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The first thing he did was wrap his arms around my waist, grab my ass
and pull me to his slim, firm body, squeezing my ass tightly. We went
into his bedroom and began to undress, with him watching as I slid out
of my short dress. He had been eyeing my ample cleavage and my soft, fat
thighs and slender calves under my short skirt as we walked around the
city, so his eyes really bugged out when he got a load of me in my
pantygirdle and bra.

"You're perfect!" He squealed. "I love your body and your soft curves,"
he swooned, as he moved around behind me to reach around and cup my

"You're beautiful! OOhhh," he moaned as he rubbed his hardening penis
against me. It felt good rubbing against my ass through the satin of the
pantygirdle and my love juices began to flow in anticipation of the
consummation of promises made through the wires after we had met on the
internet through the personals newsgroup. I turned around to face him as
I laid back on the bed. He reached around me and unclasped my blue lace
bra and pulled it off of me.

"I want to try it on," he said, his green eyes glistening with

"Go ahead," I responded, helping him fasten it from behind.

"Can I try on your pantygirdle too?"

"Sure, sweetie, here you go," I replied as I took the pantygirdle off and
handed it to him. "Let me help you slip it up over your hips." I offered,
pulling it up his legs until it was in place and his hard penis was
pressing against it.

He looked at me, then looked down at his body, covered with a blue lace bra
and satin, beige pantygirdle with a front lace panel, then looked back at
me with a look of wonder and delight.

"Pantygirdle and Bra", he said softly, looking so sweet and innocent, like
a child with a new toy. His small build seemed to accentuate his childlike
qualities when freed to explore his fetish unashamed.

"Pantygirdle and Bra." I responded, encouraging him to enjoy the sight by
looking at himself in the bra. I pointed to the mirror and ordered him to
look at himself.

"Pantygirdle and Bra," he said, getting more excited by the second.

"Pantygirdle and Bra!" He exclaimed, trembling with excitement and desire.

With one swift move, he was between my thighs. "Fat thighs!" he squealed as
he dove to my love canal and began licking and sucking my pleasure knob.

It had been a while since anyone had done that to me, so I began writhing
and bucking immediately. After a few minutes, he came up for air and pulled
down his pantygirdle to reveal a raging erection.

"Can I put it inside you now?" He teased.

"If you don't, I'm going to kill you!" I squealed, guiding him into me.

As he plunged into me, I began to cry, releasing the stress and pent up
passion I had inside me, holding him tightly as he pumped into me deeper
and faster.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!! Don't stop!" I pleaded, bucking my hips to meet his

We pumped against each other faster and faster, as he plunged deeper and
deeper inside me, his erection filling me to the brim and his testicles
banging against my ass.

"Pantygirdle and Bra!" He began to scream, "Pantygirdle and Bra!"

"Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh Oh SHITOHSHITOHSHIT!!! Yes!" I screamed, as he spilled
his seed inside me when I reached orgasm.

Afterward, since it was extremely late and we had already walked about 15
miles that day due to the fact that we got lost from the airport, we fell
asleep with him suckling my breast like a little boy, my arm wrapped around

In the morning he had a meeting to go to so I stayed at home and rested
for a while. Before he left he gave me the massager to play with if I
wanted to while he was gone. After a while I woke up and felt horny so I
turned on the massager. It was very powerful and vibrated quickly. It
isn't a dildo or anything sexual just a regular muscle massager with a
lot of power. It is about 12 inches long with a conical extension on one
side of it and a rounded surface on the opposite side.

I turned it on and spread the lips of my labia and began to rub the
conical side against my clitoris. The vibration was very rapid and the
conical shape allowed me to literally fuck myself, using the vibration
against the lips of my pussy as I rubbed the clit with it at the same
time. I fantasized about making love in the woods or in his convertible
with the top down on a summer night, It only took about 30 seconds
before I felt like I was going to come. I pulled the massager away and
let the feeling lapse for a few seconds, then I began to massage again,
rotating the conical tip around my clit, pussy lips, clit, pussy lips
until I felt like I was going to come again, then I stopped again to
delay the orgasm. I started masturbating with it again and this time I
kept the conical tip on my clit until the pussy juices started to flow,
as I bucked and heaved on the bed in orgasm. Afterward, I took a shower
and went back to bed to wait for him to return.

When he returned, we went for a ride in the mountains and out to dinner
to learn more about one another. He was very intelligent, generous and
charming, as well as attractive. He certainly didn't look his age of
forty years!

That night, when we went to bed, he wanted me to watch him masturbate in
his new pantygirdle and bra that I'd brought for him and I consented to
do so, knowing that he was proud to show me and I wanted to please him.
I had brought a nursing bra with removable cups which I opened, exposing
my heavy breasts and large brown aureoles for him to suckle and pinch
when his heart desired.

We did some role playing and I asked him to watch ME masturbate and then
I would watch him. I masturbated with the massager to orgasm as he stood
in his pantygirdle and bra watching me.

"Would you like to masturbate with me?" I asked him.

"Oh yes," He replied, positioning himself over the top of the massager.

As I masturbated with the conical side against my pussy and clit, he
rubbed his cock against the smooth side, pushing the conical side
against me tighter and tighter.

"I want to come like a girl." He said shyly.

"Okay, baby, come like a girl. Leave the pantygirdle on and rub against
me, okay?"

He moved his hips, grinding against the massager, harder and harder,
until he finally had to pull away and use the massager against himself.
I watched as he rubbed the massager against the satin front of the
pantygirdle, his face grimacing in anticipation of orgasm, until he

"Pantygirdle and Bra!" loudly, over and over, cumming in the pantygirdle
like a girl. I took the massager and finished bringing myself to orgasm
as he watched me rub the massager against my clit faster and faster
until I squirted my pussy juices everywhere. The bed was starting to
smell like a whore house and we were loving it!

"I want to show you the books I masturbate to." He said, eagerly finding
them to share with me."

"Okay." I responded.

"Do you want to watch me masturbate for them?"

"Sure. Go ahead, sweetie."

He pulled out some JC Penney catalogs with women in pantygirdles and

"They like for me to masturbate in front of them." He said.

"I'm sure they do," I replied, "Look at that one, she's smiling at you.
She knows what you're going to do. Go ahead, jerk off for them, baby.
They want to watch you."

He pulled his cock out of the pantygirdle and began rubbing the massager
against it, slowly at first, as he jerked on his cock with one hand and
rubbed his cock and balls with the other, reaching down occasionally to
slap his balls as the ladies in the catalogs watched him.

"Go ahead, squirt on them," I commanded. "They're waiting for it."

"Yes, pantygirdle and bra." he answered.

"Yell it!" I commanded, "Pantygirdle and Bra! Pantygirdle and Bra!"

"Yes.. Pantygirdle and Bra! Pantygirdle and Bra! Bra! Bra! Bra!" He
screamed, squirting his cum over the bed. Afterward he collapsed on the
bed and we went to sleep for the night, occasionally reaching over to
caress one another during the night.

In the morning, he woke up and looked over at me, "Bra." He whispered. I
knew he was ready to make love, so I took him into my arms, offering my
breast for him to suckle like a child as he slipped his hands between my
thighs, reaching for the treasure hidden within. He rolled over on top
of me and slid his hard cock into my hot, wet, tight crevice, pushing
deeper and deeper until he was completely inside me. We pumped against
each other faster and faster, shouting "Bra!" "Bra!" until we reached
orgasm, s pilling cum all over the sheets (again).

We went back to sleep for a little while and made love again when we
awoke. I gave him some underwear that I had "grown" out of, and he tried
them on all morning. That evening, I had him take pictures of me in
lingerie that I had brought along so I could send the pictures back to
him after the trip. We made love again and watched each other masturbate
with the massager, and then went to sleep in each other's arms for the
last time until the next visit.

In the morning I woke up to "Bra" again, and we fucked hard and fast,
then got up and left to take me to the mall so he could buy a massager
for me to take home as a souvenir.

When I got home to my house that day, I charged the massager up and when
I woke up the next day, I reached for the massager and slid it down
between my fat thighs to caress my tingling clit, rubbing it against my
pussy lips slowly, teasing myself by pulling it away when I felt like I
was going to cum. I did this for about 10 minutes until I couldn't stand
it any longer, and I placed it against my clit, as I spilled my pussy
juices over and over, leaving the scent of my sex on the tip of the

Thanks to my horny love toy, it was a great trip.


2005-02-07 13:06:44
very interesting!!

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