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Brock, Chris, and Cory are at it again...
It had been months since the three boys went at it in the locker-room. Football season came and went, and now snow was falling outside.
Brock, Chris, and Cory were all sitting in history class together, making fun of the teacher behind her back and throwing crumpled up balls of paper all over the classroom. This was the last class before Winter Break, so everybody was anxiously looking out the window at the falling snow, and at the clock waiting for it to strike 3:00pm. Finally, the bell rang. Binders snapped closed, were thrown into backpacks, and the room was empty faster than anybody could say snowball. The halls were filled with excited students. The popular girls were screaming and hugging each other goodbye, the jocks were taunting the girls and making obscene comments to them, also yelling their way down the hall, and Brock, Chris, and Cory were huddled together already making plans for the vacation.
"Dudes," Brock started, "My uncle won't be using his house up in Vermont this week and said we could go and stay in it! He lives right on ski mountain. There are some sick trails up there."
"Awesome! I can't wait to try out my new board,” said Cory, and Chris nodded in excited agreement. The three guys arranged to meet at Brock's house the next day.

That night Brock picked up his girlfriend, Kate, and they went to Brock's house. They talked for a while and had dinner with Brock's parents, and then his parents went out to see a show in the city. Brock switched on the TV and popped in a scary movie. The two lovers huddled up together on the couch and began watching. Kate would scream really loud at any scary parts, and Brock would tease her about this. "Shut up!" yelled Kate, punching Brock's arm.
"Ow!" Brock laughed, "Now you're in for it!"
Katie screamed and laughed and ran off the couch, Brock chasing her. Finally Brock caught up to her in the dining room and enveloped her in his arms. He pretended to bite her neck like a vampire, and then started to kiss it. Kate turned, looked into Brock's eyes, smiled, and kissed him back. All of a sudden, Brock growled and picked her up again. Kate started to laugh and yell again, and Brock carried her through the house and up the stairs to his room. He threw her onto his bed and smiled. "Oh no! What are you going to do to me?!" joked Kate.
"I'm gonna give you a real hard time! I'm gonna show you a real monster!" Brock stood at the foot of his bed and took off his shirt. He was still ripped from football season. He then took his shorts off, standing only in his boxer briefs. The outline of his hard cock was growing by the second, turning Kate on. She put one hand down the front of her pants and the other up her shirt. Brock got on all fours on the bed and crawled on top of Kate, so his cock was over her head. Kate didn't need any further instruction. She slipped off his underwear with and his dick popped out, hard and pulsating. She took the tip of her tongue and licked gently. She loved to tease him like this. She then licked a little further down his shaft, and up again. Brock's precum was making his dickhead glisten. Kate then popped just the head of his cock into her mouth, and out again. Brock moaned. He couldn't take it anymore. He lowered his ass and shoved his dick in Kate's mouth. He then pulled out. Kate responded by grabbing his hard ass and pulling his dick into her mouth again. In and out, Brock face fucked Kate like this for a while. Finally, Kate said "My turn!"
Brock pulled out of her mouth and retreated to the end of the bed again. He grabbed her jeans and pulled them off, revealing Kate's red thong and hot ass. He stroked her thighs and ass until he got back up to her waist, and then pulled off her thong. He looked at her wet pussy and immediately dove right in, his tongue licking every surface of her clit. Kate moaned with pleasure, and as Brock ate her out, he rubbed her tits under her shirt. Brock was laying on hi stomach as he licked Kate's pussy, so he fucked the bed with his dick, giving Kate the hot view of his toned ass and back flexing. After a while of this, Brock looked up, his face shining with Kate’s pussy juice, and said, "Now I'm gonna fuck you"
He kneeled, grabbed Kate underneath by her ass, and pulled her towards him. He aligned his big cock with her tight pussy, and slowly pushed in. When he was in balls deep, He laid her down on her back again and lowered himself down as well. They were in missionary position, and Brock began to pump in and out of Kate. By this time Kate had taken her shirt and bra off, and while he was fucking her, Brock sucked on her tits. He pounded her harder with each thrust, making Kate scream with joy. Then, bored with missionary, Brock pulled out and flipped Kate over onto her stomach. Again, Brock entered her pussy and fucked her doggy style, but with Kate flat on her stomach. He fucked her hard and marveled at her round ass. He spread her ass cheeks and had a perfect view of her beautiful asshole. Brock had never assfucked Kate before because she said she wasn't ready, but she said one day he could. Brock couldn't wait for that day.
Brock was fucking Kate so hard, her ass shaking every time he thrust into her. His breathing got harder and faster, and he knew he was about to cum. He pounded her ass a few more times, pulled out, and screamed as he shot ropes of cum onto her ass.
Brock and Kate lay next to each other, each satisfied, and talked. Brock told her about his plans to go up to Vermont with his buddies, and Kate sat up and said, "WHAT?! You told me weeks ago you’d spend winter break here with me!" Brock slapped his forehead, realizing that this was true. "Aw Kate, c'mon. The guys and I really wanna go snowboarding up there." Kate did not reply. Brock turned to her and, quite reluctantly said, "Do you want to come to Vermont with us?" Kate smiled and said "YES,"

The next morning Cory and Chris pulled Cory's station wagon into Brock's driveway and beeped the horn. Brock came out of the front door, followed by Kate. Cory turned to Chris. "Is she coming with us? Fuck."
"Yeah," said Chris, "Brock won't come boarding with us if she’s around. Everybody knows they fuck like rabbits. She'll hog him!" When Brock brought his bag to the car, he could sense his friends' disapproval.
"Guys, don't worry. I'll be tearing down that slope, and Kats a good snowboarder too..."
"Riiiight," said Cory and Chris in unison.

The ride up to Vermont was long and boring, but once the four teenagers pulled into the log cabin's driveway, they all got very excited. "We call the master bedroom!" yelled Kate. Cory and Chris rolled their eyes while Brock avoided their glances. The four of them hauled their gear into the house and started a fire in the fireplace; it was already dark out so they would have to wait until the next day to hit the slopes. They all had hot chocolate and sat by the fire until it was very late, then they all retired to their rooms. Cory and Chris had to share the small guest room in the back while Kate and Brock headed into their room on the loft upstairs.
Lying in the bed that night, Cory and Chris were just talking and joking with each other about all the stuff they would do tomorrow and how fun it was going to be. As they were speaking, they could both hear a persistent knocking on the cabin wall. "Looks like they got the whole bed moving up there..." They both laughed.
"Hey, he's so lucky he's got a girl with him. What are a couple of guys supposed to do around here?" joked Chris.
Cory turned to face him "Well...there was that time in the locker room" Chris was shocked; the guys had not talked about that since it happened. He wasn't mad, just surprised...pleasantly surprised.
"Yeah of course I remember...sometimes...well...sometimes when I jerk off I think of the three of us fucking"
"Me too! Except not sometimes. All the time. You know, we are still great pals and we could always try again."
"I guess you're right, but it's a little weird. I mean, ya know? Also, Brock was the one who came up with the idea last time, and he's got his girlfriend now."
"Listen, I'm horny as hell from listening to them go at it. I'm gonna jerk off now. I don't care if you watch or not." Cory pulled off the blanket and Chris was shocked to see his boxers already at his ankles, his hard cock in the air. Cory started to stroke it right away, and when he noticed Chris staring he said, "Oh c'mon don't be such a pussy." Chris did not need to be told twice. He took his own hands and wrapped them around Cory's dick. Then he bent over and spit onto Cory's member. Now that Cory was all lubed up he stroked his cock with one hand and with the other, Chris rubbed Cory's hard body all over. Then, without warning, Cory bent over and took Chris's whole shaft into his mouth, deepthroating him. "Ahh my god!" yelled Chris in pleasure.
Blowing and stroking each other for almost an hour, Chris finally said that he was about to come. Chris expected Cory to sit up and let him cum on his own stomach, but all Cory did was moan and say, while sucking, "MmmHmmm" That was all Chris needed. He shot his load right to the back of Cory's throat, feeling him swallow all the warm cum. Then Cory sat up and started to stroke his own dick fast and hard. Cory groaned and started to cum. He came so hard his cum shot up and hit his chin and Chris's chest. The two boys sat there, catching their breath and smiling, and drifted off to sleep.

"WAKE UP!" Brock was knocking down the door to Cory and Chris's bedroom at 8:30am. "We got some fresh snow last night! I wanna hit the powder!" While Chris got up and opened the door, yawning and groggy and in only boxers, Brock was already dressed and ready to snap on his snowboard and go. Chris walked to the bathroom to wash up while Brock went to wake Cory. Chris went to the bathroom door, knocked, and when nobody answered entered. When he walked in he bumped into Kate, who was wearing only a bra and a towel. "Oh! Sorry!" Chris stammered. Kate smiled, "sorry...I didn't hear you. It's ok...really." She walked past Chris and out of the bathroom, but Chris was sure she stopped for a second to check him out.

The snow on the mountain was perfect...powdery and fresh. The weather was also great, and this made for a great day of snowboarding. The guys and Kate piled into a chairlift and went up the mountain. The four teens joked and laughed all the way up, and the unloaded with ease at the top.
After snapping on his bindings, Brock was the first to start zipping down the mountain, followed by Chris, Cory, and Kate. They all flew down the snowy trails with grace, hitting jumps and getting air. They were having so much fun together.
The whole day went by, and when they were not taking hot chocolate breaks in the lodge, they were on the mountain. They boarded until it began getting dark.

That night, the four teenagers went for dinner at the restaurant in the lodge. They ordered pizza and talked about how great the day was. Midway into the meal, Cory and Chris kept noticing that Brock and Kate, who were sitting opposite each other, were giggling nonstop. Cory peeked under the table, and, just as he had expected, Kate was massaging Brock's dick with her foot under the table. Cory and Chris rolled their eyes. "Looks like Brock's gonna have another busy night" whispered Cory to Chris.
"Hey, maybe we can have some fun too.” replied Cory.

That night at the cabin, all four friends sat up playing board games and watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. Finally, they all said they were going to bed. Once again, they each retired to their own bedrooms. In bed, Cory and Chris sat there, devising a plan. They were planning on sneaking into Brock's room and spying on him and Kate, seeing what they were up to. So, at 1:00 AM, they crept out of bed and upstairs to the loft. Slowly, they cracked open the door, and sure enough, they saw Kate giving head to Brock. The two boys whispered to each other that they would watch for some time, then jump in and scare them!
After a few minutes of watching the couple go at it, Cory and Chris became really horny. They started to rub their dicks through their pants, and decided that they better scare the two lovers now before they really had to go jack-off. "On the count of 3"said Cory "1.... 2...3!"
The two boys jumped into the room and yelled 'BOO!" To their surprise, neither Kate nor Brock flinched. Instead they laughed. "Hello!" said Kate "We knew you were there...we could see you in that mirror. Kate pointed to a mirror across the room in which was reflected the door that Cory and Chris were peering into. The boys blushed, embarrassed.
"It's alright," said Kate, "you can join in if you want..." With that, she went back to sucking off Brock. Brock waved them over as if to say "HEY! Idiots! You have an open invitation to sex.... c’mon!" Immediately, Cory and Chris were stripping down until they were in only their boxer briefs. Kate's ass was in the air, really turning the two boys on. Kate turned to them and said, 'I heard about you guys in the locker room.... I think that’s so sexy," With that, the boys walked up to Kate and took off their underwear, popping large throbbing boners into her face. Instantly, she grabbed their dicks and shoved both of them into her mouth at once. The guys couldn’t believe how fast she was moving with them. Brock began to stroke Cory’s hot, round ass, but then took his hand away, not sure whether or not it was all right with Kate. Kate, with a mouth full of cock, said, "Go on with them." Brock's hand was back on Cory's ass right away, and he was stroking up and down his crack, massaging his asshole.
Now Cory and Chris were standing at the foot of the bed, Kate was kneeling on the bed sucking them, and Brock moved behind the other guys. Brock was on his knees, rubbing and squeezing Cory and Chris's asses. He then started to spread their toned ass cheeks to get better access to their holes. When their clean, cute assholes were right there, Brock started to lick them, all over the place...he licked up and down and even stuck his tongue inside, making the guys moan. Cory and Chris were in heaven, getting both their dicks and assholes sucked.
Next, Kate flipped over so that she was on her back and her pussy was at the foot of the bed. Cory knelt down and began eating out Kate and Chris went around and squatted over Kate's face, so that she was sucking his balls and licking his dick. Chris started to fuck her mouth with his dick, making it go deep into her throat. Brock was still behind Cory, and he was lubing up his dick with his own saliva. Slowly, he lined up his dick with Cory's asshole and started to push into it. Cory froze up for a second with a mix of pleasure and pain, but Kate took her hand and forced him to dive back into her tight pussy. Brock continued to push into Cory until he was balls deep. With that, he started to fuck Cory, slow at first, and then harder and harder. Getting humped so hard as making Cory's face get pushed in and out of Kate's pussy, making her moan and rock back and forth with pleasure. This, in turn, was making Kate suck Chris's dick even harder. The four teenagers made a whole domino effect happen.

Then, Kate said, "Now I wanna get fucked!" Luckily for her, Chris was dying to fuck her too. Brock decided he would take a break from fucking, and would get fucked instead. So Brock climbed onto the bed and lay on his back, and Kate climbed on top of him so they were in the 69 position. Kate started to suck Brock's dick, and he started to lick her pussy. Then, Chris got into the doggy style position and started to enter Kate's pussy. Now Kate's pussy was being fucked and eaten out at the same time. Brock was also able to lick Chris's balls every time they slapped into his face and Kate's ass. Meanwhile, Cory was jerking of his cock, getting it real hard and wet. Then he walked up to Brock's ass, which was hanging off the end of the bed, and started to push into it. Once Cory's dickhead was in, he shoved the rest in all at once, making Brock scream with pleasure.
Kate was licking around Cory's dick while Cory fucked Brock, she was also getting fucked and eaten out, Brock was being fucked and sucked while, and Chris was fucking a tight pussy while having his balls licked. They were all in ecstasy.
After a while of fucking and sucking like this, they decided to change positions. Chris lay down on his back and Kate squatted over him, lowering herself so that she could ride him. As Chris fucked her, she was facing away from him, so he wrapped his hands around to massage her tits and had a perfect view of her round ass slapping up and down against his body.
At the same time, Cory lay down next to Chris and spread his legs. Brock climbed over him and entered his ass. Brock was fucking Cory in the missionary position, his hot ass thrusting up and down. While Cory was being fucked, he leaned over to Chris and they started to make out.
Kate then pulled herself up off Chris, turned around, and sat right back on his cock. She bent over so that she could kiss Chris and he could lick her tits. Then she turned to Brock, who was still fucking Cory, and said, "Hey...I told you I would let you fuck my ass someday. Well, get over here!" Brock’s face lit up and he pulled out of Cory right way. He stood up on the bed, walked over to Chris and Kate, and squatted over her with his back arched. He found her asshole, lined up his big dick, and pushed inside. Kate shuddered with pleasure; she was now being fucked in her pussy and her ass at the same time. Soon, Chris and Brock had worked out a rhythm, and were fucking Kate hard and fast. Cory was on his knees eating out Brock's asshole, but the he went around to Chris's head and shoved his cock into his mouth. The teens went at it like this for a while, and Kate had orgasmed multiple times already. Soon, the guys were all just about ready to explode as well.
Cory, who'd been having his dick sucked, started to breathe hard and jerk his dick back and forth hard in Chris's mouth. Cory then pulled out and, after stroking his dick just a few times, the first spurt of cum shot out of his dick and onto Chris's face. The rest of his cum hit Chris's chest and some even flew onto Kate's tits. Chris buried his face into her tits, rubbing the cum everywhere. Cory lay back, stroking his softening dick, and watched the three others fuck. Next, Chris announced that he was gonna cum. Brock and Kate pulled off from on top of him, Brock keeping his dick inside of her ass, and then laid back down. Now, Brock was fucking Kate doggystyle, and Chris was standing up jerking hick cock in front of Brock's face. Within a minute, Chris began to dump his load all over Brock's face and into his mouth. Brock swallowed the warm cum and Chris went over to Kate, making her suck his cock clean. Then Chris joined Cory, and the two guys made out while watching Brock and Kate fuck.
Then, Brock's face started to twist up and he started ramming his dick into Kate harder than ever. Kate squealed and moaned with extreme pleasure, banging her ass against Brock too. Then, Brock pulled out and right away long streams of cum flew out of his dick onto Kate's back. Stream after stream of cum flew onto her back, and then Kate, Cory, and Chris all turned to Brock's dick and proceeded to suck it all clean.

The four friends finally collapsed onto each other, cum covered and satisfied, and fell asleep. The next morning, they couldn't wait to hit the slopes once more.


2008-03-05 20:28:39
pretty good!


2007-12-09 16:50:45
it was kind of dull in some parts, but i absolutely love these stories, right more of them!


2007-11-28 18:18:46
If you've got nothing good to say then say nothing. It was absolutely my speed. I love bi ssex and group sex. At my age (79) I don't suppose I will get a lot more, but Ithe bi threesomes I had were the very best. Especially having a cock up my ass while I fucked my wife.


2007-11-23 00:04:04
write more it was great i came all over my bad and chest ^-^


2007-11-12 21:57:54
ive been waiting for this sequel for 2 months and im so horny now. im the reader named cory. fuck i need to cum right more, 10/10

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