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When you live in a glass house you expect people to watch you fuck.
Exhibitionism And Voyeurism

Exhibitionism and voyeurism go hand in hand. Exhibitionism is the urge to expose one’s genitals to an unsuspecting person while voyeurism is the urge to observe an unsuspecting person who is naked, disrobing or engaging in sexual activities.

In my new community you can be both an exhibitionist and a voyeur. It is an exclusive community to say the least. All of the homes are single story with plenty of windows. No curtains, drapes, or venation blinds are allowed. You cannot do anything to obstruct the view from the outside.

Some evenings there are social gatherings outside some beautiful wife’s window to watch her take a shower, change her clothes, or even masturbate for us. We usually bring beer and a lawn chair if there aren’t any already there.

As you walk down the sidewalk you can flash some cute young girl your cock but don’t be surprised if she flashes her bald little pussy right back at you.

After submitting my application I had an interview with the community leaders to decide weather or not I was worthy of allowing in. They very much liked the nude pictures I showed them of my fourteen-year-old daughter Amelia and of my thirty-four-year-old wife Kimberly. Shortly after that I was granted permission to submit the plans for my house for approval.

Part of the acceptance package was that my wife and daughter not be told about this community prior to me bringing them here.

I am a very capable draftsman so I drew up my own plans. I had looked around their community with the older houses looking like real houses where you have to practically get right up to the window to look inside. Some of the newer houses have those big bay windows. I knew that I could do much better.

I worked on my computer every chance that I could. A few weeks later I presented my package to the council along with a miniature model of what my new house was supposed to look like.

The community leaders were astounded at my suggestion. They had never seen anything like it before. I was immediately given permission to start construction.

Over the next four months it was built. It sure attracted a lot of attention from the entire community plus all of my construction crew.

I had an open house prior to bringing my family to live in it. An open house was not really necessary but more of an offer to get better acquainted within the community.

The house was built in a semi circle. The entire front of the house was glass from floor to ceiling. It was like walking past a store in a big shopping mall. Nothing was hidden and there was nowhere to hide unless you could fit in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. There were no interior doors and the interior walls were only waist high. You just walk through one room to get to another. Every time I would want to go to my bedroom I would have to go right through my daughter’s bedroom to get there. The beds all faced the windows of course. The bathtub was right against the glass wall and the toilet faced that glass wall too. From the outside the two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dinning room, and the living room were all completely visible. Our clothes hangers hung on a bar that was against the back wall.

Now outside the house I built a set of bleachers like at a movie theater. The seats were comfortable and could recline. There were even cup holders built into the armrests. I provided vending machines for beer and soda at cost. The roof went from the back of the house out over the spectator’s seats to protect them from the rain and prevent any obstructed view. The bleachers had seating for a hundred spectators. I only hoped that it would be enough.

At first Kimberly and Amelia were dead set against moving however it was not their choice to make. I had sold the house that we were living in and that was that.

When I checked in with the Security Guard at the Community Gate my wife became more impressed. She had been worried about our old neighborhood becoming increasingly violent. Of course the Guard then informed the Council that I had arrived with my family. They had been expecting to arrive about this time.

As I drove through the streets to get to our new home my daughter noticed that there were no curtains at any of the windows. My wife saw a few naked people inside their houses looking out at us and giggled.

When I approached our house there must have been three hundred people there to greet us. My wife was very impressed until she saw our new house.

She took one look at me and said, “We are going to live in that fishbowl!”

I smiled and said, “I never thought of that deion.”

Amelia surprised us both by saying, “Cool!”

The Council hugged and kissed Kimberly and Amelia and welcomed them to their new home and to the community. Amelia was greeted by one of her new school teaches and was given a simple map of how to find the school, a list of the other teachers, and their phone numbers. Amelia was to come by the following morning at ten o’clock for a meet and great. In this community school does not close for the summer, that way the students learned a lot more, faster. My wife was provided with a list of several meetings that take place every week for the wives and asked to attend every one at least once to check them out. I was provided with the trash pickup and the recycle rules.

The spectators took their place as we entered the house. Amelia had to pee but didn’t really want to since she had just seen the toilet from the outside. My wife laughed at her and went right in. I was amazed that my wife would lift her skirt up and tuck it under her chin while she dropped her panties all the way to her ankles. She even waved at her audience and then sat down with her legs splayed out wide so that everyone could see her pussy clearly. Amelia and I sat on the edge of the tub and watched the show too. My wife spread wide and wiped her pussy before pulling her panties back up, again waving at the people, and lowering her skirt back in place. I always knew that my wife was an exhibitionist. I loved her even more. Amelia took a big breath and dropped her jeans to her ankles followed by her panties. I smiled at her as she sat down on the toilet seat and spread her knees wide like her mother had just done.

When they had both finished they told me that it was my turn to pee. I unzipped my pants and started to pull my cock out but Amelia said that it wasn’t fair and made me drop my pants and underwear to my ankles like she had. Then I had to stand sideways and show my extremely normal cock to the spectators. Several women waved at me.

When I finished I asked my wife, “Are you horny by any chance?”

She said, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

Amelia said, “Go for it mom! I’ll go outside so you two can be alone!” Then she laughed hysterically and left.

My wife laughed too but she took my hand and led me to our bedroom. Amelia ran outside and sat on the lawn to get a great view. Several girls her age sat with her. My wife pushed me onto the bed and did a slow stripteases but not for me as much as for her admirers. Afterwards she undressed me and lowered my underwear with her teeth. She placed me on my back with my head toward the window. Then Kimberly got on top of me and started fucking me like a porn star, which she was at that very moment. She screamed out with every orgasm and begged me to pinch and twist her nipples till she couldn’t stand it any longer. Finally she thrashed about like a woman possessed. The she passed out on my chest. Amelia came running in and started sucking on her mother’s pussy. I realized right then that my two girls were natural born exhibitionists.

Upon completion of cleaning her mother’s twat Amelia helped her mother to her feet and insisted that we all walk outside and thank everyone for our wonderful welcome to our new home.

So still naked and somewhat covered with cum we walked outside. The women spectators kissed me and played with my cock. The men spectators kissed my wife and Amelia, felt them up, and tweaked their nipples.

Amelia grabbed a pretty girl about her age and took her inside. My wife and I sat down and watched the show along with everyone else. The two girls stood in the bathtub and pulled the curtain around the backside. Our view was not at all obstructed. Amelia kissed the girl as if she were an old lover. Then she sucked her nipples and knelt down to eat her pussy. The water had not even been turned on yet and the girl’s pussy was not clean. Amelia didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact if it had been too clean I think she would have been disappointed. I watched in awe as the girl pissed in Amelia’s mouth. I was sure that she swallowed some of it. Soon the water was turned on and Amelia started soaping up her new girlfriend. Amelia washed the girl’s tits very well, the girl’s pussy even better, and then turned her around to let us watch her wash the girl’s ass. Amelia had her bend over and let us see her put each one of her ten fingers into the girl’s asshole. We watched her put three of her fingers into the girl’s pussy then four of them. Amelia could not get her whole hand into the girl’s pussy but the fact that she had tried was enough for the girl’s parents to shout out words of encouragement to Amelia. Then it became the girl’s turn to wash Amelia. From our standpoint this was what my wife would call payback. That girl mauled the hell out of Amelia’s breasts as she washed them. She damn near got her whole hand up Amelia’s pussy to the shouts and cheers of everyone watching. She did an equally good job on my daughter’s asshole. Finally they just soaped up, rinsed off, and walked out to us still wet.

Amelia said, “Mom this is Danielle! Can she sleep with me tonight! Oh yeah and can we borrow that really big dildo of yours?”

Then Amelia turned to the crowd and said, “We will be going to bed about eight o’clock if you all want to come back then!”

Danielle said, “Mom can I stay please? She ate me to four orgasms! It was fantastic!”

Of course her mother said, “Okay honey!”

I listened as Danielle’s mother asked my wife, “Would you like to swap husbands on your first night here?”

My wife said, “Why not! The four of us adults could sleep in our bed and put your kids in Amelia’s bed! That way these people here wouldn’t have to choose which house to peek into!”

I slipped my hand up under Danielle’s mother’s mini skirt and got a handful of secreting pussy and said, “Shall we begin now?”

Danielle’s mother said in a loud voice, “Chester! Kids! We invited inside! Come on!”

The End
Exhibitionism And Voyeurism
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