When I received notification that my uncle Abner had died and left me
his house in his will, I was a bit surprised. We were never that close
as relatives and I wondered why he would will anything to me at all,
much less a house. I subsequently learned that uncle Abner died
childless and that his wife had predeceased him and so literally I was
his closest relative. Additionally I learned that he had left me, not
merely a house but a mansion!

The day I took possession of the place, I also discovered that the house
came with a servant whom uncle Abner had had in his employ for a few
years, a maid by the name of Samantha. She was supposedly an orphan of
18 years of age whom Abner had employed some two years prior to his
death, and because she had no family, he had promised her that she could
remain in the house after his death so long as she continued to perform
the duties of a maid for the new owner, his nephew, me. She had agreed
to these terms and I found her waiting for me when I arrived lock,
stock, and all, ready to move in.

I must say that she literally took my breath away (in more ways than
one) when she opened the door and came out to meet me and help me in
with some of the smaller luggage.

This late teen age vamp was a beauty! Probably of Celtic origin, her
bright red hair and deep blue eyes were a perfect compliment for her
unbelievably white flawless young skin. I had to silently compliment my
late uncle for his incredibly good taste in choosing his servants. But my
Lord, she had to have been 13 years old when he hired her. Was she this
beautiful even then? And where had he found her? I supposed that
these questions would be answered in time. At the moment, I wanted to
get myself settled in and just have a drink and relax.

The house was really a mansion as I said; it was enormous and I would
have had a great deal of difficulty with exploring and discovering its
secrets had it not been for the help of Samantha who proved to be a good
servant, a good guide, and a great companion.

She seemed to have warmed up to me almost immediately. I would even say
that she appeared to be attracted to me although I am not what women
usually refer to as a "hottie" or "hunk". Nevertheless even that first day
she made a lot of physical contact with me. For example, when showing me
the house she felt no embarrassment at taking me by the hand and leading
me. It was I who felt the embarrassment.

The skin of her hand was so soft and warm that it was practically a
shock at that first touch. Her eyes smiled at me with hidden promises
and her voice just made me tuminescent.

The day passed very quickly and by the time it got completely dark, I
was ready to turn in. Samantha told me that she would come to my room
and bring me a drink to relax me very shortly. So I mounted the stairs
and went directly to my room, got undressed (I sleep completely nude),
and got under the covers. Within a few moments the door opened slowly
and Samantha came in carrying a goblet of something which I assumed to
be an alcohol beverage.

"What is that?", I asked. She smiled seductively and answered in a very
sultry voice, "It's something that is a family secret. I can't tell you
what the ingredients are but I am sure that you will like it."

I rose up on one elbow and took the glass from her and put it to my lips,
sipping lightly. Wow! She was right! It was delicious and soon I was
draining the glass, and yes, it did cause me to relax. Within a minute
or two I felt a wonderful soothing sensation come over me and I laid
back just looking up at her.

"How do you feel?", she asked, smiling.

"I feel just great!", I replied and smiled back. I really was floating
in a luxurious euphoria.

"Good", she said, and then she moved close and sat down on the bed next
to me, and began to stroke my face with her palms.

"Now", she said, "I will make you feel even better so that you may sleep
very soundly ... more soundly than you have ever slept before. But you
must make room in that bed for me to lie down with you in order for me
to make you feel very, very good!" So saying, she smiled again and began
to remove her clothing.

Oh God! The rest of her body was as soft, smooth, and perfect as her
hands and face. I could not take my eyes away as she slid underneath the
covers with me. And then that electric touch again, only this time more
consciously erotic. Soft fingertips grazing the surface of my body.

"How do you like that?", she asked as her hands did their work. first my
face, then my neck and shoulders, then my chest. And as her hands
lowered along my body, her lips came down on mine. I reached up to
caress her face but my arm felt kind of heavy and I felt as though it
were moving through water as i lifted it to touch her.

"Samantha!" I whispered. "You are really quite lovely. Your hands are
really so well practiced. Have you had much experience with men?"

"Oh Yes!" she replied. "Don't let my youth fool you. I have had many men
in my life and they have all been sated when we were finished. And they
all slept very deeply after that. And when I have finished draining you,
you will also sleep as they did, very deeply, without a care.

I reached for her breasts and fondled the nipples as her fingers wrapped
around my thickened swollen penis and pulled slightly. Then opening
those sexy fingers she worked on my scrotum and by balls as she bent
over me and kissed my face and shoulders. "Ummmmm", she purred. You
taste so DELICIOUS! I can barely restrain myself. I just want to suck,
and drink, and drain you completely!"

"Yes!" I whispered back. Do! Drain me, my darling! Take it all out of

"OOOH yes! I intend to, darling!" she smiled as she mounted on top of me
and placed my bulging hardon deep into her pussy!

I laid there, bearing the weight of her body and feeling her kisses on
my mouth and cheek and neck as she tightened her hole and drew my full 9
hard inches into her. I recall feeling surprised that a woman so lithe
could feel so strong and squeeze so tightly. Her breath was hot on me as
I started bucking. I felt the walls, the muscles, of her cunt tighten.
And tighten. And tighten! God, it felt as though she were strangling my
cock with her fuck hole.

She laughed and asked, "Do you like that my lover? HOW do you like
that?" He laughter seemed to fill my brain! So tight. My cock was being
almost crushed by her cunt and yet it felt so good at the same time that
it felt painful. One could say that it felt EXCRUTIATINGLY good!

"Oh!" I screamed as I felt the pain and pleasure of her cunt mixed together.

Her laughter grew wilder and her breathing very loud and labored. I felt
her fingers dig into my back beneath me as she embraced me so tightly
that I could hardly breathe.

"What .... what are you doing? What is happening?" I managed to squeak
out of constricted lungs. There was no reply. Only maddening sexy


I started to buck fiercely as I felt the cum leave my balls and shoot
out along the long shaft of my encased cock. I threw my head back and
began to scream. My eyes head was thrown back as my back arched, and my
eyes were closed in climax. So I never saw her mouth descend to my neck.
I never saw her lips curl back to reveal .... 32 perfectly formed razor
sharp teeth ... the teeth of a piranha!!! Never saw .... but felt those
teeth sink deep into my throat as the last drops of cum exploded from
me. My eyes flashed open as I tried to breathe. But only a croak came
out of my throat as her teeth sank deep. And the drink she had given me
only minutes before seemed to have drugged me so that I could barely
move my arms.

Then she jerked her head sharply, ripping a hole in my throat as she
clung to me hungrily. The room spun crazily and my arms flailed
helplessly as her mouth descended down to the gaping hole in my throat
and as I began to lose consciousness, I felt her lips clamped on to my
throat, audibly sucking the flowing blood from the hole. Sucking .....
sucking ... draining me ... as she had promised. She was still drinking
my life away as I lost consciousness and descended into the deep dark
night of eternal carefree sleep .....

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