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My girlfriend’s little sister gets my virginity and I get hers. Then she helps me take her sister’s virginity too.
Lovely Little Kelsi

Dawn is my girlfriend and has been since school started this fall. She is sixteen years old and cute as she can be. She lets me kiss her in the hallway next to her locker between classes. She doesn’t even mind if I feel her up with my friends watching us. I get to pat her ass, slip my hand in between her legs and rub her pussy through her tight blue jeans, and I get to fondle her tits too. When we get together after school I get to do a lot more. I can do anything that I want to do to her except to fuck her. She is saving that for marriage. Okay! I get to play with her tits up under her shirts and with her pussy up under her skirts. I even get a blowjob afterwards too. She seems to know that if she sends me away too sexually frustrated that I might look elsewhere for what she won’t give me. I might too but at least with a blowjob I don’t have to.

However, Dawn’s little sister Kelsi is a little sexpot. She is only fourteen years old, got her new tits over the summer, and is trying to grow up way too fast. Whenever she can she flashes me, even if her sister Dawn is in the room at the time. After Dawn bitched her out a couple of times Kelsi just doesn’t get caught doing it anymore. She spreads her legs without any panties on and lifts her top without a bra on. I think I have seen more of Kelsi’s tits and pussy than I have Dawn’s. However I get to suck on Dawn’s nipples and finger her pussy.

One day after school I went to Dawn’s house to find Kelsi home alone. She said that her mother had taken Dawn to the store for something and that they would be right back. She lied to me! Kelsi knew that they would be gone about two hours. Kelsi invited me up to her bedroom. Kelsi said that she needed to change and freshen up. Okay! So I watched as Kelsi removed her top and her bra right there in front of me. Well I had seen them a dozen times anyway so I guess it really didn’t matter much. Then she removed her pants and panties as I watched her too. Again I had seen her pussy many times before but now she was standing completely naked just two feet from me. She rubbed her bra marks and then rubbed her pussy. I watched as Kelsi poked a finger up inside her pussy slit, then pull it out, and ask me if it smelled good or bad. When she stuck her fingers under my nose I inhaled. She had a very mushy odor, it was exciting though, and I got hard instantly. Well I was almost hard anyway after looking at her nude body and watching her fingering herself like that.

Kelsi said that I could touch her if I wanted too. I wasn’t too sure about it so she placed one on my hands on her breast and one on her pussy. That did it! Dawn had never gotten completely naked for me and then me play with her. Not yet anyway.

After a minute or so of me feeling her up Kelsi moved back toward her bed and got on it. She lay back in the middle and spread her legs wide for me. She told me that I could do anything to her that I wanted too. So I had to ask her what she meant by that and what she had in mind. Kelsi told me that I could bite her tits, spank her ass, piss in her mouth, or that I could fuck her if I wanted too. Holy shit this girl was really something different. I had never even thought about doing half of those things.

I was a virgin and I didn’t think that I would ever get a chance to loose it with Dawn. Now here was her kid sister offering herself to me. So I started sucking her nipples a lot harder and poking more fingers into her pussy to test out what she had said. I got three fingers in her pussy when she lifted her knees to her chest to allow me better access. Then I spanked her ass while she was still in that position. She did let me do anything that I wanted to do to her. She was a lot more fun to play with than her sister Dawn was. So I pulled out my cock and slipped it into Kelsi’s pussy. She let me fuck her as fast as I wanted too and never complained about it once. When I did cum, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and sat on the edge of her bed. As an after thought I even said, “Thank you.” As it turned out Kelsi had been a virgin too. Ten minutes later she let me fuck her again but this time she told me that I had to take all of my clothes off too. Kelsi was terrific! I was even fucking her for the third time when we heard her mother’s car pull into the driveway and even then she wouldn’t let me pull out until I had cum. She had me get dressed and then helped me get out of her bedroom window and onto the back porch roof. From there I could get into the tree and down to the ground. She invited me to come back later after she went to bed and said that she would leave the window open a crack. I told her that I would try.

I shimmied down the tree and ran around to the front of the house to ring their doorbell. Dawn smiled at me and let me right in. I looked up and saw Kelsi coming down the stairs. We just smiled at one another. The three of us went into the living room while their mother prepared dinner. Kelsi just watched us while Dawn and I French kissed. Kelsi flashed me her pussy whenever I was watching.

Kelsi finally said, “So Dawn why won’t you let him fuck you? You suck his cock! What’s the difference?”

Dawn replied, “I’m saving myself for marriage!”

Kelsi said, “I read where Greek girls used to save themselves for marriage too but they would at least let their boyfriend’s butt fuck them all they wanted too! Maybe you should give him your ass! That way you can still tell everyone that you are a virgin!”

Dawn said, “You’re crude!”

Kelsi said, “So! You let him fuck your face why not your ass too?”

Dawn said, “You’re crude!”

Kelsi said, “I’ve seen that butt plug of yours in your lower drawer next to that big black dildo! Can you really get that monster in your cunt? I can’t and I’ve tried for a month now!”

Dawn got mad and said, “You little bitch!” Then she got up off my lap and attacked her sister.

Kelsi was a little scrapper. The first thing that Kelsi did was to grab Dawn’s shirt at her waist and pull it up. Not far enough to pull it off but far enough to keep her arms and hands semi confined. Then Kelsi forced Dawn’s head between her knees and clamped down on it. It reminded me of a cow in the stock ready to get milked. In that position Dawn was helpless and Kelsi was Queen. Kelsi quickly unhook Dawn’s bra and jerked it up freeing Dawn’s breasts for me to see. Dawn’s pants and panties went to her knees and Kelsi’s fingers slipped into both of her exposed holes. Dawn had been fighting for her freedom until Kelsi’s fingers in her holes had started giving her pleasure. Then she seemed to calm right down.

I got down on the floor next to them and started manhandling Dawn’s tits. Soon my fingers were in Dawn’s holes and I was shoving two in her asshole and three in her cunt. She really was enjoying it too. Kelsi unzipped my cock and freed it for me. I worked my way around behind Dawn. Kelsi put two of her fingers in her sister’s ass so I decided to slip my cock into Dawn’s pussy. She did not protest one bit. In fact Dawn seemed to really be enjoying it. Soon all three of us were huffing and puffing. Kelsi was fingering her own clit. Then it happened, we all cum together. Kelsi released Dawn’s head and she pulled her top down far enough to gasp for air leaving her tits out for my enjoyment.

Their mother called out, “Dinner is ready! Wash your hands!”

I smiled at Kelsi and said, “You better wash your hands!”

Dawn said, “It smells like shit in here! Mom’s going to notice!”

I smiled and said, “Just tell her that I farted, that it really stinks, and not to go in the living room for awhile!” Then I kissed Dawn goodbye and left.

After dinner Dawn called me with Kelsi on the other phone.

Dawn said, “I really liked what you did to me! You can do it again if you like! I don’t mind!”

Kelsi said, “She loved it and you can fuck her all you want to from now on! Little Miss I’m saving it for marriage is now your private little whore! She can’t get enough of your cock! Come on over and do us both at bedtime! Climb that tree in our back yard and come across the back porch roof. I’ll leave my window open for you!”

Dawn said, “Don’t make any noise though! My parents have ear like a hawk!”

I said that I would see them in a few hours.

When it got dark I went to their house and as quietly as I could I climbed the tree and moved across the roof. I sat outside Kelsi’s bedroom window watching the great show that they were putting on for me. Well not for me exactly because they didn’t even know that I was there. Dawn and Kelsi were completely naked and locked into a very steamy and sensual sixty-nine. Watching two girls make out like that had always been one of my favorite fantasies but watching two sisters do it was even better. I think it was the incest thing. I only wished that I had a sister to do something with. I do get a glimpse of my mother every now and then though. Never enough though!

I watched Dawn and Kelsi going at it for a good five minutes when I finally whispered, “Can I join in?”

Dawn rolled her head to look at me and just smiled.

Kelsi said, “You’ve got to fuck me this time! It’s my turn!”

Dawn just smiled at me and said, “She’s really wet! You’ll slip in even easier than you did this afternoon!”

I replied, “So you know! Are you mad?”

Dawn said, “No! I’m not mad, I only wish that I had been first though, but I was just too stupid! That fuck in the living room was the greatest thing I had ever had! Being taken like that kind of kept me innocent! It’s not like I really let you fuck me! The possibility of getting caught was too great though! I would prefer if we do it where there is less chance of getting caught! I almost peed myself when mom hollered to us!”

Kelsi said, “I kind of liked the thought of getting caught in the act! It was very exciting!”

I had to admit, “I kind of liked it in the living room myself!”

Then I slipped in the window and joined them on the bed.

I asked, “Would you guys mind if I fucked you both at the same time? I can cum in you Kelsi since it really is your turn!”

Kelsi said, “I don’t mind! I just want your cock back in me again! Even if it is covered with her juices at the time! My mouth tastes like her pussy so my pussy might just as well taste like her pussy too!”

Dawn said, “I never thought that I would share my boyfriend with anyone, but Kelsi isn’t such a bad little sister after all! I guess!”

I slipped my cock into Kelsi’s pussy first, pumped her a few times, and then slipped it into Dawn’s pussy for a few more strokes. I fucked them just as long as I could and then fired my cum up into Kelsi’s pussy.

While I recovered the two girls went back at it. Dawn was even kind enough to share my cum with Kelsi when she asked.

In a while I fucked them together again. I was almost exhausted when I finally cum inside Dawn that time. The two girls were exhausted too. Dawn told Kelsi that she could have all of my cum if she wanted it. Kelsi wanted it and slowly licked her sister’s used pussy!

There was a gentle tapping on the door and we all jumped. I rolled off the bed and hid on the floor on the backside as Kelsi said, “Come in!”

I heard the door open and then close quietly. I heard their mother say, “It’s time to go to sleep now girls! You two can sleep together if you want too but you will have to send him home! Give me a few minutes to distract your father and then you can slip him out the front door!”

I popped my head up as Kelsi asked, “How did you know?”

Their mother replied, “I saw you three in the living room earlier! I watched you for a couple of minutes until you were through before I went back into the kitchen and called to you!”

I saw her smile and add, “That’s why I told you to wash your hands! I saw your fingers in Dawn’s ass! It excited me so much that I had to masturbate quickly before you got into the kitchen!”

Then she smiled at me and asked, “May I join you sometime or don’t you think you can handle the three of us!”

I smiled and stood up. My cock was pointing at the ceiling already. I said, “I’d love to add you too my collection!”

She said, “On one condition!”

I replied, “What is it?”

She said, “That you tell no one! Not one other living person! Do you understand?”

I answered, “I understand! I won’t tell a soul!”

Then I watched along with her two daughters as their mother opened up her robe to reveal to us her naked body, her heavy breasts, and her freshly shaved pussy. We got to admire her for a good minute.

She then said, “Okay now! Give me a couple of minutes then get him out of here!” As an after thought she added, “And get him dressed before I fuck him right here and now!”

Both girls giggled as their mother closed the door behind her.

The End
Lovely Little Kelsi
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