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Playing with an Online Friend during my lunchbreak!
This is a true story which happened a couple of months ago. Enjoy. I'm a 35 yr old married, attractive male. I live and work in an office by the beach in Southern California. I'm happily married but still have trouble fighting my urges to play a little bit, from time to time. I placed an add online, basically looking for a nice woman to help me fulfill a little fantasy I always had, and that was simply to masturbate in front a nice her. She would come to my office or meet me somewhere where we could watch each other and play. A few girls answered my ad and I ended chatting with one girl in particular that seemed very nice. She was asia/american, petit, around 5'2" with small tits and a nice shapely ass (she sent me a picture of her in a bra and panties). Probably around the same age as me. We exchanged emails for a couple of days until we found a day we could both meet. She lived about 30 minutes from me and the only time we could meet was during the day, which ruled out my office since I was not alone during the afternoons. She was willing to come anyway and trusted me to find a nice spot to park and we could do this in my car. We laughed at the 'high school' type of meeting that we were setting up, be either way, we were both happy with the idea. It was on for the next day around lunch time.

When that afternoon finally got here, she called me when she was outside. I had her park in the next lot and I would drive by and pick her up (we decided on my car since I had an SUV). I saw here by her car and she noticed me drive up and walked over to my car. She was wearing a nice tank top and skirt. She had long black hair half way down her back and a very cute fact to go with her outstanding body. She looked very nice to say the least. She got in and we both smiled and exchanged greetings. I could tell that we were both pretty nervous, but she seemed really nice and said the same thing to me. I had planned to park in a nearby parking garage that a friend used to live by. I’ve parked in there a few times before and remembered the semi-dark atmosphere and privacy it provided.

We pulled into the garage and found a nice private spot near the end partially hidden behind a wall. We made small talk while I parked and we both agreed to jump in the back seat as it provided more space for each other.

We hopped in the back seat and she asked me what I wanted to do. I told her she wouldn’t have to do anything but watch me, but if she felt comfortable that I’d love to see her sit there in her panties for me. She sat on one side of the car and opened up her legs for me and lifted the front of her skirt. She had on a beautiful blue thong. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I told her she looked beautiful. She caressed her pussy for me as massaged my cock outside my pants as it slowly grew. I asked her if she would mind turning around so I could see her ass. She was very willing to oblige and she turned around on her knees and lifted her ass in the air for me. She told me I was free to touch as long as I was gentle with her. My hands cupped her cheeks at first and then slowly moved up and down her ass. It felt so good. She probably sat like that for 5 minutes while my hands explored her cheeks and massaged them slowly. She turned back around into the same position with her legs spread. I told her how nice her pussy looked and she told me I was welcomed to see it and touch it if I liked. Again with the promise of being gentle, I slowly lifted the crotch of her panties and pulled them to the side. Her pussy was better than I could of imagined. Very nice with a small little landing strip. I gently pushed the back of finger against her pussy lips and I could feel that she was getting a little wet. I slightly opened up her pussy with my thumb and finger and she let out a little moan. What was supposed to be a few moments watching just me turned into a pleasure session for her. But I did not mind, one bit!

At this point she was fully comfortable with me to do as I please and we both agreed no sex would be happening. I slid in my finger and slowly started to fingering her pussy. I slid in a 2nd finger and she really started grinding her hips into my hand. I enjoyed fingering her for the next few minutes, and mind you, my pants hadn’t even come off yet.

She then asked me if I wanted to lick her pussy. I didn’t waste any time as I lowered myself between her legs and guided my tongue inside her. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth firmly against her. She tasted so good and I enjoyed every minute of tongue fucking her in the back of my car. I had my hands on her ass and was pulling her pussy against my face. We were both in heaven.

Mind you, probably 2 or 3 cars had come into the garage thus far. We were lucky as none parked particularly close to us. We would pause for second, to watch were the car parked and the continue with our business.

After a while of me licking her I sat up to take a breath. She smiled and just sat there with her wet pussy in full view. She asked to me to pull down my pants so she could watch me for a few minutes. I did what she said, and unzipped my pants and slid them down along with my boxers. I was hard as a rock and sat there for a few short minutes stroking my cock for her as she sat there with her legs spread for me.

After a few moments of this I asked her if I could lick her pussy from behind. I love a woman’s ass and this is one of my favorite positions. She was willing to anything at this point and got up and positioned herself over the back of my seat. She leaned over the back seat so her hands were basically on the floor in the back and her ass was sticking up in the air. It was one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen. I took in the site for a moment and spread her ass cheeks apart and buried my face between them. She loved it! I ate her out from behind for probably 15 mintues. I finger fucked her, tongue fucker her and just had my way with her ass. She moaned and squirmed and told me how much she loved how I forced my face into her ass and ate her out. I spanked her cheeks and just enjoyed her ass to no extent. I gave her a break and she watched me jack off for a few minutes. We knew we had to go soon and she wanted to watch me cum. But before I did she asked me to please lick her again, which I did. I lowered my head again and licker her pussy and tickled her clit with my tongue. I wanted to lick her from behind one more time so back she went over the seat and her ass was in the air. I fucked her with my tongue harder and faster and listened to her moan in the back of my car. Her ass crack was soaking wet from her juices and she looked so hot. I stroked my cock as I rested my head against her cheeks.

Finally she sat back down to watch me again. With her legs spread as wide as the car seat would let her, she watched me sit there and jack off for her. My jeans were around my ankles and my shirt was now off. We talked dirty to each other and she urged me to cum for her. Within a few minutes I started to cum and shot 4 or 5 large streams of cum across my chest. Her fingers played with her pussy as she watched me.

This whole even took about 45 minutes or so. We got some napkins and cleaned ourselves up a bit. We hopped back in the front seat and I took her back to her car. We both acknowledged that it went really well and were both happy with the other person’s generosity which made it very comfortable for the both of us. I gave her a small donation and told her it was for gas money, since she made all the effor to come to me and meet some strange guy she didn’t even know. In the end it worked out great.

I’d love to hear your comments and if any lovely ladies are ever in the area, I’d love to fulfill another fantasy with you. I also have a private office (most of the time) with a webcam and I love to play while someone watches me.

Let’s play!

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2013-04-17 23:28:04
nice i wish i was there so yu could suck my pussy

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-10 00:17:17
oh i would love to suck your cock! your stories get me so excited i usually have to masterbate to them!


2007-10-09 03:05:54
That was hot, I would love to watch you jeak off ... too bad we are so far apart. :)


2007-10-08 19:12:41 that was you i saw in the parking garage that day. I'll have to tell you what i did after seeing you and the young lady.


2007-10-06 10:17:00
Good story. Very different from the bullshit that I usually find in the stories. The content is great and it reminds me of my affair with an older woman. Although married and widowed twice, I was her first blowjob and she loved to suck cock no matter where we were. The best was in a shopping area parked in front of a bank with the customers walking by us as we licked and sucked each other in the back of my chrysler, cross country stationwagon. Also gave me a good one on the pennsylvania turnpike with traffic all around us.
Gave this story an 8/10.

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