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nothing better than turning a str8 boy for his 1st time
I guess technically I'm bi, but mainly gay. At 28 I've had quite a bit of experience and in the modern world it definitely seem more acceptable to be gay, but I still wonder whether a lot of people really accept it. I'll be honest, sometimes I feel not as accepted as str8 people and feel slightly less. I know I shouldn't but one thing that really makes me feel better is when I seduce a str8 guy, some guy who's popular and good looking... I feel much better when I seduce a guy like that... knowing that deep down where he wouldn't admit it in public, he really craves cock just as much as I do.

I like to work out, I'm 6ft, broad shoulder and lean. I work in sales but also I've done a course in massage. I know a guy in the gym and he's very good looking - popular with the girls and in great shape. He's about 5ft 8in, lean, muscular - more muscular than me but not as broad or tall. I've talked to him a few times and he would talk to me ok but I know he's a little stand offish because I'm gay. He would be nice to me, but I know he's different to me than to others. It makes me feel just a little bit inferior and question myself. I know it shouldn't, and he's not doing anything on purpose but being honest, that's just how I feel. To make myself feel better, sometimes I'd fantasize about him, imagining that he has deep down urges to give into me... to see him giving into them and being my boy. He's actually slightly older, I'm 28 and he's 30. I'd really get off on these fantasies and would wonder if I could make it come true so I decided to give it a go.

He was working out in another gym, but I still knew him through other people so I decided to give him a call, I knew that if he was interested, it would be very hard to get him to admit it - I would have to devise a plan. The way I see it, most guys deep down would have some urges to have gay sex. They wouldn't admit it but its there - if they were horny and the opportunity was there and they knew there'd be no consequences they'd go through with it. I knew how to get the situation right. I called him and pretended that I wanted his advice on getting into shape, I knew out of courtesy he'd have to agree to help me so I arranged it so he'd call over to my place some evening. I offered to pay for his help knowing he'd say he'd do it for free. I know that I could use his politeness and what was politically correct to coerce him into meeting me.

I got him to meet me late on Wednesday evening - 9pm at my place. I got everything ready, the place was dimly lit with some background music and had my plan all worked out. I was getting very horny, kept picturing him giving into his urge and being on his knees for me. One thing I really am into is relaxation and visualization, I knew he was too. He probably didn't know what I was visualizing though! He came over and I invited him in, kept over thanking him so he'd keep saying that it was no problem. Then I started asking him how he got into such good shape, what he was eating, what sort of training etc. He knew I was gay, but because he had to be politically correct he had to oblige me. The more cool he played it the more determined it made me that I'd seduce and get him to give into his urges. I asked him if he could give me some pointers on my shape, he began to start talking about the type of training etc. but I stopped him, asking what he thought of my shape at the moment. He said that he thought I was in good shape (obviously). I asked him to take a detailed look so I'd know exactly what exercises to do. When he agreed I took him upstairs to where the mirror was - my bedroom. When we got there, not giving him a chance to say anything I took off my top and my trousers so I stood there just in my underpants. I was semi hard and knew he'd have to notice after a while.

He pretended not to notice, he'd be too embarrassed to say anything but just started talking technical about training etc. Then I asked him to show me his shape so I could see the difference and know what to work on. he was very reluctant but had to go along with it, otherwise he'd have to accuse me of trying something on but with no proof - that wouldn't look good for him. He took off his top and showed me his pecs. But then I asked him to show me the difference in the legs... again reluctantly he stripped down to his briefs. At this stage he knew that I was taking advantage but just didn't have grounds to object. I knew I was in control and could get him to go further but had to be careful so he'd have to go along with me. Here we were, 2 guys in their underwear at 10pm in my bedroom... I could see that the situation wouldn't look good for him and he was getting nervous. I also knew that if there wasn't at least a part of him that was curious, he wouldn't have gone this far, he would have come up with an excuse.

I asked him did it bother him that I was gay, I knew he had to say no which of course he did. I said jokingly that if someone saw us know they may wonder. He nervously laughed. I told him there's nothing to worry about, that no one would see us and even though its all innocent that I wouldn't tell anyone anyway, that I was so grateful for him helping me I'd wouldn't even tell anyone that he was here in case they got the wrong idea. At this stage I was getting hard knowing what could happen very soon... I just wanted to grab him now and have sex but knew I'd have to go very slowly and take it step by step. I had him exactly where I wanted him... he was in a strange position, having to trust me even though nothing had happened. Then I said to him, "I'm so grateful, and in return I'll give you a massage". He tried to object saying it was ok but I was very insistent. "Do you know massage is very good for you? that it helps the muscle recover better?" he had to agree. "I'm very good at massage, wouldn't you like one?" again he had to say yes. "Ok, well that's settled then, you're going to get the best massage ever". I knew at this stage I had him... he could see I was hard and was pretending not to notice... I knew that deep down he wanted this so bad... probably he was fantasizing for years hoping something would happen but was always too nervous about the consequences.

I told him to lie on the bed face down with a pillow under his chest. I was so horny... there he was, mr. popular... pretending he was str8, popular with the girls... now almost naked on my bed. I knew that if I played this right things would change for him. I got the massage oil and put some on his back and started rubbing. I said to him, I know you're into relaxation and visualization, I use that while I'm massaging - it makes sense and gives a much better result. Asking if he agreed, he had to say yes. So I started...

"Ok, just allow yourself to completely relax, all stress is now being released", I firmly massaged his back and shoulders at first. "You don't need to think or do anything, just go along with this and you will feel better than ever". I leaned over and turned down the light so it was almost dark. The room was very warm (put the heating on earlier). There we were, both lean bodies, young men, in our briefs... it was perfect. I kept massaging quite firmly and to get a better position (as i didn't have a proper massage bed) I straddled him, sitting on his butt. I was so horny.... feeling his soft bubble butt under me... so near to my raging hard cock. I leaned down more towards his ear to talk him through it.
"That's it... just completely give in, allow yourself this pleasure, allow your mind to completely open up. In life we may want many things, but society tells us for many reasons that we shouldn't... so we keep it locked up and suppress it... this can cause us to be stressed. Now you can release this stress and indulge in the urges knowing that there will be no consequences... no one will ever know, just like the fantasies in your mind, this is what you've always wanted". I knew he couldn't object to what I was saying as I still didn't say anything directly... He knew what was going on and deep down wanted it. If I asked him if he wanted to have sex with me, he'd have to say no, but this way I could manipulate him into it.

I started to massage him lower down... on his lower back, moving back a little so I could pull his briefs down a little to massage the top of his butt and lower back. Then I told him that the glutes (ass) was the biggest muscle group in the body and is good to get massaged, as I said this I told him to raise his hips slightly and pulled down his briefs completely, exposing his white bubble butt. I wanted to fuck him there and then, but also enjoyed the teasing. I started massaging his butt, using loads of oil to really lube it. At this stage if there was any doubt in his mind he knew what was going on. I could see that he was erect... I had him now uner my power. I massaged it firmly and ran my finger down his crack touching his anus, went up and down this for a while, knowing this would turn him on even more. I was so hard there was pre cum oozing from my cock. I have a large cut cock, 8 inches. I took off my under wear discreetly, then took his briefs off completely... we were both completely naked... I sat back up on him, my ass on his. The fact that he was still there I knew that deep down he wanted this badly. I kept massaging, knowing that this would stop him from suddenly 'waking up' from this trance and possibly objecting. Now I leaned down and started to get him deeper into the trance... "this is what you've always wanted... you really can let yourself have this indulgence... release all that tension built up from years of suppression... this will be our secret and no one will ever find out..". As I said this, leaning forward, my balls where against his ass. He had his eyes closed as I told him to from the beginning. I moved my legs down and now I was lying on top of him... my cock was perched in the crack of his ass... all lubed up... I let all my weight down on him, my chest on his back and my head beside his so I could continue to whisper in his hear. It was like I had him pinned down.

"This is going to be the best experience in your life... for the first time you will completely give in your urges... I know you can no longer resist me, I'm going to have my way with you and know that deep down this is what you really want... I'm so hard now... knowing that you're now mine... isn't that right?" I waited but he didn't say anything. "Isn't that right?" I said again a little firmer... I heard a faint yes. "That's it, say it again... let yourself give in now". He said yes again, a tiny bit louder in a whisper voice. I started to rub my cock up and down his crack... making it more obvious as to what was going on. I could feel his heart beat increase, he was sweating too... he must have been so nervous, but also so horny. I had to be careful too... I didn't want him cumming too soon as that would spoil everything. I kept talking to him, getting him to agree more and more, getting him to give in and really allow his urges fantasies to become a reality.

Then I told him to turn around, to face up on the bed. I raised myself off the bed just enough so he could turn around... I could see his erect cock, it was nice... about 7" cut, very hard. I let myself back down on him, my cock resting against his. He still had his eyes closed, still very nervous and unsure. I put my cheek against his so i could continue to whisper in his ear. "That's it... its happening now, the more you give into it now, the more pleasure you will feel... this is what you've always fantasized about... you're mine now... feel my big hard cock against you, I'm so horny and going to have you. Soon I'll be kissing you, then have you feel my cock, then have you suck it... that's what you want, isn't it?". Again he whispered yes. I could feel his hips moving very slightly, I knew he was getting so horny, overwhelmed by the situation and unable to resist. then I slowly moved my head back, sliding my cheek against his until my lips were against his. I parted my lips and he did the same... then I started kissing him. I began gently pushing my hips back and forth against him, feeling his cock against mine. Still his heart was racing, his body quivering, I knew he was under my control.

I started to get more passionate, it was now clear to him what was happening and he couldn't deny it, he was naked, hard with me on top of him kissing him. I held his wrists above his head so he was in a more submissive position. Then I talked to him more... "Oh yes, that's it, you're really enjoying this, you want my cock badly now don't you? you like me dominating you... you need my cock so bad you'll do anything for me". He started to moan a little, saying 'oh yes', he couldn't hold back anymore. "you want to suck my cock, don't you?". As soon as he said yes, I moved up on him, straddling him so I was sitting on his chest with my cock at his chin. He still had his eyes closed. I used my hand and started rubbing his face with my cock. I was so fucking horny now... I felt so strong and powerful knowing I had him. I could do anything, could blackmail him, he would be horrified if I told anyone - could ruin his life. I wouldn't do that but it made me feel so horny. I began to be more demanding to him. "you're my slut cock lover boy now... open your eyes and look at my huge hard cock..." he opened his eyes, kept focus on my cock, was too nervous to look at me. "That's it, now I want you to hold it and feel it". he took it in his hand and started to stroke and feel it. He was totally in a trance. "Now suck it... suck my cock". As soon as he started to suck it I told him he was now a gay slut boy and this was just the beginning. Then I told him to look at me while he sucked it. "Oh fuck yes... you're my secret cock loving slut boy... i'm going to video you sucking me". I leaned over and took out my cam (had this all prepared from earlier!) and started to video him. "Now you're mine... I can watch this anytime I get horny... this is what you've always wanted, I've released the suppressed urge for cock that's deep inside you.. this is the best most pleasurable experience of your life... isn't it?" He nodded.

This made me feel so good... watching him do this for the first time... so overwhelmed by the experience... like a rabbit caught in headlights. I was getting off on this... making me feel superior to him now, knowing that socially he's a lie, not str8 and cool, but really deep down just a weak cock sucker who can't resist me. I know its bad, but it makes me feel so erotic and powerful. He represented millions of guys who think they're cool but just want cock as much as gay guys. Now its time to finish the deal...

I took my cock out of his mouth and moved back down, this time putting my legs inside his, using my knees to part his legs a little, my cock rubbing against his again. I leaned down and kissed him again... a nice sleazy kiss... tasting my precum in his mouth. Then I lifted myself up slightly... looking into his eyes... "you love cock, don't you?" he whispered yes. "Tell me that you love cock". He told me he did. I got him to tell me over and over.. and that he liked it more than anything, that this is the experience of his life, nothing turned him on more. Then I told him to tell me that he wanted my cock inside him... he did. I told him to hold his knees back... then I slid my cock down where my cock head was just at his opening. He was breathing fast... his lean body... red face... hard cock... the heat from his shiny skin glistening from all the massage oil... I took it all in. This is the way I want to see him, submissive and powerless to me... now I was superior to him, no longer feeling insecure because of him. I was going to fuck him and there's nothing he can do to stop it. "I'm going to fuck you now... you are my gay boy and I can see how much you need this... this is just the first of many times as you'll be back for more..." I got him to tell me over and over that he was my gay slut boy, that he always wanted cock and can no longer deny it. I assured him that it would be our secret and no one will ever know.

Then I moved in... allowing my cock head to build up pressure against his opening... then it slided in... just the head at first. I was inside... nothing could take this away from me now, I have officially fucked him and it felt so good. He was sweating... looking at my cock entering him.... completely like a child, helpless and overwhelmed... this was the horniest experience of his life. I knew he'd be ashamed afterwards, but he'd get over it. His ass felt great around my cock... very warm and tight... massaging my cock as I pushed further and further... now half way up my 8 inches. I had him moaning with pleasure... telling me he needed me... that this is what he always wanted... that he'd do anything for me... that he'll come back for more over and over again. I pushed in deep... completely submerged inside him... he was now completely mine. I leaned down and kissed him passionately and he reciprocated. Nothing in the world did we want more at this moment. Then I told him I was going to cum inside him... that my seed would fill his body and sealing his fate as my queer slut. He was loving it. I thrusted firmly, feeling my balls swell... I knew my cock was massaging his prostate giving him so much pleasure too.. then I felt a rush up my shaft and started to cum... it must have shot out at incredible speed... much more than when I wank. I let out a moan and this caused his whole body to shudder... he started to cum too. I squirted deep inside his ass... such an amazing feeling... his ass was perfect around my cock... better than anything I felt before... I could feel gushes and gushes, one after the other shooting through my shaft into him. He was cumming too... all over his chest and tummy... I leaned down to kiss him again. This was the best fuck I ever had and knew it was by far the most erotic and pleasurable experience for him too. It seemed that the cumming would never stop... must have gone on for minutes... We both lay there on the bed for a while, completely satisfied for the first time ever. Then I sensed the realization of what had happened was beginning to dawn on him, so I let him get up, get cleaned up and go. I knew he'd feel a bit crappy for a few days. But at the weekend I texted him asking if he could come over again to help me with the training... a day later I got a reply that he would!

Notes: I wrote this from the point of view of the dominant guy, the fantasy is actually me being the submissive guy. Would appreciate any comments.

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2013-01-04 20:07:45
Wow! a massage followed by a cock suck! Then, I get to suck and massage my dream boat. Oh! Oh! Oh1 I am cuming again! Then I put on my sheer pair of tight nylon cowboy pants and cruise for another piece of hot cock. bring him back and do a vacuum powered attachment on his silky cock head until I am swallowing cum, again!!

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2011-01-21 01:58:37
Liked the story idea, but thought it wasn't very well written. Good feeling behind the words though, just lots of sentence structure errors, and repetition, etc. With some work, it could be a great story. And to the Anonymous Reader who left the last post... if you don't like it, why the fuck are you reading it? Asshole.

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2010-11-12 18:24:55
This is all about what I want. I want a mature man to make love to me and then I want to practice with a young man.

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2010-11-12 18:24:30
This is all about what I want. I want a mature man to make love to me and then I want to practice with a young man.

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2010-11-08 00:16:59
I am straight guy you could say because I love women but I have already sucked a cock and it was one of the most erotic experiences I ever had. I think I really would love to be fucked by a big cock. I think my fantasy is to be this straight guy.

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