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oops havnt been on in a long time lol well heres part 3 for thos of u who liked it
BEEP BEEP BEEP shit i was late for school. i got some shirts and some pants shoes and ran out of the house telling my mom bye. i ran to my car got in and took off.

i got to school and from then it was a normal day. but i didn't see hannah i was wondering where she could be. i got home talked to my mom.

i went to hannahs house i knocked on the door. no answer so i just walked in her. i talked to her parents offten so they wouldnt mind. as i walked in there was a loud moan. i started walking to hannahs room. i walked in and there she was fucking anouther guy. i saw look att he door way and she gasped. the outher guy siad "IM GOING TO CUM!!!" she got off of him. walked over to me. i just walked away.

STOP please she asked. i just walked out of her house. went to my room and laid there. just thinking wheres there something i did or didn't do i couldnt think of any thing. so i feel asleep (it was friday) so i had the hole weekend to think. i got up around 8:00 in the morning.

i got something to eat there was a note on the table saying "dear zach me and your dad are going out this weekend and will not be home this weekend.

so i was happy i could sit in a tree all day. so i climbed the tree. i got to the branch i was always on. there she was crying. she didn't know that i came up. i came up behind her and huged her. she gasped and looked. she siad " zach please for give please" there where tears in her eyes.

i don't know i siad.
please zach i want you so bad please and i feel bad about what i did yesterday
i dont know i would have to think about it.

she had a frown on her face and started to cry. i got down from the tree and left. by 12:00 i was hungry. i was working out. got out of the work out room took a shower and got something to eat. i couldnt stop thinking about what she did. i try to play a game to help me forget about it but i couldn't. i walked to her house and her car wasnt there. i felt so bad after that.

it was 5:00pm when i got a call from her on the house phone i picked it up it was her dad. i could tell he had been crying by his voice on the phone. he siad "get to the hospitle fast". i just hung up and got to the haspitle as fast i could.

i got there i asked her dad what room hannah was in. 20 he siad. i ran down the hall found the room i walked in there she was in the bed. i just sat there holding her hand crying not knowing what to do. her heart rate got fast and faster then just to a clean sounding "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" i started sobing i kept holding her hand and saying "come on hannah don't die please im sory for what i siad please don't die" i just sat there saying that and her heart rate returned to normal. i started crying out of joy that shes alive.

the docter siad it would be about 2 weeks befor she will get out of the hospitle. for the next 2 weeks all i could do was think about her i bought flowers and always went to the hospitle every day. on the last day in the hospitle ii was there.

she asked who bought theses for me. i did i siad from behind her. she started to cry and ran and huged me she was sobing saying she was felt bad about what she did.
i told her that i would take her back she had a big smile on her face. we went to my house we ate something it was about 8:00 pm it was not cloudy so we looked at the stars. it was a full moon isn't this romantic she siad laying on my chest it sure is becuse your here i siad.

we started to make out she unbottned my jeans the unzipped and took them off. i had a huge rock hard boner she started to suck my dick. i unbottend her jeans and started to finger her she moaned hard and long wich set me off fast. she suck hard she took in all of my dick when i started to finger her fast. then she moaned long and hard that set me off i came 7 streams of cum. she swolled all of it.

she got up and started to fuck me she was tight. she moaned hard and long. she came with an earth shattering orgasm. i fucked her once i came she got off of me and got down and she made me fuck her ass. i only pushed in 1 inch when she slamed back on my dick screaming with the pain. i let it sit for a while when i started to fuck her hard in the ass she was moaning i came 4 shots of hot cum in her ass. we went to my house and went to sleep.

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2008-11-09 12:13:04
sorry man,but the timing and timeline is all kinda confusing but happy to say..ur spelling has improved from the first two


2007-10-14 12:32:08
I forced myself to give that crap 1/10 and the reason for the high score was that it gave me something to laugh at, namely your fucking stupidity in dreaming that your a story teller and writer


2007-10-11 01:25:47
a preschooler writing erotic fiction? i'd tap that.


2007-10-10 21:14:27
wow dude, you're fucking retarded. learn to write a fucking sentence before you even get on the damn computer. i've seen better shit written by PRESCHOOLERS. you can't spell for shit. learn fucking english you pathetic piece of garbage.


2007-10-10 09:00:20
What a load of crap - a total illiterate made this, it's not worthy of being classed as writing.

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