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My wife takes an Oriental lover and is Sushi ever nice to eat.
This is a love story between three consenting adults. There is no incest, no cruelty, and there are no underage girls. Please continue to read this story at your own risk.

A Little Sushi

My wife Stella could be a fashion model or a Mrs. America at the least. She stands five feet nine inches tall and almost always wears three-inch heels. At a whopping six feet she is one tall beauty. With straight naturally light brown hair to her butt crack she commands attention. Of course the micro mini skirts that Stella wears show off a whole lot of leg and every guy that sees her wants to find the spot where they come together. Her breasts are only average at a C-cup but her ‘lift them up and shove them together’ bras with a low cut top, seem to draw men’s eyes away from even a set of double-D tits. Stella really likes wearing her high heels to show off her calves and to firm up her butt, as if her butt needed any firming.

We have been married for three years now with no children. We are in no hurry yet for children. At twenty-five years old Stella figures that she has at least five to ten years to worry about having kids. She said that she would let me know when her biological clock starts ticking.

We met right after college. Stella received an Associate Degree in Business while I received my Master Degree in Engineering. Believe it or not we were both virgins when we met and for several months afterwards too. We were both raised by very religious mothers that imposed their strong moral beliefs onto us. It wasn’t until about nine months later when I asked Stella to marry me and slipped the engagement ring onto her left hand that she suggested that we consummate our engagement. I was all for it but never wanted to push her. Neither one of us knew of any virgins our ages. Since that day we have never had sex with another person, neither one of us.

Stella certainly likes to pamper herself. I like pampering her too. Every two weeks she goes to this one Nail Salon that is run by Orientals. Well I guess they are all run by Orientals! Anyway this one is her favorite. There are about eight pedicure chairs on the right as you go in and about five or six fingernail stations on the left. Stella always gets both a manicure and pedicure for about thirty-five dollars. It is certainly worth it. I have watched her get a few and the pedicure seems very nice. A cute little Oriental girl jabbers away the whole time in her native language talking to the girl next to her. I often wondered what they were talking about. I assumed that they were poking fun of the women that they were working on such as: “This one is fat,” “Mine has on pink panties,” or “God her feet are ugly!”

Stella likes this one really cute little thing named Su Chi. My wife just calls her Sushi and it seems to be close enough to the proper pronunciation.

I said, “I really like Sushi too and wouldn’t mind making love to her if I ever got the chance.”

Stella surprised me quite a bit when she said that, “I would like to make love to Sushi too if I ever got the chance.”

That was the first time that I had ever heard her talk about another woman that way so I said, “Ask her! The worse she can do is say no!”

Stella smiled and said, “I may just do that!”

Two weeks later I went in with my wife to see Sushi. I thought I had seen my wife open her legs for Sushi but I wasn’t sure. I also thought that I had seen Sushi looking at me, turning red, and just barely shaking her head no. I had! My wife confirmed it when we got in the car to head home. Stella removed her very damp panties and laid them out on the dash so that I could see them. Across the crotch it said, “Threesome” with a big question mark under it. The first time Sushi had tried to ignore the question but the second time she did look at me, blush, and then shake her head no. I knew it!

Two weeks after that I stayed home when Stella went to get her manicure and pedicure from Sushi. When she came home Stella removed her panties and showed them too me. They were soaking wet. I swear that I could have rung them out. Across the crotch it said, “Just us 2” with the two really big and right between her legs. Stella said that she had spread her knees several times during that visit and that Sushi had not shook her head no this time. The best part was that Sushi had looked every time until Stella closed her knees again. Sushi was interested! She had smiled but had not answered the question.

Two weeks after that Stella had me shave her pussy bald leaving just a short crop of pubic hair in the shape of a cute little heart over her love mound. Then she had me put a thin coating of K-Y Jelly along the inside of her pussy lips so that they would not stick together. She even tested it by looking in a mirror as I watched. As her knees parted so did her pussy lips. She found out just how wide her knees had to be before Sushi would be able to look inside at her nice pink inner lips surrounding her wonderful pink hole. Then she was off to get her manicure and pedicure alone and without panties.

When Stella came home she had a big smile on her face. She had flashed Sushi her beautiful pussy four times during her visit. Sushi had licked her lips the first three times Stella had opened up her pussy lips for her. However, on that forth time Sushi had placed two of her fingers in front of her mouth in the shape of a “V” and poked her tongue out between them repeatedly. Stella said that was a definite yes! Stella slipped Sushi a note with her name, address, phone number, and eight o’clock written on it. It was tucked into a fifty-dollar bill as her tip. When Stella opened her knees for me I could see that she had leaked cum from her excitement. I told Stella to remove her skirt and look at it. Instead she simply spun it around. Yes right there on the back of her skirt was a wet spot. Stella was amazed.

I said, “Don’t worry honey! I get wet spots in my pants but not as much as I did when I was younger! By the way you’re responsible for almost all of them since I first met you!”

Stella said, “Oh that’s so sweet! Now what are we going to do about you?”

I said, “Well I can hide in the closet and come out after you two are well into it!”

Stella smiled and said, “You don’t want to frighten her, do you? Suppose you just stay right here in the living room and watch a dirty movie or something while I take Sushi up to our bedroom! After we make love I’ll try to get her to come down with me! If all goes well maybe we will invite you back up with us! However if not this time maybe sometime in the near future! We will just have to wait and see!”

I said, “Okay but if I don’t get to participate I’m going to need some serious loving after she leaves!”

Stella said, “Honey you won’t believe the loving I’m going to give you afterwards! No matter how it pans out!”

Sushi arrived a few minutes early to our delight. We were not really sure that she would even show up. Stella opened the door and greeted her before bringing her into the living room where I was sitting.

Stella said, “Honey you remember Sushi from the Nail Salon, don’t you?”

I replied, “Yes of course I remember Sushi! Who could forget someone that pretty!”

Sushi blushed.

Stella said, “We are going up to our bedroom! It’s a girl thing! Please give us some space!”

I replied, “Sure! No problem! I’ll just watch ‘Debbie Does Dallas part one’ while you girls…ah…talk!”

Stella said, “Thanks Honey!” Then she took Sushi’s hand and led her up the stairs toward our bedroom.

Stella had spent hours up there that day cleaning everything, making the bed with her best silk sheets, and lighting dozens of fragrant candles. She even burned a special DVD full of music to make love by. I estimated four hours worth of music. Some songs would repeat occasionally. Most of it was instrumental or a soft ballad.

As Sushi walked up the stairs with my wife I couldn’t help but get a hard-on. Sushi was more beautiful than I had ever seen her before. Whenever I had seen Sushi at work she was always dressed in a pair of nice pants, a baggy shirt, and she always had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She never wore any makeup at work either. However tonight Sushi had makeup on and done right too. She wore a light shade of lipstick and she smelled like a flower I saw once in a Botanic Garden in Hawaii. That night Sushi had on a beautiful Oriental dress. It was black with some sort of an orchid design on it. It was snug fitting, buttoned up to her neck, but was very short too. It covered her pussy and ass like it was supposed too, I guess. She also had on a very nice pair of shoes, the kind that has about three-inch thick soles.

The two women were complete opposites. Stella is five feet nine inches tall while Sushi stands about five feet one inch if she is lucky. Stella has C-cup breasts while Sushi might have an A-cup if that. Stella’s hair is straight, light brown, and extends to her butt crack. Sushi’s hair is normally straight, jet black, and hangs just past her breasts but that night it was up in a high bun with what looked like chopsticks sticking into it. My wife is very sure of herself and outgoing while Sushi seems to be shy and demure. Even their eyes are complete opposites. Stella has very pale blue eyes while Sushi has incredible back eyes.

As they disappeared from the top of the stairs I settled into my favorite chair and hit play on the remote control. Debbie Does Dallas started to play. For a film that Bambi Woods made thirty years ago it was still pretty sexy. It wasn’t very realistic though. The so-called high school boys were old, had plenty of body hair, and had moustaches and gaudy tattoos. The girls were not much more believable, one even had a scar from her belly button to her cunt from a caesarian birth.

Well after an hour and a half had passed that movie ended and my wife finally brought Sushi back downstairs. She was wearing one of my dress shirts with only two buttons attached in the middle, my wife was totally nude, and they were both bare footed.

Stella said, “Honey! I talked Sushi into posing with me for a few pictures! Eight to be exact! Get you camera!”

I got my camera and just as quickly as I could too. Stella and Sushi stood side by side facing me. There was Stella nude and Sushi dressed, well sort of in my shirt, but I sure couldn’t see anything. The next picture was of them kissing passionately. But the next ones got much more interesting. In the next three pictures Stella kissed Sushi’s nipples and pussy. There was plenty of black hair sticking out all around my wife’s lips. Sushi was completely natural down there. Then it was Sushi’s turn to kiss my wife’s nipples and kiss her pussy. I fucking loved it and was rock hard the whole time.

Stella said, “Honey be a dear and print out two sets of eight by tens! Take your time! We’ll be upstairs for a while!”

I printed them out and had time to watch Debbie Does Dallas 2. Bambi still looked pretty good to me. Ron Jeremy got deep throated and one girl sucked two cocks at the same time. It lasted about an hour and a half also.

Finally a while later Stella and Sushi returned. Sushi was wearing that same shirt but this time there were no buttons done up. Stella looked at the pictures and then showed them to Sushi. Sushi blushed and they whispered to each other for a moment.

Then Stella said, “We need five more pictures!”

Stella then removed Sushi’s shirt and let it fall to the floor. Both women stood side by side facing me for a full frontal picture. Sushi had the tiniest breasts that I had ever seen on a grown woman but they excited the hell out of me too, especially her long hard nipples. Next Sushi lay back flat on the floor with Stella in her crotch and her hands holding Stella’s face in tight. Her eyes were closed and I was sure that she was experiencing an orgasm. For the next picture Stella lay back while Sushi ate her to an orgasm. Then they got into a sixty-nine with Stella on top the first time and Sushi on top the next time.

Stella said, “Honey be a dear and print out two sets of eight by tens! Take your time! We’ll be upstairs for a while!”

I was very happy that they came back down just as I returned to the living room with the pictures. I was expecting another hour and a half wait.

Stella looked at the new pictures and then showed them to Sushi. Sushi again blushed and they whispered to each other for a moment. Stella got a permanent magic marker so that Sushi could write on one of the pictures. Stella put one full set of eight by tens in an envelope for Sushi. The two women went back upstairs, Sushi put her clothes back on, and returned with my still nude wife.

They kissed goodbye and Stella said, “See you tomorrow night Sushi!”

Sushi bowed gracefully and then left.

Stella then showed me the picture that Sushi had written on. It was the one of them both naked with Stella on her back and Sushi feverishly eating her pussy. Sushi wrote, “I love the taste of your cunt” and it was signed Su Chi.

Then my wife took me to bed. As promised I had the best sex I had had in a long time and our sex life is normally something to brag about too. As I fucked into Stella’s moist pussy she told me all about how good Sushi tasted and how good she was as a lover. As I was filling her up for the first time she was telling me how sucking on Sushi’s long nipples was like sucking a baby’s tiny pecker. As I cum the second time I was while listening to Stella talk about sucking Sushi’s entire tiny breast into her mouth. As I cum in her for the third and final time that night it was while listening to my wife talk about how incredible Sushi’s pussy had tasted. She said that the more orgasms that Sushi had the better her fluids tasted. I fell asleep exhausted and had trouble getting up in the morning for work.

As tired as I was I couldn’t get Sushi out of my mind. Stella called me about every hour to tell me that she was having another orgasm while looking at the pictures that I had taken the night before.

Sushi showed up long before eight o’clock that night. She too had gotten very little sleep and had even been late for work that morning. That night she arrived in a skirt and blouse. The girls did not go up to the bedroom that night and used the couch across from my chair. It was much better than Debbie Does Dallas, it was Sushi Does Stella. Sushi was no longer shy and demure, she was bold and aggressive, especially while having sex with my wife. Sushi had gone from a little sex kitten to a ferocious woman-eating tigress. I watched and took pictures for over two hours until the girls were worn out and didn’t have anymore orgasms left to have. Sushi dressed, kissed Stella, and left before ten o’clock. Stella let me fuck her body twice and then told me to go to sleep. She wasn’t into it at all, her mind was elsewhere, probably in Sushi’s crotch. I really needed the sleep but I wanted to make love one more time. Stella promised me sex first thing in the morning so I rolled over and fell asleep.

That third night Sushi came straight from work to us in her normal clothes and without any makeup. She hadn’t even taken a shower. Stella got all excited and couldn’t wait to taste a little raw Sushi. This time Stella invited me to follow them up to our bedroom. Stella also told me to get undressed this time and join them on the bed. Sushi seemed a little uneasy at first but relaxed as we got started. Stella and I took turns eating Sushi’s very tasty pussy. Sushi had a strong feminine odor. As I slipped my tongue up her hairy slit I could taste several things. As I came from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit I tasted something tangy and shitty at first but not too bad, then I tasted something salty, it was a cross between sweat and piss. I then had a very pleasant taste, probably from her fresh cum, and finally as I licked her hard little clit I could taste her hand lotion and knew that she had masturbated as she had driven here.

After Sushi had had a couple of orgasms my wife wanted her turn so Sushi and I took turns eating her out. My wife had that freshly washed and douched taste. Her shaved pussy was a pleasant change to Sushi’s very hair one. Once I got one of her pubic hairs in my mouth and tried to spit it out but Stella made me swallow it. Apparently that was what she had been doing.

Then it was my turn. Stella and Sushi took turns sucking my cock. Stella gave Sushi some pointers and she got much better at it. Her approach was different from Stella’s and the two of them together were too much for me. Sushi actually fought Stella for my cum. That surprised me. As soon as Sushi realized that I was about to cum she latched onto me and wouldn’t stop pumping my cock, sucking the head, and swallowing my cum until I was empty.

Sushi was only eighteen years old and very new to anything sexual. Her parents had been very strict and demanding, similar to our own parents. Sushi had practically led the life of a nun. And then she got a job at the Nail Salon and had moved in with one of the other girls. Stella had been her very first sexual encounter of any kind what so ever. Sushi had never even been kissed on the lips before Stella. She had never even seen another naked woman before Stella. She had been infatuated with Stella’s naked pussy on display like that in the Salon. After tasting Stella’s pussy she was hooked on women. Posing for me naked was certainly a challenge for her to overcome. Stella had told her how wonderful a man’s hard cock would feel inside her and convinced her to try it. Mine was the first cock she had ever seen and I was the first naked man she ever saw too. This night was already full of firsts for Sushi. I had eaten her pussy and she had sucked my cock. Soon I would be slipping it up inside her virgin pussy too. I could hardly wait but my wife made me wait until Sushi herself was begging for it.

My wife got Sushi to tell me of her sexual past. Sushi was never allowed to mingle with boys, never allowed to expose much of her skin, and never ever allowed to masturbate. Touching oneself was severely punished. Her parents ran her life every single day until her eighteenth birthday. When Sushi refused to go through with her arranged marriage to a perfect stranger she was thrown out of her home. She was just lucky that a fellow classmate she had attended school with took her in. Sushi then got the job at the nail salon through her roommate too. Stella was one of her very first customers and found her to be very beautiful. Sushi could not believe it when Stella opened her legs and she saw the word threesome on her panties. Her roommate had to explain what a threesome was to Sushi in their own language. That is when Sushi looked at me and shook her head no. The panties that said just us two really excited her. After that Sushi had fallen asleep thinking about what it would be like to make love to Stella. The clincher was when Stella opened her legs and was not wearing any panties at all. The note and the fifty-dollar tip forced her to make a decision. That was why she had come to us that first night.

That first night for the first hour and a half Stella was trying to convince Sushi that it was okay to let someone see her body naked, to kiss another woman on the lips, and to let someone lick her pussy. Coming down to me wearing just my shirt was a very big step for Sushi, letting me take pictures of her exposed body was an even bigger step. The next two hours that night was spent getting Sushi to lick Stella’s pussy in return. Once she did and the taboo was broken Sushi loved making out with Stella. They gave one another several orgasms before Stella slipped two fingers into Sushi’s love hole and broke her hymen. It hadn’t even hurt Sushi that much. Stella introduced Sushi to one of her dildos and tickled her clit to three more orgasms before going back downstairs to me. Stella would not let Sushi button my shirt that time and had talked her into posing completely nude and not trying to cover her body with her hands. It not only took guts on Sushi’s part but a lot of trust in Stella for her to do that. Posing for me was just another step in her sexual learning curve.

That second night Sushi was too excited to stay away until the appointed time so she arrived early dressed in a pretty skirt and a nice blouse. Stella had told her that they would be making love in front of me that night and it had excited the hell out of Sushi all day long. Sushi said that she had gotten over her shyness the night before and didn’t care who was watching this time. Sushi was going to make love to Stella. Sushi said that me taking pictures of her making love to Stella just made her do that much better of a job. Once she got home Sushi masturbated for the first time in her life and decided to rush right over after work.

Finally the thing that I had been waiting for. Sushi said, “Will you please make love to me! Take my virginity! Make me into a real woman!”

I kissed Sushi passionately and worked my way down to her breasts. I sucked on both of her hard nipples and loved them. I sucked one whole breast into my mouth like I had seen Stella do. She was just too sweet for words. Then I went down to her very hairy pussy for another taste before I spoiled it with my cum. Iran a finger down her slip and parted her lips and the thick hair to get my tongue in there. I licked her and put my lips right around the entrance to her love tunnel and inserted my tongue just as far as I could get it in. Then I pulled my tongue out, crawled up between her legs, and looked her right in her eyes. She smiled and I continued. I placed the head of my cock at her hole and pressed lightly. There was just a little resistance so I pressed a little harder. Sushi was tight and a little frightened but it was completely understandable. I was taking my time and being very gentle so as not to scare her any more than she already was. This was too good to loose. I wanted her to love sex, to crave sex, and to crave my cock. This one fuck could make or break a very lovely third to our lovemaking. Sushi let me slip in and I let her relax before going further. When I was all the way inside and had given her a moment’s rest I started fucking her in slow short strokes. She quickly started fucking back at me letting me know that she was enjoying it. Then it was long full strokes as I watched her eyes close and her breathing become irregular. I had seen her do that a few times as she was progressing through the stages of orgasm from ‘oh that feels so good’ to the ‘oh shit I can’t take it anymore’ stage. Sushi’s eyes few open and I swear that they crossed as she hit her biggest orgasm of the night. And with my cock in her! Bingo! She was mine! She was ours! We were three!

After I had made love to her two more times that evening Sushi fell asleep with us. She was in the middle between her two lovers. In the morning I made love to Sushi right after she and Stella had made love. We all cleaned up, ate breakfast, and I went to work. Stella had Sushi ask for the day off so that the two of them could move Sushi’s stuff to our home.

She is now a permanent part of our family. We are truly a threesome now. I try to eat a little Sushi every day and I know that my wife does.

The End
A Little Sushi
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