These stories take place between Harry’s 18th birthday and his first born.

A few weeks ago Harry defeated Voldemort. He was the most feared wizard of all time. Now he was happy it was over. He felt better about everything. He could now spend more time with Ginny. He could hang out with his friends and never have to worry about death looming over him.

Right now he was in a training camp training to be the new seeker for the Irish. He was pretty much the best at tryouts and of course he got it. Feeling satisfied he disapparated.

He was now standing outside the burrow. He walked inside and was greeted by Mrs. Weasley.

“Good afternoon Harry.” she said walking to him and giving him a hug.

“Is Ginny here?” he asked.

“Yes she is in her room. Go on up dear.” she said smiling.

So Harry started climbing the stairs to her room. He opened the door and walked in.

“Harry what brings you here.” she said. She did not look ok.

“Are you alright?” asked Harry.

“I have to tell you something.” she said.

He walked over to her and sat next to her on her bed.

“I have made the girls Quidditch team. Its much different then the men’s league. We have to be with our team year round. I am sorry. I really want to pursue this.” she said. She started tearing up.

Harry did not know what to say. He started feeling angry. He did everything so his friends and everyone would be safe. And now she was leaving him. He got up gave her one last look and left.

“Harry I am sorry.” she said crying.

He just slammed the door on the way out. He was so angry. He walked down the stairs.

“I am sorry Mrs. Weasley I don’t know If I will ever see you again. Good bye.” he said. He walked out the door. He apparated to Godric’s hollow. He could use the time alone. Once he was their he spent some time at his parents graves.

He felt alone all of a sudden. Hermione and Ron were visiting places now that they were old enough. He really missed them. He disapparated to hogsmeade. He figured he could talk with Dumbledore’s brother.

He walked into the hog’s head and he was not their. Now he felt really alone. He then disapparated to diagon alley. He figured someone would be their that he knew because people had to be shopping for Hogwarts things.

He got their and started walking around.

“Hey Harry.” said a girlish voice behind him. He turned and it was Romilda Vane.

“Hi Romilda.”

“Would you like to get some pumpkin juice?” she asked.

“Sure.” he said.

He followed her to a nearby store where she ordered them both drinks.

“So what are you doing her Harry.” she said batting her eyes at Harry.

“Well I was hoping I would see a friendly face. It seems like most of my friends are away doing stuff. And Ginny just left me to go play on the women’s Quidditch league.” said Harry.

“Sorry Harry.” they were sitting in a little booth. They were sitting on opposite sides.

“Its ok. So what year are you going into this year?” asked Harry.

“My last one. I am already 17 so I can do spells now.” She said. Harry then felt something rubbing his crotch. It was Romilda’s foot. It was rubbing up and down. He was getting hard because of her.

“Harry would you like to come up to my room in the leaky cauldron with me?” she asked rubbing her feet harder on his cock.

He was conflicted. He still loved Ginny but she turned her back on him. And he has not had sex in a while. His last time was Probably a couple nights after Voldemorts death when Ginny rode him like a cowgirl.

“I would love to.” He said. She giggled and got up and started walking out towards the leaky cauldron. He got up and followed her. He followed her up to her room. She opened the door and he walked in followed by Romilda. As he turned around Romilda flung herself at him knocking them both onto her bed.

She started kissing him with vigor. She was pulling off her shirt. He In turn pulled off his. She had some nice C cups. She went back to kissing him. Then she started kissing her way down his chest. She started unzipping him. She pulled off his pants.

“Come to mama.” she said. She pulled off his jeans and gasped.

“Wow you’re the biggest I have ever seen.” she said. It was true. He had a 6 inch flaccid penis. When it was erect like now it was 9 inches.

She kissed the tip making me shudder. She took the head into her mouth. Then she started bobbing up and down. Her lips were great. She put just the right amount of suction.

She got to like 7 inches and then would go back down. When she got to 7 inches the next time I pulled her head so she went all the way down.

I was just about to come when I pulled her off. I was still angry with Ginny so I rolled her over forcefully. I ripped her jeans down and off her. I jabbed my cock right into her cunt. She moaned loudly.

I started pumping in and out. I rammed hard and fast making her moan loudly. I didn’t care if she got off or not. I just rammed her hard and fast. She kept moaning. I was close because she was tight.

I moaned and shot my load into her while she came as well. I rolled over I was exhausted. I fell asleep.

I woke up and the clock next to me said 8 am. Romilda was snuggling up against me. I got out of bed left her a note telling her I left. Once I was out of the Leaky Cauldron I disapparated to the Irish training camp.

I told them I did not want to be a part of it anymore. They told me their will always be a place open for you if you decide to come back.

I disapparated again and landed in Hogsmeade. I went into honey dukes and slipped down into the cellar. I took the secret passageway into the school. Once I was in I noticed their was basically no one their.

I decided to go and see if the headmistress was here. I went and found the gargoyle. I did a spell and It jumped aside. I walked up the stairs. I heard a two women talking. It sounded like one was Minerva and I don’t recognize the other ones.

I walked right in. both women jumped.

“Potter what are you doing here?” snapped Minerva.

“Well I was hoping I could talk to you about your job openings?’ I said. The other teacher was blonde and pretty hot. Nice d cups. And a firm ass.

“Ok wait one moment. Patricia you are hired to be the new Quidditch teacher. And Pomona will take you to your living quarters.” said Minerva.

“Thank you.” said Patricia.

“Potter you want a job here?” asked Minerva.

“Yes. I feel I am more than qualified for the defense against the dark arts. And this place has always felt like home to me. I would love to stay here.” I said.

“I thought you wanted to be an Auror?” said Minerva.

“Well I think I could becoming an Auror has lost its appeal now. I only wanted to be an Auror to fight against Voldemort. And since he’s dead I feel like now is the time to pass on my gifts.” said Harry.

“Well I don’t know. You would be the youngest teacher ever. You are qualified. And no one else has applied. I just don’t know.”

“I would do anything to teach here Minerva.” I said.

“Anything?” she asked in a tone I have never heard from her. But I knew what it was. This should be fun.

“Yes. I feel I know what you want.” I said. I started pulling down my jeans. She was sitting at her desk. Her eyes were bulging at the sight of my erection through my now showing boxers.

“How long has it been Minerva?” I asked.

“The night before Dumbledore died. Me and him had sex every night. He was 8 inches. I loved that wood of his.” she said.

“I believe you will feel even better about mine.” said Harry.

I then pulled down my boxers and revealed my 9 inch erection. She gasped.

“Wow.” she said. I walked over to her pulling off my shirt as I went. She was still sitting in that chair.

“Anywhere we can go that’s more comfortable?” I asked. Rubbing her shoulders.

“Follow me.” she said.

She walked over to the wall. She said a spell and the wall disappeared revealing inside a large bedroom. She walked inside and laid down on the bed.

I followed her in. I got on top and started frenching her. She was ok. Maybe a little old, but I would do anything to live here.

I pulled back and pulled her robes off her. I grabbed her panties and pulled down. She was wet with anticipation. I grabbed my cock and thrusted into her.

“HOLY SHIT.” she moaned.

I started pumping her fast and hard. I wanted her to never forget this. I was going to make this last. I went faster and harder. I was not going to cum soon. But I knew she was. She started shaking and trembling.

She moaned and then came. I started pounding her harder. I was sort of close now.

She pushed me off. Then she rolled me over got between my legs and started giving me head. It felt really good. Not as good as Romilda’s but still pretty good. She kept bobbing up and down making me moan louder.

She went faster now and turning up the suction.

“OH SHIT.” I said shooting loads of cum into her mouth where she greedily drank it all down.

She put her robe back on while I got dressed.

“Ok you can have the job. Also for your great performance, I will make you head of Gryffindor house.” She said smiling.

“Thanks that is great.” said Harry.

“You already know where the room is. And just like mine one wall opens up into a bedroom. Just flick your wand at it and it will open. As you know we have to give our teachers names to the daily prophet. And they will probably go wild when they hear you’re the new Defense against the dark arts teacher.” said Minerva.

“Had not thought about that. It does not matter to me anyway. No doubt they will go bonkers over it. Heck we might even get more student’s to come here because of it.” Said Harry.

“Well that’s good to know. You already know how to treat students. I trust you know how to grade as well. And that’s it. Have a nice day.” said Minerva smiling.

“Thank you for the job Minerva.” I said. I walked up to her and gave her one last great kiss. I left soon after. I walked to my new class. I walked in and just remembered everything that I had done here. I flicked my wand at a wall and it opened up into a room like Minerva’s. it was not as big but still pretty nice.

I went and laid down on the bed. The clock read 2. I decided I would start getting a feel for my job. I went back into the classroom and started looking around. On the desk were Severus’s plans for the whole of last year. They looked good. I would probably do just like him but not be as mean as he was.

I went and found the teachers lounge. They all welcomed me. They gave me cheers and pats on the back. Probably all just because I killed Voldemort. But it was still nice. I asked them if I ever needed help would they help me. They told me they would. Hagrid was especially nice. He picked me up in his arms and gave me a bone crushing hug.

He vowed to help me with what ever I needed since I was still new. After all that it was getting to be around 8 at night. I said goodbye and went to my room. I walked into the classroom and then flicked my wand and proceeded to my bed. I soon after fell asleep.

Harry woke up the nest day. He felt better. He was now getting to live in a place he always called home.

Weeks had gone by. He still had not heard from Ron or Hermione. I guess they could not find him. They probably still thought I was living in Ron’s room.

I went down to the owlery and found one with the daily prophet. I paid the owl and took the prophet. And their I was plastered on the front page. Harry Potter becomes Hogwarts teacher.

He read on. Their were pages upon pages of him. This teacher thing made them get everything they had on him.

Well he figured now his friends would come for him. And they did. As soon as he was in the great hall he heard them.

“Where is Harry.” asked Hermione. I turned the corner and she and Ron were asking Pomona where he was.

“Over here.” I said walking towards them. They both turned but Hermione grabbed him and hugged him.

“Jeez Hermione let him breathe.” said Ron.

“We have missed you.” said Hermione.

“Me too.” I said back.

“Hey sorry about Ginny mate. She is real distraught over it. She does miss you.” said Ron.

“Lets not talk about that.” I said.

“So your going to be a teacher. You were really good teaching us. You will do great.” said Hermione.

“Yeah. So how are you and Ron doing?” I asked.

“We are doing great. I want to go see Pomona see how she is doing.” said Hermione. She then walked away.

“She is really good in bed. She gives amazing blowjobs. Well I have to tell you I have to leave in a few minutes. I am working with George now. And listen I understand if you have to with Hermione. Have fun.” he said.

He then walked out and left me and Hermione in the castle. Hermione then walked back to him.

“So have you got any lesson plans yet?” asked Hermione.

“Just what Severus left.” I said.

“Show me.” she said. She then followed me to where I was going to be teaching. She looked at the lesson plans and sat down.

“Oh I also managed to become head of Gryffindor house.” I said.

“How did you manage to do that?” she asked. Her eyes were now on me.

“Well I had to have sex with Minerva just to get the job. I guess I did such a good job that she gave me that as well.” I said.

“You had sex with her.” she said in awe.

“Yeah she was actually ok at it. Not as good as Romilda was.” the last part just slipped out my mouth.

“You had sex with Romilda Vane too. Wow.” she said.

“Yeah it just kind of happened. I met her at diagon alley a few weeks ago.” I said.

“Oh.” she said.

“She probably thinks im dating her now. “ I said.

“She probably will think that.” said Hermione.

“Hey check out where I am sleeping.” I said. I flicked my want at the wall and it opened up into my bedroom.

“Nice room.” said Hermione.

“Yeah it is really comfortable.” I said walking to the foot of the bed. I then turned to look at Hermione and she jumped on top of me knocking me onto the bed. She kissed me with vigor.

She then started taking off her shirt while kissing me. I did the same. She then kissed her way down my chest. She took off my pants then my boxers. She then gasped at my nine inches.

“Wow your big. Your bigger then Ron. He is 8 inches. I have always wanted to do this.” she said. She then grabbed my dick and started stroking up and down. She kissed and licked my balls while stroking making me shudder.

She stopped stroking and licked from base to tip of my cock. She then took the head in her mouth and bobbed up and down like a speed demon.

She was so fast that it felt so good. She even deep throated fast. She was a cock sucking whore. She loved it. She slowed down and when she to the base licked my balls. Then she repeated.

“SHIT” I moaned. She pulled back to the tip letting my cum go into her mouth. I shot a huge load in their. Her mouth was bulging. She pulled off. I could tell she was swishing my cum around I her mouth.

She then gulped it all down.

“I absolutely love cum. Maybe I will pay Flitwick a visit after this, or Hagrid.” she said. Then she sucked me back to full hardness. She took off her pants and panties. She hovered over my cock then impaled herself on to it. She moaned loudly.

She bounced up and down on my cock like a cowgirl. She was really tight. It added to the pleasure I was getting from her.

She bounced harder and fast and I pushed up when she slammed down. I was getting close and I know she was too.

“Im cumming.” we said together. We both came at the same time. She put her clothes back on.

“Wow. That was the best I have had yet. I am going to go try that with the other male teachers. I will try Flitwick first because he is probably small. And then after I will give Hagrid the ride of his life.” she said. She kissed me then left.

I put my clothes on. This was the starting of a great time at Hogwarts.

A couple days later kids started arriving at school. I went and took my place in one of the chairs next to Minerva. After the sorting was over with she introduced me as the new defense teacher and the new head of Gryffindor house. Everybody was clapping.

I saw Romilda stand up and wave at me. Her little group all looked sadly at me. They probably thought that Romilda was my girlfriend and they wanted me for themselves.

After all that was done I headed to my room. As I opened the door Romilda came up behind me.

“Hey Harry. Are you excited. We will be getting to spend so much time together.” she said excitedly. I figured I would go along with the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing. Just to make Ginny jealous.

“Look Romilda. You can not just go telling everyone I am dating you. I could get fired and they we would never see each other. Do u want that?” I asked her.

“No. ok well I got to go hang with friends. I will come by tomorrow night.” she said. She winked at me then gave me a kiss goodbye.

I was feeling really horny. And then I thought of something. I wonder if it would work. I headed to closed girls bathroom.

“Myrtle its me Harry. Are you here?” I called out. I then saw her gliding out of one of the stalls. She had a huge smile on her face.

“Hello Harry. This is cool that you’re a teacher now. We could spend more time hanging out.” she said.

“You look hot myrtle. You really look gorgeous.” I said to her. She giggled and then got closer.

“I was wondering. I thought I heard something that there is a spell that can make ghosts come to life for an hour. Do you know anything about it.” I said to her.

“Yes I do. You just flick your wand at a ghost and say solidium.” she said. I grinned.

“Why did you want to know that Harry?” she asked.

“Well im feeling lonely and I could really use the company. I want to make you live again for an hour because I feel so lonely.“ I said.

“You do?” she asked.

“Yes. I really need the company myrtle.” I said to her. She grinned.

“Go ahead and use the spell on me then.” she said. I said the spell and watched her come to life. She just turned solid. She then ran to me and hugged me. She gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“Follow me.” I said to her. I held her hand while we walked to my room. I walked in, flicked my wand at the wall and then brought her into my room.

We sat at the foot of the bed.

“Thanks Myrtle.” I said to her. I looked at her then I kissed her on the lips. She returned it and we started French kissing. She pulled away.

“I am going to rock your world. I don’t want to have vaginal intercourse because I am a virgin. But I gave head for grades since my first year. that’s why I was always the best student of the year. So your going to get the best blowjob you have ever had.” she said.

She then got down on her knees. She pulled down my pants. Then she pulled down my boxers.

“Your as big as Hagrid was when I gave him head our first year. Im going to love this.” she said.

She then started giving me head. She was as good as she says she was. But it still was not as good as Hermione’s blowjobs. She made it last a half hour then she made me cum.

“Thanks I really needed that.” I said to her. I kissed her and then she went on her way. I went to sleep waiting to see what was to cum tomorrow.


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