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There should be a law against
JackassTales Tale # 8


Farmer’s Daughter (part one)

There ought to be a law against a man’s daughter growing up to be so goddamn sexy! If there was such a law, that daughter of mine would most certainly be breaking it. Why, they’d throw the book at her, lock her up, and throw away the key!

These were just a few of the thoughts running through my mind as I stood at my daughter’s bedroom door watching her sleeping. Morning sunlight beamed through her window illuminating her peacefully slumbering feminine form.

The girl was lying on her belly. Her covers were thrown aside revealing unmistakably matured female shapes. Thin, white-cotton panties stretched tightly over her shapely ass. The panties fit so tightly that the entire crack of her ass made a deep crease down its length. Her sleeveless, pink t-shirt was pulled up enough to show a wide expanse of soft, summer-tanned skin.

That young lady had changed a lot since she’d first come into my life ten years ago when I married her mother. At the age of 26, I’d become father to an 8-year-old child. I had no children of my own and had not really wanted any. The girl’s mother didn’t want anymore kids either, so I had a vasectomy.

The girl stirred on the bed and I started to turn away. But, she settled back down in slumber. I certainly had no intention of disturbing her. She needed her rest. This had been a busy week for the young lady. Several momentous events had occurred. She went to her senior prom. She graduated from high school. And, she celebrated her 18th birthday.

Yes, my little Kimie was growing up! Unconsciously, I took a step into her bedroom. I looked at her hair. Curly locks draped her shoulders and ran down her back. The color was somewhere between a radiant red and a brilliant brown. I guess the name for it would be ‘auburn’. Morning sunlight caused her luminous auburn curls to shimmer and shine.

She wasn’t a skinny girl by any means, yet she wasn’t fat. Her legs weren’t thin and long, yet they stretched out seductively. Not only were the legs stretched out, they were spread open. My eyes were drawn back irresistibly to the panties. I took another step closer. There between her legs a protruding mound of flesh hung below her and pushed at the thin fabric.

Well shit, I was straining to get a look at my daughter’s pussy! I knew I had to turn away. I’m not a ‘dirty-old-man’. Besides, I had work to do this morning. I had twenty acres of hay to bale and another twenty acres to mow. Before turning away, I gave in to an irresistible impulse. I leaned over and kissed the exposed skin of the girl’s back. I then kissed her pretty, panty-covered ass.

I would let the girl sleep a little longer, but I knew I’d have to awaken her soon. She was a farmer’s daughter and she too had work to do. I planned on having her drive the smaller tractor and rake the hay while I drove the big tractor which pulled the baler. Together, we made a good farming team.

I was sitting at the table eating breakfast and watching the weather report when Kimie walked into the kitchen. I was torn between looking at the TV and looking at the seductive feminine vision standing in the room. I needed for the weatherman to let me know about how the chances of rain might affect my farming activities.

Hell, I missed the weather report completely! I couldn’t take my eyes off the girl! While I wouldn’t call my daughter a ‘raving-beauty’, she most certainly was seductively pretty. This morning she walked into the kitchen wearing only her thin, white panties and her short, pink t-shirt. She didn’t even have on a bra! Shit, I could plainly see the imprints of nipples! Damn, she could have least put on the ratty old robe she usually wore! Why, she’d never paraded around in front of me in only her underwear before!

I heard her speaking, “Morning Dad. Why didn’t you wake me? I could have cooked your bacon and eggs. Have we got anymore corn flakes?”

Without awaiting an answer, she strode to a high cabinet and reached up to open it. Her shirt hiked up and her panties stretched so tightly over the crack of her ass that I could see the indentation of her asshole. She grabbed a box of cereal.

My bedazzled mind cleared enough for me to finally say, “Well, sleepyhead, I thought an ‘old gal’ like you would need all the restful sleep she could get.”

Kimie was a playful girl and she could give as well as she got when it came to teasing. She winked and said, “Listen here ‘Old man’, I’m not quite as ancient as a certain man I know who is nearing his 36th birthday!”

The girl had put me down effortlessly. Yet, she had something more serious to discuss. She said, “I know you saw Mom last night at my graduation. You came home late. Did you fuck the ‘bitch’?”

I was startled by the viciousness of her words. I didn’t know for sure how the divorce was affecting the girl. I knew she and her mother didn’t get along. She had chosen to live with me instead of her mom. In truth, her mother didn’t really want her.

I didn’t want to encourage the estrangement between mother and daughter, so I answered, “Kimie, you shouldn’t talk about your mother like that.”

She had a quick reply, “Dad, you can do a lot better than her. She is a bitch and she treats you like shit! I know that she was really sexually repressed throughout your marriage. Well Dad, for your information, there are a lot of females out there that would fuck a nice guy like you in a heartbeat! There’s even one living right here in this house! Have we got any milk?”

She turned around and headed for the refrigerator. What did she say? What did she mean by that statement? Why, she was the only female living in this house!

I watched as he girl opened the refrigerator door. She stood flatfooted and bent over to reach inside. Her rear-end was pointed at me and her panties stretched to their limit over her ass. Goddamn, her protruding pussy mound dropped down and hung between her legs! Her pussy lips spread revealing the outline of a long slit. Surprisingly, I didn’t see any darkness which might indicate pubic hair. Did she shave her pussy?

My cock jumped excitedly. In a matter of a few seconds it had sprung to fully erect attention! It had been stiffening ever since I first peeked into her room. But now, my 7-inch shaft had grown into a thick, hard rod. I reached inside my pants to straighten it to a more comfortable position.

Kimie turned before I had extricated my hand from my pants. A sly grin formed on her face and her voice rang merrily, “Do you need some help with that?”

What the hell did she say? She didn’t say what I thought she said, did she? As if reading my thoughts, she clarified her statement, “Dad, if you ever need any help with your cock, you just let me know. I’ll help you all I can.”

Maybe I needed to see an ear doctor! My ears were ringing, my throat was choking, and my cock was thumping excitedly. Maybe I could find a specialist to see, one of those ear, throat & cock doctors!

I knew for a fact that I was hearing things that shouldn’t be said. But, those words I heard were sounding again, “Do I make you horny, Dad? I hope so. Have you got a hard-on right now? I was partly awake when you came into my room. I know you kissed my back. I know you kissed my ass. Oh Dad, sometimes you make me so horny I can’t stand it! I saw you fucking Mom once, two years ago, and I wanted it to be me. I went out and lost my virginity that night! I pretended that I was with you.”

I was shocked. I didn’t know how to respond. But, I’d never told a lie to that girl and I wouldn’t do so now. Reluctantly, I answered, “Yes Kimie, you make me horny. And, yes I have a hard-on right now. But, there’s nothing that can be done about it! Hell girl, I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole!”

Kimie giggled and smiled. With a mischievous grin she wantonly corrected, “Mister, the pole I want is long, but not quite ten feet long. And yes, something ‘can’ be done about that hard-on you have!”

Just to prove her point, she turned my chair to face her and dropped to her knees between my legs. I would have stopped her if I could have, but I was powerless. I sat in speechless, stoic silence.

That impish young vixen loosened my belt and unzipped my pants. With both hands she tugged and the pants and briefs slipped down to my knees. There must have been something magnetic about the girl. When my clothes came down, my cock sprang free and the rigid 7-inch shaft pointed straight as a compass needle at the center of her feminine body.

Not one to pass up an opportunity to get what she wanted, Kimie grabbed my cock with both hands. As a farm girl, she was used to working with her hands. Yet, surprisingly, those hands were soft and petite. Her fingers were relatively short. Consequently, her fingertips barely touched as they encircled my thick, meaty, muscular shaft.

Kimie took in a deep breath and expelled it in words spoken lustily, “Oh Dad, I knew your cock would be beautiful, and it is! It’s magnificent! I only got a quick look at it when I caught you fucking Mom. As soon as I saw it, you drove it deep into her pussy. I’ve wanted to see it again ever since then. Now, it’s all mine! I love it, I love it, I do!”

Just to prove her point, she started fondling and kissing the object of her desires. With tongue-moistened lips she rained wet kisses up and down the entire length of my engorged shaft. Hot blood raced through the pulsating blue veins throbbing just below the surface skin of my stimulated cock.

Hot-damn, that girl was driving me crazy! Just what were her intentions? What would she do next? The answer was not long in coming. Her slippery-wet lips closed over the head of my cock. Her tongue darted into the slit of my pee-hole. Her saliva ducts opened and she drenched the throbbing bald head of my manhood. Her tongue made slow, lazy circles around and around.

My hands reached for her head. My fingers grabbed hands-full of long, curly, auburn hair. My mind argued in a fierce debate; should I pull her closer, or push her away? What the hell was a father supposed to do in a situation like this? I had no answer, so I just hung on for the ride!

Kimie, my sweet little-girl-woman daughter, turned on a vacuum and sucked half the length of my cock into her mouth. Her lubricated mouth bobbed up and down franticly. So frantic was she that the shaft repeatedly popped out. Each time that it did, she grabbed it and sucked it back in.

Finally, good sense told me to stop her. Shit, I couldn’t cum in her mouth! I tugged on her hair. Oh damn, that cock-sucking girl wouldn’t stop! I took a firm grip on her hair and viciously pulled.

My cock popped out of her mouth. The wanton, wild-eyed girl attempted to reach for the shaft again. I spoke sternly, “Honey, oh shit girl, you’ve got to stop! You don’t want me to shoot my load in your mouth!”

Fiery lust shone in her eyes. Her voice was laced with impetuous heat, “Hell yes, I do! That’s exactly what I want! Oh Dad, I want to eat your meat and drink your cream!”

My head shook as I gazed in amazed wonder at the girl. My little darling had grown to fully-matured womanhood! Her teenage body craved carnal satisfaction. Did I have the strength or the will to deny her desires? Could I deny my own raging lusts?

Kimie unbuttoned my kaki shirt and removed it. She unlaced my heavy work boots and pulled them off my feet. My socks, pants, and briefs were pulled off. I sat there before the girl with not one stitch of clothing on.

Suddenly, I realized that I too could have wanton, mischievous thoughts. I spoke teasingly, “Baby-doll, don’t you feel a little overdressed?”

She climbed back to her knees before me. She grabbed the hem of that pretty, pink shirt, pulled it over her head, and tossed it across the room. Her thin, white panties slipped off quickly and followed the bra as they too flew across the kitchen.

Goddamnit-to-hell, there was a naked young woman in my kitchen! She was kneeling between my legs! My eyes told me that I was correct in a couple of my previous observations. She ‘had’ come to the kitchen with no bra on and her pussy ‘was’ completely nude!

Of their own accord, my hands reached for the girl’s exposed breasts. I never had paid much attention to the technicalities of boob cup-size. A, B, and C were all letters of the alphabet to me. I much preferred a more objective measurement. Therefore, my eyes saw alluring breasts the size and shape of fully-ripened, ‘sunshine-state’ grapefruits. Nickel-sized, dark-pink nipples protruded out proudly. Silver dollar-sized, pale-pink areolas framed the ripe buds.

My mouth begged to taste the fruit of those two tantalizing nectarines. I slipped off the chair and instructed Kimie to take my place. As soon as her ass touched the seat, my mouth closed around a nipple. I sucked with the hunger of a newborn infant. One nipple wasn’t enough. I devoured the other one, too.

My mouth, my eyes, and my tongue began an odyssey of exploration around the two magnificent mammary mounds. I mapped every square inch of the soft feminine landscape. Each place my tongue touched, I planted a kiss as a claim of ownership.

Kimie had her hands on my head. She said not a word, yet her soft moans and sighs encouraged me to lay claim to more and more of her tender, young flesh. I gladly obliged.

I looked toward my girl’s face. She looked back with contented delight. She leaned toward me and offered her lips for kissing. I’d given that girl lots of fatherly kisses, but I knew that was not what she wanted now. It wasn’t what I wanted, either. We wanted to share the kind of kisses a man gives to a woman and a woman gives to a man.

My lips touched hers. Our tongues moisturized each others mouths and our lips melted together in a series of hypnotic, erotic, slippery kisses. Our tongues dueled and teased with unrestrained, impassioned zeal. Our tongues slipped in and out of each others mouths tasting and exploring with an ardent frenzy.

I kissed her cheeks, her neck, and her shoulders. I worked my way back to her breasts. Again, I ravaged those beautiful mounds by kissing, and licking, and sucking mercilessly.

My eyes strayed to the girl’s feminine pubic mound. The moment of truth had come. I love tits and I love ass! But, when it comes right down to it, I’m a ‘pussy man’! I love pussy more than any other feminine delight!

This very fact had led up to much of the tension in my marriage to Kimie’s mother. With her, the ‘missionary-position’ was the only acceptable way to have sexual relations. That woman’s father was a preacher and she had been brought up believing that oral sex was immoral sex. As my wife, she had never once sucked my cock! And, rare was the time I ever ate her pussy! The few times that I did led to bitter arguments and accusations of sexual perversion.

Had Kimie’s mother polluted her daughter’s mind with such thoughts of sexual immorality? Did I dare tempt rebuke by trying to satisfy my oral lusts with this young woman?

But, wait. Am I forgetting something? Hasn’t that girl already displayed a curiosity about oral gratification? Why, didn’t that girl just have my cock in her mouth? Didn’t she proudly proclaim her passionate enjoyment? Hell yes, she did! So, maybe she won’t object too much if I attempt to gratify myself with her pussy.

She can tell me to stop if she must, but I’m going to eat me some pussy if I can! I bodily lifted Kimie from the chair and laid her flat on the kitchen table with her legs hanging off the edge. Ours is a big, country kitchen and the table is long, wide, and sturdily built.

I pulled my chair up and sat between the girl’s legs. I spread her legs for a better view. She made no objection. Her bare-nude pussy-mound thrilled me to the bone. One hard, muscular bone in particular throbbed achingly. Lord-a-mercy, if there was anything in this whole world more beautiful than that girl’s pussy, I had yet to see it!

Yet, the fact that her pussy was shaved puzzled me. Why would she do it? Unconsciously, I asked the question out loud, “Kimie, why have you shaved your pussy? Did you do it for some guy?”

The naked girl lay on the table without the least bit of embarrassment or timidity. She seemed to glory in her nudity. She giggled and answered cheerfully, “Well Dad, a few months ago, after Mom left, I found your stash of ‘nudie’ magazines. I bet Mom never knew you had them. That prudish bitch would have raised hell if she’d known! But, I thought it was wonderful that you had them. I flipped through some of them and noticed you had earmarked certain photos. Every one of those naked females had shaved pussies! So, I went and shaved mine. So Dad, yes I shaved my pussy for a guy. I shaved it for you! And now, you’re the only guy to see my bare pussy.”

I felt an overwhelming sense of love, pride, and gratitude. I pulled Kimie to a sitting position and kissed her passionately. My words whispered in her ears, “Thank you baby. Now, lie back down and let me play!”

Play, I did. My eyes played first. They gloried in the nude expanse of feminine flesh. Her outer pussy-lips puffed out as thick, hairless mounds of protruding femininity. With her legs spread, her erect clit had escaped its confinement inside the pussy-lips. Here the pink of her nipples was mirrored and magnified. Never had my eyes seen such a dazzling shade of clitoral-pink!

My mouth and tongue begged to touch the tantalizing jewel that was the girl’s clitoral-treasure. With gentleness I didn’t know I had, my tongue touched her pee-hole. Erotic ecstasy flowed through my loins. Animal magnetism spurred me on. My tongue explored the length of the clit tickling, flicking, sucking, and teasing with unrestrained lustful delight. Kimie wiggled and moaned.

My hands squeezed her pussy-lips with a grip that was tender, yet firm. Without the hindrance of pubic hair, my lips touched the soft, warm, vaginal tissue. My mouth journeyed into the valleys between pussy-lips and thighs and climbed the surrounding hills. Again, my kisses lay claim to feminine flesh and declared ownership. This was now my goddamn pussy! Kimie squirmed and sighed.

My journey led me back to my girl’s enticingly tempting clit. My lips and tongue ravaged it again. This time, I had not the restraint of gentleness. My mouth, my lips, my tongue, and even my teeth savagely attacked the tender, pink flesh. I pulled, I tugged, I bit, and I sucked.

Surprisingly, Kimie didn’t cry out or recoil in pain or fear. She didn’t tell me to stop. She didn’t tell me to slow down. She didn’t beg me to be gentle. Instead, her clit stiffened into a more firm erection in order to withstand the oral assault upon it.

Kimie’s legs spread wider and she lifted them up. My lips accepted her unspoken invitation to explore more freely. My tongue traveled down the clit and spread open the inviting lips it found. I touched moisture.

I pulled back for a quick look. My eyes were mesmerized by the brilliant-pink flesh of the girl’s vaginal opening. Herein lay the glory-hole that nature had provided especially for the housing of a male’s erect cock. I wanted my stiffened shaft inside that hole. But for now, I would revel in the tastes and textures so long denied to me by the girl’s mother.

Kimie’s vaginal opening was glistening with wetness. Her body had released warm, moisturizing fluids in preparation for penile penetration. Yet, it wasn’t a penis that now penetrated this feminine sanctum, it was my tongue. I cupped my tongue to stiffen it and plunged it deep into the slippery-wet cavity.

Moisture attacked my taste buds. Glorious, sweet, feminine juices were mine to lick, to drink, and to enjoy. My tongue, my lips, and my mouth became coated with intoxicating vaginal nectars.

I continued eating Kimie’s pussy in a frenzy of sexually-inebriated lust. For ten years I been denied the carnal delights of oral vaginal pleasure. I was now so gleefully enchanted with this girl’s pussy that I had no power to tell myself to stop. I couldn’t have heard her words even if she were screaming for me to stop touching her.

I made another assault on the feminine object of my uncontrollable lustful desires. My mouth, my lips, and my tongue joined together as an attack force. They attacked the nude pussy-mound and captured every hill and valley claiming their flesh as sexual captives. The clit came next as these oral troops sucked, and licked, and flicked, and kissed until surrender was achieved. Finally, this team challenged the moisturized glory-hole penetrating deep, twisting and twirling, licking and lapping.

Kimie’s hips were bucking and jumping. If she was squealing or screaming, I didn’t hear. I was lost in pussy-lust heaven. Finally, for the first time in ten years, a stream of vaginal cum shot into my mouth. My daughter’s girl-woman pussy had erupted and was discharging orgasmic liquid into my pussy-starved mouth!

My befuddled brain began to understand. Kimie was cumming! I was making my sweet, young daughter cum! My bewilderment began to clear. The girl most certainly was screaming and squealing! Her body was writhing in blissful orgasmic ecstasy. Instinctively, I licked up and down her clit again. Again, she squealed as another orgasm shook her.

Still, I didn’t stop. Again, my tongue dove deep into her pussy’s inflamed vaginal void. I licked, I slurped, I tickled, I teased, and I frantically massaged every tender nerve ending. This time, her voice screamed and cried as more orgasmic tremors rattled her body from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.

After an eternity, I pulled back. Kimie lay still. Her chest was rising and falling with labored breathing. Time passed slowly, but the girl finally sat up. Her shimmering auburn hair glistened with perspiration, yet her summer-tanned face beamed with the radiance of sexual satisfaction.

She jumped from the table with an energetic bounce. She landed in my lap astride my legs. Her arms encircled my head and her lips pressed tightly to mine. She kissed me with the wanton passion of a woman possessed. Her words whispered in my ear, “Thanks Dad. Oh shit, that was goddamn amazing! I thought I’d never stop cumming! I never knew orgasms could be so violent and so glorious!”

The young woman sitting in my lap kissed me again and pressed her breast tightly against my chest. Again, she wantonly whispered, “Mister, you started this and now it’s your turn! I told you that I wanted to eat your meat and drink your cream! I’m going to give you a cock-sucking you’ll remember to your dying day!”

That grown-up little-girl of mine took charge. She instructed me to take her place on the table. She had me to lean back into a semi-reclining position. She moved her chair between my legs. Then she began.

Not once in my ten-year marriage to that girl’s mother had she sucked my cock. Yet, here was her young daughter sucking away! Kimie had wasted no time. As soon as her ass hit the seat of the chair, she had grabbed the engorged shaft of my cock. Into her opened mouth it went.

She didn’t stop at an inch, or two, or three. That deep-throated vixen sucked in five inches before hitting the back of her throat. Then she went to work with her mouth, her lips, and her tongue.

Many a time I’d seen that girl, as a child, licking a popsicle or sucking on a lollipop. She must be recalling the skills learned from those activities because she was doing a mighty-fine job in both areas. But, that wasn’t a popsicle in her mouth and it wasn’t a lollipop! That was my cock she was licking and sucking!

She was also kissing my shaft up and down its entire 7-inch length. She kissed, and squeezed, and tugged, and pumped. Her tongue circled around and around my cock-head stimulating my erection into a stiff, meaty, steel-hard rod.

That wicked, young sex-pot’s lips captured my shaft again. Her slippery-wet mouth bobbed up and down. Sometimes she went three inches deep and sometimes she went more. Five inches seemed to be her limit.

That girl seemed to have an instinctive knowledge about how far to go without causing an ejaculation. She must have liked teasing me with this skill. Time after time she brought me to the brink of eruption only to back off and let it pass. I wanted to scream out and tell her to goddamnit let me cum! But, I didn’t say a word. This was my first cock-sucking in ten years, so she could take all day if she wanted!

Well, she took her own sweet time, but it wasn’t all day. I lost track of time. But, I felt every kiss. I felt every lick. I felt every suck. I certainly felt it when the sucking stopped!

I looked down and Kimie looked up at me. She spoke with a ring of authority in her voice, “Dad, I’m going to make you cum now. I want you to keep your hands out of my hair. I don’t want you to pull me away. You just hang on and let me do what I want! And, Mister, that’s an order!”

I wasn’t in any condition to argue the point with the girl. Hell, if I didn’t get some relief soon, I was going to go crazy! So, I hung on. I saw a head-full of auburn curls descend towards my cock. Early-morning sunlight was captured within the shimmering curls and reflected out in a rainbow shower of magnified colors as Kimie’s head bobbed up and down on my erect shaft.

The brazen, young wench seemed to loose control. Did she know what she was doing? Her head moved erratically. Her wet, warm, saliva-coated mouth continued bouncing up and down on my well-lubricated shaft. She seemed to loose all caution. Her oral thrusts became more frenzied. She swallowed five inches. She then swallowed six! Unbelievably, all seven inches of my cock disappeared into her ravenous mouth!

She didn’t gag and she didn’t stop. But, she did allow my shaft to back up a few inches. She sucked with invigorated enthusiasm. She sucked insistently with only one goal in mind. She wanted her dad to cum!

That’s just what the girl’s dad did! Because of my vasectomy, I couldn’t ejaculate sperm, but I had semen aplenty. I felt this pot of semen boiling. I felt the heated liquid enter my shaft. Oh shit, should I stop the girl? She had told me not to! So, I didn’t. My entire body shuddered and shook as the eruption built to an explosive climax. My orgasm had begun! A dam burst and my seminal fluids flowed out. Steaming-hot, pressurized cream shot out in streams of milky-white fluid.

My cock, inside my daughter’s mouth, burned with unquenchable, orgasmic fire. Kimie inflamed the fire by continuing to hungrily suck. Her mouth began to fill with seminal liquid. She swallowed. Goddamn-almighty, that girl swallowed again and again! With her lips closed tightly around my thick, meaty shaft, she swallowed every single drop she could get.

Never in my lifetime had my loins experienced such an ecstatic, orgasmic explosion! My body, my mind, and my heart rejoiced in uninhibited, orgasmic celebration.

At last, I fell back on the table. Kimie lapped at the few remaining drops trickling from my slowly shrinking cock. This time, I was the one to lie with my chest rising and falling with labored breathing. I was completely and totally sexually sated and satisfied beyond my wildest dreams. I’d just had the finest blowjob any man could ever want! Kimie was right, I’d remember this cock-sucking to my dying day!

Thankfully, that wickedly wonderful girl of mine was nothing like her mother. I knew there would be no guilt or recrimination resulting from our consensual sexual adventure.

As if reading my mind, Kimie kissed my now flaccid cock. She laid a soft, summer-tanned cheek against the relaxing shaft. Her voice whispered quietly, “Listen to me ‘Old man’, don’t you worry about this limp cock. I know I can get it hard again. Let’s go take a long, hot bath. Then I want you to take me to your bed. I want your big piece of beautiful meat inside my pussy. Oh Dad, I want you to fuck my brains out!”

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2011-08-20 09:41:09
I have just starting to fuck my eight year old daughter, Went for a walk down by the river last week ,It was a very warm day and she said i would like to jump in for a swim but we have no swimming costumes. I said we could in naked if we liked, So we both stripped off and pumped in. After awhile we got out a lay on the bank to dry of,i saw my daughter looking at my cock,I said do you like it she nodded yes so i said you can hold it if you want. SO she took hold of it and it was so hard. I liked looking at young cunt so i placed my hand on it and put my finger in between the lips and worked in and out she gave me a smile i took my finger out and said can i put my cock in instead. She said yes please, so i got on top of her drove my cock all the way in taking her cherry and shot my cum into her womb .She has just ask if we can do it again. so as her mother is out we have time to fuck before she get back. i am looking forewood to kiss and fucking her pussy a lot more.

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2011-05-12 18:12:43
That's way the besetst answer so far!

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2010-09-01 15:48:32
good story. My daughter loves to fish. We go lots to a small lake..but we take food and a blanket too. After we fish enough, we put the blanket down and eat some food..then we fuck. Katie is just 8 years old. She never tells on me. I luv to cum in her.


2009-03-27 01:24:51
Great story.
I think it's ridiculous how many people are saying that the girl wouldn't live with her step father instead of her mother.
It happens a lot of the time!!
And also, she's 18 years old, she can decide to have sex with whomever and whenever she wishes.


2008-03-30 03:25:12
I thought your story was great! And to the person who thinks a step-daughter would never live with the step-father after a divorce, it happens! Moms aren't always the best choice and it clearly stated the mom didn't want to have anything to do with the daughter. I give it a 10/10. Thank you for the great story.

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