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I thought you'd enjoy hearing about my session with my new toy - the
Dual Power vibrator - my new best friend.

I had visited a lover I met on the internet and he was kind enough to
buy this wonderful apparatus for me when we went to the airport on my
way home. As soon as I got home from Washington, D.C., I plugged my toy
in so it could charge up. I wanted to use it as soon as possible, so I
wanted to make sure it would be ready for me. I let it rest when I went
to bed, but when I awoke the next morning, I checked it and, sure
enough, it was charged up and ready for me.

My toy has two sides, which vibrate to adjustable speed settings. One
side is smooth and almost flat, the other side is conical, with an extra
motor inside that vibrates according to the speed selected.

Upon awakening, I reached over to the nightstand, unplugged the vibrator
and pulled my nightgown up slowly, savoring the feeling the softness of
the satin fabric against my skin. I turned on the vibrator and ran it
slowly over my body, lingering on my large breasts as the nipples
hardened with this foreign stimulation. I squeezed my breasts tightly
and pulled the nipples and pinched them between my fingers. This always
starts my love juices flowing and it was not time to turn my attention
to the l ower part of my body.

As I moved the vibrator downward on my body, I felt the tip of the
conical side. It hummed against my palm and tickled lightly. I spread my
legs and pressed the tip of the vibrator against my labia, then deeper
against my inner pussy lips, lightly teasing my flaccid clit with the
promise of vibration as I did so. I spread my lips and pulled back the
hood of my clitoris gently, rubbing the conical tip against it slowly at
first, feeling it tickle the tip of my clit as it sprang to attention,
begging for m ore action. I stopped rubbing it for a second, afraid to
reach an orgasm too soon. I wanted to enjoy the feeling between my legs.
Once again I lowered the vibrator against my dark pink pussy lips, which
by now were seeping with love dew and swollen with desire, anticipating
the penetration that usually came with such exciting stimulation.

I spread my legs wider and turned the vibrator over, running the smooth
side against the inside of my thighs and then against my labia. By now,
my clit was aching for attention, so I turned the vibrator over and once
again rubbed it against my love button. I turned the speed up to high on
the vibrator and the intensity of friction increased, driving me wild.
As I ground my hips into the air, aching for some way to end this
torturous ecstasy, I lost all sense of time and escaped into my world of
fanta sy, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling as my insides began
to climb toward the pinnacle, slowly, then faster, faster, as I rubbed
my clit harder and harder, feeling the vibrations take hold and drive me
over the edge until I exploded in orgasm.

The intensity of the experience took no more than 5 minutes and left me
drained as I drifted back to sleep.


2005-02-07 13:09:59 on!!


2004-07-30 12:28:36
charlie murphy


2004-05-03 10:35:26
onger- maybe animals? made me frigg my puss though!


2004-04-06 12:44:12
A little more time, please. Too brief, as it just caught my interest and then it was over.


2004-03-11 20:55:18
made me horny as hell, i want one of those!

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