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an idea came to me one day, and this is that idea
Small Town Trouble

Jimmy is a 17 year old teen, in the town of Wilton, NH, a small hick-town way up North in the farthest reaches of New Hampshire’s borders, almost going into Maine. Jimmy is about, 6’3’’, 210lbs, he is a senior in high school and he is on his school’s wrestling team, and is in good shape. This is his story, and his town’s story.

When Jimmy awoke, he wiped the grogginess from his eyes and looked at his clock “Ah, 11:50.….still got a few more minutes of sleep.” Jimmy finished his thought and rolled onto his back, and started to doze off again, when his door burst open and his little sister, Analeese, came rushing in and started to jump on his bed.

“JIMMY! JIMMY! JIMMY! Wake up! Wake up! It’s Saturday! And you know what that means!” she yelled excitedly.

“Yeah….means I get to sleep!” said Jimmy, as he pulled up his covers to block her out.

Analeese, stopped jumping and took Jimmy’s covers from him and kept pushing him till he eventually sat up and gave a big yawn. “happy now squirt? I’m up”

“Very! Now get dressed lazy ass! Or we’ll be late!” said Analeese, as she scampered out of Jimmy’s room.

“ahhh…fuck. I forgot that is this day!” thought jimmy as he lazily made his way towards his bathroom, after 2 minutes, he returned fully awake and ready to go to the fair.

~15 minutes later

When Jimmy finally came out of his room, he was greeted by a tall glass of OJ and the vitamin-pill-of-the-day. He put the pill in his mouth and drank the OJ. “gah! Mum! You need to get new OJ! This stuff is sour!” he said to the emptiness of his house. When he grabbed his keys and went out the front door, he wasn’t surprised to see his little sister, sitting in the front seat of his jeep.

While Jimmy was settling into his seat, he popped in his ‘Pantera-Vulgar Display of Power’ CD and was soon on his way out of the drive-way. They kept watching him go, knowing that their little experiment was soon to begin, especially with everyone in this little town having took the pill they were given.

~45 minutes later

After Jimmy and Analeese, reached the fair, they went in the main entrance area and were greeted by a man holding a mega-phone yelling about the main attractions they had at the fair, and they were also greeted by that familiar aroma, of fried dough, hot dogs, animal manure, and the stink of small-time business. They started out by walking down a row of vendors, selling various items, from knives, to belt buckles, to gator skin wallets, boots, belts, some man was even selling assorted hats made from raccoons and skunks. They made sure to stay away from that vendor, when they finally arrived out of the row of vendors, they were greeted by a petting zoo, which sent Analeese jumping up and down for joy. They went into the zoo and bought some animal feed, the first animal they saw, was a deer, it was a very friendly deer, and seemed oddly attracted to Jimmy, which weirded him out a bit. After seeing some more pettable animals, they made their way out and went to find some food.

When they arrived at a fried dough vendor, Jimmy asked “Hey Ana, what do you want?”

“Um…ill have a hotdog and a Pepsi.” replied Ana

“Ok…hello, 1 hotdog, 1 hamburger and 2 Pepsi’s please.” Said Jimmy, to the vendor-chick.

“mm, sure thing Sugar.” replied the vendor-chick, with a heavy southern accent.
“Here you go Sugar.” said vendor-chick as she handed Jimmy his tray of food.

“Thank you.” said Jimmy, glad to be away from that vendor-chick

“Damn Ana. People around here are weird.” said Jimmy, as he was handing Ana her food, which she ate quietly and drank her soda.

While Jimmy was eating, he felt weird, and sick. “Hey Ana. Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, I feel fine, a bit dizzy, but fine, why do you ask?” replied Ana.

“I’unno, I just got a feeling like I’m going to throw up.” said Jimmy.

“Maybe we should go home Jimbo.” suggested Ana

“Good idea.” said Jim, looking up and searching the clouds “looks like it is going to rain any second now.”

When they both left, they got into his jeep, and his prediction held true, because no sooner then when Ana shut her door, it started to down pour. “damn Jim…you got one helleuva predicting mind.” said Ana

When they were driving back, Jim began to feel worse, and worse, finally when they got home, he ripped his keys out of the ignition, ran to the front door, opened it and ran into the bathroom. “Goddamn Jim…you sure do seem sick, maybe it was that fair food you ate.” said Ana, blindly sliding a hand to her butt and squeezing a bit.

When Jim was done throwing up, he took his shirt off and laid in his bed, eyes shut and hands behind head and on his stomach. He almost got to sleep, when he felt his bed move, like someone was getting on it. He opened his eyes to see Ana sitting there, staring at him. “what are you doing Ana?” Jim asked

“Nothing, just watching ya” said Ana, biting her lower lip.

“OK….well, I’m trying to sleep, so could you please leave?” asked Jim

Ana reluctantly got up, left and shut his door on her way out. “God damn! Why am I so horny?” asked Ana, noticing the nipples on her small pert tits, were standing straight up, she touched one and almost fell over, but luckily, she put her hand on the wall to steady herself. “holy shit! that was amazing!” thought Ana to herself.

When he finally felt Ana was gone, Jim reached into his pants and pulled out his cock, normally it would be 6.5’’ but now, it was a good 9’’ “what the fuck? How did my dick grow so much?!?” asked Jim to himself, he placed his hand around it, and started to stroke it, making sure it was his and not a plastic one. “Oh wow…that feels better than it usually does.” Right when he got into a good groove, Jim heard his door opening and sat there, hand around his dick, and eyes as big as saucers. Luckily, it was his girlfriend, Katie, but still, he didn’t think he could hide this from her.

“Hey Jim…WOAH!” Said Katie, her eyes popping out of her skull and jaw dropping to the floor. “Well, I see you also went through some changes too.”

“Changes? what are you talking about? And what do you mean ‘I went through changes too’ ” ?? asked a rather bewildered Jim.

“Well, it has been happening all over town Jim, girls have been getting bigger breasts, guys have been growing bigger cocks, and the horniness level of the entire town, has hit 500 on a scale of 100” explained Katie. “I’m not sure how it happened though,.”

“What? You mean, things like this have happened all over town?!?!” Asked Jim, clearly referring to his own cock.

“Yes, I mean, it even affected lil’uns!!” exclaimed Katie. “It is a weird thing yes, but it is also a phenomena! I mean, to get a whole town affected by some source, that makes their extremities grow bigger! Hell, Lil Billy even had a dick on him now, not as big as yours though, but it is big for a kid his size!”

Jim thought that he was in some weird ass dream, but to his discovery, he wasn’t. “So..what do we do? Report this to a newspaper or a hospital?” asked Jim sarcastically.

“ha ha. Very funny you” Said Katie.

Right when they started, they heard a high-pitched scream and immediately Jim pulled his pants up and ran into his sister’s room, only to find something which he thought he’d never see in a million years. Sitting on her bed Ana had her entire fist, buried in her pussy, almost half way down her wrist, Jim and Katie sat there jaws hitting the floor, and Jim’s cock apparently enjoying this, as it was in a futile effort, to break through his gym short’s material.

“Ana! What are you doing?!?!” Asked Jim.

“Mmmm, I am having on hell of a time dear brother.” Said Ana, eyes closed and her tiny hand pumping in and out of her pussy. “Why don’t you join me? I know you want to, Katie can join as well…seeing as she was too affected by the changes that are going on in town.”

“Katie..what is she talking about?” asked Jim, noticing for the first time, that his girlsfriend’s sweat shirt was stretching to accommodate two huge surprises.

“Well… that is why I came over, cause I wanted to show you.” said Katie, as she pulled her sweat shirt off and revealed her perfect dome shaped tits, with 2.5’’ long nipples. Jim just stared for one second, then brought his head down and started to suck on them. “Oh Jim… oh god, that feels so good!” panted Katie.

Jim kept sucking at her breast, when he felt a liquid going into his mouth, and noticed that his girlfriend was lactating, right in his own mouth! Jim was disgusted at first, but then, he tasted it and realized the milk as absolutely delicious! He couldn’t get enough of the stuff! So he just sat there, sucking all Katie’s milk out of her left tit. “Mmm, Ana, why don’t you get on my other tit?” asked Katie, holding it in her general direction, when Ana heard this, she pulled her soaked hand out of her pussy and started to suck on Katie’s tit, being rewarded with the sweet milk.

Jim was so busy suckling at Katie’s tit, he didn’t know Ana was working his shorts down or that his dick grew another 2’’, his penetrator now a good 11’’ and hard as a rock and his balls also grew, to three times the normal size. Ana finally worked his shorts down around his ankles and started to play with his rock hard cock and with the other hand, his massive balls, knowing they had a lot of cum in them.

Katie, was lost in pleasure! To have these two sucking on her nipples, and the release of the building pressure of all the milk in them, pushed her over the edge, and she let loose cumming in her panties and pants, some leaking down her leg to make a trail of wetness.

While they were still sucking, Katie started working her soaked pants and panties off, revealing her own rock hard 13’’ cock, and she started stroking it up and down. While doing so, she realized she had something extra that wasn’t there before…she had a pair of massive balls too. “oh my god” said Katie out loud, distracting Jim and Ana for a second, and in that second, they moved onto Ana’s bed and began to have sex in earnest.

Katie laid on her back, her rock hard cock laying on her tummy and ending up with the head of it, just below her now big tits. Ana also changed since they began, Katie noticed she was filling out more, both in the breasts department and in the ass department, having a small firm ass when they began, she now had a nice big bubble gum ass on her, and Jim didn’t change that much, except his cock was now 11’’ and rock hard, his balls kept on growing though, soon reaching the size of softball’s, Katie also noticed that her new balls were growing too, at a pretty good rate, she could now just fit one of them in her cupped hands.

Ana, noticed for the first time in her life, that Katie has a large cock between her legs, and so she took it upon herself, to devour that cock for all it was worth, so she put it into her mouth and slowly, started to push her head down, towards Katie’s groin area, reaching about half way, she took it out and caught her breath, going down again and again, till she felt a finger and a tongue at her pussy. She looked that way and noticed Jim had placed himself between her legs and was eating her out.

After a while, Ana began to moan in response to his ministrations, she also started to tug Katie’s erection, up and down, masturbating her as she got off on Jim’s tongue and finger. While she was being jacked off, Katie thrashed around on the bed, reaching release pretty quickly, and when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, Ana had started to shove her fingers up her pussy and moved them in and out very fast, pussy juices flying all over Katie’s legs and Ana’s hand.

“oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” gasped Katie, as she let loose with a torrent of pussy juice, and a massive load of cum, spraying in between her tits, to hit her chin, but not for long, as Ana swallowed the cockhead and drank down every last spurt Katie had in her. Ana was so lost in pleasure, she didn’t notice her brother, taking his hand, rubbing it up her pussy slit and wiping it on his rock hard 14’’ cock. When he felt he was lubed enough, Jim lined up his cock with Ana’s virgin asshole and shoved in, going half-way in, then stopping.

“AHHHHH” yelled Ana, in excruciating pain, as Jim’s monster penetrated her deep in her ass, normally she would put a finger or two in there, but nothing as big, long and wide as Jim’s cock. Jim just ignored her wail of despair, and started a smooth pumping motion, his massive balls smacking into Ana’s over sensitive pussy.

After about 25 minutes of pumping her ass, Jim switched holes and shoved it into her pussy, bottoming out on the first stroke. He kept pumping in and out, in and out, till he felt the cum rising in his balls, and without even trying to pull out, he released his massive load into Ana’s pussy, filling her up to the brim of her pussy, and even having enough cum for it to leak out the sides, a lot leaked out the sides of her tightly stuffed pussy, as it leaked out, it soaked her covers, and had a very strange aroma to it.

After their sex romp, Katie, Ana, and Jim, all fell asleep on Ana’s bed. They slept soundly, till Ana got up and threw up, not knowing the pill Jim and everyone else in town had taken, had made the girls more fertile and the men, able to produce more than the normal amount of sperm needed to impregnate a woman.

~Pt. 2 anyone??? If you like this, tell me and I shall think of writing a part 2.…this is my first time doing something like this….so feedback is welcome, and any ideas as well~

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yes please do part 2 and even 3 4 and 5 it a great story

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