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I took a promotion with my company that took me to the midwest. I had left my family

and friends in a town that I grew up in. Once I settled in I began going out to bars and

clubs since I did not know anybody. I was at this dance club when I saw Maria. Maria

stood 5'9'' and had all the curves. She has "C" cup breasts with nipples that stick out 2

inches. Her long slendor legs connect to her fine ass that is soft like a pillow. I went up

to Maria and introduced myself and bought her a drink. After a few drinks we were on

the dance floor grinding to the the latest dance music. I offered to give Maria a ride

home when the bar closed and she greatly accepted. When we got to her house she

offered for me to come in and have some more drinks. I quickly accepted and we went

in and began drinking and talking. I decided to make the first move and I kissed her on

the lips and she kissed me back putting her tongue into my mouth. I then began to

explore her body with my hands. I began to cup her breasts and massage them with

both hands. I lifted off her shirt and began to kiss down her neck making my way down

to her breasts. I started off with the left tit sucking, licking, and biting her nipple before I

did the same to the right tit. I then laid her on her back on the couch and slowly started

kissing down her belly from her tits to her naval. She was getting hot as she began to

squirm. I began to unbutton her pants while I continued to kiss her. As I removed her

pants I was surpised to find she wasn't wearing any panties. I grabbed her left leg and

began kissing at her calf moving up to her thighs. I could smell her scent as I got

closer to her vagina. I love to eat a woman out and couldn't wait to taste her but I

wanted to take my time and not rush. She began to reach down and grab my head and

pull it to her vagina. I started licking her clit as I inserted two fingers into her already

moist pussy. My fingers slid in with ease and I began to work my fingers in and out as I

worked on her clit. She started to get near orgasm as she began to lift her hips off the

couch. Maria started letting out moans as she orgasmed. She sat up and ripped my

shirt off. She gave me a smile and said it's my turn. I stood up as Maria got on her

knees and undid my pants pulling them to the floor. She began to massage my cock

through my boxers. Then with her teeth she pulled my boxers to the floor. She grabbed

my cock with her hand and began sucking my balls. I stood there and enjoyed every

minute as she moved her lips to my cock. She took her tongue and licked around the

head. I then grabbed her head and thrust my cock into her mouth. Maria was by far the

best cock sucker I had ever experienced. It didn't take long before I felt my orgasm

building up. I wasn't ready to cum so I pulled her away from my cock and told her to lay

on the couch. I went back to sucking on her tits. This really drove her crazy as I found

out later that her nipples are her most sensitive part of her body. I was ready to fuck

her so I moved up and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I

pushed into her in one smooth thrust. She was very wet allowing the ease of entry. I

started pounding her hard and fast as I saw her breasts bounce to my thrusts. I was

feeling that sensation building up and continued to bury my cock deep into her pussy. I

then shot my hot cum deep into her pussy. I stayed in her until my cock went limp

before falling on the couch beside her and falling to sleep.

Over the next few months Maria and I spent all our spare time together and decided

to move in together. Things were going good when I got a call from one of my friends

from back home and he had told me he needed a change of scenery. He asked me if it

would be alright if he moved out to the midwest and stayed with me until he found a

place. Being one of my good friends I told him no problem and within a few weeks Matt

was at my door step with all his belongings. I introduced him to Maria and knew he

was impressed. We sat on the couch and had some drinks and I noticed that Matt

couldn't keep his eyes off Maria. Maria excused herself for the night as Matt and myself

continued to catch up. He complimented me on hooking up with Maria and said I was

a lucky man. Over the next couple of months Matt was having a hard time finding a job

that he liked so he asked if it was alright if he stayed a little longer. Maria didn't seem to

mind so I said no problem. I often noticed that Matt was very into Maria and would be

around her as much as possible, I didn't blame him because she was very

personable and hot as hell.

One day I got off early from work and was on my way home when I was debating on

calling Maria to tell her I got off early or just to surprise her. I decide to surprise her.

When I got home I noticed that Matt was at the house, he must have found a job or quit

looking for the day. I quitely walked in the back door but didn't hear anybody. I walked

through the kitchen to the living room and nobody was there. I was starting to get

suspicious so I walked upstairs towards our bedroom where I began to hear moans

that sounded like Maria. When I approached our bedroom the door was left open

probably because they didn't expect me to come home early since I never had in the

past. I peeked in the room to see Maria laying nude on her back on the bed while Matt

was working his fingers in and out of her pussy. I was in shock one of my friends was

in my house with my girlfriend. I decided to watch to see how far it went. Matt was

naked too and when he stood up I knew why Maria was into him. His cock was much

bigger than mine. It must have been around 9 inches. It was huge. He lined up his

cock with Marias pussy and slowly pushed it in. I watched as her pussy was stretched

to take him in. He only went in about 3/4 with several thrusts. Maria was going crazy

and told him she wanted all of it. Matt pulled his cock out leaving only the head inside

her pussy. He then said if you want it here it comes and slammed his cock deep into

her hole. She moaned with pleasure. He slammed the hell out of her for about 10

minutes. He then got up and turned her over to do her doggie style. He pulled her back

to his cock and it went in with ease. It wasn't long before she was having an orgasm

but Matt didn't stop he continued to bury his massive cock deep in her. He was near

orgasm and told her that he was going to dump his load in her, she didn't object. After

a few more thrusts Matt shot his load deep in Marias pussy. I quitely walked

downstairs and out of the house and drove down the street. I called Maria and told her I

was on my way home. When I arrived Matt wasn't there, Maria was on the couch

watching TV and Matt arrived shortly after saying he found a job. Matt stayed with us for

another month before moving out on his own. Was this the first time that they had sex

or had it been going on for awhile? Would this continue since Matt still lived close by?

These are questions that I don't have the answers to but know that Maria was very sad

that Matt was moving out and said he could come over whenever he wanted.


2009-05-19 08:59:20
That is copy and paste


2007-10-16 15:33:14
Boring! & 2" nipps, Come -on Boy Wonder


2007-10-04 12:47:40
2 inch nipples? next time find a real a cow!!!


2007-10-03 17:38:03
Hey Longhorn, that promotion to a Midwest town obviously wasn't in a job where spelling and grammar were important. Maybe your hero got a job driving a waste-management company truck because the writing in this story resembles that of a grade-school dropout. And stuff those 2-inch-long nipples and that 9-inch cock. What a bunch of crap.


2007-10-01 04:29:54
His previous story is of him fucking a roommates girlfriend, because she's not satisfied. Maybe Matt is a better fuck than Longhorn.

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