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Patients receiving treatment for sexual dysfunction are secretly converted to sex slaves under deep hypnosis.
The following story is intended as sexual entertainment for adults only. The names used are purely fictitious.

UNITED INTERNATIONAL HYPNOTIC SEX THERAPISTS is the brainchild of Dr.Emily La Chote MD and is owned and operated by her, and some of the wealthiest women in the world.

The famous medical organization treats male and female patients for sexual disfunction, both psychological and physical, but also acts as a covert center to hypnotically train unsuspecting patients as sex slaves by use of very powerful, sophisticated, and state of the art hypnotic techniques.

Dr. La Chote, who is extremely wealthy, is a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, and Certified Hypnotherapist.

In addition to her legititmate therapeutic practice,
certain patients are chosen by her for submissive sexual conversion. Slowly and over time she transforms these unwary patients into genuine submissives, ultimately renting them out for parties and gatherings. She is aided in these activities by all of her female colleagues and their nurses at the center.

The submissive patient slaves are eventually permanently blanked of all previous memory and sold to wealthy owners worldwide for the staggering sum of one million dollars each.

Prospective patients come from two categories,
those who are legitimate patients of the facility, and who come from all over the world to receive treatment at the legendary sexual dysfunction medical center, and those who are carefully screened and selected from throughout the United States for a special treatment offer, and who ostensively come for a stay of one month, free of charge to engage in a special research project.

Those in this second category are chosen for their lack of family and social attachments, for a previous history of treatment for sexual disfunction, for a previous history of interest in being used submissively in their sexual activities, and for the fact that they have recently become unemployed.

A massive information data bank makes this possible and the UIHST has many searchers throughout the country, always analyzing medical and public records and making contact with the unwary victims. Contact is made by mail using highly realistic and believable presentation and application forms.

They are given a special offer allowing them to take advantage of expert sexual therapy without charge if they will take part in research activities at the center. They are told that their travel and housing expenses are included, and that indeed they will be paid $500 a day for their participation, and that the process will take a month.

Great care is taken to insure that the prospective patient leaves absolutely no evidence of the existance of UIHST, and ample proof and documentation of some kind that they have exited the country for some faraway location, and plan never to return.


The primary facility is located in Tijuana, Mexico and includes a large patient housing complex next to the main building. The center is located in a remote part of the city so that it is not readily accessable, and is surrounded by tall electrified fences to prevent snooping or escape.

The patients are told that this extraordinary security is necessary for their protection due to the foreign, and potentially dangerous location of the center.

Large payments to the local Mexican government allow the staff to run the facility as they please without fear of any kind of legal problems. In fact special consideration is given to any request by Dr. La Chote, and special protection is guaranteed for her activities in the facility.

The center typically handles up to one hundred live-in patients at a time, and they are housed in a large living complex connected to the main treatment building.

A total cure for any sexually related problem is guaranteed, in addition to the money offered them, and the promise of a new and fantastic sex life in the future. Unfortunately, only part of that is true.

The patients in hypnotic conversion training are not harmed permanently in a physical way, and their condition and progress is carefully monitored by the large staff of doctors and nurses.

All activities here are recorded and studied by all of the female psychiatrists, and are shared with many other members of the organization internationally.

Dr. La Chote also maintains extensively equipped submissive training facilities at several of her isolated homes, and these are used often for intensive patient training and entertainment for exclusive clients.

She prides herself on using the most effective, and comprehensive, state of the art degradation and hypnotic techniques in the world for the subjugation and humiliation of submissively hypno trained patients. Her failure rate is zero, having attained complete and ultimate success with all of her unsuspecting victims in the past seven years.

Through a comprehensive and intensive conditioning program the patients are gradually, and permanently transformed into total and willing sex slaves, and after about four months at the center are sold to very wealthy clients around the world. By the time they are sold and delivered the patients have been totally blanked of any former memories, and experience complete happiness serving their respective owners.

The methods used at the facility would be considered barbaric by some standards, but are found to be necessary for total emersion and conversion into the consummate submissive.

Many of her former patients are now loyal servants, and mindless slaves to wealthy owners around the world.

Dr. Emily has produced over fifteen hundred first quality sex slaves during her years as director of UIHST, and according to her research most are still alive and happy in one capacity or another.

She makes efforts to see that the slaves are not physically mistreated after being purchased, though she could not intervene even if they were.

She includes a two year warranty during which the slave may be returned for needed reprogramming or corrective conversion maintenance.


There are nine female psychiatrists here, and each of them has two carefully chosen RN psychiatric nursing assistants.

The medical staff includes:

Dr. Emily La Chote, Director, age 52, and her two RN assistants, Eleanor and Cindy.

Emily has an extremely active sexual libido, but hides this activity beneath a polished, professional veneer. She is profoundly sadistic, and has a deeply ingrained need to humiliate, and be served by submissive men and women.

She is expert at subjugating and lowering the male and female subjects to unheard of depths of depravity using her astonishing skills with hypnosis. She delights in training her patients to perform unsavory oral service on each other, and on her own person at every opportunity.

Dr. Samantha Jones, age 35, cruel and beautiful, has perverted sexual needs that she plays out with the patient trainees. She is a vice director, and shares a centrally located office area in the large building. Her two pretty nurse assistants, Christina and Nancy are cruel and quite efficient.

Doctor Sabrina Sidney, age 36, also a vice director, who uses a highly erotic humiliation and conversion system in her submissive training style. Her nurses are Sandra and Carolyn.

All of the staff here are paid huge salaries and act as a team to process the patient victim slaves.

The other female psychiatrists here include:

Dr. Judith Rice, age 42, a dyed in the wool nymphomaniac and lesbian who uses her male and female patients extensively for self gratification, and induces a passionate need to serve in all her subjects. Her nursing assistants are Susan and Sally.

Dr. Laurel SImms, age 32, who is an authentic genius and
cruelly victimizes her patients by her brilliant submissive induction methods. Her patient victims become true sexual robots under her sensitive care. Her RN helpers are Ellen and Nina.

Dr. Joy Hunt, age, 36, who loves to watch the male and female patient victims having degrading sex while she manipulates their minds under hypnosis. She is aided by her nurses, Felicia and Rebecca.

Dr. Barbara Dennis, age 39, who uses many forms of hypnosis and delights in subverting and humiliating the patient victims. She creates humiliating hypnotic scenes in which the male, or female patient slaves are made to masterbate to orgasm, and are convinced they are doing it in front of a large group of their friends and acquintances. Her nurses are Rhonda and Natalie.

Dr. Tammy Anderson, age 37, who is a professional dominatrix as well as surgeon specializing in male genital alteration. She and her nurses prepare the victim patients for sexual slavery in the most obscene and degrading way possible. Her RN assistants are Linda and Alicia, two skilled and sadistic helpers who are devoted to their work.

Janet Puente RN, age 47, certified hypnotherapist, and certified electroshock technician. The more severe kinds of conversion training are accomplished with the aid of nurse Puente. She uses her unique skills to help blank and retrain the poor patients who are sent to her. Under deep hypnotic electroshock treatment she removes the undesirable memories and imprints essential suggestions necessary to the process.

All of the nurses and doctors are aberrant or maladjusted in their mental makeup, and work very well together. Most of the female doctors and nurses have never been married and typically have deep hostility toward men.


The initial introductory session is always done by Dr. La Chote, and involves a pleasant therapeutic approach, and analysis of the patients most potent erotic imagery.

The patients are required to attend hypnotic therapy sessions six days each week and are given one day off to reconstitute and further imbed the previous therapy work.

All patients are given a variety of special medications in the secondary reception area, just before each session that partially sedates them and makes them extremely vulnerable to suggestion.

They also receive daily medication to help chemically remove their free will, and faciilitate their training.

Dr. La Chote uses a number of hypnotic devices, frequently a rotating spiral disc with special features to allow the relaxed patient to fall comfortably into their first hypnotic trance.

Once the patient is safely in a deep hypnotic trance Dr. La Chote carefully tests them in the observation room, immediately next to her comfortable office, to discover the subject's most intimate and secret sexual fantasies. These computerized tests also outline any physical or genital problems that might affect sexual performance.

The process begins, and as the patient becomes deeply locked into Dr. La Chotes hypnotic manipulation, more and more liberty is taken, and the dominant-submissive relationship between them becomes pronounced very rapidly. This lock-in is essential to the coming abuse and painful hypnoconversion treatments.

After about three weeks with Dr. La Chote the patient is transferred into the influence of Dr. Samantha Jones, whose office is directly adjacent to Dr.La Chote's, and Dr. Jones begins the second stage of the captivated patients decline into subservience.

After another three weeks the patient is transferred into the care of Dr. Sabrina Sidney and the heavier and more painful stage of slavery begins.

As each doctor in turn completes their training phase of the deeply locked patient, more and more dramatic inner changes take place in the slave, and electroshock treatments are begun by nurse Janet Puente, under deep hypnosis, to burn the learned conditioning irreversibly into the pliable mind of the poor patient victim.

The patient never really has a chance once the first hypnotic locking is done.



The large envelope that I received in the mail would begin a process that would alter my life drastically and irreversibly.

I could not have known that, however, and as I read through the brochure, I became more and more interested, and excited.

Having just lost my job I was quickly becoming desperate for money, and was barely hanging on in my attempts to find other work. I had no unemployment compensation, and it was a very serious matter for me.

I would receive $500 a day for one month participating in a sex research project for an organization called United International Hypnotic Sex Therapists.

I was beside myself with joy, I had been planning to leave this city anyway to find work, and this would be the answer to my prayers. The brochure said that I could leave soon, once the forms were completed and sent in.

I wasted no time with this and within three days I recevied a phone call and confirmation of my acceptance into the project. The woman's voice on the other end said that I would receive my plane tickets overnight, express mail, and that I should waste no time coming to their center in Tijuana Mexico when they arrived. She said a cashiers check for three hundred dollars would also be included for basic expenses on the journey there. Also included were specific instructions on obtaining a passport and visa for the trip.

I was given other instructions also about preparations before leaving but paid little attention to them after they had been completed, and focused on packing and tossing my excess items in the trash. I suspected I would never return to this apartment building again.

I had reservations about traveling to Mexico but all my accomodations would be taken care of, and I would be paid very well for my work there at the end of a month. Coincidentally, I had actually once sought treatment for sexual dysfunction, having difficulty in maintaining an erection, and though the therapy was effective for awhile, did not last.

Only viagra and the other drugs in the same category seemed to work for me, but the side effects could be irritating and were, of course only temporary. The doctors told me that physically everything was working normally, but that I probably had deep psychological problems at the core of the dysfunction.

I had been into submissive fantasies for some time now, unable to score sexually in a normal way.

I had no roots, and no one to say goodbye to...I would start over again in another city once I had completed this and been paid. I would start a new life.

MY flight was uneventful, thankfully, but there were the usual delays due to the hyper security required for all air travel these days.

When I landed I followed the instructions given me exactly, and arrived by taxi within an hour at my destination, a set of large buildings surrounded by a high metal fence outside of the city. They were quite modern, and had not been there for many years, but the greenery and floral landscaping around the buildings was quite beautiful, and made me at ease, despite my inner trepidations. The buildings were flush so that one entered a short hallway in the middle and had access to either building.

I always hated things like this, and got butterflies when I had an appointment of any kind, especially at some kind doctor's office.

I paid the taxi and walked to the front entrance of the building carrying my suitcase with me. Inside there were two sets of doors, one leading to each building. When I entered the reception area of the medical building I was quite surprised to see many patients in the waiting room. There must have been thirty or forty, and there were several at the busy reception desk.

I sat my bag down and waited, checking the brochure for information about the special offer. Soon one of the pretty receptionists called to me, and as she smiled broadly at me I gave her my papers. She checked them briefly, reading basic information.

She smiled sweetly at me..."Welcome to United International Mr. Fander", she purred, "we're very happy to see you and I know that you're going to experience some wonderful things here. You're scheduled for an appointment with Dr. La Chote in one hour." She motioned to a female security guard standing nearby..."Would you please take Mr. Fander to his lodging and get him settled in?"

The attractive guard came over and smiled pleasantly. She took my papers and read from them briefly. "Follow me", she smiled, "I'll take you to your room."

I picked up the bag and followed her out the door and across the hallway to the apartment complex. We entered and walked down a long hallway and stopped at a door near the end. She opened the door and handed me a set of keys. "I think you'll be comfortable here sir...they're very nice rooms."

She left and I went inside and sat my suitcase on the bed. The room was excellent, and much better than I had been in for a long time. 'Better than any motel,' I thought to myself. I turned the TV on and opened the suitcase and began putting my things in the drawers. I was told that my meals would be delivered to my room three times a day, and there was a motorized removal chute for all refuse. The rooms were cleaned regularly, and bedding changed during the patient's absence.

'I'll be here for a month,' I thought to myself, 'I can enjoy some very useful therapy, and have a very nice payday to get a new start.' I couldn't believe my good fortune, and was happier than I had been for a long time.

I lay down and rested, watching TV until it was time for my appointment.


I arrived back at the reception desk in the other building and waited with my appointment ID tag.

I handed it to the smiling young beauty at the desk. "your appointment is in ten minutes Mr. Fander, would you please take a seat and someone will call you when it's time."

I smiled and sat close to the desk. It was two o'clock in the afternoon and there were still many patients coming and going.

I began to read a magazine, and suddenly I was shocked out of my wits by what was happening on the right side of the reception desk where there was a separated area with a towel spread on the carpet.

There was a nude woman standing there with a small towel in her hand. She appeared to be in her thirties, and had a nice body, and was very pretty.

She was trying to smile at the crowd of waiting patients. I suddenly remembered some of the information in the final papers sent to me before I left. It said something about the need to be ready for unusual occurences, and that there were nude men or women in the reception area at times, and one would never know when.

At the time I read it I couldn't make much out of it but in view of the fact that this was a famous sex clinic I shrugged it off as some kind of wierd new therapy for the patients. As I and many others stared quietly the woman began to masterbate herself, and she was actually forcing herself to look at us all.

MY eyes were frozen on hers as she moved her fingers in and out of her vagina and rapidly against her clit, and her look of mortification was stunning as she neared orgasm.

Some of the patients hardly noticed, as if they had seen it many times and the rest of us, particularly the men stared, dumbfounded.

She moved her fingers very rapidly now and was gasping and grunting as she stared at me and the other men. She moaned under her breath, trying not to make noise as she hit her orgasm, and a thick dribbling of vaginal juice ran down her leg and onto the towel she was desperately holding underneath.

I stared at the nurses at the reception desk and they looked up and smiled occasionally, not concerned in the least about such a humiliating display of sexual activity. The woman was wiping inside her dark hairy vagina now, soaking the wetness with the small towel.

She looked at the men for a moment longer, as if she were required to do so, and then slipped back into the office entry door from which she apparently had come.

Most of the patients were reading their magazines again, and I sat there in shock feeling very sorry for the unfortunate woman. I figured it was some kind of wierd therapy here, and began to have second thoughts about the whole thing, but quickly reminded myself of the coming fun and the huge payoff that awaited me in a month. A payoff I desperately needed.

A nurse came out of the same entrance door that the nude woman had used and called my name, she was smiling pleasantly. I quickly jumped up and followed her...she led me into a secondary reception area and the door closed behind us.

"Please sit for a moment, and someone will be right with you," she said courteously. The second reception area was much smaller and seated about five or six patients. Two were there now waiting. A nurse at the small reception desk finished talking on the phone and called my name. "Mr. Fanders." "Yes," I said.

I stood and walked to her as she prepared a small paper shot glass of liquid for me. She had a friendly smile and I stood waiting, wondering what was in the small container.

"Drink this please," she offered, as she placed the paper container in front of me. This is a mild sedative to help you to relax for your appointment."

I smiled and braced myself and picked up the liquid holding it to my mouth. I quickly drank it bottoms up, and paused, savoring the rich flavor. It was sweet and a bit minty, and very pleasant. I could feel no immediate effect but knew that it had a definite purpose in my therapy.

Another nurse at the desk came around and motioned for me to follow her as she went through a door on the opposite wall.

We walked down a long hallway with no doors on either side and turned left at the end, heading down another hallway. We passed the rear emergency entrance and continued on until we reached the end.

Straight ahead was a door apparently leading to a storage room, and on the left a door leading into another hallway.

We continued on that hallway passing the men's and women's bathrooms and stopped at the second door. The nurse led me inside into a small reception area where there were two very pretty nurses. They smiled as they greeted us.

The guide nurse looked back smiling at me..."This is Mr. Fander, "He has a three o'clock."

She quickly left and the two nurses smiled broadly at me. One of them knocked on a large door..."Mr. Fander is here mam," she said, waiting for a response. In a moment a woman's voice answered..."Yes, come in please."

The nurse opened the door and led me inside, then turned and went back into the other room, closing the door. I stood looking at the woman there. She sat on a comfortable couch and motioned me over to another easy chair just opposite her.

"Welcome to our center," she said quietly, "I'm very happy to meet you." I sat down on the other chair and looked apprehensively at her. She smiled and moved forward a bit... "Please don't be nervous, I want you to be completely relaxed here. This is a place of contentment and peace for you."

"My name is Dr. Emily La Chote, and if you like, you may call me mam." She was smiling in a friendly way, and looked at me with acceptance in her eyes.

The woman was quiet elegance personified, a very attractive and slim middle aged woman wearing an expensive business suit. Her sophisticated sexuality wafted around me and I sat there entranced.

By now the medication I had been given was beginning to have an effect, and I sat back in the very comfortable chair as a wonderful feeling of well being came over me.

"Are you feeling alright?," she asked, looking carefully at me.

I smiled and quickly nodded at her, entranced by her presence. She was wearing an exquisite perfume, and it created a mesmerizing effect on me as I stared quietly at her. Her body was very well formed,filling out her form fitting suit, she was actually one of the most attractive women I had ever seen.

"Mr. James Alex Fander," she stated, a mysterious smile on her face.

I didn't answer but let her continue.

"We're going to talk for awhile Jim, and I want you to be completely relaxed. I'm your friend, and I'm a doctor, and I want you to feel that you can be absolutely truthful with me and tell me anything without being embarrassed."

"We're going to talk about sex and your sexual habits in a most intimate way. You can tell me anything in any words that you want and it's ok."

I stared at her in comfort and whispered to her..."Yes, thank you."

She smiled slightly and took a clipboard in her hands. "We're being video recorded now Jim, to help us to make an accurate diagnosis and estimation of what will be required in your treatment, but just forget about that, and focus on my questions, Ok?"

"Yes", I managed, a little groggy now but still fully awake.

"Good. I want you to trust me completely and be totally honest. Before we begin I think you might be more comfortable if your clothing were removed, don't you?"

I focused on her, and became a bit more alert. "Sure," I mumbled, as I sat forward. I was at a point where I didn't really feel embarrassed and began to remove my shoes.

"I need to observe you in the nude to study your responses, and the degree of your erection."

She looked reassuringly at me as I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my trousers. I soon had them off and by now was developing a massive hardon, that I couldn't hide. I stood and unbuttoned my shirt as I looked behind her at the bookshelf and knickknacks, and layed it on the arm of the chair. I glanced at her as I pulled down my shorts and my enormous erection was flipped upward as the waistband caught it. I pulled them down and stepped out of them and layed them on the pants.

She pushed a button and one of the nurses came in and walked over to us.

Doctor Emily shifted slightly, "Eleanor is going to take all your things into the other room and lock them in a storage safe with a time lock, for one hour. At that time you will have your clothing back so you may go back to your room. We find that a sense of helplessness adds to the erotic atmosphere and improves the data we are able to gain from our tests."

I stood there and stared as the pretty nurse took my clothing and shoes and smiled at me as she left the office.

"Now Jim I'm going to induce a hypnotic trance in you so that our session will go smoothly and efficiently, and so that I can more easily get to the origin of your problem."

"Yes mam."

She sat a spiral hypnotic induction device on the table in front of me. "Just relax Jim, don't think about your erection or on sex, just concentrate on my voice." She started the device and turned down the lights. The round surface had a slight glow in the dark and it revolved at a regular pace.

"I want you to think only of the spiral pattern Jim...think of the constantly turning and revolving spiral. Listen only to my voice, only to my voice. You're beginning to become very relaxed, and the pleasure of your erection makes you feel even more easy and relaxed. You will feel yourself gradually falling, falling into the peaceful spin of the globe. The soothing, glowing circle. Relax, relax, deeper and deeper into the soothing revolving globe."

"You cannot control your movement into the globe...the soothing, relaxing, spinning circle. Feel yourself falling into the center of the globe. As you do you can hear only my voice, my soothing commanding voice. You must fall into the spinning circle, and you must listen only to my voice."

The drug I had taken before coming here was beginning to take it's toll, and I felt myself falling, involuntarily into the spinning, swirling circle. My eyes began to flutter, and close, and I began to lose control of my consciousness. Her voice was so wonderful and soothing, and her perfume brought pleasure to me that made me begin to fall uncontrollably into the circle.

"Deep, deep can hear only my voice, only my voice. Deeper and deeper into the spiral...deep sleep, deep sleep. Falling, falling into deep sleep, let go and fall into deep sleep. You hear only my voice, only my voice."

The world disappeared from around me and the only reality was her voice, her soft soothing voice.

"You are in a very deep, deep can hear only my voice, only my voice. Deeper and deeper. You feel very relaxed and very horny and your body and mind will obey my commands even when you awake. Do you hear only my voice and obey only my voice? Answer voice is your master, your absolute master. Tell me I am your master.

"Yes.......yes.....mam....master, you"

"You are in a deeper, deeper trance, and you will obey my voice completely, will obey my voice, and hear only my voice."

"Yes......yes......voice.....only your voice....yes..."

I had entered a deeper stage of hypnosis and was aware of my surroundings and the woman sitting across from me but could think of nothing but the voice that came to me from nearby. I was in a state of nothingness, unaware of anything but the soothing voice that guided me.

"I want you to open your eyes but you will remain in a deep trance whatever happens after that, until I release you and tell you to awaken. Do you understand?"

"I.....yes I.....I understand. I opened my eyes as commanded but saw only the woman across from me. I felt I had to obey her voice...she had told me to do that...must obey only her voice. She moved closer to me.

"From this day forward you will feel an intense need to listen to, and obey my voice, and my commands. You will not be able to control will be lost in my voice for all time."

"Do you understand?"

"Understand.....yes........voice......your voice.

"From this point forward, with each hypnotic session you will fall uncontrollably into my influence....when I want you to fall into a deep, deep trance I will say the words....'You are my slave.' Do you understand...when I say, 'You are my slave' you will quickly fall into a very, very, very deep trance, and will only be able to hear my voice. You will obey all commands from my will be unable to resist. You will obey any and all commands that I give you. Do you understand?"

"Voice....hear your voice.....yes.....yes...I will obey....I feel I must .......obey.......your...voice."

The world I was in now consisted only of her voice....the one that I must always was all so simple and without question....the woman.....her voice...I want to....I need to obey her voice....

"I am now going to count down from I count you will gradually begin to come awake....when you awake fully at the count of one you will have no memory whatever of your hypnotic trance...or all that has transpired in your trance. You will awaken at the count of one, and the next time you hear me say the words 'You are my slave' will automatically and quickly fall into a very, very, very deep trance and will obey only....only.....only my voice. Do you understand?

"Understand....obey.......only your voice.....will obey......your command."

"Alright, I'm counting back from ten and when I reach one you will be fully awake."
"ten.......nine.......slowly awake......six.......five......more and more awake.....four......three....almost, your are now fully awake."

I opened my eyes and was not immediately able to identify my surroundings. It was like a heavy drunk and waking up wondering who you were, and what you were doing there. I blinked at the woman across from me....she smiled slightly, and brushed the hair from my face with a quick wave of her arm.

Then it unfolded for me and the memories of the recent past came back to me. I felt that she had not been able to hypnotize me, and hoped that this would not cause me to lose my position here or participate in the research.

I became aware of my rock hard penis and that she had promised that I could relieve my self of the severe pressure I felt in my balls.

My erection was unbearable by now, and I could scarcely imagine what was in the medication I had been given earlier. My penis bobbed up and down and dripped on the towel like covering in front of my chair.

She moved a bit closer and began to ask questions.
"Now, first of all how long have you been unable to perform sexually?" I thought carefully about my answers and wanted to be completely truthful with her. "Five or six years," I said, "I gradually started having difficulty and it got worse over time."

"I can get an erection most of the time except when I'm going to have sex."

"Have you tried viagra and the other types of enhancers?"

"Yes mam, and nothing works very well."

"How often do you have sex?"

"It's been a long time." I shifted uncomfortably.

"Do you masturbate?"

"Yes mam, several times a week."

"Do you ejaculate every time you masturbate?"

"No mam, not every time."

"So you just play with yourself sometimes without ejaculating?"

"Yes mam."

"I see that you had tests done and they showed nothing physically wrong with you."

"Yes mam."

"So you're thirty years old and can only get an erection when you masterbate?"

"Yes mam."

"Do you ever have homosexual fantasies?"

"Occasionally, but only pertaining to oral sex....possibly from watching too many oral sex porn videos."

"You enjoy watching women perform oral sex on men?"

"Yes mam."

"Have you ever had a homosexual experience?"

"Once or twice as a kid mam."

"Have you had fantasies about being a submissive?"

"Yes mam....more recently, and on the Internet."

My cock was draining fluid onto the towel cover but the doctor seemed unconcerned.

"Have you ever performed oral sex on a woman?"

"Yes mam."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Very much mam."

"Now I want you to sit with your legs spread and play with yourself...just stroke it a bit and flip it back and forth a few times."

I did as she asked and leaned back as my huge hardon pushed upward, bobbing uncontrollably. My large swollen balls hung loosely as I gently stroked my penis. I looked at it and flipped it back and forth. My cock bounced back like a coiled spring when I flipped it, and began to drain more freely.

"Look at me please," she said, watching me carefully. "Are you about to cum?"

"Yes mam."

"Ok stop for now and lets go into the next room for some tests. We can find out anything we want to know about your sexuality and physical condition from these tests."

I followed her into the testing lab and looked curiously at the array of puzzling fixtures and gadgets. There was a mounting in the middle of the room apparently made for the kneeling position.

"Jim, would you please kneel here and lay your chest and stomach across the padded area and your head in the depression."

I did so and crawled slowly onto the device laying my chest on the pad and placing my head in the well padded head support. It actually was quite comfortable, and, at this moment I was feeling very good, and had a satisfying sense of well being. I was kneeling in the doggie position and my knees sank into comfortable depressions in the soft padding below.

There was a television monitor directly below my face so that I could look easily at anything on the screen. She quickly pushed hinged clamps over my wrists, ankles, legs, chest, and a soft head restraint over my head. I was completely immobile now and she began to attach various connectors to my body that led to the computer input display.

She attached a movable strap monitor around my chest, a finger oxygen blood count clamp over my right index finger, and as I waited helplessly began to insert a metallic dildo into my anus.

"Just relax," she murmured,"I want you to just go with this and enjoy yourself."

She sat beside me in a chair and began to attach something to my penis and balls.

I was actually enjoying myself by now, and breathed heavily as she worked her fingers. She pulled back my foreskin completely and slid a metal ring around the
inner circumference of my glans. Then she gently isolated my testicles and placed clamps around them, so as not to create too much pressure. Each of my balls rested in the small metallic cups but there was no discomfort.

Her exotic perfume drifted past my nostrils and I breathed in suddenly, as an erotic pulse passed through my body.

"Now Jim, I'm going to put a set of earphones over your ears, and you will hear soft music with subliminal messages playing in the background, but undetectable to your hearing. All of these elements are necessary to produce complete and accurate results."

She put her head down and looked up at my face. "Are you comfortable Jim?", she whispered, appearing very concerned about my well being. "Yes mam," I grunted, "I'm ok."

", one more item that we must add." She placed an oxygen mask around my nose and mouth and adjusted it. I could feel the fresh oxygen laden air flooding around my face and the sensation was quite pleasant. I breathed heavily and expelled the air, resting in a relaxed state.

"Alright Jim, let's begin the test. This will take about twenty minutes but is absolutely necessary. Ok?"

"Yes mam."

"Now, I'm going to display videos of fifteen different kinds of pornographic material, each one for sixty seconds. During each kind of porn the machine will do tests on your body automatically. All you have to do is lay and enjoy. You will experience a powerful need to ejaculate but I've placed a block on your nerve plexus and you will not be able to ejaculate. This is normal and necessary to the test. Ok?"

"Yes mam."

"At the end of the fifteen tests there are five tests consisting of different kinds of submissive porn. These are also sixty seconds each. Now do you understand what will be happening to you?"

"Yes mam."

"I will be back here studying the results on a computer readout so we will not be talking until the tests are over. When we are finished we'll go back into the other room and you will masturbate and ejaculate for me. Ok.?"

"Yes mam."

In a few moments I heard her sit down on a chair and shortly the TV monitor came to life. A porn video began, and the first bit showed a man masturbating himself. The view was from overhead and the sensation that of actually being the person masturbating. A tingling sensation started in my anus and spread to my testicles and to the area around my swollen cock head.

First a growing vibration and then a more intense sensation as the current began to pulse in a rhythmic pattern. In a few moments I had reached my threshold and felt an ejaculation coming on. I was humping my hips but could not make it happen. Another pattern of tingling and electric vibration and then nothing.

The next porn sequence started and it was of a man fucking a woman doggie style. Again the vibration started, grew in intensity, and peaked as I pumped my hips desperately trying to cum. My balls were becoming hotter by the minute and were feeling more swollen. Soon the second clip was finished and another started. This clip was of a pretty woman on her knees sucking a man's cock. The sensation was becoming unbearable by now and my aching balls tried once again to empty out but without success.

I was grunting and moaning and fucking my hips but it didn't help. I began to sweat from the effort and the next sequence was of two gay men sucking each other's cock. This really didn't turn me on but the pulsing in my balls and dick made me try to ejaculate again. I squirmed in and out as the current dropped to nothing once more.

I waited patiently as the next clip started. It was a woman taking a shit. I wasn't really turned on by that one either but the dam machine was trying to make me cum and I couldn't.

The next clip showed the same woman with her soiled asshole in the camera, and I couldn't stop the machines merciless assault on my dick and balls. My nuts were getting sore by now and I was beginning to think twice about doing the rest of the clips. Unfortunately I had no choice and the next clip began. It was of a man eating a woman's pussy and this was a major turn on and my poor balls screamed out for release. I humped with a fury but was foiled again and my swollen testicles hung helplessly in the grip of the metal clamps.

I was sweating profusely by now and my balls were on fire. I held on for another clip, which was a woman sucking a horse cock, and grunted loudly as I forced my hips inward, feeling the back pressure in my balls expand them even more.

I was sure I was not going to be able to take all of this and finally made my feelings known. "Mam!" There was no reply. The next clip came on which was two women eating each other and my balls were trying to spasm but the pressure was only building up and the burning sensation became too much. "Mam! Mam! Please Mam I can't take anymore, please stop."

No response again and the next clip was starting already. It was of a pretty woman sucking cock and getting facialized by several men. My balls exploded with pleasure and the pressure became unbearable. "Mam...please Mam....I can't take anymore! Oh please Dr. La Chote I can't stand it!"

Suddenly the screen went blank and the current stopped.

She came around to me and sat on the chair again, and looked under and up at my face. "You're disappointing me Jim. I told you we must do fifteen plus the submissive clips. I was hoping we would get along well."

Her tone crushed me, since she had been so nice up to now, and I began to feel depressed and guilty. She put her hand on my balls and gently massaged them.

"Ok, lets do the five submissive clips and you can have some fun jacking off for me in the other room after that. How does that sound to you?"

I paused for a moment ready to beg her not to finish but caught myself. I'd had a little break now so I would just force myself to get through the submissive clips.

"Yes mam, let's finish the rest."

She pulled on my steel hard penis rubbing it expertly with her soft fingers. We'll make these thirty seconds each, and we'll hope you can tolerate it to finish."

"I'm sure this will give the computer enough information to complete the analysis."

She continued the tests and the monitor came on once again. This time it was an attractive woman leading a nude man around by a dog chain. As the electric pulsing began once more I tensed up as my sore cock was massaged by the relentless device. I groaned as my balls tried to empty and waited it through again.

The next clip showed a man being forced to lick several women's assholes while tied on his knees. I let the involuntary humping continue as my gonads were brought to the brink once more.

I scrunched up my face in pain as the third clip came on...three attractive women pelting a naked submissive man with disgusting personal insults. I jerked involuntarily and my balls quivered in pain as they tried to evacuate once again.

I shivered from the hurt now and the fourth clip started. It was of a nude man being used as a house slave and ordered about by a room full of women. He wound up being used as a footstool. I wasn't really focusing on it but since it was right in front of my face I let it affect me and I screamed as my poor balls tried to empty again. Finally the last clip came on and tears rolled from my eyes as I watched two women forcing a tied man to suck cock.

I moaned and grunted at the same time and began to shake all over as my red hot nuts tried to ejaculate again. My balls were swollen twice their size and my penis was crammed and swollen with blood. The monitor went off and the current stopped. I lay there bathed in sweat and trembling with pain.

Dr. La Chote came over and began to release all of the connections. "I'm sorry you had to endure this Jim...these tests are absolutely essential. I have all the information I need now." She released the clamps and I slowly got up and stood, almost falling over when I lost my balance. She put a small towel against my pisshole and as she held my swollen balls in her hand we went into the other room.

"Sit please Jim." I flopped down in the chair and my balls nearly got caught under me. She sat across from me and pushed the button for a nurse. This time the other nurse came in and stood near us. "Yes Dr. La Chote, she chortled." The nurse had a perfect body and pretty face and that just added more pain to my tender dick and balls.

"Bring us a large towel please for a copious ejaculation." The nurse immediately went back into the other room and came back shortly with the towel. "Jim, if you'll stand for a moment we can let you release yourself." I groped my way up and she quickly spread the large beach towel over her lap.

"Cindy, go around and hold the end of the towel to catch the semen. He's going to have a powerful ejection. Now Jim Cindy and I want you to jack off for us. Empty out on this towel please."

I was so sore and swollen from the tests that I could barely stand the pain from my own stimulation but soon I was whacking off rapidly, and looked back and forth from the Dr. to the nurse as I began to reach my limit, and was not caring that they were watching closely. I felt my balls explode, but this time a thick, streamer of semen shot out and made a long wet line from the hands of the nurse holding the towel, to the doctor's lap. My knees wobbled as I spit out another wad of cum, almost as long as the first.

I was grunting like an animal as I looked at the pleased faces of the two women, and the doctor held the towel up off her lap to avoid wetting down her skirt. I grunted as saliva ran down the corners of my mouth and let out a series of deep moans, squirting seminal fluid with each jerk of my hips. The two were quite satisfied, I could tell, I could hide nothing from them as I spasmed in ecstasy.

Soon the spurts came at a slower rate, and I stood over Dr. La Chote's lap forcing out the last drops of liquid from my testicles. The doctor took the towel and held it to my pisshole and soaked up the last oozing drops of white cream. She wiped my balls and dick and I took the towel and sat down, holding it against my sore genitals.

By now my clothes were available to me again and Eleanor brought them in. I dressed as Dr. La Chote scribbled on her clipboard and she finished and spoke to me

"Jim you have done very well on this first visit, and I was able to successfully place you in a very deep trance." I looked at her with a puzzled expression....."Mam, I don't remember being hypnotized."

She stood and straightened her skirt. "Oh but you were Jim, you were. We will continue with your therapy next time, and explore more fully the results of your tests. Our appointment will be at the same time tomorrow. She looked at me seriously, "Don't jackoff tonight it all for tomorrow. I think perhaps we should explore more fully your relationship with your mother in coming sessions. Maybe we can begin to restore your full capabilities in having sex."

I started to leave the room, but just as I reached the door she spoke again...

"Whom do you obey Jim?" , she asked loudly. The question caught me off guard and I stopped and turned around. Involuntarily words came from me that seemed to be coming from someone else. "I......I mam." I could not believe how easily I said that, after only one appointment. There was something going on here that I couldn't put my finger on and I had a feeling there would be much more to come.

Back in my room I fell asleep quickly after supper, and did not awake until morning.

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