THIS 2-5

(......) me you {......} your father [......] greg
you just told me what your father said about us not having sex, i have no choice but to believe you now. (ok Jr, you win, i'll do whatever you say) you leave the kitchen and i put the finishing touches on dinner, then go upstairs to wash up. when i come back downstairs, your sitting in the living room. i walk over and sit next to you. (please Jr, this dinner is so important. just let me get thru it, no more tonight, ok?) your father and his boss come in. { hi dear, hi Jr, this is my boss Mr. Day} (nice to meet you Mr Day) [call me greg, no need to be formal] i get up and fix them drinks. your father gives you a look {your not drinking tonight Jr} you look at me (its ok dear, i'll go get him one) i go into the kitchen and your father follows me { i don't want him drinking, you know how he gets and tonight is to important to me. i want everything perfect} (don't worry dear, he'll be ok, i'll make his drink weak) i walk back out and hand you your drink we sit and talk, then i hear the timer go off (time for me to check on the appetizers) i get up and start walking to the kitchen (it's ok Jr, i don't need help) you give me a look and get up and follow me into the kitchen (please Jr, just let me get the appetizers out) i bend over and take the tray out, as soon as i put it down, i feel you behind me (please Jr, not now, your father and greg are right in the next room) you lift my skirt, move my panties to the side and push your fingers inside my pussy
< your wet mom, i knew you wanted me again, now be quiet> i hear your zipper (please Jr, not now) with that your push your hard cock deep inside me (mmmmmmm, no please) you fuck me hard and fast, right before you start cumming, you pull out, turn me around and push me down you put your cock in my mouth just as you start cumming < you better swallow it all mom> i swallow and stand up, i don't say anything. i put the appetizers on a plate, you take it and walk back in the living room. {they smell good dear} (does anyone need another drink, i sure do) i take everyone's glasses and walk to the bar. after i hand the drinks out, i go back to the kitchen to finish dinner. (dinner's ready, would everyone please go into the dining room) your father sits at the head of the table, greg at the other end, that leaves me and you sitting across each other. it's quiet as we're all eating, you stick your leg out, rubbing my very wet pussy, i start drinking more and more. you keep looking at me, knowing i'm getting close. i get nervous, i plead with my eyes for you to stop. your father doesn't seem to notice but his boss does, now i have both you and greg looking at me. after dinner, dad and greg go into the living room. you follow me into the kitchen (please Jr, enough is enough) i turn and start putting the dishes in the dishwasher. then i go to the sink to wash the pots and pans. you come up behind me. i know i have no choice and i take them off. you take them and see how wet they are you lift my skirt up and pound my pussy, this time cumming inside me(omg Jr, what did you just do? you came inside me) you pull out and use my panties to wipe your cock dry, then you toss them to me you walk out of kitchen and i take my time finishing up. when i walk back into the living room, i see you and greg talking and laughing. (where did your dad go?) [ dinner was great, i can't wait for dessert ] he winks at me then turns to you and you both laugh. (Jr, i asked you where your father was, now answer me) you and greg laugh again with that you take my hand, making me sit. you put your hand on my leg and start rubbing, i lean over and whisper(Jr stop, greg's right there and he's watching) you slip your hand under my skirt and start fingering me. i turn and look at greg, he's smiling. i pick up my drink and down it. i get up( does anyone else need another), you both say no. i down it fast and fix myself another, as i'm walking back into the room, i hear dad coming down the stairs. i sit next to you as dad walks in {i'm sorry everyone, there's a problem at work that needs my attention, i have to leave now, greg, please stay and have dessert with my family, i'll see you at work tomorrow} [ you have a great family, of course i'll stay for dessert ] your father goes into his office, comes out with his briefcase, gives me a kiss on the cheek and leaves. i feel so nervous now. i start to stand up but you pull me back. (Jr, let me go and put the coffee on so we can have dessert, i made a chocolate cake) you hold on to my arm < we don't need coffee mom, your the dessert > i slap your face, get up and run into the kitchen, you follow me, you slap me hard (JR, please) < greg knows everything mom, now you listen to me or dad will lose his job> (no Jr, i can't do this in front of him) slap, slap, slap you rip my blouse off you pull my bra off and slap my tits hard (that hurt Jr, stop) i slide my skirt and panties down (please Jr, with your father gone, lets just have dessert and i'll do anything you want after greg leaves. i don't want him walking in and seeing this) you push me to my knees and shove your cock in my mouth i start sucking you, hoping if i make you cumm you'll stop. i feel you growing in my mouth (mmmmm) all of the sudden you pull out (please Jr, don't make me do this, he your fathers boss) you have me lay on the kitchen table with my head over the edge. i hear the fridge open and close. i hear you shaking something, then i see you come over with a can of whipped cream and a jar of cherries. you put whipped cream on both my tits and top them with a cherry, then you move down making a trail to my belly and put another cherry on me (please Jr, please stop) you move away, i think your gonna let me up, but you come to my face i open my mouth and you shove my panties in < there we go, now you can't talk> you bend down tying my hands to the table legs, then move to end of table and do the same with my legs. you finger my pussy, then i feel whipped cream going inside me. you stop and push some cherries in and then fill me with more whipped cream. you start to walk out, then come back you put one on my pussy you leave, i try moving but the rope is tied to tight. i hear you and greg talking and its getting closer. my heart is racing and i start crying. [ very nice Jr, i'm gonna enjoy my dessert ] you and greg both undress and i start crying harder. [ are you sure Jr?] you come over to my mouth and remove the panties (NO, i want this to stop, or else) slap, slap (please greg, please don't do this, your my husbands boss) you and greg start talking [your right, i am his boss and you will do this or i will fire him. i'll tell him you offered yourself to me] you both laugh. greg bends down and eats the cherries off my tits, then he starts licking the cream off. my nipples are hard and he bites them. then he starts licking down my belly. you come to my mouth and push your hard cock in (mmmmmm) you keep fucking my mouth as greg finds his way to my pussy, he starts licking the cream away, biting and sucking on my clit (mmmmmmmmmmmmm) i start sucking you harder, im getting so close to cumming. when greg puts his tongue in my pussy, i lose it and start cumming. that makes you cumm, you pull out and cumm over my face. you untie me and help me up. i make the drinks and serve them to you and greg. i take mine and go to sit. [come sit on the floor next to me] i look at you and you shake your head. i go and sit on the floor. i finish my drink fast and start to get up (i need another drink Jr) you wink at greg [ i'll give you something to drink, now turn and start sucking my cock] i turn and face his cock, i run my tongue up and down, then open my mouth and start sucking [mmmmm that's right, take it all ] he grabs my hair, forcing my mouth up and down his cock. you come behind me. i feel your hands on my hips as you pull me to my knees. you shove your cock deep inside, making me take more of greg's cock. you both fuck me hard and fast. i start cumming again (mmmmmmmmmmm) then greg pushed my head all the way down and cumms. your still fucking me hard, you pull out and cumm over my back and ass. you move away greg pulls my head off his cock [ best dessert i've had in long time, where can i go to clean up] he takes his clothes and goes upstairs. you come over to me and kiss me. greg comes down all dressed. [thank you both, hope i get invited over again. Jr, i made the arrangements. is a week long enough?] ( what are you talking about?) < i told greg all about our little arrangement and some of my plans for you. he told me if i proved to him how you listen to me, he would give me some alone time with you> (what are you talking bout Jr? tell me now) [let me tell her Jr. i'm sending your husband away on business for a week. now go and pack his suitcase and i'll bring it to him. he won't be coming home tonight ] i go and pack and give suitcase to greg. [ have fun Jr. let me know if you need anything. you know what my payment is. lol ] i go and get the shower ready, the water feels so good. you come in, you kiss me (please Jr, i'm so sore. i just wanna get into bed and forget this happened) we finish showering, i wrap myself in a towel and walk into bedroom, you follow me. you take my towel off. you pull me close to you. you kiss me, then push me down on the bed, you keep kissing me as you spread my legs. your cock slides in, you fuck me slow (mmmmmm Jr mmmmmmm) you start fucking me faster (mmmmmmmmmmm oh Jr, yes, yes, yes. i'm cummmmming) you keep going faster until you cumm. < i love you mom> (i love you to Jr) you hold me in your arms and we fall asleep. the end


(....) me you
i wake up thinking it was all a dream, that couldn't have just happened. i try to get up and find myself tied to the bed. i start to panic and then you walk in (Jr, let me up, you had your fun, now it's time to move on) you smile as you walk around the bed < i have a whole week mom. remember greg sent dad away for a week, now lets get you up so you can fix me breakfast> you untie me (i don't have time Jr, i need to get ready for work) i start walking towards the shower when you grab my arm, you pull me towards you and kiss me < i took care of everything mom, i called work and told them you were sick and needed a week off.> i walk into the shower and let the water run down my body, i'm lathering up, running my soapy hands up my legs, my belly, my breasts, as i start playing with my nipples, i close my eyes and can't believe that i'm thinking of you, i drop one of my hands down to my pussy and start rubbing, sliding my finger inside (mmmmmmm) i keep fingering myself, i know i'm getting close to cummming, i feel ur body behind me you rub your hands up and down my back, bringing ur hands around me, cupping my breasts, squeezing them, i feel ur hard cock and push back (mmmmmmmmmmm Jr, fuck me now, please fuck me now) with a few small movements your cock is inside me ( mmmmm omg Jr, you feel so good) you fuck me and we both cummm, then i drop to my knees and suck our combined cumm off your cock (oh JR, i can't believe we did it again, but i couldn't help myself) we both get out of the shower and dry off (let me get dressed and i'll start breakfast) i shake my head but don't dress. i go downstairs and start breakfast. you come downstairs wearing boxers. i pour your coffee, give it to you and finish breakfast. i serve us both and we eat without speaking. after we're both done i clean up. i pour myself another cup of coffee and walk into the living room. i sit next to you and drink my coffee. you take my cup and put it down. you turn my head towards you and we kiss. i find myself rubbing your cock, feeling it grow in my hand. (mmmmmmm, oh Jr) you push me down on the sofa, you start kissing my neck, moving down to my tits, you bite my nipples and i feel myself getting so wet (i want you Jr, i need you inside me) you keep biting my nipples, i try moving my hand down, i want your cock but you won't let me get it (please Jr, please fuck me) you raise your hips and push your boxers down, i now feel your hard cock between my legs. i keep squirming around, trying to get it inside (please Jr, i need it now, i'm so wet, please fuck me, put your big hard cock inside mommie) your rubbing your cock up and down my pussy, but you don't put it in(please Jr, stop teasing me, i need you to fuck me.) you move up my body and push your cock in my mouth. i start sucking your cock and i'm getting so turned on, i suck harder and harder and feel myself getting close(mmmmmmm) you stop and pull your cock out (no, please put it back, i need your cock, i wanna suck your cock Jr, i wanna taste your cumm, i want you to fuck me and cumm inside me, please Jr, i need it so bad, please, oh please Jr, i'll do anything you want, anything you say just please fuck me) (yes Jr, anything, as long as your fuck me now, fill me with your cock, fill me with your cummmm, PLEASEEEEEEE) you pull my legs up and push your cock deep inside my pussy(mmmmmm ohhhhhhh Jr, yes, yess, yesssssss, fuck mommie good, yesssssss, i'm cummmmmming baby)you start fucking me faster and faster you drop my legs and lay on top of me ( oh baby, your so good, i never knew it could feel like this) i wrap my arms around you and kiss you. (thank you so much Jr. i love you so much) end of part 3


(....) mommie Jr [ ...] greg { ..... } sara
it's been 4 days since your father left on his business trip. four days of you fucking me, filling me with your hot cumm and me sucking you. four days of me walking around the house naked. i've never been fucked so much and i'm so sore. we just finished eating breakfast. (i'm tired Jr, i need some rest and i don't want to go out) you come over to me and take my hand and we walk upstairs i look at the bed, at the clothes you laid out, a black short skirt and a red top that looks way to small, a pair of thigh highs and high heels (where did you get those, they're not mine and i'm not leaving the house dressed in those) you leave the room. i look on the bed for panties and a bra and find none. i take some from my dresser and put them on. i put the skirt on but find it way to short so i get one from my closet. the shirt you laid out was to tight so i wear one of mine. i put the hose on and then the heels. i walk downstairs and into the living room. (i'm ready Jr) you stand up and i see your face is red you walk over to me and you see i'm also wearing a bra, you lift my skirt and see my panties. you pull me over to the sofa, bending me over the side. you lift up my skirt and tear my panties off (ouch Jr, that hurt) you don't say a word as you start spanking my ass, you keep spanking until my ass is burning and has turned red < i tried being nice, now go upstairs and wear what i laid out> (but Jr, i can't, the skirts to short and the top is tight) you push me down on my knees, take your cock out and push it in my mouth < now suck good and make me hard> i start sucking, i feel your cock getting hard. i'm thinking if i get you to cumm good, you'll let me wear my clothes. (mmmmmmm baby mmmmmm) i feel your cock growing and i start sucking harder, trying to make you cumm. then you pull out. i look up at you (why did you pull out baby, mommie wanted to eat your cumm) i try taking your cock back, but you move away. i undress and bend over the sofa. you hit my ass a few more times then push your hard cock in my pussy. (mmmmmmmmmmm Jr, your cock feels so good, fuck me harder, cumm in mommie's pussy) you keep fucking my pussy, i can't take it anymore(i'm cummmming baby, mommie's cumming) you keep your cock inside but stop moving, you wait for me to stop cumming (mmmmmmm Jr, don't stop, mommie needs more) you start fucking me again, but slow and it feels so good. then you stop and pull out (oh yes Jr, but why did you stop. please fuck me more, please) you reach around and grab my tits, your start squeezing them, pulling on them (mmmmmm yesssss, more baby) one of your hands moves off my tits and goes to your cock, you rub your cock up and down starting at my clit and ending at my ass, back and forth and i'm getting so turned on(please baby, fuck me, i need you to fuck me) you rub your cock up and down once more i feel your cock stop at my ass, your head pushing in my ass (no baby, not there) you keep pushing in (NO, STOP, it hurts, take it out) you don't listen and push your cock all the way in (it hurts Jr, please take it out) you start moving your cock, fucking my ass slowly. you start pulling my on tits again and then start fucking faster. the pain starts going away and it's starting to feel good. you keep fucking and i find myself pushing back against your cock, wanting it deeper (mmmmmmmmm omg Jr, i can't believe how good it feels, mmmmmmmmm) you start fucking faster and faster (yes, yes, yes, mmmmmmmm, cumm in mommie's ass baby, fill my ass with your cummmmm) you grab hold of my hips and start fucking harder and faster, pounding my ass with your cock, you pound me a few more time and with one last hard push you start cumming you pull out and get up, i don't feel like i could move so i just stay there, i can't believe you fucked my ass and that made me cumm. we walk upstairs and shower, after the shower you get dressed. i put the skirt and top on, then the hose and heels, the skirt just covers my ass and the top low cut and so tight you can see my nipples sticking out (please Jr, don't make me go out dressed like this) (at least let me wear panties, the skirt is so short) you take my hand and lead me downstairs and to the car. as your driving you reach over and pull on my nipples (not in the car Jr, what if someone sees us) we drive for over an hour, and every now and then you would reach over to pull my nipples or slip ur fingers inside my pussy. you turn off the highway, you turn down what looks like a deserted road (where are we going baby?) you don't say anything and keep driving. you turn into a driveway and drive up to the house. you stop the car and turn to me, you kiss me (what do you mean Jr and were are we?) you get out of the car and open my door, you take my hand and lead me up the steps to the front door, you ring the door bell. i get nervous waiting, i don't know what's gonna happen, then the door opens (omg, what are we doing here? Jr, what's going on?) [welcome to my home, come in] (why are we at his house Jr?) we follow greg into the living room where he fixes us some drinks [sit here, if you need another drink, feel free to make it. Jr and i need to talk] i sit down and watch you both leave the room, i down my drink and fix myself a strong one. i'm wondering where you are, what you and greg are talking about, i'm hoping i don't have to suck him again or worse yet, let him fuck me. you walk in first, then greg comes in with a lady dressed almost exactly like me. [this is sara, my wife.] i look at you not knowing what to say {nice to meet you} i still don't say anything (hello sara, nice to meet you) you sit next to me [anyone need another drink] (yes please) greg makes us all drinks. he sits down next to sara. i look at sara, she has her head down and she's blushing. i turn to you and whisper (please Jr, i can't do this. anything else, but not this. please) we all finish our drinks. you and greg keep talking but i don't hear what you say. the next thing i know is your taking my hand and we're walking behind greg and sara. we go into a big room, it has 2 beds, one real big one in the center of the room, and that were we all head. you and greg sit on the bottom of the bed and you both take your cocks out. sara kneels down in front of greg and starts sucking him i kneel down and take your cock into my mouth, licking and sucking, feeling you grow in my mouth. greg starts cumming in sara's mouth and you soon follow, filling my mouth with your hot cumm. you and greg look at each other and smile. [ok sara, get undressed now] sara undresses, i just stand there i look at you and undress. you have me lay on the bed, you sit next to me and give me a kiss the bed moves and sara crawls next to me, she kisses me and i kiss her back, she moves down my neck, then to my tits, she takes them in her hands, playing with them, then bends down and takes each one in her mouth, she's licking one and squeezing the other, she keeps going back and forth between the 2 of them. she starts moving down my body, licking as she moves. i start getting nervous (stop, please stop, i can't do this, please Jr, please tell her to stop) sara keeps licking her way to my pussy (please Jr) you don't answer me, you move and straddle my face, your cock close to my mouth i open my mouth and take your cock, sara is licking my clit, sucking on it and then licking down to my pussy, she sticks her tongue inside (mmmmmmmmmmm) i start sucking your cock harder, sara keeps licking my clit and puts her fingers inside my pussy, i can feel myself getting close, so close, she bites down on my clit, sucking it in her mouth as she fingers me faster and faster, i stop sucking you (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm i'mm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg) my body starts shaking, you shove your cock back in my mouth and start fucking my mouth (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, yessssss, yesssssssssss) you pull out and shoot your cummmm all over my face. my body still shaking as both you and sara move off me. i can't talk yet, you let me lay there until i calm down. after a while, sara climbs back on the bed, she kisses me and licks some of your cumm off my face, she holds it in her mouth and then kisses me, sharing your cumm with me. still kissing me, she moves off me and lays next to me, we keep kissing, i move my hand to her tits and play with them, i feel her nipples getting hard and i pull on them, i stop kissing her and move my mouth to her tits, i kiss them all over, sucking on her nipples, biting them, then i start moving my mouth down her belly, i wanna make her feel as good as she made me feel, i move my tongue down to her pussy, {ohhhh yessss, just like that, don't stop} i suck on her clit and then move my tongue back to her pussy, sticking it inside (mmmmmmmm, ohhhh sara, you taste good) i keep moving my tongue back and forth between her clit and pussy, when i feel her getting close, i put 2 fingers inside her pussy fucking her while sucking hard on her clit {mmmmmmm, yessssss, i'mmmmmm cummmmmmiiiinnnngggggggg} i can taste her cummm and i keep sucking until she stops cumming. (omg, what did i do. please take me home Jr) sara moves off the bed and you come over to me, you hold me in your arms < it's ok mom, you didn't do anything wrong.> i whisper ( i just can't believe i did it, i'm embarrassed) you laugh < nothing to be embarrassed about mom> you hold me a little while longer. greg comes back in with drinks (thank you greg, i really needed a drink) i down mine fast and greg hands me another. the drinks are starting to hit me and it doesn't bother me anymore that i'm naked. i put my drink down and take your cock in my mouth, as i'm licking your cock, sara comes over and starts licking the other side, in between licking, sara and i kiss, that seems to make you grow hard faster. (fuck me baby, please fuck mommie now) you move behind me i turn over, you rubb your cock on my pussy then ram it in (mmmmmmmmm) your fucking me slow, then stop and pull out (no, don't stop, please don't stop) (yes baby, i need you to fuck me) sara moves on the bed, she lays in front of me so her pussy is close to my mouth, i open my mouth and stick my tongue out, i start licking her < that's right mom, you lick sara and i'll fuck you> you start fucking me again, greg moves up to sara, straddling her face so she could suck him, you pull out of my pussy and move your cock to my ass, you start fucking me fast and hard, pushing my face into sara's pussy, i can feel greg moving faster too, sara's squirming, i know i'm close to cumming, so close, (mmmmmmmmmmmm) you start fucking me faster, [ohhhhhhhh, i'm cummming] sara starts shaking {mmmmmmmmmm, i'mmmm cummmmmingggggg} you fuck me faster and faster (i'm cummmmmmmmmiiiinnnngggggg baby) we all collapse on the bed. greg holds sara in his arms. you put your arms around me and kiss me. we all fall asleep.
The End


(.....) mommie JR {.......} dad
it's been a week since your father came home ... i can't take it anymore, i need to be with you again ... to feel you inside me ... ... (i wanted to be with you JR) ... you smile at me and pull me down to your bed ... we start kissing and i slip my hand under the blanket ... (mmmmmmm baby, your hard) ... i start stroking your cock ... ... i slide under the blanket, and start licking your cock, then i move down to your balls, i lick them, then take them in my mouth and suck them ... ... as i'm sucking your balls, i'm stroking your cock ... (mmmmmmmmmmmm) ... i can't take it anymore, i stop and climb on top, lowering my wet pussy down ... (mmmmmmm, oh baby, i needed this so bad) ... i sit with your cock buried deep inside me, then slowly move up your cock, almost till its out, then drop back down ... i bend down and kiss you ... then i start moving again, up and down, up, down, up, down, up, down, faster and faster ... (i'm close baby, cumm with mommie) ... up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down ...(yes, yes, yessssssss, i'm cumming baby, mommie's cumming over your cock, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) ... at the same time ... .... my body drops down on you ... (oh baby, i needed that so bad, thank you so much) ... i roll off and lay next to you ... you hold me in your arms and we fall a sleep ... ... (mmmmmm i was sleeping so good baby. what would you like to eat?) ... i get up and put my robe on ... ... (ok baby, what do you want to drink?) ... ... i go downstairs and fix you a sandwich, i pour you a glass of soda and some water for me ... you come in the kitchen, sit down and start to eat ... ... i smile at you ... (there was nothing in the fridge i wanted, but i am hungry) ... with that i move my chair out and go under the table ... (now i see what i want baby) ... i take your cock out and start sucking ... (mmmmmmmmmm) ... as i'm sucking you the back door opens ... {hey JR, where's mom? i need to tell both of you something} ... i get scared and don't know what to do ... ... i climb out ... (hi dear, what's up?) ... he looks at both of us ... (do you want me to fix you some lunch?) ... {that won't be necessary dear, i don't have much time. i only came home to tell you and JR not to make plans for the weekend. greg invited us on his boat, we leave Friday afternoon and come back Sunday night. are you both up to it? it should be fun} ... (yes dear, it does sound like fun) ... ... {ok then, i'll tell greg when i get back to the office. see you around 6. bye dear, bye JR. by the way JR, why are you home?} ... (he wasn't feeling well this morning, but he's ok now, don't worry) ... he leans over and kisses me ... {take care of yourself JR, we don't want you sick this weekend} ... he leaves ... i wait till i hear the car leave the driveway ... ( omg JR, i was so scared. we have to be more careful. do you think he believed us?) ... ... you get up and hug me ... ... (mmmmm of couse i am. you finished your lunch, now i have to finish mine) ... i go back under the table ... your cock's still out and still nice and hard ... i start sucking hard and move my mouth up and down fast, all i want is for you to fill my mouth with your cummmmm ... ... you put your hands under the table ... you grab my hair on both sides of my head ... you start pumping my mouth, moving your cock faster and faster, i feel you getting close ... ... you push my head all the down your cock and start to cummmmmmmmm ... after i swallow, i lick your cock clean, then crawl out from the table ... (that was a great lunch baby, how bout we got take a shower?) ... ... (mmmmm, ok baby, i'll be up in a few) ... you go upstairs and i clean up ... by the time i get done, you have the bath tub filled and your already in it ... i take my robe off and join you ... (baby, what do you think about greg inviting us this weekend? do you think he has anything planned?) ... ... (i just don't want your dad finding out what happened when he was away. and i'm not sure i could go the whole weekend without having you, your father just don't do anything for me anymore, not since that first time you fucked me) ... ... you reach over and start playing with my tits, then you start licking then, biting, pulling and sucking, i'm getting so turned on ... i reach over and find your cock is hard ... i move over so i could get your cock inside me, your mouth still on my tits, i start fucking you, nice and slow ... (mmmmmm baby, ooooooooooooohhhhh) ... i keep going slow, feeling you fill me ... slowly up and slowly down ... slowly up ............ slowly down ........ moving my hips in circles .... slowly up ............ down ......... you start biting my nipples, pulling them out with your teeth ........ (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ) ... i start fucking faster ..... up ...... down .... up ... down ... up .. down ... up, down, up, down, faster and faster ... ... you bite down hard ... (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) ... up, down, up, down, up, down ... (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, yesssssssssssss, yesssssssss, i'mmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiinnngggg) ... (oh wow mmmmmmmm, ooooohhhhhh, wow mmmmmmmm) ... (that was so good) ... (wow) ... < mmmmm i liked it too mom, let's wash up now> ... we wash up, get out of tub and dry ourselves off ... i walk into my bedroom and you follow ... i start to dress ... ... (i have to run to grocery store baby, i need to pick up a few things for dinner) ... ... you run out of room and i sit on bed ... you come back with a bag ... ... (JR, if you let me go now, we could still have time to fuck again before i start dinner and your dad gets home) ... ... (what do you mean JR, all i have to do is get dressed) ... ... i feel your fingers rubbing my pussy ... (oh baby, not now) ... ... your keep rubbing, sticking your fingers inside ... ... you take your fingers out and i feel something being pushed inside ... (what is that JR?, what are you doing?) .... ... you finish pushing it inside my pussy, making it wet, then you take it out ... you lift my legs up and put them on your shoulders ... you push it in my ass ... then push something in my pussy ... i feel something going around my waist ... (what are you doing baby?) ... ... i feel a strap going down my ass, over my pussy and back up to my waist ... you let my legs down ... ... (JR, do you really expect me to wear this shopping?) ... ... then you show me a key ... (can i dress now? the faster i go, the faster i'll be home and out of this) ... ... you come close to me and put a clamp on each nipple .... (they hurt baby, they to tight) .... ... i put my stocking on, then my skirt ... when i go to put my bra on, you stop me ... < what do you think your doing? your not gonna wear a bra> ... (but baby, i need to wear a bra) ... i see your face turning red, i know your mad ... ... you hook a chain to each clamp, then bring the chain to my waist and attach it ... ... i go and get a shirt to wear and put it on, then i put my heels on, grab my purse and go downstairs ... (i'm going now, i shouldn't be long) ... i bend to kiss you ... ... i go to the car and start backing down the driveway ... my cell rings ... (JR, i'm not even out of the driveway) ... ... i hear a low buzz and then feel them vibrating ... (what is that JR?) ... ... (please JR, what if someone hears it) ... ... i drive to the story ... before i go inside i call you ... (im at the store Jr) ... i can feel them go on and you hang up ... i try to hurry, to get everything i need, but every step i take, it drives me crazy ... when i reach up or bend down the chain pulls at my nipples ... i hurry to finish shopping ... i get to the checkout and i'm releived there's no line ... i pay and walk to the car fast ... i put the bags in the trunk, get in the car and drive home fast ... i didn't even think to call you so you could turn it off ... i pull into the drive way, grab the bags and go into the house ... (i'm home JR, where are you) ... you come into the kitchen ... ... i walk over to you, put my arms around you and give you a big kiss ... (fuck me now baby, fuck mommie, right here, right now) ... i drop my skirt ... (please baby, get the key and fuck me) ... you unlock it and remove the strap covering my ass and pussy ... you llean me over the sink, you take toy out of ass and shove your cock in ... ... you fuck me fast, pulling on the chain ... (mmmmm baby) ... you keep fucking me fast .... (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssssssss) ... .... you start going faster and faster until you cummmm .... (mmmmmmm oh baby) ... you pull out before i know it and push the toy back inside and lock the straps ... you leave it buzzing on low ... (you have to take them out, i need to start dinner and your father will be home soon) ... you unbutton my shirt and remove the clamps ... < i'll only take the clamps off for now mom, the rest stays in> ... you leave the kitchen ... i unpack and start dinner ... the buzzing driving me crazy ... i'm setting the table as i hear your father's car pull in ... i go look for you, your watching tv ... (ok, JR, you have to stop now, dad's home, now give me the key so i can remove everything) ... you stop the buzzing ... ... (please JR, don't do this to me) ... {hi dear, hi JR, whats going on? why is your mom yelling at you JR? what did you do?} ... ... {tell me whats going on now} ... (it was nothing dear, i went shopping and he was sleeping when i got home and didn't hear me calling for help. that was it. dinner should be done soon, do you want a drink first?) ... {yes and bring it in my office, i have some work to finish up} ... he goes into his office and i go make him a drink ... after i bring it to him, i come back in the living room ... (i'll keep them in during dinner, but no turning it on and after dinner, you have to let me take them out) ... i go back into the kitchen ... (dinners done JR, go tell your dad) ... during dinner your dad talks about the boating trip and as soon as he's done, he gets up and goes back in his office ... you go back in the living room as i clean up ... ('m done cleaning up JR, now how about you take this off me. i really need to pee) ... < go into the bathroom and i'll meet you there> ... it seems to take you so long to come upstairs ... you finally come in ... (please hurry JR) ... you come over, lift my skirt and unlock the strap, you reach down and pull both toys out ... i don't wait for you to leave, i sit down and start peeing ... (you can go now baby) ... ... you move closer to me and drop your pants ... (are you kidding me? i'm peeing. i'm not gonna suck you now. plus your father's downstairs, now go, please go) ... you don't go to leave, you take your cock and move it to my mouth ... ... i start sucking you and can feel you ready to cumm but you pull out ... (why did you stop baby, i know you were close) ... ... (but baby, dad's home, what if he comes upstairs?) ... you pull me up and lean me over ... your cock slips right in ... ... you keep fucking me, but when ever you get close to cumming, you stop ... then you start again and then stop ... you keep doing that ... (mmmmm JR, don't stop, keep fucking me) ... you start fucking me again, building up speed ... knock, knock ... {are you ok dear?} ... you stop moving but keep your cock insiode ... (yes dear, i'm ok) ... i whisper to you (what are we gonna do now, he's right outside the door) ... {why's the door locked dear? } .... (i don't think dinner agreed with me, i'm gonna be in here a while. i'll meet you downstairs when i'm done) ... you start moving again, fucking me slow ... i whisper(not now, he's right outside the door) ... {ok dear, just making sure your ok} ... you start fucking me fast again ... (no more JR, please stop. if i'm not down soon, he'll come back up) ... you don't listen and keep fucking, you reach around and start pulling on my nipples ... (mmmmmmmmmmmm baby, oooooooohhhhhh yesssssss) ... you start going faster and i feel your cummmmmm going inside me and that makes me cummmmmmmm ... (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) ... ... (thank you baby) ... we both dress, i leave bathroom first to make sure ... i go into my bedroom and change into my nighty and robe ... by the time i walk downstairs both you and dad are watching tv ... (i'm gonna make me some tea and head to bed, does anyone want some?) ... {no dear, i made myself a drink} ... ... (i'm sure all i need is a good nights sleep) ... i go make my tea, kiss you both and head upstairs.

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This is the worst story I've read


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its really excitin keep it on n with progress gud luck

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fuck up story


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