completely.

As she reclined, her legs now wide open, Sandy got between her thighs
and began to kiss and lick her labia, savoring in the sweet, yet salty
taste of Tracy. She found her aroused, erect clitoris and began to flick
it with her tongue, taking it into her teeth gently, then sucking it,
causing Tracy to writhe in passion. She continued this licking, sucking
and biting as Rita positioned herself behind Sandy. She had strapped on
an 8 inch dildo and was easing it into Sandy's wet love spot slowly as
Sandy lapp ed at Tracy's love juices. Betty positioned herself over
Tracy's mouth, offering herself to Tracy's tongue. Tracy, overcome with
passion, opened her mouth and took Betty's sex into it, sucking her
labia and clitoris, relishing the taste of it. She was in heaven! The
rest of the world didn't exist!

As Sandy was eating Tracy, Rita was pumping the dildo into Sandy harder,
deeper and faster. With each thrust, Sandy began to insert her tongue
into Tracy until she was literally fucking Tracy with her tongue, faster
and faster, deeper and deeper, while Betty began riding Tracy's face,
grinding herself into Tracy's mouth. Rita pumped into Sandy and reached
over to pinch and caress Betty's tiny breasts. They pumped, licked, and
sucked for what seemed like hours, losing themselves in passion until
their ardor began to release itself, one at a time, Tracy poured her
woman cum into Sandy's mouth, Betty jerked in orgasm into Tracy's
waiting mouth, and Rita and Sandy reached their orgasms together. Four
women, jerking and spasmodically releasing their pent-up frustrations.
Four women, not children, realizing that they loved each other and no
man would ever invade that love.

This was the beginning of a society of lovers, destined to prolong their
relationships over the years to come.


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