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My wife bought my new promotion with my daughter’s bodies.
Too Willing


Is there such a thing as being too willing? I never thought so! However things have been known to change.

My gorgeous wife Eleanor is thirty-six years old, a very well built brunette, and the mother of my two teenage daughters. Emily is my fifteen-year-old daughter. Evelyn is my fourteen-year-old daughter. Both girls are also very pretty, well built, and brunettes like their mother.

One day when I came home from work I had something really bad to tell my wife. After dinner and a couple of stiff drinks I said, “Eleanor my boss wants to invite us to an orgy!”

Eleanor just casually said, “Okay!”

I hadn’t expected that answer at all. In fact I rather expected her to be outraged by the invitation.

I said, “And he wants us to bring Emily and Evelyn too!”

Again Eleanor just casually said, “Okay!”

Then as an after thought Eleanor asked, “When?”

I replied, “This Saturday!”

She gave that some thought and then said, “Well you only have four days to get them ready then!”

Now I had that dumbfounded expression on my face that Eleanor knew well.

So she explained, “You need to break the girls in and take their virginities before the men at the orgy abuse them! We should invite your two brothers over to help too! I’ll call them now!”

She did too. She told them what they were to do, to come over right after work tomorrow, and she told them to bring along a few of their friends too. She told my brothers that the girls needed to get broken in well before the Saturday orgy.

I couldn’t believe that my wife was so willing to do this. Too willing even. Plus she didn’t bat an eye at sacrificing our daughters to the orgy either. Something was up!

Eleanor told the girls to undress completely and go to our bedroom. Then she took me to our bedroom and had me get undressed. My wife was sucking my cock when our daughters came in. My wife had Emily and Evelyn get on the very edge of the bed and lay back holding their knees up to their chests.

One look at their naked bodies made me hard. One look at their open pussies made me want to fuck them. I wanted to fuck my own virgin daughters; my wife even wanted me to fuck our two virgin daughters.

I had to ask, “Are you girls okay with this?”

Emily said, “Yes daddy! Mommy told us what you were going to do to us! It’s okay!”

Evelyn said, “Mommy told us right after school that you were going to help us get ready for the orgy this Saturday!”

I almost snapped my head off turning toward her. My wife had that ‘oh shit I just got caught’ look on her face. She looked scared, beads of perspiration were forming on her forehead, and she knew that I knew!

She had been aware of the orgy almost two hours before I had found out about it!

Before I could get a word out my wife said, “It’s for your next promotion! You’re going to become an Executive on Monday if the girls go through with it on Saturday! That means a very good promotion, a lot more money, and none of those weekend trips out of town!”

I was still in shock but all I could say was, “Me an Executive!”

My gorgeous thirty-six-year-old wife Eleanor then explained that she had willingly let my boss fuck her to secure my job in the first place. Since then she had fucked my way to the top. She had willingly joined in on the once a month orgy to get my promotion six months ago. She explained to me that that was why I had been sent out of town on those weekends so that she could not only attend the orgies but so that she could recover for a day or two afterwards too so that I would not get suspicious.

Then Eleanor continued to explain that my promotion to Executive was contingent on my daughters joining the monthly orgy.

She had tried her best to prepare the girls for the past month by buying them dildos, showing them how to use them, and having them sleep with the silicone cocks in their pussies every night. They had been introduced to butt plugs and now slept with both holes full. The dildos and the butt plugs had grown in size during the past month too until the girls were opened up quite well. The girls were ready to get fucked but they needed to feel the real thing. They needed to get fucked, to get fucked often, and to get fucked by a variety of men. She said that the girls should be prepared to get at least thirty cocks shoved into them that day and that probably ten of them would be up their ass.

I looked at my wife in an entirely different way now. This gorgeous women that I thought was faithful to me ever since our wedding vows was no longer the woman I had married. At first I was outraged. I had never once suspected anything out of the ordinary. Then I felt a tingling of pride. My wife had willing sacrificed herself sexually to benefit my career. She was much more of a wife than I had ever imagined her to be. Finally I felt lust. I wanted to fuck her so badly that I could hardly stand it. She had inadvertently fulfilled all of my fantasies in just a few moments.

For years I had fantasized about my wife fucking other men, especially some of my bosses. I had fantasized about her fucking lots of men, such as during an orgy where she was the center of attention. I had even fantasized about me fucking both of my teenage daughters, now that was to become a reality too. Not only had I wanted this to happen but also I had wanted to see if for myself, that too would happen. I had been invited to attend this month’s orgy on Saturday too.

I smiled at my three women and said, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I said that as I turned to each girl and looked them right in the eye. I then asked, “So you girls are still technically virgins!”

Emily said, “Yes Daddy!”

Evelyn said, “Yes Daddy!”

I said, “So my job tonight is to cum in each of your pussies and assholes before my brothers and their friends get turned loose on you tomorrow!”

Emily said, “Yes Daddy!”

Evelyn said, “Yes Daddy!”

Then my wife smiled at me and said, “Yes Daddy!”

I was too excited to wait one minute more. I dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles in one motion. I then realized that I couldn’t get them off so I struggled to get my shoes off and then removed my socks, pants, and underwear. I thought about just getting started but my wife was helping me unbutton my shirt while I took off my tie. Finally in an intense state of arousal I turned to my oldest daughter. Emily was smiled at me as I thrust into her virgin pussy forcefully. I met no resistance what so ever and went in balls deep as they say. I hit her cervix hard but neither one of us seemed to mind or even care that it had happened. I could not do her justice. It was a very emotional bim bam thank you mam. I can not explain just how good it felt to fuck the young girl that I had dreamed about almost every single night for the past two years. All I can really remember is that I rammed her, I came in her, and I pulled out of her. It could have been twenty seconds and maybe as long as five minutes but I don’t think it went on for that long. I do know that for the first time since puberty I looked down and saw that I was still hard.

I looked over at my youngest daughter. Evelyn was ready and waiting for me so I slipped it into her a whole lot more gently than I had her sister. I actually felt that warm wet love tunnel as the head of my cock traveled from her entrance to the end of the line. The slit in the end of my cock kissed her cervix very lovingly. My cock enjoyed the hundreds of trips up and down that chute. I knew that it hadn’t taken any twenty seconds that time to fill her with her daddy’s cum. It took much longer but I was just as happy. Well maybe not just as happy because Emily truly had been my little dream girl. I had fantasized about Evelyn too but not nearly as often as I had fantasized about Emily.

Once my cock shrunk and slipped out of Evelyn my wife placed a chair behind my knees forcing me to sit down. That was a good thing because I was exhausted. I sat there staring at my daughter’s pussies. My cum was dripping out of Emily but almost flowing out of Evelyn. My wife was rubbing my back and had her breast pressed into my ear. She too was looking at our daughter’s used pussies.

Finally Emily said, “Oh Daddy that was nice, quick, but really nice! I’m going to enjoy this orgy!”

Evelyn said, “Wow! Daddy that was a lot better than sleeping with a dildo in me! I like fucking”

My wife said, “Do you want me to fix dinner or would you like the girls to suck you hard for their anal sex?”

I replied, “I’d like to rest awhile, while you fix dinner. Wake me when it’s ready!” Then I laid down on the bed and cuddled my two daughters into me.

When dinner was ready my wife woke me up by sucking on my cock. The girls were giggling. We went down to eat dinner. I hadn’t taken a nap like that in years but I sure needed it.

Right after dinner I had all three of my women bend over the back of the couch. Using a little K-Y Jelly on my cock I slipped it into each one of them for a short time then slipped it into the next one. My wife had given me anal sex a few times in the past but if she wanted me to butt fuck my daughters then she was going to get it too. Apparently she had been giving it to everyone else. It was time for a change in our sex life that’s for sure.

That anal sex was the best that I had ever had. Not one of them was complaining about it, they all seemed to be enjoying it, and the best part was that I was doing it. I could stay as long as I wanted to or move on quickly, I could go slow in my wonderful daughters, or go fast and give my wife a good fucking. When I got the urge to cum I made sure that I was in Emily’s rectum at the time. I held onto her hips and forced it in deep. I only stroked about a half-inch at a time so as to keep my cock deep in her ass. Emily liked it and so did I.

I was surprised when my wife knelt down and sucked my shitty cock. She offered it to our daughters as well and they took it. I heard a few complaints about the taste but my wife told them to start enjoying it because they would be required to do it at the orgy on Saturday. That gave them the incentive that they needed to finish the job and say thank you too.

I could not believe it but I got hard again. This time I had my three women get on the floor. I had Emily put her pussy near me and hold her knees up and wide. Next I had my wife get her face near me so that I could go directly from Emily’s pussy to my wife’s mouth. After all she certainly didn’t need my cock in her cunt. Everyone else has been there already. Next I had Evelyn assume the same position that Emily had with their mother between them. I went from one hole to the other hole stopping in my wife’s mouth briefly in between. I could not believe how long I lasted that time around. It was a good half-hour and once again I came in my sweet Emily.

About bedtime I let my daughters suck me hard for a second ass fucking. This time it was just the two of them, on their hands and knees, on the edge of Emily’s bed. I went from one ass to the next, back and forth, for as long as I could hold out. Evelyn whimpered about it hurting but Emily never said a thing, even after I came in her ass for the second time that night.

Emily said, “Evelyn you know what Mommy said! You will get it up the ass at least ten times Saturday! So get used to it and start licking Daddy’s cock! Now!”

With that said Emily swatted her sister on her ass hard enough to get her started. Evelyn was not into this as much as her mother had hoped. Like it or not my wife had sold my daughters into being an orgy slut once a month to pay for my promotion.

When I got up in the middle of the night I went into Emily’s room, made love to her pussy and played with her tits until I was done, and then I returned to my bed with my wife in it. She just smiled as I climbed in and asked which of my daughter I had been with. It came to no surprise to her when I said that it had been Emily.



That morning at my wife’s suggestion I went into Evelyn’s bedroom. However Evelyn was not happy when I butt fucked her. She was still sore back there. I told her that if she had any complaints to take them up with her mother otherwise she had better get used to having her ass fucked before Saturday.

When I got home from work both of my brothers were there along with ten of their friends. They had been fucking Emily and Evelyn almost non-stop since the girls got home from school. My wife was assigning the men to a particular girl and to a particular hole. Before the night was over those twelve men would fuck both girls in both holes even if my wife had to suck them hard and shove it in for them.

Poor Evelyn was upset this morning with my cock in her ass for the third time in about sixteen hours. I wondered how she would feel after getting fucked in her ass a dozen times that evening.

I went to check on the girls between men. Emily smiled at me and said she was ready for Saturday and I believed her. She said that her ass was tender but she was certain that she could take the four more that her mother had mentioned. She said that so far she had had eight in her pussy and eight in her ass. She said that her pussy was next.

I went into Evelyn’s bedroom. When she saw me she started crying. Apparently the guy in her ass had torn her inside. She said that he was too rough with her, that he had pulled her hair hard, and that he had crushed her breasts in his powerful hands. She begged me to ask her mother to stop letting them fuck her ass. She offered her pussy and mouth in exchange. I smiled and told her that I would tell her mother. Then I walked out and passed her next customer on his way in. I knew that her pussy was next because of what Emily had told me.

I walked out to my wife and said, “What’s for dinner!”

She replied, “Well I ordered pizza and beer for the guys! Do you want me to fix something different?”

I replied, “No that will be fine! Go get me a beer!” Then I slapped her on her ass as she walked by me.

When she returned I slipped my hand up under her dress and into her panties for a feel. Her pussy was unused. I should have realized that with my two beautiful teenage daughters to fuck that they wouldn’t want my wife. Not yet anyway.

With my fingers in my wife’s pussy I said, “Oh by the way that last guy you sent in to butt fuck Evelyn hurt her pretty bad inside. Maybe you should tell them to fuck her pussy now and do some more anal tomorrow.”

My wife replied, “Okay! Maybe I shouldn’t have told him to be so rough with her then! I figured that she needed to find out how it felt! Emily took it without any complaint!”

She had hurt Evelyn on purpose. Then she pulled away from my hand to send the next two in to fuck their pussies. I noticed that she didn’t straighten up her panties but came right back to stand over my hand again. I felt her moist pussy and knew that she needed a good fuck. I decided to give it to her right there in front of my brothers and all of their friends.

I stripped her of her blouse and skirt to the cheers of those not fucking my daughters. Then I stripped her of her bra and panties too as they cheered even more. I bent her over the back of the couch. She placed her hands down on the cushion between two of the men and they watched her breasts swing as I entered her pussy from behind. Every thrust made her tits swing and sway on her chest. She started to act like she was the star of a porn film. Who knows, she might be, I could certainly see the company president doing that to her. Anyway as the men got hard she sent them to her daughters. It was ‘pussy only’ for the rest of the night and all of it that they wanted too, but not hers. I fucked my wife better than I had in quite some time. I left a few good size gobs of cum in her pussy as my cock slipped out. I told her to put on only her panties and serve the guy some beer.

My wife teased the guys, played with their cocks, and sent then in to fuck her daughters. When they couldn’t get it up anymore she sent them home to their wives and told them not to come back again. However they could send one man in their place tomorrow to fuck her daughters. My two brothers stuck around to the very end. My wife said that they were welcome to come back both Thursday and Friday if they wanted too. They certainly wanted to.

I checked on my daughters and they were sound asleep. They were still messy and covered with cum but they were resting comfortably. Evelyn had bloodstains on her ass. She must have been abused more than I realized. I knew that I would still butt fuck her in the morning before I went to work.

I rejoined my wife and brothers in the living room. Together the three of us fucked my wife to several orgasms. My brothers confessed that they had wanted to do that for years. My wife suggested that they bring their wives over some time for an intimate orgy with us. They could bring their sons too if they wanted. Both of my brothers cum and went, we went to bed.



I slept through the night without getting up. In the morning I woke Emily up with a kiss on her lips and my fingers in her pussy, then I sent her in to take a shower. Then I went in and fucked Evelyn up the ass as she cried into her pillow. She never once asked me to stop.

After work there were my brothers again with ten more strange men. My wife told me that all twelve had fucked the girls once and that they were halfway through the lineup a second time around. Three of the smaller cocks were allowed to fuck Evelyn’s ass. Three of the biggest cocks got to butt fuck Emily’s ass. They could only butt fuck the girls twice each and they had to be gently while doing it.

Pizza was ordered and a supply of beer had been put on ice when my wife went shopping that day. She got potato chips, nuts, and other assorted snacks for the guys to munch on while waiting to get hard and fuck one of our daughter again. Most of the men were good for four fucks but some bowed out after just three even with my wife sitting on their face and sucking their cocks. I fucked my wife again nude and hung over the back of the couch to entertain them. She begged for more when I pulled out but only to excite the guys watching us. It perked up a few cocks. My brothers stayed till the end again. That night the girls both came out and watched their mother take all three of our cocks at the same time. I got her ass!



Again I slept through the night but I missed fucking Emily and took her pussy that morning. Evelyn’s ass was not as sore as it had been the previous morning but she still had to get through tonight and then tomorrow at the orgy.

Friday after work there were ten more strange men along with my two brothers and the twenty previous men. My wife had picked out four of the smaller cocks to butt fuck Evelyn two times each. She had picked four of the bigger cocks to butt fuck Emily twice each too. Otherwise the other twenty-four men were fucking their pussies like crazy. My wife was wearing only a pair of thong panties and serving the men ice cold beer. The men had been here all day and our daughters had not gone to school. My wife estimated that there were five more men to finish the second round. The girls had been very busy. That would make twenty-four pussy fucks and eight ass fucks for each girl and then they would only be half done for the day.

That evening was more of a party than just a bunch of guys doing their job. Emily and Evelyn came out into the living room after the second round was complete so that everyone could watch them getting fucked. They also started taking on two or even three men at a time like they had seen their mother do the night before. I got to fuck Emily twice as she sat on my cock and let someone else fuck her ass. She just looked into my eyes and smiled as she stroked my cock with her very talented pussy until I came in her.



Saturday morning both girls were wide-awake, jumping on our bed, and asking their mother when the orgy would start. She smiled at them and said that we were supposed to get there around noon. They asked if their mother would call some of the guys from last night. The answer was no! They asked if my two brothers and their sons could come over for awhile. Again the answer was no! Then they begged me to fuck them.

My wife sat straight upright and startled the girls and she said, “No! No! No! You little horny sluts will just have to wait till noon and that’s that! Now go take separate baths, fix you hair, and get ready for your party! This orgy is in your honor! Now get beautiful! Then put on those outfits that I gave you! Now get, and don’t you dare play with yourself and take the edge off your sexual arousal! I want you two climbing the walls for a stiff cock when you get there! Understood?”

Emily said, “Yes Mommy!”

Evelyn said, “Yes Mommy!”

Then they both scampered off!

My wife snuggled into me and asked, “Would you like to waist a perfectly good fuck on me! Or would you like to save it for your boss’s wife?

I said, “Well to quote you! No! No! No! You little horny slut you will just have to wait till noon and that’s that! Now go take a bath, fix you hair, and get ready for your party! This orgy is in your daughter’s honor! Now get beautiful! Then put on a sexy outfit! Get! Don’t play with yourself either and take the edge off your sexual arousal! I want you climbing the walls for a stiff cock when you get there! Understood?” Then I slapped her hard on her ass and watched her boobs bounce as she jumped out of bed.


The Orgy:

On the ride to my boss’s estate the girls were too excite to sit still. They were both fidgeting constantly. I had never been here before but obviously my wife had been. I pushed the button and gave my name. The big iron gates opened up to allow me to drive in. I parked and got out of the car. My wife took my hand and led me right for the front door. Without even knocking she opened it up and we all walked in. She walked us through the house and out into the backyard. Wow! It was amazing. He had trees, roses, a swimming pool, and a huge Jacuzzi in his back yard. There was a bar off to one side with a naked man playing bartender. Everyone was naked except us. I felt out of place. My wife called to some people, kissed a few others, and took us straight to my new boss, the President and owner of the company.

My wife then introduced Emily and Evelyn to the Company President and owner. As he watched, my wife removed the tiny outfits that the girls had been wearing. Both of my daughters stood up tall with their shoulders back and their tummies tucked in. They were proudly showing off their naked bodies to the man. The other men were very interested too.

Emily said, “Could we start the orgy now? I’m awfully horny!”

Evelyn said, “Me too! I really need a cock in me and soon!”

My wife took their clothes and me over to another part of the patio. Together we undressed and walked back out into the crowd. My wife introduced me to Sylvia the Company President’s wife. Sylvia took my hand and led me to the rose garden. She explained that she liked to get fucked in the rose garden and thanked me for bringing my daughters along to entertain her husband and the other men.

I watched my wife take one of the other Executives off toward the pool.

My daughters were already on a couple of pads on the ground with a cock in them. They were so happy at that very moment that I just knew that they were enjoying themselves.

When Sylvia got me to where she wanted to fuck she rubbed some lotion on my cock. At first I thought that it was K-Y Jelly for anal sex but instead she told me that it a very potent prolonging cream. Sylvia said that I would probably be fucking her for the next four hours without going soft. Oh my God!

As I started fucking Sylvia I watched her breasts move around on her chest like my wife’s breasts do. As we were joined at the groin she talked to me. Sylvia told me that she loved my wife and very much enjoyed eating her pussy right after someone else had made a deposit in her sweet sperm bank. Then she asked me to slip my cock into her asshole and kept talking. As I slipped it into her ass she told me about how the company actually belonged to her. Sylvia only lets her husband run it for her. She was the one that told her husband to promote me. My wife had only offered her our two daughters to distract her husband so that she could size me up.

I felt like I was at an interview only my cock was in the interviewer’s ass at the time. Sylvia asked me about my childhood, my education, and my work experience. About every fifteen or twenty minutes she asked me to change holes. Our talk went on for a good three hours before my wife joined us. She had taken care of a few men but obviously our daughters were the main attraction that day. She said that the girls were doing very well.

For the next hour while I continued to fuck her two holes. Sylvia told me what she had in mind for me. She wanted to groom me to take over her company in about two years.

When I came for the final time and pulled out of her body I looked at my wristwatch. It had been four hours and twenty minutes, just like Sylvia had said. I had never imagined fucking for that long in my life. My new fuck buddy and my wife got into a hot and steamy sixty-nine while I recovered from my marathon fuck session.

An hour later Sylvia took us over to see what the girls were up too. They were in a sixty-nine.

Emily looked up at me and said, “Hi Daddy! These old guys can really fuck!”

Evelyn said, “But we wore them all out!”

My wife just giggled.

Sylvia said, “So what else is new!”

The End
Too Willing
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