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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write
Mummy’s true passion- part five

We entered a nice and not to big boutique on 5th. It was called “pour madame et monsignores”. It had a sweet glass door and was made up in some certain twenties gold style. Mum and I walked in arm in arm. I expected the owner to be a nice old lady but I became disappointed. She was about thirty years old and her name was- I read it on her logo- Aileen. She didn’t speak with a French accent which I had also expected. She didn’t fake that she was an American. I liked her from the first sight and she blinked at me as she saw mum and me entering.

“Hello, my name is Aileen, I’ll be your assistant this afternoon, and how can I help you?” Aileen asked.

“Hello Aileen, we are looking for something nice to wear this evening when we go out. I think it should be sexy but not too sexy. I plan to show my son a nice luxurious restaurant tonight. ” mum replied.

“Oh, that’s so nice of you. And you need something for him, too? I don’t think he’s going to wear that” she pointed at me and gave me a nice look.

“No, Aileen he’s not.” Mum said with a lift of her eyebrow. “We’re going to need some evening dress for mummy and some lordly suit for my baby.” Mum gave me a kiss on the cheek and lay her free hand, almost unrealizable, on my cock which was semi hard hidden
under my pants.

“All right, then let’s have a look…” said Aileen and ran away but gave us a sign to follow her.
Some outfit for me was found really fast. I knew it wouldn’t take long because the dress codes in those kinds of restaurants were strict so I certainly had to wear a tie and a black suit and a white shirt. Simply a classical male outfit for a nice and luxury evening.

Finding something for mum was more difficult. She had tried at least twenty dresses and all of them had been really hot when she asked me to get in the changing room. Aileen meanwhile was hidden in the depth of the shop and on her mission to find a sexy but not too sexy dress for mummy.

“Baby, you remember what you said this morning about my pee?” she asked me.

Sure I did, so I nodded.

“Ok honey, I don’t want to break the rule on the first day, but I tried to hold it back as long as I could. And if I don’t pee right now I will die and all this trying on of those dresses doesn’t make my situation any better” I could see the regret in her face.

“That’s no problem mum you don’t have to break the rule. I’ll be right back.”

I went to the seat where I had been sitting and waiting and watching mum coming in and out of the changing room. Some of Aileen’s assistants had brought me a glass of champagne which I had already emptied. I took it with me. Then I went back into the changing room.
Mum meanwhile had undressed and because she didn’t wear any underwear she for sure was all naked in the tight room. As she saw the champagne glass in my hand she understood what I planned. “Mummy has such an intelligent boy” she said and kissed my forehead as I went down on my knees. As I reached the floor I saw my mum’s nice pussy right in front of my face. I held the glass under the slit and looked up into her face. She gave me her hot and motherly smile. “Will you help mummy relaxing? “she asked. I knew what to do. I covered one of my fingers in my saliva and started rubbing mummy’s vagina. I could feel her wetness. Obviously she was hot all the time, too. My finger reached her clit and I stimulated it. Then I went down her inner pussy lips. I stack my finger a little deeper up my mum. My finger was straight up as I started licking and kissing mummy’s swollen pussy. I tasted her bitter sweet juice and kissed her nice erected clit. Then I felt her abdomen trembling. I knew she was relaxed enough now. So I put the glass very close under her wet pee slit and waited for the yellow stream of solution.

After what must have been five or ten seconds the warm, liquid gold stared filling the small glass. When it was almost filled I told mum to stop the stream. First she had to fight the reflex but after a few smaller streams she had learned to control it. I drank the whole yellow mess at once and enjoyed the feeling as mummy’s salty pee ran down my throat. We repeated the whole procedure until mum was all empty and I had drunken all her pee. “Now lick mummy clean honey” she said.

No, I won’t I have something else in mind.” I said and knew mum would like the plan I had developed. “We will leave the last drops in there, so I always know your pussy is dripping from pee and whenever I think of it I will be remembered of my mummy’s sweet pee dripping
pussy hole.”

“You are such a dirty boy, baby.” Mum replied and I could almost taste the pride in her words as her lips formed them.

I got up on my feet again. My cock had grown like a rock while I had been drinking mum’s pee. She stacked her hand out and touched it though the cotton of my brand new pants. I saw her lips silently forming “I love you” as she opened the zipper and let my cock pop out to touch her stomach. Because of her size I felt her cut pussy hair touching my cock’s top. “You helped me, now I’ll help you.” mum said. Then she grabbed my cock and got on her toes and pushed herself on it. I felt it sliding between her pee wet pussy lips and I felt her inner muscles starting the massage. We were standing there and she gave me pleasure and seemed to enjoy it herself and I didn’t have the feeling I was doing anything. So it took only a few seconds till I felt unable to hold my load back. It was less what mum was doing but the whole situation. I got fucked by my own mum who’s pee I just drank standing in a dressing room in a really noble boutique while Aileen was running around outside.

I missed my chance to warm mum. I was too excited. So my whole load shot into mum’s pussy. “Yeah, baby you really liked what mummy did didn’t you?” she said and didn’t seem to be surprised in any way. I couldn’t say anything. I was stunned. Did I really just shoot a whole load into my own mum? I did. My trance took only splits of seconds. I looked at mum and kissed her. Then I heard Aileen coming back from the boutique’s splanchnic.
“I think I found the right thing for you….” she said walking. I just had enough time to leave the changing room and pack my cock back in. Aileen gave mum a short black and red dress into the room. Minutes later she came out and I could see my cum running down her legs. The dress was super sexy. It ended about 2 and half inches from her butt. The neckline was breathtaking. It was deep. But not that deep that you look like a whore. It showed mums C- breasts just perfect. On the sides it had flat horizontal cuts. Three per side with thin red frames. The lowest of the tree went deep enough to provoke serious doubts if someone was wearing underwear. Then mum turned. The backside was the best part of the whole dress. The line of the cotton reached down to the coin slot. It presented a woman’s ass like a second pair of gorges tits.

“That’s probably the sexiest dress I ever saw mum.” I said.
“All right if at least my son likes it there’s no doubt left. We’ll take it.”
Aileen’s face lit up and she asked if w needed anything more. So we bought some streets wear for the next morning. We needed some fitting shoes for the new dress, too. Mum bought nice and very classy but also really damn sexy high heels which fitted in color and style perfectly with the dress. Then mum paid and we left the boutique. While we went back to the nearby hotel my semen still ran down mummy’s long, high heeled legs.
As we walked back arm in arm I wondered what crazy stuff would happen in the restaurant, because if I had learned one thing then it was that my mum was a sexy lady and since we had discovered our fantasies and fetishes in common we were never and nowhere save from our nameless and rare lust on each other.
End of part five- please comment how you liked it and if you wish for more.

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