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My daughter will let anyone fuck her for a can of beer.
Young Whore Cheryl Ann

When my daughter Cheryl Ann turned thirteen years old it was a great moment in my life and in my wife’s life too. We had been looking forward to have a teenager for a daughter.

At first we gave her a new wardrobe, more spending money, and allowed her more freedom. In essence we started treating her like an adult.

That was our mistake!

About three months later Cheryl Ann came home very late and very drunk. She had been dropped off on our front porch and the doorbell had been rung. She was trying to crawl into the house when I opened the door. I picked her up and carried her to the couch. My wife saw some blood on the crotch of her white shorts so without even thinking I lifted her legs up to my shoulders, hooked my fingers into her waistband, and pulled her shorts up her legs to her ankles. Then like I did to her as a baby when I changed her diapers I pushed her two feet into her chest exposing her pussy to the world. My wife gasped as she saw how raw and abused Cheryl Ann’s pussy and asshole were. We immediately took her to the hospital.

The hospital emergency room asked us a few questions then took her away. A short time later the police were asking us some more questions. Obviously Cheryl Ann was drunk way beyond the legal limit and she had been sexually abused. Based on her age even if she had given her consent it was still rape. The hospital decided to keep her overnight for observation.

Two weeks later the police had another talk to us. First off Cheryl Ann had told them that she could not identify any of her so-called assailants. They had found DNA from at least ten different donors that had violated her. They just advised us to keep a close eye on her.

Well about three months later she got out of the house again and came home drunk and abused. This time the hospital and the police were less concerned. Again we were advised to keep a closer eye on her.

About four months later she got out again and this time we just dumped her into her bed and didn’t bother with the hospital or the police. We obviously had a problem with our daughter.

No mater how close we watched her she managed to get out again the night before she turned fourteen. We were frantic as always wondering what might happen to her. Finally about three in the morning a van pulled up to the curb and two guys carried her to the porch and rang the doorbell before getting back in the van and taking off.

This time I got it all on tape. I zoomed in on the license plate and each of the three faces that I could see. There was a driver but he stayed in the front seat behind the wheel ready to go. I made a couple of copies while my wife took Cheryl Ann to the hospital again. This time I handed the police the DVD as evidence.

The next day we sat Cheryl Ann down and had yet another stern talk with her. However my wife had an entirely different approach this time.

My wife told Cheryl Ann, “Young lady! Fuck that, you are a young whore! You will let anyone fuck you for a beer! Is that right?”

Cheryl Ann said, “Yes!” and coward from her mother’s glare.

My wife asked, “Just what will you do for a beer?”

Cheryl Ann said, “Anything the boys want!”

My wife asked, “And you are okay with that?”

Cheryl Ann said, “Yes! I love to drink and I’ll let them do anything to me if they give me a drink first!”

My wife sent me to the refrigerator for a beer. When I returned she told me to hand it to Cheryl Ann and I did. Together we watched as Cheryl Ann opened the can and guzzled the beer. Hell she didn’t even taste it!

Then my wife told me, “Fuck her! Fuck her good! Up the ass would be better!”

Cheryl Ann looked at her mother and then she looked at me. I think she had resigned herself to do as she was told. After all it was her own rule “Anything for a beer.”

My wife knew how much I liked anal sex because I beg her for at least twice a year but I don’t get it.

Cheryl Ann got up and was about to take me to her bedroom when my wife said, “Oh come on! I don’t think you go hide in another room when you are at a party now do you?”

Cheryl Ann said, “No! I am usually the center of attention and totally naked after a couple of beers!”

My wife said, “So get naked!”

We watched Cheryl Ann undress then my wife said, “Bend over the table!” She looked at me and said, “Butt fuck! And good!”

So I got behind her, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my already hard cock. I looked at my wife and smiled before I thrust my cock into Cheryl Ann’s asshole. She whimpered a little. I figured that it was because she hadn’t had enough to drink yet or that her asshole was still sore from the other night. Either way I really didn’t care at the moment, I was enjoying the anal sex. It had been years since my wife had let me in her ass and here she was giving me her daughter’s ass. I took my time and pounded into her for as long as I could before filling her with cum.

When I pulled out my wife asked Cheryl Ann, “Do you do women too for a beer?”

Cheryl Ann blushed and said, “Well I have a few times but only to entertain the guys!”

This time my wife got up and went for a beer. When she came back she handed it to Cheryl Ann. After she devoured it my wife undressed, got on the edge of the couch, and leaned back. Cheryl Ann just got between her legs and started licking her mother’s pussy. I watched as my wife started to roll her eyes and placed her feet on Cheryl Ann’s shoulders. Cheryl Ann was using her fingers to hold her mother’s pussy open while she licked as far into it as she could. Three orgasms later my wife told her that she had had enough.

I handed Cheryl Ann a beer and waited for her to finish it. This time I fucked her sore pussy until I came.

My wife said, “You are just a young whore Cheryl Ann!”

I smiled and said; “YWCA young whore Cheryl Ann! That’s funny!”

My wife said, “There’s nothing funny about it! One beer one fuck is not a career young lady!”

Cheryl Ann snapped back, “Don’t you mean young whore!”

With that my wife slapped Cheryl Ann across her face and said, “Okay young whore if that’s what you want then that’s what you’ll get!”

The next day when I got home from work my wife told me that Cheryl Ann was on her third client. It seems that my wife had become her pimp. My wife personally walked around to several of our neighbors and offered the men a free sample of her fourteen-year-old daughter for only a beer. She told them to tell their sons, relatives, and friends that Cheryl Ann was available for fifty dollars and a beer at any time day or night. School had just gotten out so there was a good ten to twelve weeks left to prostitute her out to people.

That first day eleven of our neighbors came by to fuck our daughter. When the last one left I handed Cheryl Ann a can of beer. My wife told me to butt fuck her all I wanted to. Earlier when Cheryl Ann was good and busy my wife took me to our bedroom and really gave me a good ride. It seems that prostituting her daughter out excited her immensely.

In a few short days Cheryl Ann had a constant string of customers. She could handle about three an hour for as long as my wife wanted it to last. Most of the men didn’t really care if Cheryl Ann was awake or not, all they really wanted was to fuck a fourteen-year-old.

Cheryl Ann was getting about fifty clients a day and more beer than she could drink.

I quickly calculated that $2,500 a day equals a hell of a lot of money in just one year. In fact just under a million dollars.

What’s a parent to do?

The End
Young Whore Cheryl Ann
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