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I walked into the studio to pick up the pictures of me with Rico, the
tall, sexy Black man, and was greeted by Rachel, John's assistant. She
was a lovely woman, probably in her early 30's, with long, wavy, raven
black hair and brown eyes. I noticed she had a lovely figure with large
melon shaped breasts revealed under her low cut sweater, and a round,
shapely ass. Though short, she had lovely legs that were now exposed as
she bent over to pick up an item from a lower shelf. She was wearing a
black silk miniskirt and not only were her lovely legs exposed, but a
glimpse of her red panties was presented as well. I couldn't help it
that my eyes were automatically drawn to that crevice!

"Oh, I'm sorry...I didn't hear you come in." She exclaimed as she turned
to face me, smiling broadly.

"That's okay. I guess I was being sneaky. I'm here to pick the pictures
John took of me with Rico a couple of weeks ago." I explained.

"I You're the one." She responded, giving me the once-over
slowly with her eyes. "Just a they are.....I'll
bet you had fun getting Those taken, didn't you?" She added.

"As a matter of fact, I did. Would you like to show them to me
yourself?" I asked.

"I'd love to," She replied, looking around to make sure we were alone.
Little did I know that John was behind the curtain watching everything
we did and listening to every word we said. "Come on over here and sit
down." She ordered.

I followed her into a large cubicle in the back of the studio. It was
about 8 feet by 8 feet wide and had a chaise lounge against the wall
with a bright light pointing at it.

"Let's sit down here so we can see them better in the light." She
suggested, taking my hand and leading me to the lounge. Her skin was so
soft and smooth. I noticed a hint of perfume - White Diamonds - my
favorite, subtle yet sexy.

We sat down on the lounge and opened the packet of pictures. My eyes
widened as she spread them out on the floor before us. These were the
pictures of Rico trying to force his 10" x 3" weapon into me! John must
have taken them while we were in the heat of passion. Rico had been on
top of me, kissing me softly and gently encouraging me that I could be
stretched to encompass the tool he was forcing into me an inch at a

One of the shots was taken from the side, revealing Rico's massive
appendage as he eased it into me a little at a time. Several shots were
taken until Rico's cock was into me entirely with his bag of Black
jewels lying against my ass while John photographed us from behind. The
contrast of black against white was startling! It was actually difficult
to realize what the picture was without knowing ahead of time. It was
quite a work of art!

"This is amazing!" I gasped. "I had no idea! These aren't the pictures I
was expecting! What about the ones of us with our clothes ON?" I asked.

"Oh, here they are.....but the others are more interesting, I thought."
Rachel responded, moving her arm around me and caressing my ass. I
turned to look at her and she moved her arm up to my shoulder and pulled
me closer to her, kissing me softly at first and then as I relinquished,
more passionately.

"I don't usually do this type of thing...." I stated.

"Who cares? I'm horny." Rachel answered, taking me into her arms and
plunging her tongue down my throat. Our large breasts met one another as
she pressed her body against mine, and I slipped my hand up her skirt to
the treasures beneath. She moved her hand between my legs and guided it
into my now hot, wet love spot. We continued kissing as we manipulated
our fingers into each other's panties, which were soaked by now.
Rachel's lips were soft and moist, tasting of cinnamon. As our passions
arose, we remo ved our hands from the skirts and unbuttoned each other's
blouses, slipped off our bras and started to explore each other's

"You have such lovely firm breasts." I whispered to her as I caressed
and kneaded them, then bent forward to the right one into my mouth,
suckling as a baby on the erect nipple.

"Ohhh....don't stop." She moaned as she pinched and pulled on my now
erect nipples.

As I sucked her breast, I once again moved my hand to the special spot
between her legs and pinched her love spot, making her squirm and the
juices pour forth into my fingers. As I sucked and rubbed her clitoris
faster and faster, she panted loudly and began to scream, "I'm
cumming.......I'm cumming....don't stop!", to which John came running to
interrupt our privacy. He entered the cubicle, cock in hand and stroked
himself as he watched us playing together. Rachel shuddered and her hips
bucked as she reached the pinnacle of ecstasy at my touch and my lips.
She collapsed into my arms and I kissed her softly on the neck and then
passionately on the mouth as John moved closer, his erection straining
for attention.

I leaned over and took his erection into my mouth as he caressed both of
us, squeezing and pinching our breasts and nipples, then he guided
Rachel to lie back on the lounge and positioned me between her legs. I
obliged him by diving between her thighs to lick up the spent juices
from her exertions. I placed her lovely legs over my shoulders and my
hands under her round, firm hips as I proceeded to lick and suck her
love lips, the clit hardening at my touch and begging to be flicked.
Once again Rachel wri thed in my arms. I was excited, knowing that I was
driving her crazy, and my own love juices were flowing rampantly. John
took the opportunity of having me on my knees with my face between
Rachel's legs to plunge his huge hardon into my waiting crevice. He
began to pump in and out of me slowly at first, forcing himself into me
deeper and deeper as he then pounded harder, faster, faster, deeper, his
cock plunging into me, and his balls slapping against my ass. As he
pumped, I sucked and licked, plunging my t ongue into Rachel in time
with his thrusts, faster, faster, deeper and deeper until we all
exploded in orgasm screaming together, "Now! Now! I'm cumming!"

Afterward, we pulled our clothing back together, kissed goodbye and I
took my collection of "special" pictures home to enjoy in the privacy of
my own space.

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