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Whenever my wife goes on vacation she looses all inhibitions.
Vacation Slut

I met my wife while I was on vacation. Well actually it was Spring Break and we were in Florida, separately but at the same time. One look at Stephanie and my tongue got hard as well as my cock. Stephanie was a knock out to say the least. For an eighteen years old she was free as a bird. Even being too young to drink didn’t stop guys from giving her all the booze that she wanted. That first time I saw Stephanie at the cheap motel pool I knew that I had to have her. Well me and a couple of dozen other horny guys. Stephanie made no bones about being easy and available either. She was topless for my whole stay in Florida and most of the time she was bottomless as well. Stephanie would suck any cock that was put in front of her and any pussy too. You would be surprised how many guys would not pull their cocks out in public, even for a free blowjob from the sexiest girl there. On the other hand you would be just as surprised at how many girls were willing to bare it all and let Stephanie suck their pussies in public. Cameras were going off everywhere and Stephanie didn’t even seem to notice. I didn’t think she wanted to notice or care what anyone else was doing.

No matter what took place all day long out around the pool she would come to bed with me. I was hard pressed to figure out why but I sure loved it. After a couple of nights with her lying next to me she said that I was her soul mate. Wow! Soul mates! I had heard of such a thing but I never imagined that I would find one or rather that my soul mate would find me.

Being soul mates sure didn’t stop her from being the sexual center of attention that week though. Stephanie was always at the pool area topless sometimes, but nude most of the time. She was not limited to sucking either; she would let anyone fuck her two holes while she sucked male or female. She liked it anally as well vaginally. For some reason I had thought that orally was her favorite.

Anyway that week was obviously the best week of my young life. The best part was taking her home with me. Yes! Stephanie just grabbed her suitcase, put it in my car, and got in. She had been sleeping in my bed all week and she was my soul mate so why fight it. I decided not to fight it!

Once we got back home to my apartment and dropped our stuff I immediately took her over to my parent’s home and introduced Stephanie to my mother, my father, and to my brother. I was a little concerned about how she would act at first. I figured that she would climb on top of the dinning room table, do a strip tease, and then fuck everyone in the room. She didn’t! I was very pleased. Her visit was nice and my family loved her.

Stephanie fucked my brains out every day in the privacy of our bedroom but was a perfect angle otherwise. She explained to me that she is a ‘Vacation Slut’ and that she would do anything once on vacation in a strange place where no one knows her.

She told me of several trips that she had taken with her parents. They would go to various nudist camps across the country when she was young and of course she never wore any clothes. She would sit in men’s laps and let them finger her pussy. Her mother and father never objected. In fact her father would finger her pussy too whenever she sat in his lap. However he only did that when they were on vacation, otherwise at home he would not touch her inappropriately. This went on until she hit puberty, about eleven or twelve.

When Stephanie hit puberty and they went on vacation to a nudist resort she started sucking boys cocks openly. She sucked her father’s cock too. That’s when her mother said that she felt left out and let Stephanie eat her pussy. Stephanie really liked getting more sexual. During that two weeks vacation she constantly had her mouth in someone’s crotch. However once they returned home everything went right back to normal.

The following year while on vacation Stephanie started letting the boys fuck her pussy while she ate their sister’s pussy. She had every small cock in the resort in her at one time or another. All of the men were jealous of the young boys, even her father. However the following year Stephanie made it up to him. He was the first man to put his cock in her fourteen-year-old pussy and he did it right out next to pool with a hundred people watching him too. Stephanie got all the cock she wanted that summer plus some. Once she complained to her mother about getting too much cock and was told that she had started it and that she had better damn well finish it.

Mostly they vacationed at nudist resorts but occasionally they went to normal vacation spots like everyone else does and stayed in cheap motels. Stephanie would always find a way to get sex even if she had to strip naked and stand out on the end of the diving board and shout that anyone that could hear her could fuck her. She did do that too and not just once either! Her parents were even asked to leave one motel until Stephanie told all of the other guests that she was being thrown out. Those other guests made such a fuss with the motel manager by threatening to leave too that he allowed Stephanie and her parents to stay. After that Stephanie had carte blanche. With the limit removed all hell cut loose and Stephanie was getting fucked by cocks and sucking cunts left and right. By the time their stay was over the manager was begging them to stay longer or at least to come back the following year. However that was not their style. They went someplace different every year so that Stephanie could feel free to go wild without anyone knowing who she really was. That’s how I met her in Florida.

Stephanie got a job and started helping me pay my bills. Together we saved enough money for a nice small wedding. The wedding was quite nice. My parents gave us a honeymoon package on a Caribbean Cruise. That gave Stephanie a chance to sow her wild oats again. It was just like Spring Break all over only ten times bigger, well maybe a hundred times bigger. Stephanie never wore a top aboard the ship and only when she had to on land. Her nickname quickly became ‘Fuck Bunny’ because she did fuck like a bunny. However she made sure that everyone knew that she wanted to be called ‘Vacation Slut.’ She bent over for any man, got on her knees for any boy, and ate any woman that wanted her to. She serviced the crew down in the hold and the Captain up in his quarters, she serviced the passengers out on the deck and in their cabins, and she serviced me every chance she got. She was always stuffing money in my pocket. She said that some of the men wanted her to act like a whore so she charged them. We went home with more money than the trip had actually cost my parents in the first place, including the airfare and all of our souvenirs.

When we decided to start a family Stephanie made sure to stop her birth control pills right after a vacation. She was pleased to get pregnant that second month so that the baby would be born and she would be healed up before our next vacation.

Stephanie gave birth to a healthy little girl that we named Charlotte. Charlotte was just eight weeks old when we took her on her first vacation. Stephanie nursed her around the poolside openly and topless. A few women complained but none of the men ever complained about her. Stephanie offered her breasts to any man that looked like he would like a sample of her mother’s milk. She even let them kiss Charlotte’s baby pussy for good luck. Of course it had nothing to do with luck at all Stephanie just wanted to record a really big number in her baby book under pussy kisses. Stephanie said that it was never too early to start her daughter out as a Vacation Slut.

By the time Charlotte turned two years old she had two more sisters. Dawn was one year old and Elizabeth was a newborn. We had tried for a boy but decided to call it quits. I offered to get a vasectomy but my wife insisted that she get her tubes tied. Well not exactly tied because she didn’t want to have any more children. Whatever they did inside her it was permanent. She told me that someday I would need my sperm and that I should keep it. I did as she requested.

That year Elizabeth was born we could not afford to go on vacation. Stephanie was very disappointed but busied herself otherwise. She took very good care of the girls and worked on her figure. She hadn’t had too after the first two births but that third birth left her with some unwanted pounds and she was a lot more flabby. Stephanie worked very hard at her figure and it paid off big time. Stephanie was in the best shape of her life. Her tummy was flat and her stretch marks barley showed. She got a new hairdo, had fake fingernails put on, and went to a tanning saloon once a week. She was even better looking than the girl I had married.

For our fifteenth wedding anniversary Stephanie planned to take my brother and his wife Amanda on vacation with us. I told her that would be a bad idea and that she couldn’t be the ‘Vacation Slut’ with them along. She assured me that it would be okay and that Amanda needed to get away for her tenth anniversary as well and that we were taking all five of our daughters with us too. All right then!

We rented a big van that could hold all nine of us plus our luggage. Stephanie drove the van since she wouldn’t tell me where we were going and Amanda stayed in the back to take care of the kids. My brother and I sure didn’t want that job. Stephanie drove well into Pennsylvania and turned onto a long dirt road that led up a big mountain. At the end of the road was a gate with a sign that read: Welcome to Sunshine Nudist Club a nudist swingers club.

All of a sudden my brother shouts out, “Amanda did you know about this!”

Amanda blushed shyly and said, “Yes I did and before you say anything we are staying and I am going to enjoy myself weather you do or not! But I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy yourself too!”

My wife then drove up to the registration building and went in. She came out a few minutes’ later and placed wristbands on all of our left wrists. Amanda’s two daughters got bright red wristbands because they were under ten years old and totally off limits. Our daughters got pink wristbands that indicated that they were touchable but not fuckable, at least not until they were sixteen years old at this place. We four adults all got bright green wristbands attached.

Stephanie drove to our assigned cabin. It was one of the bigger cabins and had twelve beds in it. We unloaded the suitcases but I knew that almost nothing in them would get used unless maybe a robe or some of the negligées that the girls brought with them. After all this was a nudist camp and apparently a sex orgy camp as well and to top it off both our wives knew about it too. Wow! All I could think about was fucking my sister-in-law.

We undressed and I got to see Amanda’s body nude for the very first time and my brother got to see Stephanie’s too. Now I really wanted to fuck my sister-in-law.

I couldn’t help myself and got a very good erection. Stephanie looked at it and laughed then she looked at my brother’s erection and said, “Amanda suppose we take care of these two before they trip over their own cocks!”

Amanda took her husband’s hand and started to lead him to a corner bed when Stephanie said, “Oh no you don’t! Remember we are to ‘swing’ you get my husband and I get yours!”

Amanda immediately released her husband’s hand and came running to me. She was just as excited about this as I was. I was glad of that. Meanwhile my wife went to my brother.

My wife and I knew that hiding in a corner was not the answer so we took Amanda and my brother outside on the deck. The two women got down on their hands and knees and my brother and I fucked them doggy style out where everyone could see us. We got into a little sibling rivalry as too who was the better fucker. He was no match for me; I had done this lots of times. He was just so excited to have his cock in any pussy other than his wife’s that he had a hair trigger and came almost immediately. Poor guy, he had to wait around and watch me fuck his wife for another fifteen or twenty minutes. Our five daughters came up closer for a better view. My wife let Amanda’s two daughters slid under their mother’s stomach for an even better view. My three daughters got under Amanda but in the sixty-nine position with their pussies directly under Aunt Amanda’s nose. My daughters licked my cock and Amanda’s cunt as I fucked her. Stephanie told Amanda to return the favor to our daughters so Amanda licked their pussies too. That even excited my brother and he got hard again. This second time around my wife got all of about five minutes worth of his cock slamming into her like a man possessed. It still took me another couple of minutes to cum in his wife after his second climax. I felt sorry for my wife but I knew that she could get all the cock that she wanted in this place. Amanda was very pleased when I came and rolled onto her back. Stephanie got over her and settled into a sixty-nine. The girls each tasted their own husband’s cum out of the other woman’s cunt. For what I thought was Amanda’s first time she looked good at it.

As we went out across the lawn toward the swimming pool area Amanda noticed that not all of the women were wearing bright green wristbands and asked why.

That was when Stephanie explained, “Oh! The ones with bright blue wristbands don’t do anal!”

Amanda just about shit and said, “I don’t do anal either!”

Stephanie smiled at her sweetly and said, “You will after this vacation! Do you want too have my husband break you in gently first!”

Amanda said, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

Stephanie said, “I told you before you agreed to come here that you would become a whore for the two weeks that we were here and that you would be fucked by a hundred guys! And that didn’t bother you!”

Amanda said, “I never thought that it would include anal!”

Stephanie said, “It does! Now shut to fuck up and screw somebody!”

Stephanie turned to me and said, “Maybe you had better take her back to the cabin and break her in gently! We wouldn’t want some guy that is hung like a house to get there first, now do we!”

Then Stephanie took my brother’s arm and said, “Come on girls we need to show everybody your cute little pussies! Remember girls! No fucking at this resort! They can look and even touch but they can’t fuck you! Understood?”

Stephanie got three very sorrowful yeahs.

I took Amanda’s arm and returned to our cabin. Once inside she started crying real crocodile tears. I decided to calm her down by putting her on a bed and eating her pussy while I played with her hard nipples. Just before she could orgasm I would stop. She begged me to continue but I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t let her finish herself off either. I did that several times until she was so frustrated that she would finally tell what was going on with her.

Well unbeknownst to my brother Amanda had been repeatedly raped by her stepfather as a teenager but only anally. That way she couldn’t get pregnant from him. The thought of having anal sex would simply remind her of those anal rapes as she grew up. I told her that I understood but that maybe this was exactly what she needed to get that old image out of her mind and replace it with a new image. The next time I got Amanda close to an orgasm I gently shoved my cock into her very well-lubricated asshole and gave her that orgasm that she so badly needed. I told Amanda to keep playing with clit and see how many orgasms she could give herself while I butt fucked her. Well as was expected I lasted longer that second time and fucked her ass for a good thirty minutes while she had at least twenty orgasms.

When we went out to the others near the pool Amanda said, “I feel a lot better now about doing anal! Thanks for the use of your husband”

Stephanie said, “I’m glad! I told you that he could be gently for your first time!”

Amanda looked at me and smiled as she said, “Oh he was and it sure won’t be my last time either!”

Just then a man came over to Amanda and asked her if she wanted to fuck. Amanda laid back and let this perfect stranger climb on top of her. Three more men took his place.

When the forth man finished fucking Amanda Stephanie said, “That was just the welcoming committee! They welcomed me like that too! The real show starts later!”

Amanda said, “Well I like it so far!”

Then Amanda pointed out a very attractive girl of about eighteen to twenty with a bright blue wristband on to her husband and said, “Honey why don’t you go fuck her! I’ll stay here with the girls!”

He looked like a kid that had just been turned loose in a candy store. We watched as he approached her and started to talk. Then we watched as she got on her hands and knees and let him fuck her doggy style.

My wife tapped my shoulder and said, “I think you should finish her off when ‘hair trigger’ pulls out!”

Charlotte our thirteen-year-old daughter said, “But Mommy she doesn’t have any hair down there! Maybe he will fuck her long enough to satisfy her! He satisfies you doesn’t he Aunt Amanda?”

Amanda choked and said, “Not really honey! He is the worst fuck I’ve had today!”

Amanda turned to her mother and asked, “What about you?”

Stephanie said, “Honey, Amanda is right your uncle is a lousy fuck!”

Charlotte said, “Maybe you guys are just too old for him! A lot of men prefer my young pussy over my mother’s old pussy! Right mom?”

Stephanie said, “Charlotte’s right! I’ve seen guys fall over me to get at her pussy in other sex parks!”

Amanda said, “So Charlotte this isn’t your first sex park and you aren’t a virgin?”

Charlotte laughed out loud and said, “No fucking way Aunt Amanda! I kept track last year and was fucked over two hundred times in my pussy and gave about fifty blowjobs! Daddy also butt fucked me a dozen times just to get me used to anal sex! Kind of like what he did for you a while ago!”

Amanda said, “Well young lady I’m getting to know you guys better than I have in the past ten years! Maybe we should form our own little ‘sex club’ when we get back to the real world!”

Stephanie said, “We will have to think about that one! You see we are all ‘Vacation Sluts!’ We don’t fuck around like this at home!”

Charlotte said, “But mommy I want to fuck around like this at home! You have daddy to fuck you but I don’t have anyone!”

Dawn my twelve-year-old daughter said, “But Charlotte, Elizabeth and I try our best to keep you happy!”

Charlotte said, “I know but tongues and dildos just can’t replace a good big cock fucking you till your eyes pop out!”

Amanda said, “You can say again! Look at the size of his cock!”

We all watched as a tall skinny goofy looking guy headed toward the pool area. He had about the longest cock I ever did see. Amanda beat out two other girls by getting to him first and begging him to fuck her with that monster. Apparently he said yes and she brought him back to our group.

Amanda said, “Stud, I have three holes and I would appreciate it if you used them all to the fullest!”

Dawn asked, “Can you deep throat that monster Aunt Amanda?”

Amanda said, “Just you watch me!”

With that said Amanda got on her knees after she pushed Stud into a chair and started sucking his cock. She got the head in her mouth and got it all wet with her saliva. She worked her way down that cock like you would work your way down a piece of spaghetti but a lot slower. The girls were impressed with just half of his massive cock in her mouth.

Even her four-year-old daughter said, “Good girl, mommy! Good girl!”

She took a deep breath then plunged the last of it down her throat pushing her nose into his curly pubic hair. Then she licked his balls with her tongue. It was simply amazing. When Amanda came back up for air she was applauded by about twenty other people that had gathered to witness her accomplishment. When asked he said that his cock measured twelve inches when fully inflated then he looked down and said that it was definitely full inflated now. Amanda asked him to it slip into her pussy but that she wanted him to cum deep in her ass. He obliged her request. When he finally pulled his cock out of her ass he had spent about ten minutes in each of her holes. Amanda loved it. After that several of the guys wanted to get blowjobs and fuck her other two holes. My wife got some requests for that too, which she accepted.

After that my brother and I got to baby sit the five girls for about the next three hours. We fed them and took turns watching them while the other fucked some willing woman. I kept going back to that pretty little eighteen-year-old and she seemed to really like it. Later she introduced me to her mother and I fucked her too. That mother and daughter were here alone so I invited them into our cabin since we had three extra beds. However I didn’t expect my eighteen-year-old to sleep by herself, neither did my wife.

As the evening wore on we moved my nieces into their beds and moved my girls and our wives toward our cabin. We now had four fuckable women in our cabin and the entire sex park knew it. At two in the morning I finally threw everyone out, closed the door, and turned off the lights.

In the morning my brother’s daughters woke everyone up early. Amanda made him take them away. When we did wake up I had four horny women that all wanted my cock. So I simply went from bed to bed poking them all while Charlotte, Dawn, and Elizabeth did their best to lick the other three women’s clits. I must say that my three daughters and myself managed to satisfy all four women. As Charlotte’s reward I filled her mouth with cum. She was delighted but really wanted it in her pussy.

The eighteen-year-old beauty said that she knew how Charlotte felt because she too had wanted my cum in her pussy. Charlotte reminded her that she had at least four loads in her cunt from me already. So the eighteen-year-old and my daughter got me hard again and had me fuck just the two of them until I could fill my daughter’s cunt with cum. Afterwards the two of them got into a sixty-nine and were still at it when my brother and his two daughters returned.

My brother took one look at Charlotte and the little beauty going at it and got an erection right away to Charlotte’s delight. She called him over and jumped onto his cock impaling herself with it. My brother did an outstanding job of satisfying his niece to three orgasms before emptying his nuts into her womb.

Afterwards Charlotte said, “See Aunt Amanda I told you he liked young pussy better!”

Amanda said, “Yes sweetheart you were right!”

Charlotte slapped her uncle’s limp dick with her hand pretty hard and said, “Too bad you can’t fuck me at this sex club!” Then she laughed and walked away from him.

We had a fabulous time during that two-week vacation. My brother got to fuck Charlotte a few more times before we left but always in the privacy of our cabin.

On the drive home we decided to form our very own sex club and to meet every other weekend. Charlotte wanted a bright green wristband. My wife said, Okay!”

The End
Vacation Slut
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