Chapter 10

“Ben are you here?” Dannie called as she dragged Kathy behind her across the dark beach.
“Over here,” Ben called as he turned on his shaded lamp and waved to the two girls in the it’s dim glow. “I set up our blanket far enough away from my telescope and camera that we can have a little more light for tonight’s fuck session.”
“Sounds good to me,” Dannie said as she approached the blanket with her redheaded bunkmate in tow. As soon as she was close enough to get a good look at Ben she could see that he’d already removed his clothes and set them off to the side where they were close enough to grab if someone unexpected showed up.
“I see you didn’t want to waste any time tonight,” Dannie said as she pulled the suddenly reluctant Kathy into the pool of light with her.
“You got that right,” Ben said with a leer as he looked from Dannie’s blonde curls to Kathy’s red locks. “You must be Kathy.”
“Yes I am,” Kathy said nervously as she looked at Ben’s long skinny prick and licked her lips uncertainly.
“And you want me to knock you up, right?” Ben asked as he reached for Dannie and brought her down to sit on his left.
“I did,” Kathy said hesitantly, “but I’ve been thinking that maybe I should just stick with George and his baby juice.”
“George?” Ben asked, looking at Dannie as he spoke.
“The camp nurse,” Dannie reminded him.
“Right,” Ben said with a nod, “so George already fucked you then?”
“This morning,” Kathy said sitting down on Ben’s right side. “He left enough sperm in my pussy to knock me up for sure, and now I’m wondering if it’s really fair to him for me to fuck you too.”
“I keep telling you, Kathy,” Dannie sighed, “George already knows that you’re planning to fuck Ben. He even seemed to enjoy the idea of a little competition to see which one of them actually knocks you up.”
“I know,” Kathy muttered, “but . . .”
“But nothing,” Dannie snapped. “You were all set to fuck both George and Ben for a better chance to get knocked up, do you really want to back out on that plan now? Especially after seeing Ben’s cock?”
“No,” Kathy gulped as she let her eyes drift down to Ben’s crotch where she could see his hard cock twitch in anticipation.
“You’re right,” Kathy sighed. “I don’t care who knocks me up, and right now I’m so fucking horny I can hardly wait to see what that thing feels like in my fuck tunnel.”
“In that case why are you still dressed?” Ben asked as he slid his hand under Kathy’s t-shirt and squeezed her braless tit until he saw her nipple pop out against the light blue fabric of her official camp shirt.
“Just give me a second and that will change,” Kathy said as she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it off over her head and tossed it off to the side before she smoothed her red hair out of her face. She could see Dannie taking her clothes off at the same time and hurried to push her shorts and panties off her legs with one quick wiggle of her hips to bounce off the blanket as she slid them down her legs.
“Beautiful,” Ben whispered as he looked at Kathy’s lightly furred twat. “You know, you’re going to be my first redhead,” Ben said as he reached down to run his finger along Kathy’s dripping slit. “It’s nice to know that you’re a natural redhead and not a dye job.”
“I’m a little young to be dying my hair,” Kathy moaned as Ben slid the tips of his fingers past her cunt lips and stroked them from the inside.
“I don’t know about that,” Ben said as he pulled his fingers out of Kathy’s hole and lifted them to his nose for a quick appreciative whiff before he popped them in his mouth and licked them clean. “I know a couple girls at school who had their hair died for years because their mothers didn’t want their fathers to realize they had the wrong hair color. After their husbands left the girls’ mothers stopped dying their hair and it went from blonde to brunet in a matter of weeks.”
“Well I don’t have a reason to dye my hair,” Kathy said with another moan as Ben wedged his two fingers into her slit as far as they’d go, “so you didn’t have to see my cunt hair to know I’m a natural redhead.”
“I know,” Ben said, “but I still like to see it, stroke it, eat it, and fuck it.”
“If that’s the order you plan to go in than I think we’re up to eating my cunt,” Kathy said as Ben pulled his fingers out and tickled her blood filled clit with his thumb as he used his fingers to spread her juices along her tight slit.”
“You’re pretty quiet, Dannie,” Ben said as he crawled in between Kathy’s well shaped thighs. “Don’t you want to get in on the action?”
“I sure do,” Dannie sighed as she shifted over so she and Kathy could play with each other’s tits while Ben ate the redhead’s pussy while he fingered her cunt at the same time. “I guess I was just worried about something I said earlier today when I was fucking George. I was so horny and fuck hungry that I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something about how I almost wished I wasn’t already pregnant so he’d have a chance to knock me up just like Kathy.”
“You already said it, Dannie,” Kathy said, breathing hard as Ben’s tongue pushed her toward her first orgasm of the night. “You were horny and fuck hungry and you really didn’t know what you were saying or doing while George was fucking you. I’m sure no one - especially your brother - thinks you meant what you said.”
“She’s right, Dannie,” Ben said as he took his mouth away from Kathy’s dripping slit long enough to speak. “I know that no matter what you say when we’re fucking you love your brother and love the fact that you’re carrying his baby. So even though your words make me hot and horny as hell, I realize you don’t really mean them.”
“Well you can bet I mean what I’m about to say,” Kathy gasped as her body jerked and jumped around the blanket as her cunt clamped tight around Ben’s invading fingers so he couldn’t pull them back out. “I want you to fuck me now and fill me with so much sperm I’ll be pregnant for sure.”
“And that’s just what I plan to do,” Ben said as he pulled his fingers free of Kathy’s fuck tunnel and wiggled them as if to make sure they were alright after being squeezed by the redhead’s cunt muscles.
“Time to let my cock do what it does best,” Ben said as Kathy lay back on the blanket and he shifted his whole body up her body until the tip of his prick kissed her juicy slit. “If I can knock up my mother and both sisters in just one month than I can knock you up just as easily. Still, since George’s sperm was in your cunt first I guess there’s a chance that he’s already knocked you up, but if he hasn’t, I’ll do it for sure.”
“Yeah, Ben,” Kathy groaned as the boy inched his long cock into her hole, “fuck me and knock me up.”
“This is so fucking hot,” Dannie moaned as she watched Ben’s cock enter her friend’s red haired pussy, “I watch my brother fuck my sister all the time, but that’s nothing compared to watching the two of you fuck.”
“You think watching is hot,” Kathy moaned, “watching is nothing compared to having that long hard baby maker sliding all the way to your womb.”
“Just imagine what it’s like for me,” Ben groaned. “It feels like your whole cunt is trying to squeeze the cum out of my shaft.”
“Are you bragging or complaining?” Dannie chuckled as she bent down to give Kathy a tongue filled kiss.
“Neither,” Ben moaned, “this is incredible, I wish everyone I fucked was this determined to get my cum.”
“Just make sure you hold out long enough to give me another orgasm, Ben,” Kathy gasped as she pulled her mouth away from Dannie’s. “If you don’t manage at least one more orgasm before you cum I’ll be disappointed.”
“I’ll do my best,” Ben said, “but your cunt is so fucking hot I don’t know how long I can hold out.”
“Let me help,” Dannie said as she reached out to brush Kathy’s erect nipples with her finger tips and sent a jolt of sexual energy straight to the other girl’s cunt.
“That did it,” Kathy screamed as her belly rippled against Ben’s stomach and her cunt gripped his cock so hard it took everything he had to bury his cock all the way to the root as the his cum sprayed into the girl’s baby hungry womb.
“Here cums the baby,” Ben chuckled as he held his prick deep in Kathy’s belly as her cunt milked every drop of cum from his shaft and balls.
“You’re a great fuck, Ben,” Kathy groaned as her cunt muscles rippled around the boy’s imbedded shaft. “If George didn’t manage to knock me up this morning I’m sure you did it for sure.”
“If not I’ll be happy to keep trying until you really are pregnant, and if you are I’d love to keep fucking you anyway.”
“And I’d love for you to keep fucking me too,” Kathy said.
“Hey, don’t forget me,” Dannie said. “After watching the two of you try to make a baby I’m so hot I want that cock in me right now.”
“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few minutes,” Ben groaned as he rolled off Kathy and his soft prick came out of the girl’s slit with an audible pop.
“Let’s see what I can do about that,” Dannie said, scrambling across the blanket to kneel next to Ben. She held her boyfriend’s cum coated shaft steady and started to lick it clean. Even before she had all of Kathy’s juices cleaned off Ben’s prick it gave a feeble lurch and then started growing hard in her grip as she started sucking the head into her mouth and running her tongue across the tip.
“You must get a lot of practice with your brother to be this good after just a month,” Ben sighed as he closed his eyes in pleasure.
“I get enough,” Dannie admitted. “After all, with two cock hungry sisters and only one brother to fuck them Mary and I have to keep in practice or we only manage one fuck a day from Ken. So I guess you could say that I get a lot of practice.”
“More than me,” Kathy said with a wide smile as she rubbed her belly. “Back home I have two cocks for my one cunt and one look at my hot naked body is enough to keep both of them hard and ready to fuck as often as I want. But since we’re sharing George and Ben for the month I’m sure I’ll get in plenty of practice by the time we go home.”
“Would you like to get in some practice right now?” Dannie asked and saw Kathy nod in response. “Ok then, you suck Ben’s balls and I’ll deep throat him.” Dannie waited just long enough to see Kathy crawl up next to Ben’s hip and saw her licking Ben’s balls before she opened her mouth wide and lowered her lips down his shaft. She’d given Ken more than one deep throat since they started fucking, but this was the first time done it with such a long shaft. She gagged slightly as Ben’s shaft started down the back of her throat but she managed to suppress the reflex and swallow the head until her lips reached the base of his cock where Kathy was sucking on his balls.
“Oh God,” Ben groaned, “you girl’s are so good at this I feel like I could slam my cock through an inch of steel. Dannie, if you want to fuck you better take your mouth off my cock right now because if you don’t I’m going to cum in your mouth instead of your cunt.”
“Well I do want to taste your cum sooner or later,” Dannie said as she pulled her mouth away from Ben’s penis, “but right now I want it in my cunt more than I want it in my mouth.”
“Roll over and get up on your hands and knees,” Ben said as he moved to get behind Dannie, “I want to fuck you doggie style. Since you’re pregnant Ken will be fucking you this way once your belly gets too big to fuck you from the front, but I want to be the first one to take you this way.”
“Actually you’re a little late to be the first one to take me this way,” Dannie said as she raised her ass so Ben could reach her cunt from behind. “This is one of my favorite fuck positions and Ken does me this way all the time back home.”
“In that case I’ll just have to be happy that I’m the first one besides your brother to fuck you doggie style. I am the first one besides your brother, right?”
“Oh yeah,” Dannie groaned as Ben slid his cock all the way into her fuck hole.
“I love doggie,” Ben moaned as he slid his cock all the way into Dannie’s hot wet hairless pussy.
“It feels like you’re deeper than ever,” Dannie gasped, “I love it. Fuck me Ben, fuck me hard and deep.”
“Just what I wanted to do,” Ben said with a wide grin.
“Hey, I want to get in on the action too,” Kathy said sharply. “Let me at your tits Dannie.”
“Sounds good to me,” Dannie panted as the force of Ben’s fucking made her rock back and forth with each thrust. “Especially if I can suck your tits at the same time.”
“Go for it,” Kathy said as she slid between Dannie’s arms and pulled her body down close enough that they could suck on each other’s tits.
As Kathy sucked on her nipple with enough force to make her breasts hurt at the same time they sent a ripple of pleasure running down her spine to her womb. Dannie tried to return the favor and sucked Kathy’s nipple so hard the other girl groaned and shivered. “Just think girls,” Ben said as he continued to slam his cock into Dannie’s wet fuck hole, “in a few months you’ll be feeding your babies with the milk from those tits. Just imagine what it’ll be like when they suck on your tits like that all the time.”
“I can hardly wait,” Dannie grunted as she took her mouth away from Kathy’s nipple to catch her breath. The way Ben’s cock was slamming in and out of her cunt she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before she had her orgasm. She could already feel her pussy starting to spasm and from the way Ben was starting to pant she thought he was about to cum too.
“Oh God, I can’t hold it,” Ben screamed, “I’m cumming.”
“Me too,” Dannie yelled as Ben’s cum filled her cunt and sent her over the edge. “Fill me with you cum, Ben, I want to go to bed with your cum filling my cunt and wake up with it dripping out of my slit.”
“I’ll do my best,” Ben said as he held his shaft deep in Dannie’s cunt while his balls bounced against the girl’s clit every time another spurt of cum shot through his penis.
“Oh God,” Ben moaned as he pulled out of Dannie’s gripping cunt and dropped face first to the blanket. “ I hope that’s enough to keep you girls for the night because I’m pretty much done for now.”
“How did you manage to keep three girls satisfied when you can barely keep two of us satisfied?” Kathy asked.
“Because I have several hours to keep my mom and sisters satisfied,” Ben said, “but I only have about an hour for the two of you - otherwise your empty beds could be noticed back at the cabin. If I had the whole night I’d fuck both of you at least three times through the night, but with only an hour you’ll have to be happy with one fuck each. Speaking of being missed, the two of you better head back to your beds.”
“I guess you’re right,” Dannie sighed. “But sometime before the end of the month we’ll have to take our chances and see if you really can fuck us as often as you say.”
“Good night, Ben,” Kathy said, blowing him a kiss as she and Dannie turned to leave, “see you and that beautiful cock of yours tomorrow night.”

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