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Wow, lucky huh?
I had been working as a summer hire at RCM (radio communications manufacture) for two years, since I was sixteen, way before my friends had a similar job. I worked full time almost all summer for ten dollars an hour, also way more than my friends were making. Really the only reason I got the job was because my dad worked there. The kids of employees were the only hires the company made during the summer. There were maybe twenty others who were children of employees but they were all older than me, most of them were in college. During my first summer I worked with document control and in the marketing department.

My boss was an incredibly attractive twenty-eight year old by the name of Eveline Azmano. She had a deadly combination of looks and intelligence that would see her rapidly climbing the corporate ladder. She was maybe five foot five; she had dirty blond hair, quick intelligent blue eyes, a small mouth with sensuous full lips and a devastating smile. Her ears and nose were small and combined with little patches of freckles high on her cheeks made her look cute. Her body was athletic, her shoulders were broad and her breasts were petite, according to my limited male knowledge maybe a B cup. Though she always wore bras that pushed them up and out making them seem larger than they probably were. I could tell her stomach was washboard flat and her waist was trim. When she wore tight pants you could tell her ass was small and tight, her legs were toned and shapely. And as an added bonus her personality was great, she was friendly and outgoing and could carry a conversation for as long as she wanted no matter the topic. When I was introduced to her that first summer she seemed surprised to see me, I chalked it up to my age; I doubt she had ever worked with anyone as young as me in this company.

I was introduced to her as Thomas Morrison but asked her to call me Tom. I held out my hand and she shook it firmly.

“Call me Eve.” She had said brightly. The work she gave me was easy; really just stuff that would only slow her down and that I had no trouble in completing with a speed that I think surprised her. I believe I preformed well above what she had expected of me, considering my age. We got to know each other pretty well the two months that I was there and I was startled to learn she lived maybe ten minutes from my house. I had never seen her around town before and I teased her mercilessly about it, calling her a hermit living in a cave, I even went so far as to print out a picture of Gollum from Lord of the Rings and tape it to the back of her chair. She admitted that she was a homebody and in turn kidded me about my ineptitude in dealing with girls my own age, which was sadly true. I was totally hopeless when it came to the girls at school; I would clam up in their presence and would be stricken with horrific speech impediments whenever I did get up the nerve to talk to one. She wasn’t too harsh though, she only went so far as not to cut too deep.

She ended up spending a lot of time in my cube, though she wasn’t the only one. It seemed like there was no end to the number of people that stopped by just to talk. This happens to my father as well, we call it the Morrison face, people see us and just start talking to us. But anyways, she spent the most amount of time with me, sometimes she would sit on my desk and we would carry on a decent conversation while I worked. I thought it was because she didn’t have that many friends at the company, she might have been too intimidating in a way. I learned that she was having a little trouble with her boyfriend, that they weren’t spending enough time together. I sort of shied away from that subject when it had come up because it tended to make her sad.

It was the best first job I could have ever hoped for and I enjoyed it immensely. However it ended way to soon, those two months flew by at a mind boggling pace.

I couldn’t wait to work there again next summer in the hopes that I would work with her again. When that second summer came around I was disappointed to learn I wouldn’t be. Instead I would be working in a completely different part of the building, isolated by two sets of security doors doing inventory and shipping/receiving in the warehouse. It was even easier than what I had done with Eve, more manual labor than mental work. I found it enjoyable because it kept me in shape and I was moving around more. The guy I worked with was an energetic Dominican named Marco, he and I became fast friends. When we had down time, which ended up being quite often, we would chill in his office and listen to his Reggaeton CD’s.

About a month after starting my second summer I had just sent out two huge antenna arrays and was filling in the void they left with overflow products when I heard a quiet sniffle behind me. I turned sharply, my heart pounding, in the massive warehouse when you didn’t hear someone approaching it tended to scare the shit out of you. Eve was standing behind me, now slightly startled aside from the tears spilling from her eyes. Her conservative business suit was rumpled and her hair was a mess, the make-up around her eyes was running slightly.

“Oh my god Eve, are you alright?” I gasped at her appearance, worry filling my voice. She stood for a second more, looking at me as tears continued to roll down the tanned skin of her face, obscuring her freckles. She took a deep faltering breath and stepped up to me burying her face in my chest and wrapping her arms around my back grabbing fistfuls of my shirt. She was wracked by wet sobs as she tried to hide herself in my lean six foot frame. I hesitated before putting my own arms around her, patting her heaving back.

“What happened?” I asked, gently prying her away from me. As soon as I did she put her hands to her face, she said something but her hands muffled her voice.


“He left me!” she cried before latching back onto me.

“Eve I’m so sorry.” I soothed, letting her cry herself out as I gently rocked her back and forth. It was a long time before she calmed down enough to pull away. She turned her back and made a futile effort to straighten her clothes and fix her hair.

“I’m sorry, I-I just…” she sniffed. I put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“C’mon.” I said gently leading her back the way she came, towards the bathrooms.

“H-he called me this morning and said he was moving his stuff out into his new girlfriends place.” She sniffed.

“Asshole.” I muttered under my breath. She must have heard me because she turned her head and gave me a pained smile. We came up on the bathrooms and I held the women’s door open for her as she shuffled in. When the door closed I turned and headed for the men’s room. I stood in front of the mirror and sighed. What kind of idiot would give her up? I splashed some water on my face and stared at my reflection. I had changed from last year I finally noticed, my acne had disappeared completely and my skin had tanned nicely from time spent at the beach. My nose was strong but fit with the rest of my face. My eyes were a darker blue color and already I had those little laugh lines going due to constantly smiling. I ran my hands through my short light brown hair and sighed again, why had she come to me? It seemed to confirm my theory that she really didn’t have any close friends here. I found it hard to relate to that, I had always been able to make good friends wherever I went. I shook my head at the small make-up stains on my shirt and left the bathroom after washing my hands. I stood between the two restrooms and took a drink from the bubbler, waiting for her to emerge. I didn’t have to wait long before she staggered out looking no better than she had before.

“You want to go home?” I asked.

“No,” she responded her voice a little hoarse, “No I’m alright. I’ll be fine.” Her assurances were weak and I doubt she believed them herself. I escorted her to the security door and opened it for her. She passed by me but paused for a second as if she just remembered something. She came back and kissed me on the cheek before bouncing back through the door, tossing a “thank you Tom” over her shoulder.

That was the greatest amount of time I spent with her that summer. She was bucking for a promotion so she was busy most of the time and towards the end of the summer, business on my end started picking up a great deal as well. Again the summer went by too quickly and I was eager to return.

And that brings me to the present day I was eighteen and instead of riding to work with my father I was driving myself, not wanting to put up with the extra hour early he came in by in the morning. This was my first day of my third summer and to say I was excited would be an understatement, because just this morning I learned I would be working with Eve again. As I pulled into the parking lot, reveling in the looks I got from my pounding heavy metal music, I could barely keep my hands from shaking. I got out and strode through the double doors and into the lobby, giving the receptionist a kindly old British woman, a warm hello. I made my way through the building, winding through maze like cube farms and assembly areas to the slightly more secluded marketing/sales area. The rest of the building liked to joke that they had it the best, because they were in a carpeted area. I looked in her old cube but there was someone else there, looking around further I finally found her name plate on the wall next the door of an office marked Marketing Manager. The door was slightly ajar so I peeked around the corner and had to suppress my laughter.

“Whoa now! Whose bright Idea was it to put you in charge?” I chuckled. She had her feet up on her desk and was looking at a piece of paper she held in one hand. When I spoke she jumped and shot to her feet, the paper fluttering to the floor.

“Tom!” she squealed running up to me and giving me a tight hug.

“I like your new digs Eve.” I said admiringly looking around her spacious office.

“I know right!” She responded excitedly looking up, still tightly attached to me.

“Why don’t you give me a tour.” I suggested teasingly.

She laughed and jumped back from me straightening her blouse and affecting the air of a flight attendant. “To your left you will see my desk complete with high speed computer and other accessories and to your right you will see my trash can.” She didn’t say anything else because after that she broke down into hysterical laughter; obviously she found her joke very amusing.

“Oh and guess what you’re doing this summer!” she said coyly.

“What?” I asked, smiling warily. She took my hand and led me back out the door and to the cube directly outside her office.

“Lets just say this is yours.” She grinned.

“Oh god I’m going to be your secretary?” I groaned, still smiling.

“Well I was going to call you my assistant, but if you want to be a secretary then be my guest.” She giggled delightedly. I plopped down in the chair and she jumped up onto my desk, letting her legs dangle and kicking her feet like a little girl.

“So…you’re eighteen now huh?”

“Yeah, it’s so awesome.”

“Ya find a girlfriend yet?” she asked slowly. I turned my head slightly and looked at her sidelong.

“No Eve, I have not.”

“Oh that’s too bad.” She replied absentmindedly, playing with her hair and looking at my computer. She became quiet after that, she handed me a stack of customer contact information and asked me to put it in the company’s computer system. She said this would be my summer long project seeing as there were more than a hundred pages of the stuff, I was to do this when I didn’t have any other work to do. Next she gave me a box full of binders and another box filled with product fliers for a trade show she was going to next week. This wasn’t the first time I’d done this for her; I actually enjoyed putting the binders together.

“While you’re working on this I have a few meetings to go to but after that I’ll be back, okay?”

“Alright.” I said looking at her curiously. She got down off of my desk and as she walked past me, let her hand brush my arm. Instantly my skin started tingling and I smiled to myself at the sensation.

It was a few hours before she reappeared outside my cube. “God that was sooo boring!” she said wearily.

“Is work ever not boring?” I asked jokingly, not turning around.

“It can be, if you do it right.” She said wistfully, I wasn’t looking but I thought I could feel her eyes on me. What did that mean?

“So, do you have something else for me?” I asked, swiveling around in my chair. She was looking at me! She was leaning against the side of my cube, one hand was at her mouth pulling at her lip the other nervously clutched at a piece of paper. That hand was trembling slightly and when I turned she took her hand away from her face and put it behind her back.

“Um y-yes could you ah could you make forty copies of this please?” she asked handing me the piece of paper in her shaking hand.

“Are you okay Eve?” I asked, worried.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” She responded quickly, “Um I’ll be in my office.” And with that she turned and hurried around the corner. I spent a second wondering why she was acting so strange before shrugging and heading to the copy machine. It took me all of twenty seconds to make the copies; I brought them back to my desk and quickly finished the binders as well before heading for her office. I knocked twice before letting myself in, I think I startled her again because there was a rapid movement and I thought I heard a little squeak of surprise. She was sitting close to her desk and I noticed that her cheeks were bright red. Had I caught her doing something? Nah.

“Here you go.” I said handing her the stack of copies, “And the binders are done too. Do you want me to bring them somewhere?”

“Oh um yeah. Could you please ah bring them over to Megan? She needs to add a new spec sheet to them before we send them out.”

“Right away milady.” I said smiling and making a grand sweeping bow.

“Stop it!” she squealed, giggling girlishly. God she was fun! I left her office and stopped at my cube to heft the now considerably heavy box of binders. I carried it down the row to Megan Green’s cube and set it down on the floor next to her chair.

“Hey cute stuff, that for me?” she chuckled. Megan was a charming woman in her early forties, I assumed. She was short and squat with a jovial face and short brown hair.

“That it is Megaleg, they just need that spec sheet and I can get them out of here.” I said grinning and giving the box a light kick.

“So how has your first day been sweetie?” she asked.

“Great, I miss being back here.” I said truthfully.

“That’s good. I know Eve was excited for you to be working with her this summer.” She reached out and touched my arm, “She hasn’t been doing so well lately, you know personally.” This was the Morrison face at work.


“Yeah she’s been really quiet lately, all cooped up in her office. I think she’s been trying to lose herself in her work really. I just hope this doesn’t continue is all.”

“You worry too much Meg, she’ll be fine.” I said, more confident than I actually felt. Before she could start again I said, “Look I have some more stuff to do, but I’ll see you later alright.”

“Okay, later then Tom.” She said picking out the first binder. Damn it now I felt bad, now I had to do something. It was almost lunch time, and there was my answer! I strode back to my cube and dialed my dad’s extension. When he answered I told him I was going out for lunch and he merely grunted, saying to have a good time. He was quick to get used to my teenage independence. From there I turned the corner and walked into her office, again I think I startled her because her face turned beat red and she smiled nervously as I sat down in the chair facing her desk. She had a plastic container of what looked like left over Chinese food in front of her and was just about to open it when I walked in.

“Eve.” I said slowly, “Put that away.” Her eyes darted from my face to the container for a moment before she tucked it in a mini fridge behind her. She had everything in here!

“So what am I doing for lunch then?” she asked cautiously, her blue eyes riveted to mine.

“We’re going out to lunch today.” I said suddenly smiling warmly. Her lips mimicked mine and soon she was positively beaming.

“Okay!” she chirped happily.

“Fantastic.” I said, standing up. She followed me as I walked out and snatched my keys from my desk.

“And I’ll be driving. Muhahaha.” I laughed evilly and touched my fingertips together in a mad scientist sort of way.

“Oh no!” she giggled, playing along, placing the back of her hand to her forehead. She followed me out to my car, a beat up little coupe that I had gotten for a bargain bin price. I opened the door for her; such a cheesy gesture was called for in this situation I believe.

“Such a gentleman.” She snickered and got inside. I got in the driver’s seat and before I turned it on, made sure to shut off the radio.

“Thanks for that, I heard you come in this morning.” She said suppressing her laughter, poorly.

“Don’t want to hurt your delicate little ears.” I chuckled.

“I’ll have you know I used to listen to loud music too when I was a kid.” She said turning up her nose in mock indignation.

“Really?” I said barely able to contain the hysterical laughter that threatened to overcome me, “I didn’t know cars came with built in record players.” Her expression was absolutely priceless. First she was shocked, then she was angry, and finally she started laughing, that fantastic female laughter that stopped abruptly when she accidentally snorted but which overcame her again and again with the same result.

“You little brat!” she managed to say after awhile, slapping at my arm. I couldn’t help but laugh myself as I turned the car on and pulled out of the parking lot. As soon as I got to the main road I gunned the engine and we shot out into traffic, or lack there of. I deftly wound my way through back roads and across main thoroughfares with an ease that astounded both my parents and Eve too it seemed. I was at a loss as to why driving came so naturally to me but I didn’t question it, only enjoyed it.

And in no time at all we had arrived at a strip mall with at least four different types of eateries to choose from. If I had had more time I would have taken her to a more upscale place farther away but this was all I could do on such short notice.

“What would you like Miss Azmano?” I asked, shutting off the car and getting out. She too got out and leaned up against my car.

“For you to stop calling me that for one.” She smiled. She looked at each of the four and bit her lip trying to decide, “But um, I haven’t had pizza in awhile, can we have that?”

“Of course.” I responded locking the car and starting towards the pizza place directly in front of us. She hurried to catch up, not walking next to me but close behind me and off to one side like she was hiding. Perhaps this has something to do with her being such a homebody or visa versa; in any case I reached out and pulled at her arm, guiding her next to me as we walked into the pizza joint.

“What do you want on your half?” I asked leaning down so she didn’t have to shout over the din of the busy shop.

“Pepperonis please.” After waiting in line for a minute or so I ordered a medium pizza half cheese half pepperoni and two cups for sodas. She tried to reach into her purse but I lightly slapped her hand away, shaking my head at her. The place was cheap so it wasn’t a big deal especially with the kind of money I was being paid. I handed her a cup and she moved off to the soda machine, it would be a few minutes so I followed her and watched curiously as she mixed pink lemonade with ice-tea.

“Are you serious?”

She put a cover on and shoved a straw through to opening, taking a long pull. “Mhm so good.” she said smacking her lips.

“Guess I’ll have to try it then.” I said reaching out with my own cup.

“Wait! Let me do it.” She said snatching the cup out of my hand just as I was about to press the button, “This is a science here; you gotta do it just right.” She was serious. Again I watched as she filled it about two thirds full of ice-tea and the rest, pink lemonade.

“Why not regular lemonade?” I asked.

She stuck out her tongue and made a gagging noise, “Eww that just doesn’t taste right believe me. It has gotta be pink.”

“That’s adorable.” I smirked.

“Oh shut up and get the pizza.” She retorted, jabbing me in the ribs as she made off with the drinks towards a booth by the windows. I picked up the pizza and followed her; I guess I wasn’t surprised to see she chose the seat facing away from the interior. The pizza came pre-sliced so all one needed to do was pull your piece and dump whatever condiments you wanted onto it, which is what I proceeded to do. I’d finished one before she’d even started and I watched, fascinated as she picked all the pepperonis off of the slice before carefully picked it up and took a delicate bite.

“You’re joking.” I said around a mouthful of cheese.

She giggled again, “Yeah.” The next bite easily halved the slice, puffing out her cheeks.

“Much better.” When she finished she started nibbling on the pepperonis she had removed.

“You are so weird.” I teased.

“Alright look, did you bring me out here just to make fun of me or something? First you call me old and then you go after my pizza eating. What’s next, are you going to call me fat?” she asked in mock anger.

“Pfft you couldn’t get fat if they pumped it straight into you.” I scoffed. Despite the lameness of that comment she still blushed.

“Okay you’re forgiven.” We talked some more, small talk and projects she expected to be handing me in the near future. I was impressed at how well she could pack it away; she was just like a teenager, well almost. When she had finished her pizza she started picking at the pepperonis she had plucked off. I was long finished and was still sipping at my drink which was fantastic, just like she said.

I watched her for a few moments, she seemed fine but I didn’t want to spoil her good mood by asking the questions I wanted. She finished her pepperonis and leaned back, patting her stomach and groaning.

“Damn, look what you made me do Tom.”

“What, do you want me to carry you to the car? Nancy.” I smirked. She crumpled up her napkin and threw it at me, scowling. I gathered the trash and got up, tossing it in the trash can.


“Mhm.” She sounded disappointed. We walked out to my car and got in. After turning it on she turned my radio back up to a loud, but not deafening roar and grinned over at me. I smiled back and pulled out of the parking lot, my driving was even wilder with the music and out of the corner of my eye I saw her grip the door handle but with a huge grin on her face. We screeched back into the company lot and got out.

“Thanks Tom that was fun, even if you did tease me the whole time.” She said coming up alongside me and linking her arm with mine.

“You’re welcome.” She broke away as we came through the doors and just in time too as we were immediately set upon by people needing her help or asking about pending projects. The rest of the day ended in a blur as did the rest of the week, due to the upcoming trade show she was incredibly busy. On Friday though, I was hit by a complete bombshell when Eve bounced into my cube at the end of the day and spun me around in my chair.

“Hey Toooom?” she said in a little girl’s voice, drawing out my name.

“Yes?” I responded warily, my eyes darting this way and that.

“Can you do me a favooor?”

“Um maybe.”

“Are you doing anything tomorrow?”


She bit her lip smiling, “Then could you help me move some stuff at my place tomorrow?”

“Oh, sure of course Eve. What time were you thinking?”

“How ‘bout around ten. You know where I live right?”

“That apartment complex off the center?”

“Yup, room two-twenty.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Oh thank you Tom!” she squealed leaning in and kissing my cheek before hurrying out. What had I gotten myself into? She had been acting strangely around me this week, giving me these weird looks I had never seen before. She was also touching me a lot more, little brushes or touches and often holding my hand. Ah but whatever. I finished up my work, logged in my hours for the week and gathered up my stuff, heading out for my car. I drove home in silence; the only noise was the engine and the wind whipping past my window. When I got home I was exhausted and sacked around the house not doing much before going to bed early.

The next morning went by quickly and before I left for Eve’s I changed into a light shirt and shorts expecting to sweat a little. Stepping outside I stopped and swore out loud, it was scorching hot out. My car was a sauna and by the time I got out again in her building’s parking lot, I was already sweating. I climbed up to the second floor and down the hall to room two-twenty, where I stopped and knocked twice. Before I could even take my hand away from the door after the second knock the door was flung open.

She practically fell through the door and the wave of heat that followed her nearly floored me.

“Wassup Tommy!” she exclaimed, grinning drunkenly, though it was due to the heat I believe. I was struck speechless as my eyes were naturally drawn to her scantily clad body. Her hair was plastered about her head and her skin glistened with sweat. She only had on one of those tight sports tops, the ones that stopped about her midriff and a pair cloth booty shorts.

“Um hi Eve. Little hot?” I asked tearing my eyes away from her trim body. As I looked at her face I could feel my eyes quivering, straining against my mind to let them look down again.

“Oh my god it’s brutal! My air conditioner decided to up and quit.” She panted, running a hand through her hair. She stepped aside and waved me in; my breath was nearly burned out of my lungs from the heat.

“Alright first let me see the air conditioner.” I rasped. She pointed over to the window and an older model unit still lodged there. I went over to it and opened up the control panel (yeah it was that old), fortunately we had one similar to this at home and it too gave us trouble. I turned all the dials to off and unplugged it before working the front panel off. There was a small connector that frequently came unplugged after long usage and I simply reattached it. I wedged the panel back in place and turned it back on, pumping my fist in victory as it whirred into life, throwing cold air into my chest.

“God I love you!” she squealed delightedly, wrapping her arms around me from behind. I was surprised but made no move as she squeezed me, pushing into my back.

“Alright Eve, what’s next?” I asked after a minute or so when she showed no sign of letting go.

“Oh um, yeah my brothers brought over some stuff from our mother’s so I need help moving it around.” She said, letting go of me reluctantly. I turned and watched her as she crossed the room to a small pile of boxes, a recliner, a coffee table, a rather old looking vase stand, and a few other nick knacks. I also took the time to look around having never been here before.

The main room was spacious and not cluttered but you could definitely tell a woman was living here. She had a nice couch set up to face an expensive looking television system, there were a few bookshelves and of the books I could see a lot of murder mysteries and romances, but I also saw quite a few business books of impressive caliber. A kitchenette and small dining table occupied the far side of the room across from the door. Two doors sat at either end of the room, I assumed one was a closet and the other was her bedroom. The whole place was impeccably clean and there was a hint of some exotic perfume in the cooling air.

“So what should I do first?” I asked. She mumbled something under her breath while giving me this weird look.


“I said lets move the couch.” We each took up one end of the couch and turned it at and a slight angle, we then put the recliner adjacent to that, facing the television. I then set about putting the other objects where she told me, while she dug trough the boxes.
I wasn’t sure if she was aware of it but she was brutally torturing me. Every time I turned around she would be bending over or displaying some toned and bronzed part of her body in my direction. I was finding it hard to concentrate around her; I think the perfume was starting to get to me. I ended up lingering in front of the air conditioner a lot more than I would have, if you know what I mean.

At one point I was doing this, desperately trying to clam my pain-in-the-ass teenage hormones, when I heard, “Oh shoot this bulb is dead!” I turned and saw her standing in one corner, hands on hips, looking up at a light fixture mounted on the ceiling.

I walked toward her, “Do you want me to get that?”

“No no, let me get it. But you can get my stepladder from the closet.” I went to the closet and picked out a fresh bulb from a small shelf of similar items and the stepladder, one of those cheap plastic ones. I put the ladder in front of the light and handed her the bulb.

“Oh could you hold the ladder? I swear I’ve almost died on this thing like ten times.” I held one side until she had climbed to the top of the three step ladder. That is when I realized two things.

First, that this ladder was rock steady and needed no holding. And second, was that her ass was right in my face. Her perfect, tight, round ass. Barely contained by a pair of no-doubt easily tear able cloth booty shorts. If only I could touch it, feel her skin against my hand, my face, if only…snap out of it you dumb fuck! Shit, had my shorts gotten smaller?

“Almost there…” she was saying, leaning out as far as she could. Now I had to hold the ladder with two hands, now I had to be directly behind her, son of a bitch I was hard! She finally lined up the new bulb with the socket and started to screw the new one in, apparently this required her to twist her whole body as well, of course the only part of her I could see was her ass and god did it shake! My eyes lost focus and the only thing my mind could picture was what I wanted to do to that of-so-perfect piece of flesh.

My mind was so consumed by that thought that I didn’t hear her say, “Aha there we go!” And before I could snap out of it, before I could back away, she shot down the ladder. And in what could only have been the most horrific set of circumstances she dropped, right onto my upturned erection, pushing it first into the flesh of her right cheek and then slipping up the crack of her ass. She let out a sort of giggly moan before I jumped back.

“Uh Eve, bathroom?” I asked hurriedly, turning my back.

“My room, door on the right.” She responded quickly, mechanically, I think she didn’t mean to respond so fast because I heard her swear under her breath as I scurried to her bedroom door. I jumped into her room and shut the door behind me, leaning back against it.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” I cursed, turning to my left and walking to the door I saw there. She had a full bath with the works, scented soaps and candles dotted the whole room, the smells from which were almost overpowering to my base male senses. I turned to the sink and splashed cold water on my face.

“Hey Tom?” Eve’s voice called from the other side of the door, making me jump. “Are you okay?” her voice had a sing song quality that told me she was greatly amused with herself.

“I’m fine.” I spent a few minutes there trying to cool down and having done so, opened the door and stepped out not looking up. I was halfway across the room before I noticed I wasn’t alone. I turned my head slowly. She was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed, cupping her chin in both hands, watching me with bright blue eyes.


I was starving, “Sure.”

She grinned, something about her smile sent my heart beating faster, “Let me just take a shower and I’ll make you something.”


“You can go watch TV if you want.” She purred, getting off the bed and walking past me, brushing against my arm. When she had closed the bathroom door behind her I shivered, she was killing me! I looked around her room for a second; again it was neat and clearly hadn’t seen a male presence for a long time. Her bed was huge, and I noticed that the sheets were pulled back. Were they like that when I first came in here? Who cares?

I went back into the living room and sagged on her couch, I turned on her television with a remote I found neatly placed on the new coffee table. I flipped through some channels, nothing, nothing, nothing, aha Mythbusters! I loved that show! I lost myself again.

“Oh I love this one!” Eve’s voice breezed past my ear, she was right behind my head, and I could feel her breath on my ear. I could smell the soaps she had used and damn did they smell good! I managed not to jump.

“That was a quick shower.” I said coolly.

“What do you mean? I spent at least twenty minutes in there.”


“So what do you want to eat?”

“Dunno whatcha got?” She mumbled something I couldn’t catch even though she was right behind me and started giggling.


“Nothing.” She drew out the word. “Lets see what I have.” She started giggling again. I heard her moving and then saw her sauntering into the kitchen, an obvious bounce in her step. She was wearing a little pink bathrobe that stopped around mid thigh, damn her.

“Nice outfit.” I teased.

I swear to god I could have sworn she said “you should see my other outfit” but she mumbled it so I couldn’t be certain. I got up and walked after her into the little kitchen as she rummaged around for some kind of food. She saw me out of the corner of her eye and smiled viciously but didn’t do anything but to dig deeper in the fridge. I couldn’t help but watch as the hem of her bathrobe slowly rose up revealing more and more of her beautiful bronzed legs, finally stopped as the curve of that perfect ass came into view.

“Hmm can you deal with a ham sandwich?” she asked, wiggling her hips.

“Y-yes.” I stammered. She backed out and straightened up. Again she backed up but this time right into me. She pushed back against me, shoving me into the cabinets behind me.

I struggled to say something but found I couldn’t, I could feel the backs of her smooth toned calves up against my legs. She was breathing hard.

“Fuck I can’t take it anymore.” She breathed, pushing her hips firmly against mine, my now solid hard-on rubbing against her ass.

“What!” I managed. She spun around and wrapped her arms tightly around me, squeezing me hard.

“I can’t take it anymore! I need you, I need you bad!” she thrust her hips into me, letting out a small moan. She let go and reached up, grabbing my head in her hands and bringing our faces together, our lips met. My knees went weak; I had to put my hands behind me on the counter to keep me upright. She pushed her lips harder against mine; she was sucking breath through her nose in sharp intakes. I tried to respond but I really had no idea what do. I dropped the knowledge of who she was, of what was happening, of where this would lead, I didn’t care. I wanted what she was giving, fuck the consequences. I sagged into her and let my arms move; I ran them up her sides and to her back where I pulled her body into mine. I could feel her smiling into my mouth before she pulled away to look deep into my eyes.

“You want this?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Yes.” I breathed. Her lips pulled back in a seductive grin as I felt her hands slip between us. She must have undone the little cloth belt of her bathrobe because it parted and my eyes were treated to the most beautiful sight any person could hope to see. Her stomach was washboard flat if not a little concave, I couldn’t see her individual ribs but I knew where they were (that should give you a clearer picture). Her skin was absolutely spotless, tanned to a lustrous light brown and, at least visually, smooth as the finest silk. As she let the bathrobe drop, her breasts burst into view, and that’s when I had to stop myself from drooling outright. They were perfect! They were firm and set with pert little, no doubt rock hard nipples, that gave her chest the appearance of a still developing teenage girl and the fact that she wasn’t, turned me on in ways I’m at a loss to describe.

She didn’t let me look any farther down because she pulled at my shirt and lifted it over my head. Once she got it over my head she tossed it away behind her and looked me over like a present on Christmas.

I wasn’t as tanned as her but I wasn’t super pale either. My hairless chest was flat, I didn’t have the much sought after six-pack but I was solid enough. I tried to keep active and work out as much as I could but I wasn’t religious about it.

“Ooh barely legal.” She snickered, stepping back up and to me and pushing her chest into mine. Wow did that feel good, her tits squashed into me and her probably painfully hard nipples tried to puncture my skin. I reached around and wrapped my arms around her back pulling her tighter to me as I leaned down and kissed her. She responded enthusiastically, obviously pleased that I was getting more comfortable.

It was then that I realized that she didn’t have any pants on anymore, awesome! I let my hands slowly, slowly descend down her back, she was so fucking soft! I paused when she slowly started to slip her tongue into my mouth, as if not to startle me. This was so new to me I didn’t know how to respond and simply let her start things. As I became more comfortable I let my hands start moving again, I’m sure she noticed where they were headed because she stood on the tips of her toes to get them there faster. My fingers ran over the top most curve of her ass and stopped because this was as high as she could go. She made a little disappointed whimper into my mouth and settled back on her feet, her hands were likewise roaming over my back, tracing my spine and the outlines of my shoulder blades.

She broke away and just stared at me, this wild look in her eye making my dick jump. I finally let my hands go further and they slid over her silken cheeks, pushing into the fleshy orbs, I squeezed. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back moaning softly.

“Oh god!” she gasped, “I’m so hot right now.”

I gave her a lopsided grin, “I thought you were hot all the time.” She grinned and planted her hands on my shoulders and pushed down. However, my knees were locked, though this was what she wanted because she swung her legs up and circled them around my waist, linking her arms around me neck. I quickly held my hands under her hips and took some of her weight with them. I suddenly became aware of an intense heat warming my stomach; I guess that’s what she meant. I also felt a little trickle of wet and I was at a loss as to why.

“What is that?” I asked.

She gave me an amused look, “You are sooo innocent.” She scrunched up her face, “I just want to take that away from you.” She purred lustily.

I grinned, “Aw you’re so sweet.”

Her breathing was getting harder, “Take me to my room Tom…and I’ll show you sweet.” I took a step forward away from the cabinets and tested my balance, she was surprisingly light and I found I had no trouble in carrying her. I pulled her closer to me and listened to her rasping breath in my ear as I carried her to the open bedroom door. As I staggered to her bed she threw her weight to one side and I had to twist to not pin her under me as I fell onto the bed. I landed on my back with her straddling my waist on her knees. Now I could get a better look at her, again she had the barest hint of a tan line from what could only have been the tiniest of bikinis. She was shaved clean and I had the impression only recently at that, though I didn’t know how I knew that.

Then there was her pussy, of course having never seen one in person before, I had nothing to compare it to but to me it was one of the most beautiful if not insanely arousing things I had ever seen. Because her legs were slightly spread, so were her pussy lips and the shiny pink insides seemed like the most inviting thing in the world. Her slit glistened with moisture and for a second I wondered what it tasted like. But before I could continue with that train of though she reached out and cupped my chin in one hand, drawing my attention to her face.

“This is a freebie because it’s your first time, so don’t get used to me doing all the work, next time I want to see some effort.” I merely nodded, still in shock over this thing of beauty perched above me.

Then it hit me, next time! Am I the luckiest bastard alive? I think so.

Sensing my change in attitude she grinned wolfishly and reached behind her, grabbing my dick through my light shorts and boxers.

“Your first time…” she said wistfully, looking up at the ceiling as she casually rubbed my throbbing hard-on.

“I’m glad it’s you.” I whispered. She slowly looked back down at me, a tear sparkling at the edge of her eye.

She choked out a response and leaned down kissing me deeply, her eyes closed. I could feel her hands moving to the top of my shorts and pulling them down, exposing my dick to the air. I shivered when her hands touched my bare skin; this was so completely different than anything I had felt before. And when she started slowly stroking my steel bar shaft I nearly cringed, not in pain but intense pleasure. Sure I had jacked off before, what guy didn’t, but when someone else jacked you off that was a totally new sensation for damn sure. Her hands were soft, warm, gentle, and she did it with an agonizing slowness that only doubled the sensation. I closed my eyes and moaned softly.

“If you think this is good…” she trailed off and sat back up straight. She rose up on her knees and pulled my cock up with her, guiding the swollen head to the entrance of her dripping cunt. Slowly she settled back down pushing the head of my cock past her swollen lips. The first thing I felt was the intense heat coming out of her, the second was the wet pressure of her cunt seizing my shaft and pulsating around it. She squeezed her eyes shut at first and then her whole face relaxed, her eyes becoming droopy and let out a pleased sigh. She was still holding herself up and slowly began to let herself slide further and further.

Through the haze I saw something that piqued my curiosity, a tiny pinkish bead tucked up under a small hood of skin at the topmost part of her slit.

She had descended as far as she could go, my whole cock was buried in her, her twitching inner muscles and vice like grip on me was almost indescribable, fuck that it was indescribable. She sat for a few moments, adjusting to me filling her before she slowly started to rise again. That was when I decided to explore.

“What’s this?” I asked innocently, reaching out with a finger to touch the mysterious bead.

She looked down with glazed over eyes that suddenly snapped into focus, “No don’t touch that, not yet pleaOOHH! Oh my god!” Too late as my finger brushed it, then pushed against the hard little piece of flesh, with interesting results. She just so happened to be at the top of my cock when I did this and she dropped, loosing control of herself. She shook violently for a second or so before collapsing hard on top of me, twitching. New liquid flooded over my cock and for a second I thought she had lost control of her bladder but then human anatomy class told me otherwise. Her pussy had gone crazy, twitching and pulsating around my dick in massive waves that squeezed me all over. I slammed my head back against her bed and grabbed fistfuls of sheets as her body continued to torture me.

“What the hell was that?” I managed, fighting through the pleasure to speak. She was still twitching and it looked like her eyes wanted to close as she struggled to pick her head up and look at me.

“You just made me cum Tom.” She answered sheepishly, laying her head on my chest and gently rocking her hips as her pussy calmed down slightly.

“Did I? Just from that little thing?” I asked curiously.

She sighed contentedly, drawing lazy circles around my left nipple with a finger, “No that just sent me over the edge. I’ve been driving myself crazy today trying to get you all turned on. I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks, thanks part in part to you.”

“I’ve only been here a week.” I said defensively.

“Yeah and you’ve been catching me every single time I’ve tried at work.”

“I hope this makes up for it.” I grinned giving my hips a little shove, pushing my cock into her a little.

She closed her eyes and moaned. “Yeah, but enough talking.” She said rising back up and starting to lift her hips again. She would go up and down very slowly and then for a few moments do it quickly, accompanied by the slapping of skin. During one of those fast times she suddenly put her hands on my chest and arching her back, tilted her head back and screamed. Her whole body was rocked by what could only have been a massive orgasm because it seemed like her cunt went absolutely insane. I had been getting close myself and this was the final straw, I reached out and grabbed her ass in both hands, shoving my cock as far as it would go into her as I exploded.
This was way too much for her because she collapsed on me again as I shot jet after jet of cum into her.

“Uhn cum in me baby.” She moaned quietly. She twitched after every new burst of cum and when I had finally stopped she squirmed around as the hot liquid filled her up. We listened to each others ragged breathing for a long time, just lying still, her gorgeous body on top of mine.

“That was awesome Eve.” I breathed.

“Thank you Tom I needed this.” She paused turning her head to look at me with cheeks red from exertion, “I’m glad I got to be your first.” Her voice was getting sleepy and I grinned wearily. She closed her eyes and passed out right then and there. I put my arms around her and basked in the afterglow of this situation, this had been the best day of my life.

I could feel myself teetering on the brink of consciousness now and the last thought I had before I let it take me was that I had the whole summer to spend with this goddess…my goddess.

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