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He was a quiet, unassuming guy, an older man, attractive and virile, yet
still vulnerable to a pretty face. She had been following him for months
now and knew his habits and routine. Today would be the day. As he
stepped off the bus, she followed him to his apartment building and
stepped close to him, placing the barrel of the gun against his back.

"Don't move. Turn around and get into that red car over there." She
ordered him.

"What?" he asked, startled.

"Shut up! Just get into the car!" She ordered him firmly, jabbing the
gun into his ribs.

He moved toward the car and opened the door. A tall blonde woman was in
the back seat. She wore a mask, but she also had a gun pointed at him.
He got into the seat and looked straight ahead.

"Buckle up...we're going for a ride." the driver ordered. After he put
on his seatbelt, the woman in the back pulled his arms back and
handcuffed him, then slid a black hood over his head, blocking his view.
The car pulled away and as he rode the man could hear traffic, horns,
people, motorcycles, but nothing distinctive to tell him where he was

They rode for about 20 minutes and the driver pulled the car to the
curb. His hands were uncuffed and he reached to remove the hood from his

"Leave it on..I'll tell you when you can take it off." Said the woman
who had put it on him.

They took him by the arms and guided him into a building and up 3
flights of stairs. The building smelled of yeast, like a bread bakery,
and it was extremely warm. The door was opened and he was led inside and
his hood removed.

It was a large room with nothing in it but a huge brass bed surrounded
by mirrors. Off to the side was a bathroom, sparse but clean. He was
pushed toward the bed and instructed not to turn around yet.

"Lay down on the bed, face up." he was ordered. Finally he turned to see
his captors. They were dressed in black and still wearing masks. The
taller of the women who had been in the back seat moved toward him with
the handcuffs.

"Take your clothes!" She ordered him.

He slowly removed his clothes, dropping them to the floor, and moved to
lay down on the bed as instructed. His hands were cuffed to the brass
bedposts and he was spread-eagled in the middle of the bed, frightened,
yet obviously aroused by the erection that had sprung to attention all
of a sudden.

"Look at that! I told you, didn't I?" The shorter woman exclaimed to her

"I'm first!" Taller woman exclaimed. She removed her clothing, revealing
large breasts with dark brown aureoles and nipples the size of pencil
erasers. Her slightly bulging tummy shook lightly as she removed her
panties, revealing a bushy tuft of natural blonde hair between her long,
shapely legs.

The prisoner's eyes widened as she approached the bed, his mouth hanging
open in anticipation. She moved over top of him and offered her breast
to his mouth, which he began to suckle greedily, gently nipping her
erect nipples. She moved on top of his erection and slid down onto him
slowly, her wetness sucking him into her deeper and deeper. Her friend
watched as he suckled her breast and she began to move up and down
slowly and first, then speeding up her pace until she finally pulled her
breast from him and held them out for him to look at as she proceeded to
ride him harder and harder, grinding her pubis against him, trying to
get him deeper and deeper inside of her until she finally began to
shudder in orgasm, jerking and screaming simultaneously in ecstasy. She
slid off of him and went to the bathroom to clean herself.

The prisoner's erection was still rock hard and waiting for more
attention. The smaller woman moved to the bed and began slapping his
cock. She reached between his legs and took his testicles into her
hands, rolling them back and forth, feeling the weight of them as his
penis jerked spasmodically.

She stood up and removed her clothing slowly walking around the bed his
eyes following her as she did this. Her features were petite yet she had
large breasts also. Her soft white throat was accented by a gold cross
hanging between her breasts. Her legs were short yet muscular her pubic
hair thin and sparse. She moved to the top of the bed and positioned
herself over the prisoner's face. She held onto the brass headboard as
she lowered herself onto his mouth which opened hungrily to receive her
juices .

She ground herself onto his mouth, savoring the feel of his hot, hard
tongue against her erect clitoris. She moved up and down onto his
tongue, letting him taste the saltiness of her body, until she was close
to orgasm. She felt the warmth beginning to flow into her body and she
moved from his mouth down onto his tumescent hardness. Her hands groped
and squeezed his nipples through the thick hair on his chest, then she
reached down and pulled his pubic hair as she rode him hard and fast to
her climax, bringing him to that pinnacle of ecstasy with her,
collapsing onto him afterward.

As his now flaccid member slid from her, she slid off the bed and into
the bathroom to clean up, leaving him there to be used whenever they
wanted. The two women dressed, uncuffed him, and left him there to dress
and find his way home alone.

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2012-02-27 21:43:36
It was ok. Kind of boring. I though it be kinkier or have him been ass fuck or something. So yeah kinds boring.


2005-12-04 15:28:33
So , why doesn't this happen to me ?


2004-08-28 13:27:55
I'm not impressed...


2004-08-15 16:11:57
first time I saw this kinda style... its good.... and my stories are all fast.. so I ain't comlaining


2004-06-30 15:49:46
cool, needs more detail, ending sucked a little but i think ur head is in the right spot... ; )

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