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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write
Mommy’s true passion- part two

We didn’t talk on the last few miles on our way home. I lived in my thought that time and just wondered if that really had just happened. Did I really just taste my mum’s shit on a dinner toilet? Had mum really written that letter to me? I touched my pocket. Yes there it was. Mums letter in my pocket like a sweet promise of forbidden pleasure. I watched mum driving. She looked that great in this short white dress. And I must say I never had seen her body that way. It was really perfect to me. I wondered what mum was thinking. Her face didn’t tell anything.

When we had been silent for almost an hour mum looked at me and started laughing. First I was a little confused but then I thought how absurd this whole situation was and laughed, too. We laughed for a long time and looked at each other. Tears were running down our faces from all the weight that seemed to be taken from us. Mum took my hand and pressed it. Then she said:”Honey, did you really do that?” I said:”Yes mum, I did” and smiled at her. “Oh my god you are in some way like your father.” She replied.


“Because he, as you obviously too, liked this games. When we met I was confused when he asked me if he could eat my poop. But out of my deep love one day I allowed it to him. He was the luckiest guy. We went to some specialist in the city of New York and tested my shit. It’s dangerous to eat it, you know honey, and sure you know you are becoming a doctor, anyway after that test the specialist said that it was ok and if I didn’t change the things I ate we could do our dirty games. As I said in the beginning I wasn’t that happy with all that but as we did it a couple of times I learned to enjoy the power it gave me over your dad. And, belief it or not, when we married I loved it almost more than he did.” She laughed and smiled at me again. “Oh baby in our honeymoon I think he ate almost 12 pounds of it. And you know what else?”

I was so stunned by what mum just had told me I almost forgot to answerer. ”No mummy, what?”

“I missed you more than anything this year. You are my son and I love you more than anything. And as you might know I didn’t date any men since your father left us. So I think you somehow became the most important man in my life.”

“Yes mom, that’s the best ever happened. I develop the same feelings for you. I should have known that you would look though me immediately. You are my mum and I love you, too.”
“Yes baby I know. These holydays will become great I think.”

We talked the rest of the drive about the pros and cons. That for sure was only masquerade because we both knew that there was no way back now. Now that we had the most open talk a son and a mother can even have. And somewhere in that talk we came to make plans for the holydays. I asked mom what she liked and disliked and told her my favorites, too.

When we arrived we brought all my stuff in. Then we sat down in the kitchen and I said:”Mom, I think before we do anything we should do this test again. I ate only a few fingers in the dinner, I don’t think that’s really that bad but we need to be sure for the future.” “I know, that was my plan, too. I’ll make an appointment with the specialist for tomorrow.” She walked up to the phone and dialed. Meanwhile I made some dinner for us. Well honestly I just ordered some pizza via internet. When the appointment was done mum came back and asked me about dinner and I informed her.

I switched on the TV. Mum sat next to me and came really close. I lay my arm around her. She put her feet on my legs. Then she started to kiss me. Her lips touched my cheek. I turned my head and our lips lowered. I could feel her heat. Finally our glowing mouths met. I tasted my mum’s trembling lips for the thousands time and for the first. For the first time I enjoyed my mommy’s kiss sexually. I felt her lower lip forcing between mine. Then she put her tongue in my mouth. I had kissed a couple of girls my age before that but I swear non of them kissed half as good as my mother did. She put her hand on my zipper. My cock was already like a rock. It had been the whole drive. While we kept kissing she opened my zipper. Then her soft motherly hand slapped in. I felt her fingers massaging my shaft. I felt her tongue massaging mine. I felt her muscular, shaved legs on mine.

She wrapped her hand around my dick and put it out. She didn’t watch it and she kept kissing me. Our eyes were closed. I simply enjoyed the satisfying handjob my mom was giving me. She was a great lover. My free hand found its way down to her dresses frame. I stroke her upper leg for a while and kept kissing her with all I had. She laid her hand on mine and forced it up her dress. My fingertips felt the pulsing heat coming from there. They graved though thick air. Nails like shovels. Finally they hit her skin. I felt a thin floccus. I wondered. My finders searched for some cotton but they didn’t find any. I broke our kiss. “Mommy you don’t wear any underwear, do you?” I asked. Sucking my tongue mom moaned “No baby, its summer and I thought you might like it that way.” “Jesus Christ, I love my nasty mommy….” I moaned back. My fingers went on. Mum concentrated on kissing and wanking me again. I touched her pussy lips with two fingers. I felt her moves getting more intensive immediately. Then I stretched one finger. I stack it in her only a few centimeters till I felt her inner pussy lips wrapping my finger. She was wet like hell. I smelled her floating juices and I enjoyed the smell. Slowly I started rubbing mummy’s pussy. I felt her getting more and more excited. “Yeah honey, touch mum’s pussy.” I felt her pussy hole contracting around my finger. Then a little load of her juice hit my hand under the dress, I felt her shaking on my side. And as I realized I just had made my mum cum I myself couldn’t hold my climax any longer, too. Cum shot out in strong and thick waves and covered my mum’s hand and my jeans and the sofa. Mum stopped kissing me. She looked me deep in the eyes and said:”Look what you have done. The whole sofa is a mess. Who the hell do you think will clean that?” She must have seen the confusion in my face. “I will honey, but you better remember that one thing. Don’t you ever waste a drop of your cum again. Now it’s all mine.” With that she leaned down and started licking all the little white drops and stains from my clothes and my semi hard cock and the sofa. As she was done she looked at me. I could see the satisfaction and the bare lust in her eyes at once. I kissed her again very intensively. Very wild.

Then the bell rang and I knew the pizza was here. I got up and went to the door with my cock hanging out. Mum ran behind me she grabbed it from behind and put it back in. She came in front of me. Then we reached the door. She opened and the pizza guy held the dinner in hand. She asked him how much she had to pay. Seeing her and knowing she wasn’t wearing anything but that white dress and her high heels and knowing she shared all the strange fetishes I had developed during my college year was the hottest I can remember ever.

We took the pizza to the kitchen. She got a knife and cut it into pieces. Then she sat right across from me and started eating. For seconds I just watched her, even now, while she did do nothing but eating a damn piece of damn pizza she was indeed my hot mommy. She put her nice heeled foot between my legs. My zipper was still opened so it took only a few moments and my growing cock popped out. Its top touched her shoe sole. She realized it doubtless, but instead of saying a word she just spread her well formed legs and let me see her nice pink pussy. My blood pumped harder. Soon my penis had its full size again and my eyes begged for more. “Undo my shoe, honey” she said chewing. I did as I was asked. Then she gave me the other foot and I undid the other high heel, too. She had the nicest French manicured toe nails one can imagine. It was as if mom was all I had ever dreamed of. Since I had started seeing her as a sexual creature everything she exposes from herself no matter if bodily or from her mind, she really turned out to be the girl- no, the woman- I always had wanted. “Your toes are so beautiful, mum” I said, “I love your feet, I love each part of your perfect body, how could I have lived without you?” She answered me with a smooth touch of my hard penis with her nice feet while she kept my eyes focused. I simply followed an overwhelming impulse when I got on my knees and stared massaging my mommy’s feet. I sat down on the kitchen floor and while she was playing with the one foot with my almost bursting cock, I massaged her other marzipan foot. “You want some pizza, honey?” she asked me.

“Yes please mommy…” I moaned full wrapped within her feet’s sudden erotic. She took a piece of the Italian food and held in front of my mouth. I moved my head forward and tried to bite it, not that I ever left her foot alone… But she pulled her hand back. “Oh, no baby not that way…” she laid the pizza on the cold stone floor. Then she stepped in it with her other foot, she circled it and made her foot all a mess of pizza and sauce, “now isn’t that much better for you. Don’t you adore your mommy’s feet, don’t you want to eat your dinner from mommy’s French nails?” I didn’t need any further word. I immediately started licking and kissing mom’s foot all over. I cleaned the whole mess she had covered it with. During all that her free foot never stopped masturbating my penis. As I licked her perfect formed foot I watched her as she pulled down her dress to expose her brilliant silicone breasts. The doc really had made a great job on her I thought. She pressed them together and started licking her finger. She took my hand under the dress and let me feel her wetness. I thanked god my mom was like that. I licked her foot like a dog and I couldn’t have been happier. She masturbated herself with my hand and me with her foot. “Oh yeah, baby lick mommy’s feet. Make your mom a lucky woman. Oh yeah that’s it…” she was ecstatic.

“Baby are you thirsty?” she asked but didn’t one moment stop being sexy. “Yes mommy” I said. “That’s good. Mommy really has to pee. Your mommy had a lot of coffee. Will you be a good boy and taste mommy’s pee pee?” She kept rubbing her breasts and licking her hard pink nipples. Before I had any change to answer she grabbed my hair and forced my head under her white dress. “Kiss it first” she ordered. I did as I was asked. “Mom you have the nicest pussy juice” I heard myself saying. I kissed my mom’s pink pussy hole and enjoyed the bitter sweet taste of her juice as it floated all over my tongue. “Yeah that’s mommy’s little boy…yeah eat it…now stick your tongue inside...oh my god…” I heard mom moaning. Suddenly I felt her pussy muscles contract. Then first a small and thin yellow stream ran out but it fast turned into a strong and hard stream of golden pee. My surprise took only a split of a second. Then I got my mouth into it and drank as much as I could of mom’s salty and so tasty pee. “Oh baby…yeah…drink your entire mommy’s pee. Make your mom happy.” It seemed as if gallons of my beautiful mom’s pee ran down my through from her sexy little pussy. Then, after what seemed like hours, her nasty, tasty, horny, golden stream became weaker. I did my best to catch every last drop. I licked her dry. This had been my first pee drinking experience but I think I didn’t do too badly.

I looked up in my mom’s face. I hadn’t seen her that lucky ever. She stroke over my hair. Her fingers were those of my mother and her moves were, too, but the pussy in front of my face was my lover’s. “Did you like that, baby?” she asked. I didn’t need to answer. The huge load of cum that covered her foot said it all. I had shot it while I was drinking mommy’s pee and she had masturbated me. She looked at me with a mother’s pride. “You are just like your father” she said. I got on my feet. Then she got on hers. We kissed and she sucked the last drops of her orgasm and her pee from my lips. “Let’s have a shower” she said. “Yeah I think that’s really necessary.” I replied. We walked through the master bedroom, in the huge bathroom. There I undressed her completely and undid all my cloth, too. The warm water hit our nude bodies and after we were all cleaned we went to her huge bed. I had slept there a couple of times as a child when I was frightened or felt lonely as a teenager. But this time it certainly was different. We were all naked. And my mom was no longer only my mom but also my lover, my mistress, my dream come true.

Finally we fell asleep and I was looking forward to the next morning when we had the appointment with the shit specialist in New York City.

End of part two. If you want more please let me know

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Superb story man ... i love it.. keep it up

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