Chapter 9

“George?” Dannie called as she entered the nurses cabin with Kathy in tow. “Where are you?”
“Right here Dannie,” George called as he came out of his office with a big grin, which fell when he saw Kathy standing next to her. “Is there something I can help you with?”
“You could say that,” the redhead said as she gave the man a lust filled grin as she ran her eyes up and down his body.
“Kathy here has a problem that I thought you’d enjoy helping her with,” Dannie said, watching as the grin slowly spread across face again as he considered what she was saying.
“What kind of problem are we talking about here?” George asked as he returned Kathy evaluating stare with his own.
“I want to have a baby,” Kathy said after a quick glance at Dannie who gave her a reassuring nod. “And my dad and brother refuse to fuck me without protection.”
“So,” George said, his grin growing even broader as he spoke, “you want me to knock you up?”
“Yes,” Kathy said as she stepped up to George and put her hand between his legs. She turned her head up and gave George another big grin, “It looks like you like that idea.”
“I sure do,” George said, lifting his hands to grope the girl’s tits through her blouse and bra. “I’m guessing that Dannie told you the only thing I like better than fucking a pregnant girl is knocking her up in the first place.”
“She may have mentioned that,” Kathy said, rubbing the growing lump in George’s pants. “And that’s why I thought I’d give you the first chance at knocking me up.”
“I see,” George said thoughtfully as he slid a hand down the back of her shirt to open her bra so it popped away from her tits and dropped to the floor. “Does that mean you have someone else in mind?”
“Ben Garret has offered to add his sperm to the mix,” Dannie said with a chuckle. “It seems he has a couple pregnancies under his belt and doesn’t mind adding another one.”
“Sounds like we have a friendly competition going on here,” George said with a grin as he steered Kathy toward the back of the cabin. “Why don’t we take things back to my apartment, I’m sure you’ll find the amenities there more comfortable - and more conducive to getting yourself knocked up. By the way, when was your last period, Kathy?”
“About a week and a half ago,” the redhead said as she let George lead her to his personal room. Dannie followed close behind after she stopped to pick up Kathy’s bra from the floor.
“Perfect,” George said with a broad grin, “it couldn’t be a better time to knock you up, and since I’m first I’ll just bet I’ll be the one to win the contest.”
“I don’t know who has the better chance to knock me up,” Kathy said as they entered George’s apartment, “but either way I’ll be the real winner.”
Dannie took a quick look around the small apartment as she entered the room behind George and Kathy. One corner was taken up by George’s queen size bed while across the room was the first television set Dannie had ever seen at the camp. She could also see a recliner against the same wall as the bed and a mini fridge with a microwave sitting on top of it in the last corner.
“Pretty sparse accommodations,” Dannie said as she pulled her shirt over her head and reached to push her shorts and panties down as she slipped out of her sneakers.
“All I really need since the camp takes care of my meals and I have my own office in the nursing section of the cabin.” George had already stripped out of his own clothes and he’d tossed a giggling Kathy onto his bed and was now in the process of removing her shoes, shorts, and panties, dropping them all to the floor to join the girl’s shirt.
“So how do I get in on this?” Dannie asked, walking up to the bed as George pushed Kathy’s thighs open so he could reach her red fuzzed slit with his mouth.
“For now, why don’t you play with Kathy’s tits and help me get her cunt hole good and wet so I can slide my baby maker in where it belongs. Maybe Kathy doesn’t care who knocks her up, but I’d like to win this little competition. Kathy, how would you feel about eating Dannie’s cunt out once we start fucking?”
“Sure,” Kathy said with a groan of pleasure as George nuzzled her slit, “after last night I realize that I kind of like eating out another girl’s pussy.”
“Good, while you eat her out I’ll get to play with her pretty little titties,” George said, “and once I give you your shot of baby juice I’ll fuck Dannie while she eats you out. How does that sound to the two of you?”
“Sounds great to me,” Dannie said as she massaged Kathy’s tits until her nipples popped out so she could suck on them.
“Sounds good to me too,” Kathy said with a little gasp as a jolt of sexual energy shot up and down her spine from her cunt to her tits and then back again. “Especially the part about your baby juice shooting into my fuck tunnel.”
“Well as soon as you’re wet enough we’ll see if I can give you that big belly you want so much,” George said as he wiggled two fingers into Kathy’s tight pussy. “Are you sure you’ve been fucking your dad and brother?”
“I’m sure,” Kathy groaned as George kept finger fucking her, “I’ve been fucking both of them for almost a year now.”
“I’m asking you because your pussy seems way to tight for someone who’s been fucking two guys for almost a year,” George said as he slipped his fingers out of the girl’s cunt and put them to his mouth to taste her juices as he pinched and rubbed her clit with his other hand.
“That’s because my dad and brother have such small cocks,” Kathy moaned as she felt her orgasm building just behind her bellybutton. “Especially compared to that monster between your legs.”
“Thanks for the ego building,” George said with a grin as he put his fingers back in Kathy’s slit, “but my penis isn’t that much bigger than average. If you think I have a monster size cock than your dad and brother must be pretty small. You’re getting nice and wet now, but I thought I’d give you a good hard cum before I slide into you for real, do you like that idea?”
“Whatever you say,” Kathy panted, her orgasm was getting close and her body was starting to jump and jitter all over the bed. “As long as you knock me up I don’t care what else you do.”
“Trust me, Kathy,” George said as he plunged his fingers deep into her cunt and wiggled them around as Dannie sucked on her tits and the two of them pushed her over the edge.
“Time to make the baby,” George said as Kathy came down from her orgasm and he crawled between her legs. George grabbed his cock and ran the head up and down Kathy’s drooling cunt, tickling her clit with the tip until he had the girl so horny her pussy was trying to grab his prick every time it slid along her crack.”
“Here we go,” George groaned as he shoved the first couple inches of his shaft into Kathy’s fuck tunnel.
“Oh yeah,” Kathy moaned as she felt George’s prick sliding deeper into her cunt, “fuck me George, ran your baby maker in me and knock me up.”
“Whatever you want, baby,” George groaned as he fought to get the last inch of his shaft into her tight little pussy. “Get up here Dannie, I want to suck your tits while Kathy eats your cunt.”
“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Dannie said as she climbed onto the bed and straddled Kathy’s head, careful to avoid placing her knees on the other girl’s long read strands as she turned to face George so he could reach her tits while he fucked Kathy.
“Oh yeah,” Dannie groaned as she leaned forward and Kathy’s lips and tongue found her juicy slit and erect clit.
“You like that do you?” George asked Dannie as he continued to slide his cock in and out of Kathy’s slippery cunt. “I’ll bet you like this too,” he said as he reached up to grab her tender breasts and leaned forward to suck on the younger girl’s extended nipples.
“Oh God!” Dannie screamed as George sucked her nipples into his mouth and her body spasmed so hard Kathy had to grab her hips and hold her steady as she continued to eat her orgasming pussy.
“I knew you’d like it,” George gasped as his shaft slammed into Kathy’s fuck tunnel faster and harder with each thrust. “Think we can get you off again before I fill Kathy with baby juice?”
“I hope so,” Dannie moaned as bursts of sexual energy exploded from her tits and cunt to pool just behind her bellybutton, building toward another orgasm. “How are you doing Kathy?”
Kathy’s reply was muffled by Dannie’s bald cunt but she thought the other girl said something about cumming again. Even as she heard Kathy’s muffled reply she felt the other girl’s body shake between her naked thighs and felt her head shoot up as she buried her tongue deep into Dannie’s pussy, pushing her into another screaming orgasm as George gave another grunt of pleasure and held his cock as deep as he could in Kathy’s fuck tunnel as he filled her belly with his sperm.
“Thanks Dannie,” George said as he leaned forward to give her a tongue filled kiss. “You knew just what I wanted.”
“Me too,” Kathy said as she shoved the younger girl to the side so she could look down to where George’s cock was still buried in her cunt. “I hope that’s enough baby juice to do the job,” she said with a hopeful smile.
“Just to be sure I can give you another load tomorrow morning,” George said with a lust filled grin. “In fact why don’t we make it a daily appointment for the rest of the month?”
“Sounds great to me,” Kathy said with a groan of pleasure as George pulled out of her cunt and rolled over to lay next to her on the bed.
“When do I get my turn?” Dannie whined.
“As soon as I’ve rested up and my prick is hard enough to slide into your little pussy,” George said with a grin as he indicated his cum coated almost hard shaft as it quivered in the cool air.
“Oh, I’ll get it ready,” Dannie said, licking her lips as she crawled toward George’s shaft. “Would you like to give me a hand, Kathy?”
“Love to,” Kathy said turned around to help her friend. With the two girls working together it wasn’t long before George’s cock was standing at full attention and ready to fuck Dannie.
“My turn,” Dannie cried when George’s shaft sprang to attention.
“It sure is,” George said with a grin as he shifted on the bed and started to sit up.
“Oh no you don’t,” Dannie said as she pushed George back down on the bed and straddled his hips. “This time I’m fucking you, and you’ll eat out Kathy’s cunt while we play with each others tits.”
“I like the way you think,” Kathy said as she moved to the head of the bed and straddled George’s face.
“So do I,” George said as he raised his chin and stuck out his tongue to lick the cum dripping out of Kathy’s slit. Dannie lowered her cunt to George’s prick and let out a moan of pleasure as the head split her pussy lips and slid into her well lubricated fuck tunnel. When she had the whole cock buried in her belly Dannie swivelled her hips to bury the shaft even deeper as George let out a groan of pleasure.
“Let me at those tits, Kathy,” Dannie said as she took her hands off George’s hips and reached for her friend’s perky little breasts.
“Oh yeah,” Kathy cried as Dannie squeezed her tits. As the other girl bounced up and down on George’s prick she reached for Dannnie’s smaller tits and leaned forward to suck on the girl’s erect nipples.
“You are both so good at this,” Dannie groaned as she continued to ride George’s cock as she pushed her chest forward so Kathy could reach her nipples easier. She could already feel her orgasm building up in her cunt and pushed along by Kathy’s sucking lips.
“Oh God, I’m cumming again,” Kathy screamed as she took her mouth off Dannie’s nipples and squeezed her tits with all the strength of the orgasm that smashed through her body and made it shake so hard she almost fell off George’s face. As Kathy almost toppled off George reached up to grab the girl’s hips and hold her steady as he screamed into her pussy.
Dannie couldn’t hear what George was screaming into Kathy’s red furred twat but she could feel his penis jump in her cunt and felt the his cum fill her hole with enough force to set off her own orgasm. “That’s what I wanted,” Dannie moaned as her pussy milked the sperm from George’s softening prick until it started to drip out of her overflowing slit. “I almost wish I wasn’t pregnant already, than you’d actually have a chance to knock me up.”
“If only it was true,” George sighed, “I’d love to knock you both up, but I guess I’ll have to settle for knocking Kathy up.”
“Or at least a chance to knock me up,” Kathy said with a quick chuckle. “After all, it’s only fair that I give Ben the same chance I gave you since he offered to knock me up too.”
“I guess you’re right,” George sighed as he pushed Kathy off his head and pulled his cock out of Dannie’s pussy as she rolled to the other side so the three of them were sitting up side by side in his bed. “At least my cum was in your belly first. That gives my sperm a head start on Ben’s.”
“Maybe so,” Dannie pointed out, “but Ben has a longer prick so he’ll be able to plant his sperm deeper in Kathy’s cunt than you did.”
“My sperm still has a head start,” George said with a smirk. “And I think that’s better than planting it deeper.”
“We’ll see,” Kathy said. “It may take nine months to know who wins this little competition, but once my baby’s born I think I’ll have a pretty good idea who the father is since you and Ben are so different.”
“If you get pregnant,” Dannie said, “my sister Mary’s been trying to get knocked up for two months now and I beat her to it even though I started a month later than she did.”
“Somehow,” Kathy said as she patted her flat belly, “I don’t think I’m going to have that problem. If George hasn’t knocked me up already I’m sure I’ll be carrying a baby by the end of the week.”
“In that case we’ll have to make sure that you get as much cum as possible in your womb before the week is done,” Dannie said. “So I guess that means we’ll be here the same time every day this week, right George?”
“Right,” George said with a blissful smile on his face. “Same time tomorrow - and every other day this week.”
“And every night Ben gets his chance,” Dannie said.
“You got that right,” Kathy said with a shiver of anticipation. “I can’t wait to find out what kind of a fuck he gives me.”
“It’ll be different,” Dannie promised, “different, but just as pleasurable as the fuck George just gave us.”
“And that’s something to look forward to,” Kathy sighed as she rubbed her belly again.

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