Chapter 11

Dannie let the needles of cold water hit her sensitive chest and shivered at the pleasure that shot down her spine as she let the stream wash away the lather from her shampoo. She’d hoped that there would be some hot water in the shower if she showed up before anyone else but she’d soon realized that there wasn’t that much difference between an early shower and a later shower. As Dannie continued to hold her breasts under the cold stream from the showerhead she let her hands drop down to her hard belly. She still couldn’t see even a small bulge, but when she pressed her hands against her stomach she thought she could feel something and thought it might be the first sign swelling belly.

As she turned off the water and turned to leave the shower stall Dannie thought she heard someone in the other half of the bathhouse and grabbed her towel from the bench as she ran to see who was there. Even before she reached the entry to the toilets Dannie heard the outer door open and close as someone left in a rush. Dannie didn’t know what was going on but she suspected that someone was just spying on her and just the thought that someone had found her sexy enough to jack off to sent a rush of juice to her pussy.

Dannie dried herself off as she rushed back to where her clothes were sitting on the bench along with her bag, she stuffed everything in her bag except her robe and sandals. As soon as she was ready she rushed back to the front door and left the bathhouse and took a quick look around to see if she could tell which way her peeping Tom had gone. She noticed one fresh footprint on the ground and decided to go in that direction since she didn’t see anything else.

Following the occasional print Dannie managed to follow the trail to a small grove of trees and underbrush between Squirrel cabin and Muskrat cabin - the boys cabin where Beth’s boyfriend was the councillor. As she entered the ring of trees she heard voices and slowed down so she could get close enough to see and hear the speakers without being noticed.

Dannie thought she was going crazy when she recognized Beth’s angry voice, “Jacob Wilson, what do you think you’re doing?”

“What do you mean?” Beth’s boyfriend responded. “I’m just waiting for you - like I do every morning.”

“Don’t give me that Jake,” Beth said as Dannie tried to get close enough to spy on the two counselors without being spotted. “I saw you sneaking out of the girl’s bathroom.”

“You can’t be serious,” Jake said sarcastically, “why would I be spying on a girl taking a shower when I have you as a girlfriend? Maybe because after waiting almost nine months to fuck you again you keep giving me excuses instead of cunt.”

“That isn’t exactly my fault you know,” Beth sputtered.

“Yes I know,” Jake said with an exaggerated sigh. “The first week back we were all busy getting the camp ready and you were too tired to fuck me before going to bed. Last week you didn’t want to take any chances that the girl’s in your cabin would catch you sneaking out to meet me. And this week you say you’re on the rag. Is it any wonder if I sneak a peek at a naked girl in the shower?”

“It’s not like I’m avoiding you,” Beth said, “I really was too tired the first week, and what if one of the girl’s did catch me sneaking out last week, don’t forget the head counselor booted Jan and Brad out of the camp when he caught them sneaking off together last year. But if you really want to fuck me while I’m having my period I’ll do it.”

“No,” Jake said so quickly that Dannie wondered why he’d bothered complaining in the first place. “I can wait, but not much longer.”

“Don’t worry, Jake,” Beth said as she leaned forward to give him a kiss. “I’ll make it up to you, just wait and see.”

“Ok,” Jake sighed, “but you better make it worth the wait.”

“I will,” Beth promised, “but right now I really need to get back to the bathroom. I”ll see you later.”

Dannie saw Beth turn her way and ducked out of the way before the older girl saw her, but she noticed the look on her counselor’s face and recognized it from the times she’d seen it in the mirror when she’d rushed to the bathroom a couple times when she was suffering from morning sickness. She smiled as the older girl rushed by without seeing her and smiled when she realized that Ben was right about how well Beth was hiding her own morning sickness. As soon as she was sure Beth was gone Dannie rushed into the grove before Jake had a chance to escape.

“You better make up for it,” Jake muttered as he slapped his fist into his palm. “Oh, what am I saying? I’ll never do anything to Beth no matter how badly she treats me.”

“You know, Jake,” Dannie said as she walked up to the boy, “there are other girls in camp. And some of us would be more than willing to put out for you.”

“Stop being such a cock tease,” Jake snapped without taking his eyes off Dannie.

“Does this look like I’m teasing?” Dannie asked as she opened the front of her robe so Jake could see her naked body clearly.

“No,” Jake said uncertainly as his hands inched toward Dannie’s small breasts. “But you’re way to young to be fucking.”

“That’s what you think,” Dannie said with a toss of her blond curls. “I already lost my cherry and I like fucking older guys. But if you don’t want what I’m offering than I’ll just go back to my cabin and stop bothering you.”

“Wait,” Jake said before Dannie could retie her robe and Dannie smiled at him when she saw the small mound in the older boys shorts. “If you really want to fuck me that much I’ll do it.”

“If he was that easy to trick,” Dannie thought with what she hoped Jake would think was as seductive smile as she let her robe slide to the ground, “than it’ll probably easy to convince him that he’s the father once my pregnancy becomes obvious. Even as the terry cloth slid down her naked body Jake was pushing his shorts down to release his prick. When she saw Jake’s cock Dannie almost bit her tongue trying not to laugh. Even erect the shaft wasn’t much more than four inches long and it wasn’t much thicker than Ben’s cock, but when she looked at Jake’s face she realized that he didn’t seem to be concerned about what she thought of his penis.

“You don’t seem to be too impressed by my cock,” Jake said.

“Not really,” Dannie admitted. “It’s probably the smallest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Than let me show you that it’s not the size that matters,” Jake said with a lust filled grin, “it’s how you use it.”

“Prove it,” Dannie said as Jake pushed her against the trunk of an elm and grabbed her ass cheeks to lift her up high enough to put the head of his prick against the young girl’s dripping slit.

“Oh, I’ll prove it alright,” Jake said, his words slurred with lust as he slipped the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. “Normally I take my time to get a girl ready for my cock, but you’re such a slut you’re already dripping and ready to fuck.”

“You’ve got that right,” Dannie hissed as she tried to trap the head of Jake’s prick with her slit as she threw her arms around his neck to hold on to her balance. “Now stop talking and start fucking.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Jake groaned as he lifted her ass up another inch so he could wedge the head of his prick firmly at the mouth of Dannie’s cunt before he let her drop down to engulf his shaft.

As Jake’s cock slid into her fuck tunnel Dannie could feel every inch of it slide across her clit, forcing a gasp of pleasure from her lips as he buried his prick into her belly to the balls and rotated his hips. In her cunt the pregnant eleven year old could feel every inch of Jake’s shaft as it brushed across the juicy walls of her pussy.

“Oh God,” Dannie groaned as Jake pulled his prick out at an angle that drew the shaft across her clit the blond let out another moan and shook her head hard enough to shake the water out of her damp curls. “You really do know how to use your cock.”

“I told you so,” Jake grunted as he slammed his meat back into her hole so that the shaft slid across her clit again. Jake couldn’t believe how good Dannie’s cunt felt around his cock. In spite of what he’d told Beth he’d fucked several girls over the past year and all of them - even Beth - had such loose cunts he had trouble feeling anything when he fucked them. But Dannie’s pussy was so young and tight that he could feel the tunnel sucking on his cock like it wanted to drink the baby juice right out of his penis.

“Fuck me Jake,” Dannie gasped as the older boys cock stroked her clit with every time he slammed into her hole and rotated his hips. “Cum inside me, I want to feel your cum filling my hole until I can’t hold anymore.”

“That’s what I like,” Jake gasped, “a girl who isn’t afraid of a little baby juice in her hole. “Nothing I like better than filling a girl’s fuck hole.”

“And nothing I like better than fucking a guy who isn’t afraid to fill my pussy with his juice,” Dannie groaned as Jake picked up the pace as he approached his orgasm. Even with the pace he was setting the teen still made sure his shaft slid across the girl’s sensitive clit every time he slid in or out of her hole. She could feel her own orgasm approaching with each thrust that forced her back into the bark of the tree behind her. She felt Jake slam into her slit one more time and hold his cock as deep in her as it would go as his shaft bulged and spat baby batter into her belly. Jake rotated his hips again as he held his spurting shaft in her hole and it was enough to push the preteen over the edge so her pussy clamped tight around Jake’s penis to milk all the cream out of his balls.

“You are so fucking incredible,” Jake groaned as his legs almost gave out on him. He managed to lock them in place and leaned forward to lick and suck Dannie’s small tits and erect nipples. “Without a doubt you are the horniest girl I ever fucked.”

“And you have the most experienced cock I ever fucked,” Dannie moaned as Jake’s cum covered shaft slipped out of her slit. She let go of Jake’s shoulders and put her legs down to catch herself as her ass slid out of Jake’s grip. “Let me clean your cock off before Beth catches you with another girl’s juices covering it.”

“I can’t believe it,” Jake gasped as Dannie sucked his limp cock between her lips and started to suck it clean. “You’re the first girl who ever sucked me clean after I fucked her. A couple girls gave me a blow job before I fucked them, but not even Beth did that.”

“Jake,” Dannie said, letting the boys almost clean penis pop out of her mouth, “were you this good when you fucked Beth last year?”

“No,” Jake admitted after a few seconds thought. “I had to fuck several girls to get my technique this good. When I fucked Beth last year I didn’t really know what I was doing.”

“So what are you going to tell Beth when she asks how you got so good?”

“I never thought of that,” Jake sighed. “But I still want to fuck her - and show her how good I am now.”

“Maybe you should hold off fucking her until you can explain how you got so much better,” Dannie said. “And in the meantime I’ll be happy to fuck you whenever you want - even after you start fucking her.”

“I think I’ll do that,” Jake said with a crooked grin as he squeezed Dannie’s tit with one hand as he rubbed the fingers of his other hand across her dripping slit before he tickled her clit. “In fact, why don’t we plan to meet here every morning before the wake-up bell?”

“That sounds like a plan I’m going to enjoy,” Dannie said. “But right now we better get back before people realize we’re missing. See you tomorrow lover boy.”

“Wild horses and a frigid girlfriend won’t keep me away,” Jake said as he pulled his briefs and pants back on. “And if we’re early enough tomorrow we can probably have two fucks before we hit the showers.”

“That’s something to look forward to,” Dannie said as she tied the belt around her robe, “just make sure you’re early enough and I’ll be happy to suck you erect for a second fuck.”

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