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Chapter 1 - The Arrival

Well, here I was on August 20, the day I embarked on the biggest journey in my life: college. To be honest, I kind of had mixed feelings on the matter. I was anxious, but at the same time, I would have much rather preferred going to school close to home, but the only college that offered me a scholarship for soccer was one 200 miles away. I could tell my parents wanted me to take that offer.

So I did. At the time it seemed like a great idea. I was getting pretty bored with seeing the same people all of the time. I guess I am an adventurous person. Also, there would hopefully be the challenge of fucking some new girls. I had had a good amount of lovers in my high school years-not impressive, but a steady flow. Not to sound egotistical, but I was pretty popular. I was always very tall, very athletic, and very strong-I even lettered in 3 different sports, basketball, soccer, and track. By the time I was 16, I already had a nice goatee-that should tell you how developed I was. That said, I knew I could get plenty of girls, but I was rather choosy. That was until the night before this day.

My parents held a going away party for me in a hall near my house. As it turned out, the alcohol was flowing pretty freely, even among all the underage people there. Well, I was pretty stone drunk when my mother asked me to run home (only about 200 yards away) to fetch two cases of soda. My 13-year-old neighbor, Kelly, was right behind me when she asked me. Surprisingly, she volunteered to go help me. She probably noticed more than my mother how drunk I was. Now, I'm no pedophile, but Kelly looked awfully hot for a 13-year-old girl on that walk to my house, and I knew she had a crush on me. Her tight jean shorts accentuated the pubescent curves of her hips and ass. Also she wore a cut-off shirt (I love those!!) that exposed her tanned flat belly, but also highlighted her developing bosoms. She dressed so perfectly-she even had on a pair of sandals that showed off her cute feet.

"Damn, if only she was older," I thought.

I couldn't help but stare at her as she was babbling about something or other as we walked to my house. Once we got in the door, I told her to wait upstairs so that I could run down the basement to get the soda. While I fumbled around with the cases, I heard some delicate footsteps coming down the stairs. They were Kelly's.

"Need any help?" she said as she innocently placed her hands in her back pockets and wandered over to me.

"No," I lied, and bent down to pick up two cases. But when I bent over, I felt a small pair of hands reach around my ass and up to my crotch!! I stopped what I was doing, as all thoughts went to the feeling in my pants. "What are you up to?" I asked, as she began massaging my privates.

"Since we're alone Timmy, I thought I'd give you a nice going away present," she replied coyly.

I could tell her that I couldn't do anything with a girl I'd seen grow up, but I still couldn't hide the large bulge in my pants that her petite hands were creating. I turned around to say something, but she placed a finger on my lips and fell to her knees. Her cute, ponytailed face looked up at me as she undid my belt and pulled my shorts to my ankles.

"I really don't think......uhhhh.....," I stated in my horny drunken stupor.

"Just shut up. I been wanting this for awhile," said Kelly.

Slowly she removed my boxer and let my hard dick flip out wildly, nearly smacking her in the face. She giggled at this and then gasped as she took it into her hand. Then she engorged her cute mouth onto my cock. She really couldn't get the whole length in, but she was still awesome. Quickly she bobbed her head back and forth, my hands guiding her head. Her hands clenched onto my naked asscheeks as she picked up the pace.

"I'm gooooinnng to cuuuumm....," I grunted. It didn't matter to her and I let loose load after load of hot cum into her ravishingly cute mouth. Her inexperience finally showed when she began gagging on my semen and let some run down her chin and chest.

I thanked her as I tried to catch my breath and asked if she wanted anything done to her. She said no, but I pulled her toward me very forcefully and slipped a hand down the front of her shorts. I inserted a finger into her seemingly bald cunt and massaged it in there for about ten seconds. This left her writhing in ecstasy before I pulled out and inserted that finger in my mouth. Her juices were surprisingly tasty and tart.

"That was something to remember me by," I whispered. She giggled.

After that nothing much happened at the party. It ended around midnight for me when I finally got into bed. I dreamt that night of undressing Kelly's beautiful body and having my way with her perky tits, her bald pussy, and her fatty little ass.

But that was in the past for me. Right now, there I was still waiting in the airport for my Aunt Susan to show up. You see my parents thought it would be a good idea if I left with my aunt and my two cousins while away at school. She lived only about 30 minutes away from campus, and I have to admit that the idea of living at a regular "home" appealed to me more so than living in dorms. The only problem was if the scholarship still applied to a commuter student. It did, so the plans with my aunt were finalized. However, despite the positive that living in a house with family may have brought, the big negative as the fact that I did not know her or my cousins too well. I mean we talked a couple of times over the phone the past summer, but other than that, I had just seen her at big family functions. These happened once every three years or so. I knew that she was divorced, was my father's youngest sister, and was a banker. I also knew that she had two daughters, Elisa, a year or two younger than me, and Carrie, about four or five years younger than me. But, other than that, there was not much familiarity. I was attempting to recall some memories of her when I was interrupted by the presence of tall blonde directly before me.

"Tim, it's me, your Aunt Susan," the blond said.

I was shocked at how she beautiful she was. She wore very tight fitting jeans that showed off her long legs and an equally as tight short sleeve shirt. Her large B-cup tits protruded out proudly, and her nipples were unbelievably large. They were like another set of eyes looking at you. When we hugged, the feel of her boobs smooshing into my chest sent shivers up my spine. Even her long brown-blonde hair smelled good. I had never thought of committing incest before....but, then again, I never dreamed I would get a blow job from a 13-year-old. Nevertheless, the thought entered my mind when I saw her ass wiggle in front of me as we walked to her car. The car ride home was remarkably pleasant for two people who barely saw each other for my 18 years on Earth. I learned a lot about my cousins-Elisa was 16, a basketball player, and a bit of a "bad girl," Carrie was 14, and an honor student who played soccer. My aunt had (who I learned was 42 while conversing-DAMN she looked good for that age) had just broken off a relationship with a long-term boyfriend, and claimed that she was "done with dating."

The actual car ride took about two hours, but I wished it could have gone on forever. I really enjoyed talking to her, and I even more enjoyed looking at her. But now it was time to see the cousins. The first one to walk out the house was Elisa, I would recognize those big green eyes anywhere.

"Hey, Tim, how's it goin'," Elisa asked as if we were best friends.

I couldn't believe it when I saw her-another hot piece of ass in that household. She was about 5'3" with long-flowing hair. She was like a mirage. She walked out in her bare-footed, her tanned lower body only covered by a pair of simple pink shorts-through which I could see the outline on a pair of black, french-cut panties. Her flat belly was punctuated with a belly-button ring, and a sports-bra hid the knockers roughly the same size as her mother's. She had very large lips that I noticed when we were chit-chatting.

"Hey Elisa, it looks like you're going to have a big brother for the next couple of years," I said in closing out our little conversation.

"A girl always needs a big bro for protection...and for whatever else may come up," she replied with a smile.

Right as she said that I swear I noticed some definite sexual tension between us, but it was broken by my aunt inquire as to the whereabouts of my other cousin, Carrie, from inside the house.

"She had soccer practice today," Elisa yelled out. "She is so fucking clueless sometimes," she said to me quietly. It was quite surprising to hear her use that kind of language around me, but I accepted it. Once I was unpacked, I was showed to the room that I was to inhabit. It was a small room that was right between the girls rooms and across from the bathroom. VERY interesting, indeed. I had already eaten on the plane, so I decided to just watch some television.

It was around 8:00 and my cousin and I settled down to watch some show while my aunt was showering. Around 8:15, Elisa's younger sister Carrie walked through the door. It was unfuckingbelievable. How was I to live in a house with so much unforbidden pussy? Carrie was tall like her mother, but very athletic looking. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was pulled up into a pony-tail, and her face bore beads of sweat from soccer practice. She had on short mesh shorts that showed off her incredibly gorgeous legs, they were long, tan, and smooth, and muscular. Unfortunately, she had on her warm-up jacket, so I could not get a reading on her boobs, but she, in no way looked 14. I thought Kelly from back home was developed, but this was unreal. She looked like she was about 30 fucking years old!! We immediately hit it off as me conversed about soccer, but she told me that she wanted to relax and take a shower. I held myself back from suggesting that I help her.

I really did not see that much of Carrie or my Aunt Susan the rest of the night, but Elisa and I stayed up late watching TV and hit it off well, too. Nothing sexual, just some friendly talk. Although the way she kept crossing and uncrossing her bare legs left my dick hard as a rock often. She also had a pouty look that I really liked. I suggested to myself that I had to stop thinking of incestuous activities. Just when I did, though, two things happened. Elisa decided to go to bed at the same time I did, and at the foot of the stairs leading upstairs she stopped me.

"It's going to be really great having you here," she said.

Then she hugged me and pecked me on the cheek. When she did that her gorgeous breasts smooshed into my chest just as her mother's did at the airport. While kissing me, she wrapped her beautiful left leg around my right leg. Extremely affectionate for a cousin... don't you think? This set my cock afire and that horniness was only aided by when I saw Carrie in her room, in only a white lacy bra and white cotton panties. Her tits were about the same size as the others, but were so perfectly looking that I got caught staring at them.

"How do you like this new bra I'm trying on, Tim," Carrie asked as she giggled like a schoolgirl. If was the only school girlish thing about her. "I think I need some new panties, too," she remarked as she ran her hands along her panty-covered hip. God, how I wished she was naked. She was so perfect. I could only laugh and make some stupid-ass remark, I was in such awe. In bed that night, I could not imagine how I was going to be able to survive without fucking one of these ladies. I drifted off to sleep while I was fantasizing about a wicked foursome.

Chapter 2-The First Conquest

Well, my first semester at college was going pretty well. My grades were decent and I had made many friends. The soccer team sucked, but I performed well enough to gain a spot as a starting defenseman. I met some girls-one of which let me fool around with her on every occasion, but for some reason, I could not take my mind off the situation at home. The three women of the house were looking hotter than ever. Every day I felt as though I was being forced to do so sort of evil penance for some crime I committed. I honestly felt I was being punished for letting that little whore Kelly suck my dick. How else could you explain my situation. I lived with three extremely fuckable women who I saw prance around in the underwear or just emerging from the shower quite often. I could look at them all I wanted to, but I could not touch.

I was hoping that my trip back home for Christmas break would soothe my nerves, but I got some bad news. My parent were leaving for a month long vacation the day after Christmas. I would only see them for about a week before they left. So, I would stay up there alone, or head back to my "home away from home" for the rest of the break and celebrate the holiday with those tantalizing gorgeous women. The decision was easy. Christmas break back at home sucked. I have to admit, I was anticipating seeing Kelly, but I found out that she was off with her family for a holiday week with her relatives. So I was eagerly anticipating returning to my aunt's on Friday the 27th. It was another long redeye flight, but the thought of seeing them again left me in good spirits all night, and I slept pretty good. In the morning at the airport, I scanned the entire gate area for my aunt for about a half-an-hour, before I was greeted by the presence of Elisa. She eagerly hugged me in the way only she know how to.

"Sorry, I'm late, but I had to stay late at basketball practice, and mom was called into work today," she stated. Elisa continued " I hate my fucking coach-I'm thinking about quitting." I was happy to hear that as that would leave me more time at home to ogle her. And that is just what I was doing on the way home. She was still pretty sweaty from practice and her legs glistened from it.

It was too fucking bad that she had a sweatshirt on. Her damp hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her she appeared so virginal without any makeup on, especially in the morning sun. When we finally arrived home she informed me of the news that Carrie was gone for the weekend-she went on some trip with her friends. Any other Friday, and I would have been out partying this afternoon, but all of my friends were home for break. It looked like it was just me and Elisa all day.

We entered into the house and she removed her shoes and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. As she did that, the shirt she had on beneath raised up, and I thought I caught a glimpse of tits. The raggedy old gray shirt she had on underneath was soaked with sweat and I could see every dimension of her teenage upper-body.

"I'm going to get rinsed off now. We can go to the mall later if you don't have anything else to do," Elisa said. I told her I didn't have any problem with that, but I that I would like to take a short nap and rinse off too before we went. So off she ascended up the stairs, and after staring at every movement of her ass, I settled down on the couch for a short snooze. I guess I was more tired than I thought.

When I woke up, I noticed that I had been sleeping for only 20 minutes and when I regained my senses, I checked to hear if there was any water running. There wasn't, so I assumed that Elisa was done in the shower. I began walking upstairs to get mine, when I heard some strange grunting coming from her room. I thought nothing of it, but since I passed her room before I got to mine, I looked inside.

What I saw astounded me. There was my cousin on her bed, stark naked, furiously fingering herself!!! I peered through the barely open door in amazement. She had three fingers in her bald pussy. With her other hand she massaged one of her tits. She was so beautiful. My dick grew rigid as I glanced over each portion of her 16-year-old frame-her toes were curled in ecstasy, her legs quivered, her cunt began leaking some juices, her flat stomach tensed up with each pump of her fingers, her erect tits jiggled, and her cute face showed the signs of true bliss. Just as she began massaging her clit, the unthinkable happened - the damned phone rang!!!

Startled, I quickly ran away from the door, but in the process bumped the fucking doorknob with my elbow. I knew she heard me - my horniness finally caught up with me. She answered the phone in her room, but quickly hung up. It must have been a wrong number. There was silence for the next few seconds, and I strained to hear any movement from her room. The next sound I heard was her door opening, but she did not emerge from it. Instead I heard her leap back onto her bed, and, very audibly, continue masturbating!!!

It was unreal-maybe she didn't hear me!!! I had to get up and see what was going on, so I snuck to the same spot outside of her door. To my shock, she was facing the exact same spot from inside her room. She was sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for me while masturbating!!!

"Did you like what you saw?" she laughingly questioned after she saw me. I gave no reply as I was in awe of all that I saw. "Step inside Tim," she urged. I was willing to oblige.

I slowly walked right over to her and embraced her sweaty naked body as I inserted my tongue into her mouth. She fell back onto the bed and wrapped her naked legs around my waste as she stuck her tongue in my mouth. We frenched for about a minute, before I finally broke the hold.

"Are you sure this is alright," I whispered into her.

"Hey, we're only cousins," she replied, giggling again. She then playfully removed my shirt as I laid on top of her and ran her hands along my chest. She was not a virgin, but she still acted amazed. I began kissing her neck, then slowly dragged my tongue down to her tits, focusing on the large, erect nipples on each. The fact that she never did get a shower paid off when I began sucking on her breasts and licking her belly - I loved the taste of her salty dew.

From there, I moved down to the forbidden area-my cousin's pussy. I took a moment to enjoy the sight of her young, hairless crotch below me. I massaged her inner thighs with my hand and inhaled some of the wonderful scent she let loose while playing with herself. She wrapped her hot loins around my head as I delved my tongue into her extremely wet slit. As I gabbed hold of her asscheeks, she grabbed hold of my hair. She was guiding my head all over her pubic region. She began screaming in pleasure as I continually frenched the outer walls of her cunt while strumming her large, quivering clit with my tongue.

"I'm....I'm.....cuuummmminggg," she exclaimed as her petite body shook and her forbidden orgasmic fluid rushed out onto my lips. Her clamp around my head grew more intense and her heels dug into my back as she violently spasmed. When her orgasm finally subsided, she fell back trying to catch her breath. I never wanted to leave that area, the taste and the aroma were so extraordinary. But there was a problem in my pants that needed to be resolved. I dragged my tongue again up her sweaty frame and once again plunged it into her waiting mouth. I could not believe how badly she wanted to taste her own juices. As we kissed the ever-increasing boner in my jeans poked into her wet crotch. She felt it and knew what I wanted (and what I DESERVED). She rolled me over onto my back and mounted herself right on my hard cock.

"This is soo fun..." she remarked.

"This is sooo illegal," I replied, which brought a laugh out of both of us.

She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts-very slowly and erotically. I lifted my ass of the bed so that she could remove my shorts and boxers easily. Again very slowly she moved, grabbing hold onto the jeans and boxers at the same time, and slowly running them down my shaking legs. My dick sprang out and she immediately went for it. I was surprised that she was so voracious, so insatiable. She fondled my balls for a while before engorging her mouth on my rod. Unlike Kelly, she took the who thing down-her nose hit into my pubic hair. Very slowly she dragged her mouth and tongue up over my dick, wanting to savor each inch. She went down on it three times-all very deliberately while she fondled my testicles with her free hand. I really wanted to cum in her mouth, so I asked her if she minded. She immediately stopped. I thought I fucked up big time!!!

"I really don't go for that...but you can fuck me if you want," she said. I couldn't believe what she said. I thought she wouldn't allow me to fuck her, and here she thought I wouldn't want to fuck her.

She noticed the smile on my face and positioned her self above my crotch.

"Do I have to use a rubber?" I asked my cousin. Elisa replied my quickly lifting up my piece and ramming it up her naked cunt. We both groaned in ecstasy at that first push. I once again latch hold onto her ass as she bounced up and down on me. She seductively bit her lip to keep the cries of joy inside of her. Her titties were so cute bounced up and down. I couldn't believe I was fucking my 16-year-old cousin.

After about 20 seconds of riding my cock I couldn't take it any more. I felt a surge of semen coming on. I alerted Elisa and she quickly jumped off my dick, and that is when I noticed that she was cumming too!!! Her naked ass sat on my thighs as she let her juices run on my legs and onto her bed. At the same time, my semen was squirting all over her stomach and pubic area. We both continued cumming for a good while and she helped by continually pumping my cock until it was dry.

When I stopped, she sat on my damp thighs and we stared at each other lovingly for a few seconds. She looked so awesome - fully naked, sweating, with my cum covering her stomach and waist, and her juices coating her luscious thighs. I was in shock - the taboo act of incest was finally complete. And I LOVED IT!!!

She fell onto me and we lovingly kissed and hugged. After awhile I reluctantly got up to retrieve some towels so that I could clean the bed up. When I came back, she had fallen asleep. She looked so perfect lying there, that I didn't dare disturb her. I just cuddled up with my horny cousin Elisa and we slept naked on her bed.

Chapter 3 - The Second Conquest

Now that my illicit relationship with Elisa had been sealed, I was incredibly happy.

For the rest of that Christmas break, all we did was fuck each other silly. She was better than any steady girlfriend - all she asked of me was a hard dick, which I was always willing to share. Even if we were going to be home for 5 minutes alone, we would make the most out of them. She was so perfect, it was a shame that she was so forbidden.

Many times I would have to sneak over to her room in the middle of the night so that we could be intimate. It was so exciting sneaking in there and fucking on the floor, so that Aunt Susan and Carrie wouldn't hear the bed rocking. There were so many instances where we would be in mid-fuck and either Carrie or my aunt would wake up for something. I began to understand why so many feel incest is the most exciting sex. But, there was one other benefit to having my fuck-machine of a cousin - it gave me more confidence to explore a similar relationship with Aunt Susan. Don't get me wrong, I also wanted Carrie, but I thought that she was too young. At least Elisa was almost 17 when we began having sex.

My aunt, on the other hand was a fully mature, experienced woman, and there were many times I would notice her lovely frame and wonder what it would be like to have it for my own. She was always testing my imagination, whether knowingly or unknowingly. For example, when resting after coming home from work, she had a tendency to part her legs fully and expose a delicious view of her panties. Also, when leaving the bathroom after taking a shower, she always covered herself in towels that barely reached past her pussy. She had long, lovely legs and beautiful tits - features she obviously passed to her daughters. I had wondered whether she was as sex-driven as her eldest daughter was. I did not have to wait long to find out.

It was one of the first days into the new semester at school. I was quite irritable that day. It was a combination of the strain of new classes, the hassles that I had encountered on the bus that I caught into the city for school, the unseasonably hot weather, and the hangover I had from a party I went the night before. Anyway, I arrived home at around 3 PM, around the same time the girls got home. The bad news was that Elisa had an away basketball game and was leaving straight from school. I was barely home five minutes when Carrie walked in the door, got some keys, and announced she was going to the mall. I was lying there thinking about how badly I wanted Elisa, when Aunt Susan entered the picture around 3:30 PM.

"Why are you home so early?" I questioned. I was kind of disappointed since I wanted to masturbate to relive some tension.

"We were really busy all day, so my boss decided to let us off early for once," she replied.

She looked quite exhausted since she had been working very hard during the holiday season. It looked to be catching up with her. However, she still looked hot... maybe even hotter. The worn-out look made her appear slutty, in my opinion. She stumbled into the living room and laid down on the same couch I was sitting on. Playfully she placed her bare feet up on my thigh, but once again, she gave me a great look at her crotch. It was even better today - she had no pantyhose on or any of the other weird undergarments that women wear. The only things separating me from her cunt was about 4 feet of air and a thin layer of cotton.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting to get off my feet," Aunt Susan said wearisomely.

"I like to take you off your feet," I thought.

She looked very vulnerable laying there-eyes closed, clothes disheveled, legs up in the air. So I decided to do something nice for her. I began massaging her bare feet.

"HMMMMMMM," she groaned when I began working over her lovely feet. "How did you know I wanted that. You're such a good kid".

To be truthful, though, I wanted it as much as her. Just touching her aroused me in a big way. I'd never given a massage before, but she seemed to really enjoy it. As she began to really get in it, she unknowingly gave me some really good looks at her crotch. The more that she squirmed, the more her skirt rode up, and the more my cock rose up.

This was really turning me on, so I decided to get more bold. I began applying light pressure to her ankles and soft calves. Surprisingly, she parted her legs a bit to allow me more room to operate. There was no hesitation on her part when I began rubbing her knees before finally reaching her warm, soft thighs. Once again she moaned and groaned, getting lost in the moment. I assumed that this was the most delicate a man had treated her in a while.

Softly I kneaded her gentle skin as I climbed further in between her legs. Her skirt was soon up around her waist as a result of all the twisting and writhing she did, and my hand were not that far behind. I had full view of her crotch - I could even see the outline of her swollen cunt lips through her white panties. Best of all, I did not see a single hair anywhere. I boldly, but slowly, slipped my right hand up underneath her underwear and inserted some fingers into her wet cunt. In and out, I worked them as I moved my left hand into the same region. My hand was soaked with her cum.

Just as I slipped my other hand underneath the band, she became very flustered. She forced my hands out from her panties and pulled her skirt back over herself. She was blushing horribly as we both attempted to catch our breath without saying a word to each other. I still had her juice all over my fingers. She sat up on the couch and tried to regain her composure. Without a word she got up and walked upstairs.

I rolled onto my stomach mourning the lost opportunity. From what I felt, I was missing a lot - she was wet but tight, and absolutely hairless. My boner was poking down into the cushions of the sofa. I needed Elisa around to relieve it. As I laid on my stomach hating myself, I heard Aunt Susan's delicate footsteps descending the stairs. I knew that it would an incredibly awkward situation when we would have to talk what we ALMOST did. I just stayed on my stomach - I didn't even want to look at her. I figured, one minute I was fingering her, the next I was afraid to look at her.

"Hey," she said softly as she approached the couch. She did not sound angry so I rolled over.

I could not believe my eyes - she was buck naked!!!

"You look upset. You should have known that I was only going upstairs to get out of my clothes," she sarcastically stated.

I could only stare at her body, her tits, her stomach, her legs, but most importantly, her gorgeous pussy. It was amazing how closely it resembled Elisa's... even at 43 years old. Aunt Susan crawled on top of me and lifted my shirt over my head. She pressed her boobs into my chest for a bit before our lips met in a hot passionate exchange. I forcefully held on to her neck and back as she dug her nails into my shoulders. We were both determined to get he most out of the kiss. As our tongues danced, I moved my hands down to her ass and felt the firmness of her cheeks as she thrust her slit onto my hard cock.

We broke the kiss and she moved downward to my pants. Unlike her daughter, my dear aunt removed them very swiftly and fearlessly. She was extra-hungry for some cock. Out sprang my dick, and as Aunt Susan clutched it she gasped-not so much at its size, but at the fact that it was her nephew's. I assumed that she was going to suck it, but she only gently kissed the head of my piece, leaving a sting of pre-cum running my her lips to my dick. I knew then that she really wanted to be fucked.

"You want me to fuck you, right?" I inquired.

She moved up on me again and we locked lips again. After another passionate exchange. She got up from the couch, turned herself around, and then got on all fours on the cushion. She wanted it doggy-style, and I was happy to oblige. I got up from lying down, and placed my face right up against that sexy ass that she was waving in the air. I licked her slit for a few seconds, getting a taste of her goodies before I would assault it. I even slid my tongue over her asscrack, which brought out a shrill cry of ecstasy from her. Then I stood up behind her.

"Give it to me," she demanded.

With those words, I grabbed hold onto her hips and plunged my cock into her slimy, dripping cunt. I worked over her pussy furiously - my balls continuously slapping into her ass. With each push of my cock she groaned and grunted happily. I bent over her and grabbed hold to her tits which were swinging tantalizingly. Then my hands moved down to her sweaty stomach.

"Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me..." she cried over and over.

I was getting caught up in the forbidden nature of our act, and I hastily worked my thumb into her asshole. This double penetration sent her to nirvana. Her legs began to quiver, and her cunt began to suck onto my rapid-firing dick.

"OOOOH, TIMMEEEE!!!" You could hear her for miles.

She immediately let loose a tidal wave of her cum. At the same time I was jizzing into her cunt, but in between spurts, I pulled out and began to splooge onto her asshole while fingering her pussy in order to extract all of her wetness. Her inner-thighs were incredibly wet with her cum by the time she was done. I bet that was the first time she had been fucked like that in ages. My semen dripped off her asshole and cuntlips, but she tried forcing as much of my splooge into both areas as she could. In one unbelievable act, she fingered a scoop out of her ass and stuck the finger in her mouth. No doubt about it. While sex with Elisa was sweet and sensual, sex with my aunt was raunchy. We fell back onto the couch in the midst of a hot french kiss.

We figured we had a lot of time to "get acquainted" so she turned over the cum-stained cushions on the couch and led me up to her room. Genitals, fingers and mouths were all used over the next two hours. I only came once more, but she was like a fountain as I pleasured her over and over again. She admitted that it had been "a long fucking time" since she had been with a man like that. I kind of felt honored that she chose her nephew as the lover to break her streak.

While in the shower together, she reminded me that we had to keep this a secret. Great-now this was two secrets that I had to keep. How was I supposed to go about fucking my horny cousin and keep it a secret while fucking my horny aunt and keeping that a secret?

Chapter 4 - The Third Conquest

Needless to say, it was fun satisfying my two sex-crazed relatives in secrecy, although it wasn't easy. Both Elisa and Aunt Susan wanted me every day, and it was hard to do both. I kind of developed a pattern. One day I would fuck Aunt Susan but give oral sex to Elisa. The next day would be a reversal. That way I could keep them both happy but allow my dick to get some rest so as to regain its strength.

There were times, though, when it didn't work out as planned since one of them might have been overly-horny. Take for instance, one weekday night. I had been into this pattern for about a month and was enjoying it. I was giving them the cock that they craved and at the same time was experiencing the taste of their juices often. (Make no mistake about it - they tasted quite differently even though they were mother and daughter. Elisa's cunt secretion was fresh, almost sweet, while Aunt Susan's was musky and strong.)

Usually I was fooling around with Elisa after school and sneaking into my aunt's bedroom at night. This day was different, though. Elisa came home from school rather late due to detention, or something. She got home around 4:30 and practically jumped on me since it was her "scheduled day" for a fuck. I reached up into her dress and ripped down her panties and fucked her hard. Luckily Carrie was napping upstairs. That allowed us some intimacy, but we had to be quiet. We cleaned ourselves up before 5:00, when my aunt came home, but to my surprise, my cousins left to go to the mall.

I knew that my aunt would want to fuck me when she came home and sure enough, she was ready to go. On the other hand, I wasn't. Fortunately I was able to release some cum into her so that she was satisfied. Nonetheless, it had me concerned. This hardly ever happened though, and I was able to enjoy my two flings.

You would think that a man who was balling his two lovely relatives would be satisfied, but I was never able to say that I was. I guess all that incestuous loving got me addicted to that lifestyle, because I started to think of other family members I wanted to fuck. There were a couple... my cousin on my mothers side, my sister, and Carrie. None of them intrigued me as much as Carrie - the one last frontier in the house.

Carrie had turned 15 in March and I was sure that she was ripe for the picking. Although we lived in a warm weather climate, the HOT weather of spring was already upon us, and she certainly dressed for it. But all I could do was stare at that lovely chest and those gorgeous bare legs all the while wondering what it would be like to fuck her pubescent pussy. I convinced myself that it would be the "right thing to do." After all, wouldn't it be a lot better if she allowed *me* to take her virginity... considering how much I cared for her? Wouldn't it? That said, I really didn't "try" to make it happen like I did with Aunt Susan. I still understood that she was only 15, so I was hoping it would be spontaneous, like with Elisa. Until that time, I would have enough pussy to keep me busy.

Then one day, business got MUCH busier. It was in a magnificent early April afternoon and rather than spend it in the classroom, I decided to skip my afternoon classes and head home early. It was 11:00 AM when the bus dropped me off and on my way to the door I was thinking of some deviant things that I could do while home alone. I even considered shooting some jizz into my aunt's underwear drawer, but I figured that it would be better if I saved it up. Once in the house, I immediately turned on the AC and plopped down on the couch. I was watching some sorry-ass game show for a couple of minutes and just started to nod off when I heard some noise at the top of the stairs, followed by the sound of footsteps. Startled, I sat up and directed my view toward the stairs.

I nearly came in my pants right there. My sweet cousin Carrie was descending the stairs in a bikini!!! She had her hair pulled back, no makeup on, and was giggling. In that sense she looked quite innocent. But her oiled up body was smoking!!!

"I thought you were mom," she laughingly exclaimed without me ever asking why she was home. "She would've kicked my ass if she knew I was skipping school. I was hiding in that closet until I looked out and saw you laying there." So my little cousin had the same idea I had. I was happily surprised.

"What are you doing here so early," she said.

"Same as you," I replied. "I couldn't imagine being in class on a day like this. I might work on my tan with you." Something still puzzled me though. "How did you get upstairs so quickly?" I asked, perhaps being too nebby.

"I was already in my bedroom when I heard the door," she said.

Satisfied I stripped down and put on some swimming trunks and joined my nubile relative out on the deck. She stretched her long, lean body out on a towel-she was lying on her stomach reading a magazine so her ass was arching high into the air. Every bare area on her frame was slick with sweat and oil-and I wanted to make it wetter with my semen.

I felt like this would be the day. Either we spent a loving day in bed, or I would be able to control my self and would just jump on her. She had to notice the bulge in my pants and I walked out to the chair. We made some small talk as the hot sun beat down on both of us, but all I could concentrate on was her. (Looking back on it, I should have been concerned that Aunt Susan or Elisa would come home and think I was alone.) I attempted to read a magazine, but the bulge in my pant was causing problems. I just continued to ogle her perfect body-the way her young tits smooshed against the hard wood of the deck, the way her blue bikini bottoms bunched as they ran from her ass to her pussy, the cute way she twirled her feet as she read, etc.

Just as I was about to lose my mind, she broke the silence: "Do you wanna rub some of this oil on my back Timmy?"

Was she crazy? How much more could I withstand? Semi-reluctantly, semi-happily, I agreed. I slid on over near her and knelt beside her. Taking the bottle of lotion in hand, I squirted a line up her sensuous back. I massaged it in, perhaps much more deeply than I should have, but she seemed to enjoy it. She even let out a moan or two. My cock was straining against the material of my trunks.

Then the turning point came. She shifted a bit so that I could reach her other side more easily, and in doing so, her elbow nudged my hard-on. She let out a little gasp and quickly went back to her normal position. I was embarrassed as hell and was unsure of what to do. We sat in silence for about 10 seconds-my hands never loosing their position on her back-when I heard a little giggle from her. Embarrassed, I looked at her face and saw a smile.

She had sunglasses on but I could definitely tell she was staring at my crotch!!! That became affirmative when she slowly ran her hand up my leg and began massaging my raging dick through the material.

"Could you put some more on please?" she innocently whispered as she fondled my piece.

I was speechless and paralyzed with shock. My dream was about to come true!!! Just to make sure, I did not immediately force myself on her. Instead I took my position on top of her thighs-my knees straddling he thighs and my hard-on poking into her asscrack.

"Hmmmm" she cooed as she felt my hardness push into her soft buttocks.

I squirted some more of the lotion on her back and again began working it in, cherishing the opportunity that was ahead.

As I rubbed the lotion into her lower back, she seductively stated "Could you go a little lower than that Timmy?" And with that she reached behind her and pulled down her bikini bottoms.

The sight of her naked ass was like a classic piece of artwork. What was even more tantalizing was pussy that was a bit evident beneath me. I squirted some lotion onto her asscheeks and gently massaged it into the milky white skin. Then I boldly worked my lotion covered fingers into her asscrack and roughly ran a few digits over her asshole as she writhed in ecstasy and her thighs quivered. I lowered my head and began using my tongue to explore her dewy ass and moist loins-even getting a lick on her lower cunt. I then rolled her over as she wailed in pleasure, exposing her young naked cunt to the warmth of the sunlight. I inserted my fingers into her teenage slit in order to work it over a bit, and to my surprise, she wasn't a virgin. Although I really wanted to be the one to take it from her, I was not disappointed. After all, I had a long afternoon of sex ahead.

" me out Timmy! Yes!" she proclaimed into the summer day as I propped each of her gorgeous legs onto my shoulders.

I wanted so badly to fondle her legs, arms, feet, etc. Every part of her was so fucking awesome. But for now I really wanted to concentrate on her pussy, ass, tits, and mouth. I quickly locked my mouth onto her slit and got busy excavating her insides with my tongue. She tasted fresh like her sister, though Elisa's clitoris was much larger and formed. She was already leaking some very sweet nectar about ten seconds in. I guess I had gotten good with all the practice.

As I lapped her genitals she removed her bikini top and began working over her nubile breasts. Her face was a picture of taboo lust and her sexy flat stomach was heaving mightily. I knew she was about to orgasm. This thought came to fruition moments later as she grabbed onto my head and sent a gush of warm juices onto my face. I tried my best to lap up the taboo secretions, but was surprised at how much a 15-year-old produced. As she was finishing, I fingered her cunt so as to ensure that I milked her dry.

Smiling, I took some of the wetness on my fingers and spread it onto her belly, then licked it up along with some sweat. My balls were at their boiling point and I was surprised at how much restraint I was showing.

"I've gotta fuck you," I whispered to her a second before we joined lips in incestuous bliss.

Our hot sweaty bodies rolled around on the floor of the deck, as we savored each others passionate embrace.

Then I realized that I was committing incest outside where anyone could see. Granted, the deck was secluded, but anyone could have heard her and wandered over to see what the hell was going on. What would I say? "Oh I'm just balling my underage cousin, that's all." We both wanted to get inside, so I got up then helped her to her feet. She was a bit rubbery-legged after her orgasm, so I thought it would be "considerate" if I carried her in. Obligingly, she hopped onto me wrapping her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my stomach. Nuzzling her perky, erect tits, I managed to carry her all the way upstairs and place her on her bed.

As she fell on her bed, she kept her legs wrapped around me and then dragged my trunks down my legs with her thighs!!! I had to admit it was a pretty good move. My cock sprang free, ready to give my dear cousin some attention. She fell back onto the bed and raised her luscious legs in the air, giving me a perfect view of her entire bald pussy.

"Oh, what the hell am I doing?" I asked before falling upon her and ramming my rod into her swollen genitals.

She gasped at the first violent slam but then quickly matched my rhythm, alerting me to the fact that she was quite experienced at fucking. I was moving in and out of her with relative ease-I had expected her to be much tighter. She wrapped her strong moist thighs around my waist and grabbed hold onto my shoulders and neck. Again she started to spasm and seconds later began cumming. The feel of her warm secretions on my cock brought me to a pre-orgasmic frenzy, as I too could feel the rush of an oncoming splooge. I wanted to shoot my load in her so badly, but the last thing I needed was for her to get pregnant.

"FUUUUCCCKK!!!" I yelled as I wisely withdrew in time to shoot an enormous load on her heaving chest and stomach. A second shot got her in the arm, and a third one fell dripped down between her aching loins. She began rubbing my fluid into the soft skin of her breasts and belly as I continued milking every last drop out of my softening dick.

Chapter 5 - Joined Together

As I regained my senses after the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced, I noticed what a whore Carrie looked like at she lay exhausted below me. My rubbed-in cum glistened on her chest as another load ran down her arm onto the bed. Her inner thighs were doused in an incestuous combination of two cousins' secretions. She looked as though she was in heaven... I knew I was.

I laid on her and we immediately locked lips. While sucking on her tongue, I couldn't help but fantasize about Carrie being my wife for the rest of my life. We laid on her bed for what seemed like forever, just enjoying one another. I didn't care that this was another secret that I had to keep under wraps, I just wanted to be with her. We tasted every part of her, and she reciprocated my tenderness.

In the process of bonding, she told me a couple of secrets. One was that she lost her virginity when she was only 13 to a 19-year-old.

The second secret was even more shocking: "You know when you came home this morning and you wondered how I snuck upstairs so quickly - well the truth is that I was going through all you drawers when you walked in the door. I just wanted something to steal-a shirt, some underwear-whatever to keep. I love the way you look, the way you smell. I have had a crush on you since you came here. I wanted this for months." That completely took me off guard, and I was extremely happy.

What made me even happier was when she immediately gave me a mischievous smile. Then she began going down on me before tenderly took my limp cock into her sweet mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my dick growing harder inside of her mouth, her long hair caressing my pubic area as she fondled my balls with her free hand. It was again as hard as a rock and felt so damned good until....

"Well this is fucking nice!!!"

That proclamation came from the doorway to Carrie's room, and it was from her only sister. Elisa stood there, hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. "You are a fucking asshole," she said to me as Carrie removed her mouth from my rod and covered herself up hurriedly. "Not only do you fuck me, but you also fuck my sister, who's only 15!!!"

"You've had sex with her too?" questioned Carrie as she sat next to me.

"For a long fucking time now," replied Elisa.

But there was something about the way that Carrie reacted-or should I say, didn't react. I looked at her like a deer caught in headlights, expecting her to slap me in the face. Instead she had a look of amazement, almost a smile. I had no idea what was going to happen next. Carrie and I both looked at Elisa for an answer...

"What the fuck...?" she questioned sternly, sarcastically.

Carrie rose up from the bed, still covered up in a sheet. She walked over to Elisa, whispered something in her ear and they both left the room. But before they exited, I received a cold "Stay there Tim!" from Carrie before she closed the door behind her. I really did not know what to do. I started to put my trunks back on, when the door slowly opened.

In slithered Carrie, this time without the sheet covering her body. She still looked well-fucked but hungry for more. Next was Elisa, who was also COMPLETELY NAKED!!! My two hot, horny cousins wanted to double-team me!!!

They seductively walked over to the bed. Elisa sat right next to me, laid me back on the bed, embraced me, and began to kiss me. Obviously, there were no hard feelings. The exception was in the area between my legs, where Carrie had started where she left off-giving me a hell of a blow job.

Once Elisa and I stopped frenching, she whispered in my ear "This is going to be sooooo fun." Then she joined her sister at my crotch.

By that time it was hard as a pole again, so they both started to suck it. Carrie maintained the upper half, while her sexy sister Elisa worked over the lower half, including my balls. Both of them were undoubtedly savoring the taste of Carrie's still-fresh secretions.They really seemed to enjoy this, especially when their lips and tongues began to accidentally meet. After a few seconds though, the meetings of their mouths started to become less and less accidental.

Soon, in the hottest act I'd ever seen, there were making time to french each other. Seeing those two kiss drove me wild with passion, just as bad as the time right before I fucked Carrie. Their nubile bodies pawed at each other as they gave in to their taboo cravings. They then whispered to each other, then both faced me before Elisa took hold of my dick and, with some help from her slutty sister, planted herself on it.

Slowly, Elisa engorged her dripping cunt onto my rod, which was surprisingly very ready for more action. As Elisa started to bounce up and down on it, Carrie placed herself in a 69 position on me. Her teenage cunt was buried in my face as she licked the area where my dick and her sister's cunt joined. For a little while we continued like this. I just wish I could have seen it-all I could witness was my cousin's wriggling ass and the ceiling.

I could hear a tremendous amount of moaning though, even as Carrie's thighs clamped my head. I had one hand on Elisa's ass, guiding her on my dick, and another hand on Carrie's ass, guiding her on my head. The mucky scent of sex between Carries thighs was overwhelming, and was only prepping my dick up for another explosion. I could feel the tremble in my stomach just as Carrie began twitching on me and as Elisa began writhing on my cock.

First, I heard Elisa: "Oh!!! Oh!!! I'm fuckin cumminggg...Oh fuck!!!"

Then I heard Carrie's muffled yell "Eat me Timmy...uuuugggghhhh....Fuck!!! Fuck!!!"

Believe me if I could have said anything I would've yelled too. I had never jizzed inside of Elisa before, but I don't think I could've stopped here. So as she sent her cunt cream over my cock and into her sister's mouth, I sent my semen into her insides as she continually rode me, savoring each taboo moment. Her naughty sister orgasmed at the same time, and I once again got a mouthful of her tasty, forbidden juice.

For another minute or so we kept this up. Elisa rode my rod until it was completely spent, out wet genitals smacking into another. Even after she was done riding me, she kept my penis in her. At the same time Carrie was doing a fine job licking up the combined mixture at our genitals. I continued to suck on Carrie's clit, so that it would emit every last ounce of her white pubescent love cream. Once Elisa dismounted me, Carrie reluctantly removed her slit from my face. I hated that sudden feeling of fresh air. What I loved, though, was Carrie lewdly sucking on my cock immediately after it was drenched by Elisa!!! She was a degenerate cum-freak!!! Elisa and Carrie both started passionately kissing me.

"Will you cum in me now?" asked Carrie very innocently, although the creams that covered her body told a different story.

I couldn't believe it!!! These two girls were the biggest cock-hungry girls I'd ever seen!!! They were insatiable!!!

"I'm not sure I can right now 'Car," I responded. "Its gonna need some time to recuperate," I said as she massaged my wet piece.

"I think I got some still on my pussy Carrie," said Elisa. "Wanna share?"

We all knew what the answer to that would be. So Elisa instructed Carrie to lie on her side and lift her top leg in the air. She did accordingly, and after licking her sister's slit a few times, Elisa positioned her bald beaver right against her sister's. Elisa began grinding her beauty right against her sister's, and Carrie worked hers the same way. The sex secretions of two sisters and their cousin were being swapped in this lewd act. Each's lovely feet were pawing away at the other's breast as they moaned in blissed. I got a couple of licks in on Elisa's pussy and even snuck a tongue into her asshole a bit as they grinded like a well-oiled machine. (At that time, I did not think about it, but for a while I was kind of worried that they might get pregnant. Thankfully, neither did.) Of course, these two fiends both orgasmed violently and erotically.

Even though she was a young 15, Carrie was understandably exhausted She had cum some many times that afternoon. Elisa and myself continued to make out for awhile, before Carrie joined in again and helped me service Elisa for the rest of the fuck-filled afternoon. By the time we were done, Elisa had been used and abused in so many places that she could barely walk. They both fell on me and the three of us lay naked together on Carrie's stained bed. We were the perfect picture of taboo love and bliss.

Chapter 6 - The Aftermath

Since that day, Elisa, Carrie, Aunt Susan and I have continued our incestuous ways. I am now a sophomore in college, Elisa is a senior in high school, and Carrie is a sophomore.

I recently received good news when Elisa said she would be attending the same college as me. If she schedules her classes at the same times I do, we should be able to be together most of the day. That is not what I necessarily want, though - they are able to have relationships with whomever they choose. Sometimes they do, but mostly they choose not to.

The girls now know about their mother and me and are approving of it. Aunt Susan is deeply in love with me. She even wanted me to "sneak in" and sleep in the same bed as her at nights. I obliged, and tried my best to play off like her daughters didn't know about us. Aunt Susan still doesn't know about my sexual relationship with her daughters. I feel kind of bad because she is missing out on a lot of fun. Pretty soon we will tell her. It will create even more excitement, plus take some pressure of me.

I do love servicing all three of my sex-starved whores though, and I try and satisfy them the best that I can. I probably spend the most individual time with Aunt Susan, followed by Carrie, and then Elisa. Once or twice a week, the two girls and me will get together for one of our threesomes. In addition to that, the girls spend some time together-it is definitely a house of incest.

Oh, and after this Thanksgiving, there might be a new addition to my list. I had talked to my 22-year-old sister on the phone recently and she said that "couldn't wait" until I came home, since I hadn't been home since that short while last Christmas. I wonder what she meant by that? Oh well, even if it doesn't work out with her, I've always got my horny relatives here.

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