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Dear Mom;

I have decided to tell you everything, because I know you can take it, and I know how much you worry. You can decide on how much to tell dad and the others.
This is a hard story to tell, so please bear with me. First let me assure everyone that I was not kidnapped, at least not in the earthly sense, and I'm certainly not dead. In fact there is a good chance that I will live for centuries. And tell my friends and family that I am happy and in good health. Damned good health.
You'll never believe where I am writing this letter from, so I won't bother telling you until I relate my story. Not that telling it will make it more believable, but it might help me retain my sanity. It started with my college job...

As an assistant librarian it was my job to finish organizing the books, then lock up each night. It was a boring job, but it helped pay my tuition. It played hell with my dating life, not that I've had much since high school. It's hard to take full time college and a full time job too. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. In Junior High my parents wouldn't let me date so I wouldn't sleep with anybody and screw up my life. In high school I had a full time job and didn't have much time to date. Now, there's not even time for sleep.
I'm normally considered a pretty sexy girl, I have long brown hair, legs that could kill, and average sized tits that were just firm enough to gain attention without looking fake. I was happy with my body, and once I grow used to my hectic schedule I might be able to resume dating. It's not like I don't get offers, but most of the offers come from geeks.
The absolute worst part of my job is locking up and ten o'clock at night, then riding my bike back to my apartment in the darkness. There were two ways to the main college entrance and my apartment beyond. One took me over five miles of smooth, street light lit roads, and the other through one mile of dark woods on a well-worn path used as a shortcut. I took the shortcut, of course, it got me home must earlier, which translated into more study time and more sleep. But it was a horrifying ride surrounded by the darkest woods imaginable, trying to follow the path using the shaky light from my battery powered headlight. I knew if a campus slayer decided to kill defenseless college girls on our campus, I would be the first victim.
During my trips through the woods I have caught couples in the act of making love, deer snorting and running off, and racoons too stupid or too slow to get out of the way. Ok, they aren't stupid they're adorable, but they have scared years of life out of me.
There were also many unidentifiable sounds, sounds so scary that I didn't stick around to identify them. I was scared shitless on that path, if I had been smart I would have bought a cheap car rather than using my bicycle, but I was counting every penny and a car costs lots of pennies.
Oh, why am I beating around the bush instead of telling my story? Ok, here it is. One night I was taking the woods path when I suddenly found my surroundings lit as bright as day. Since there was no sound I immediately thought "asteroid". I know, it sounds stupid now, but I had just seen the movie. You had to be in my shoes to appreciate how scary the situation was.
I pulled my bike over to the side of the path and shaded my eyes as I looked up at the light. It was hovering above me. The next moment every nerve in my body tingled and I blacked out.
I felt myself falling. My eyes sprang open and I found myself in some strange chair, falling toward the floor. With a clank, my chair suddenly stopped. With a slight whir, I felt my legs being opened to cooler air. It was washing over my pussy. In horror, I realized that I was sitting in the chair naked. I tried to pull myself out, and found I couldn't move. The chair had formed itself around my body, becoming my prison, although it was extremely comfortable.
"Oh shit!" I gasped, still struggling despite the futility of it.
"Sounds like the new girl is awake," a voice came from my right.
"Who... who is there?" I called excitedly. "Can you get me out of here?"
"Sorry dear, we are all in the same fix. Relax, they won't hurt you."
"What are they doing? Why am I here?" I asked in growing horror. The picture of the hovering light was still vivid in my mind.
"It's milking time, girlie," the voice said with some humor. "We are the cattle."
"What's that mean. Do they eat us?"
"Somewhat, but not in the horrid way you're thinking," another girl said with a laugh.
"I wish somebody would give me a straight answer," I groaned.
"You want straight answers, I'll give you one," the last girl said in a more serious tone. "You have been captured by an alien ship. This entire ship is filled with women, both theirs and ours, because men die from the radiation created by their drive. We are their enzyme donors, they milk us and use our fluids like the old wooden ships used to use limes on long voyages. There is virtually no chance of escaping, but after three or four days of absolutely royal treatment, you won't want too," the girl said, then gasped.
"What's the matter?" I asked in terror.
"Milking time, sweetie, it's the best," the woman sounded like she was on drugs. I tried to look around at my surrounding in the half light to see the women around me. It was impossible. I saw more chairs like mine, all sunken into the floor like mine with only the heads protruding, and all facing out in a circle. From what I could see behind me there were seven other chairs.
"Oh yes, contact," the sexy voice said from my right.
"Viv, you are such a slut," a good natured voice said from behind me. "Get ready, new girl. Relax and enjoy it, you'll get used to it, but never stop liking it."
"Ow," I screamed as a needle pierced my left breast. In a moment the right breast was punctured too.
"Shit, we forgot to warn her," Viv said suddenly.
"Sorry, girl, they inject a hormone to start your milk. They get enzymes from many sources. That's the only pain you'll ever feel, I promise."
I felt somebody washing my pussy and inner thighs, and my eyes widened in terror.
"There's somebody between my legs," I gasped in horror.
"What the hell do you think we've been talking about?" Viv said with a laugh.
I heard a woman moaning behind me. Soon she was joined by several others. It sounded like a room full of women having sex. I felt the area of my pubic hair being washed again, then dried carefully. To my horror, I felt a cold device placed at the entrance to my pussy. In a moment it slid up inside my body.
"They're putting something inside me!" I gasped to the room at large.
"Relax and enjoy it," the other voice gasped.
"Relax, how can Iiieee..." I said as the device came to life inside me. It was pulsating, vibrating, and giving off an electrical charge that made my pussy and ass explode with excitement. There was no way to explain how wonderful it felt, or to explain how such a small device could feel so wonderful. I chalked it up to alien technology.
I felt my pussy thrusting forward obscenely with each pulsation of the milker. I could feel the suction inside me, although I could not hear the liquid being sucked from my body. The soundproofing in the room must have been phenomenal.
"Oh shit, this is so good," I gasped into the room filled with pants and little screams.
"No shit, it's the best," Viv said from her chair. "Get ready, they always do you twice to get the most juice," she gasped in the throes of passion.
Each time the milker surged, an electric shock smashed through my pussy, into my abdomen, and up to my tits. It was so exciting, far better than normal sex. All I missed was the touch of another person.
The milker kept thrusting it's way inside, it's suction was so strong it closed me up inside during each pulsation. With the vulgar machine milking my pussy, and my slender legs being forced open for the world to see, I couldn't have felt more helpless, or more sexy. I never wanted the feeling to end.
The fire started in my loins, building with a liquid fire I knew would fry my brains, but I welcomed the terrifying event with overjoyed pants and excited murmurs. With a scream, I felt my loins being devastated by the biggest orgasm I had ever felt. Wave after wave rocked my lower body. I smashed my pussy into the wonderful milker, trying to get more depth out of it. Just as my orgasm quieted, the milker was turned off, leaving me totally satisfied and spent. I heard the second woman chuckle from my left.
"Pretty good, huh?"
"Oh it was heavenly," I gasped as my body melted into the black padded chair."
"Yeah, it doesn't matter how many years you've been here, it still thrills you to the core."
"Years? How long have you been here?" I asked in alarm.
"I think... probably about fifteen years," the woman said thoughtfully.
"What year is it?" Viv asked from my right.
"2000," I said, realizing that I would never escape.
"I've been here 18 years and haven't aged a day," the other woman said in wonder.
"One of the benefits of space travel, Kitten," Viv said with a laugh.
"Ah... Kitten, we don't spend all that time in these chairs, do we."
"Hell no," Kitten laughed, joined by several other voices. "Just wait until you see our harem, as we call it. It is absolutely palatial."
"Wait until you see the view from the control room," another voice said eagerly.
"Or the women in the control room," Viv said playfully. "If you've ever wanted to see a room full of living dolls, here's your chance. Not one of them is over four feet tall, and each one is absolutely beautiful."
"I think they look too plastic," another voice said.
"Uh oh, here we go again," a voice warned from behind me.
Seconds after her warning, my pussy was attacked again. I didn't think I could survive another orgasm like that, but I was willing to try. My pussy was even more alive this time. The machine surged in and out of my crotch, I could feel every small centimeter of it's length deep inside me. I was tingling from my hair to my toes. The device was sucking me dry, the electricity was setting me on fire, even my tits were burning, craving attention.
"I am so hot," I cried aloud.
"Honey, this is nothing compared to how you will feel when you've been on the medicine for a week," Kitten said in a low sexy voice.
"What medicine?"
"The medicine that makes you the sexiest, most responsive creature on Earth," Kitten said with relish.
"I don't want any more needles," I gasped between surges.
"No needles, one pill will last you a lifetime," Kitten said in a louder, less controlled voice.
"Shit, I'm coming," Viv said from my right.
I wasn't coming yet, but I was burning. My loins seemed to be filled with fire, churning with the liquid heat of a massive orgasm. I was so hot that I craved the orgasm so I could relax and cool the fire in my loins. But there was a lot I missed. I wanted to feel hands on my tits, a mouth on my pussy, and another on my lips. I wanted to crawl up inside somebody and die.
"Oh shit," I gasped, feeling the crest of an orgasm building inside me. "Oh shit, this is so big," I screamed. I felt myself trying to hold back the orgasm, now a little afraid of it. I knew it would kill me, I would go up in a spurt of flame.
I bucked and jerked in my chair as the orgasm tore through my loins, clenching and unclenching my pussy and ass as it struck, faded, then struck again. I screamed a long, drawn out scream with my eyes tightly shut, waiting to die from the strongest orgasm I had ever felt. To my surprise the spasms began to lessen and die out. I was still alive and in one piece. My body was drenched in sweat from head to toe. I was shaking and gasping for breath.
"You don't have asthma do you?" a voice asked from above me. I screamed and jerked back, then saw a beautiful woman standing above me. The chair suddenly began to raise up out of the floor. My legs closed and I realized that the milker had been removed. When, I didn't know. As the chair clanked to a stop, the black pad holding me tightly against my chest suddenly slid away and I found myself sitting in a fairly normal chair with the beautiful woman admiring my body.
"I'm Viv," she said, extending her hand. I shook it in awe and looked around myself. Other women were leaving the room. One absolutely ravishing black woman approached my chair. I knew she must be Kitten. As she stood beside me in the subdued light, I saw that she must be half black and half white. She was one of the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever seen. She had freckles, of all things, that made her look absolutely beautiful. "I'm Kitten," she said with a smile, extending her hand.
"Janice," I said as I took it and held it while I gawking at her body. It was so curvaceous and so perfect. I just wanted to touch it, even though I have never had lesbian tendencies. Something about Kitten...
"I told you, the medicine makes you the sexiest woman on Earth," Kitten said and stretched lazily. The stretch alone was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Now I knew how she had gotten the nickname of Kitten. She acted like one.
"I am so confused and feel so funny," I said, following Kitten to the door, watching the sexy sway of her naked ass.
"You have been blessed, girl, whether you know it or not. We are living in the stars, visiting the strangest places you have ever seen, and our every wish is waited on hand and foot. You have never dreamed of living like we do here."
"This is the harem, our home," Viv said as she stepped up beside me at a huge rounded door. As the door slid aside I found a wonderland of soft pillows, entertainment of all forms, and women laying around, eating, or making love in almost ever corner of the room. Off the main circular room were dozens of doors. Glass partitions separated different areas of the main room. As girls came out of the assorted doors I saw living quarters in most of them. Viv led me to a larger door. As it opened the wonderful smell of food wafted over me. I almost fainted in sudden hunger. Viv helped me use the automat to choose my food. I ate quickly, afraid it would disappear. She later showed me the main bathroom, where I took a shower, and my new bedroom. It was fantastic, but not as fantastic as the control room. That was the most amazing room of all.
"Here we are," Viv said at the entrance to the control room. "I want to see your face when these doors open," she said with an impish smile. The doors opened and I was transported to the land of munchkins. Each tiny woman was busy at a panel or in a chair. They were tiny replicas of Earth women, in all colors, from oriental to black. They were absolutely perfectly formed women, not midgets with short arms and legs.
I marveled as a short little oriental doll hurried past the door in front of me to man a control panel.
"They are so beautiful," I breathed quietly.
"Perfect," Viv said proudly. "And they make love like you wouldn't believe. The milker helps supply what they need, but good old fashioned oral contact supplies them and you with what they want."
"But they look like little girls," I said uncomfortably.
"Yeah, kinky huh?" Viv smirked. "Don't worry, the average age of each girl is probably 110 years old. We don't age on the ship like they do on Earth."
"That oriental girl is so sweet it's hard to keep from hugging her," I whispered to Viv.
"Why stop, if you like her tell her. She can be relieved for a sex break."
"I couldn't," I said, turning red.
"Sisi," Viv whispered to the china doll. The girl flipped a switch and turned, smiling prettily at the girls in the door.
"Sisi, show her your tongue," Viv said with glee. Sisi looked embarrassed, then extended her tongue to an incredible seven inches. She quickly slid it back in and looked around the control room to see if any of her shipmates had noticed.
"The tongue is a sexual organ to them," Viv explained in a whisper. "But have you ever seen a tongue like that in your life?"
"Hell no," I sighed in excitement. I could imagine how that would feel in my pussy. Hell, I would feel it in my womb.
I suddenly found Sisi standing in front of me. I looked at Viv and saw her smirk, so I knew she must have said something while I was daydreaming.
"Come," Sisi said in her dainty voice. I looked at the hand in mine and found it about the length of one of my fingers.
"This is so strange," I told Viv as Sisi led me away.
Sisi led me to a light blue room with a dark blue bed. There was nothing else in the room. For some reason it reminded me of a massage parlor.
"You are not afraid?" Sisi asked with a timid smile.
"Not any more," I looked down at the little doll. She was undoing her filmy dress. In a moment she dropped it to the floor, now standing in a second white, cotton looking dress. She undid that and suddenly stood naked, letting me admire her perfect little body before she jumped up to sit on the bed. I was already naked so I meekly sat on the bed beside her.
"Your turn," Sisi said expectantly.
"It's your... move," she finally said with a dainty frown on her face.
"Oh, I see," I said nervously. I reached down and gently forced Sisi back on the bed. Quickly crawling up on the bed beside her, I leaned over and looked down at her tiny face. I closed my eyes and leaned down to kiss her. I found her lips small, but very eager. Her hands seemed to be all over my body at once. I finally broke the kiss and began kissing her neck. In a few minutes I found myself facing her tiny handful of tits. They were adorable. I immediately captured one nipple in my lips and began sucking. In a moment I changed and sucked on the other one, then worried it with the tip of my tongue. Sisi hissed and arched her back. She was very responsive.
Sisi suddenly rolled me over and kissed me on the lips for several minutes until I couldn't breath. She broke the kiss and slid down to lick my tits. When she took my right nipple in her tiny mouth and began sucking, I realized that she was copying my actions. When she switched and worried my nipple with her tongue, it confirmed what I had suspected. I didn't know if this was her first time, or she was trying not to do anything I would find repulsive, but at that point I was on fire again and didn't care.
My eyes were on her tiny elfin ear, just a few inches in front of me. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue in her ear. She froze, breathing hard as I explored her ear until my aching neck forced me to lay back in exhaustion.
"That was wonderful," Sisi said, placing her fingers on her ear. I rolled over so I was on top of Sisi. I rolled her over on her stomach and began kissing her tiny butt cheeks. She groaned in pleasure. I looked up to see her looking back, her face consumed by passion. It seemed that everything I did put Sisi in a state of complete rapture. It made me feel very powerful.
"I loved the taste of her firm little ass, but my mind was already on the little love nest below my chin. I licked my way through her asshole and below, and to my amazement I sniffed her perfect little pussy for the first time. I had been smelling something like apple pie since the moment we started, and now I found the source of the smell. Her pussy smelled like apples and cinnamon. It was the most incredible smell and totally unexpected.
"Wow, you smell great," I said in awe as I rolled her over on her back.
"Thank you," she said shyly. I wanted to ask if it was a natural smell or some kind of douche, but the look on her face made me stop. Either way I planned to enjoy it.
"Taste me," Sisi begged. I looked at the beautiful, serious face and my heart fell for the little doll. I lowered my mouth to her little pussy and kissed it gently. With a groan of pleasure I pressed my lips against the pussy and plunged my tongue up inside her. She hissed and arched her back, thrusting her pussy into my mouth.
It tasted somewhat like cinnamon and something else I couldn't identify, but I love the taste and smell. I could have spent hours there just munching on her little mound. But as I ate the tiny beauty a vision of that long tongue sprang into my mind. I realized that if we were to 69, the tiny beauty would have to be on the bottom, which she was. All I had to do was walk my knees around on the bed until my own burning pussy was near her face. It took only seconds. Sisi grabbed my ass and pulled it down to meet her mouth. The tongue shot up inside me, I stiffened and screamed.
"Did I hurt you?" Sisi gasped.
"Hell no. Don't stop," I begged, then moaned as the tongue filled my cavity once more. It felt even longer than seven inches, it was incredible. It withered and curled around inside my pussy like a bunch of snakes. I could feel it touching everything inside my pussy and loins. I was so hot.
I sucked brutally on the tiny little pussy. It didn't take long to find that the entire little mound would fit inside my mouth. I sucked with my lips, while my tongue probed her depths and tickled her clit. I wet a finger and slid it into her tiny asshole. She gasped into my pussy and redoubled her efforts. The tiny mouth on my crotch felt obscene, but the tongue was absolute heaven. In a moment I knew there was not one spot inside my loins that her tongue hadn't touched. My loins were on fire and my orgasm was building with a terrible heat.
"I'm coming," I mumbled into her sweet little pussy.
"Me too," her innocent little voice came from between my legs. I felt the fire building until I screamed and humped my pussy against her tiny mouth. She too came but made less noise than I did. I kept my mouth glued to her pussy, thrust my finger in and out of her ass violently, and strummed her clit as fast as my tongue could move, but even with all that stimulation it seemed like she barely came at all.
I was totally satisfied with my orgasm, but highly disappointed with hers. I pulled my finger out of her ass. Sisi gave a little cry and seemed to come again, but even that one seemed small and subdued.
"You are so delicious in every way possible," I said to Sisi, but she turned her back and looked down at the edge of the bed. In a moment she handed me a wet paper cloth. I wiped my mouth, then the finger which had been inside her ass. She wiped her own mouth and genitalia with another wet cloth, then took both and tossed them in an opening that suddenly appeared.
"You are very good," Sisi said with a smile, standing to put on her uniform.
"You didn't seem too excited," I said, a little sullenly.
"We show few emotions, but feel them as strongly as you," she assured me as she slid on the filmy dress. Sisi came up to me, pulled my face down and kissed me passionately before disappearing through the door. In horror I realized that I didn't know how to open it. As I approached it opened automatically.
"So how was it?" Viv asked impishly.
"Wonderful, but she didn't seem too excited.
"She wouldn't. It was her first time, otherwise she wouldn't have shown excitement of any kind. Wait until you try old stony face over there," Viv pointed at the oldest woman on the bridge.
"Who's she?" I asked, craning my neck to keep track of the beautiful woman with stately beauty.
"Diho, the captain," Viv said. "But don't get any ideas, she's the Zet half of my pair."
"What pair?"
"A pairing of a Zet female and a human female. You and Sisi are a pair now, she belongs to you and you too her. It's kind of like a marriage."
"You never told me," I said, somewhat mad. I turned to follow Viv as she left the control room.
"No need, you were picked the moment you arrived. Sisi has been unpaired for over a year, she is also new. You were picked up on Earth for her. But if you just can't wait until you and Sisi are together again, you can make love to a human female as often as you like. It creates a healthy supply of juice. By the way, there are twenty humans on board right now, so milking won't happen again for a few days."
"Uh oh," Viv said with a smile as we entered the harem, "speaking of making love, I think Kitten has her eyes on you," Viv said, clucking at Kitten as she slinked toward me. I felt I couldn't breath with Kitten so close. Then Kitten reached out and stroked my chest, and I gasped as fire filled my body.
"Wow, the medicine is doing it's job," Kitten smirked when I almost fainted at her touch. "You are going to be so much fun," Kitten said with a wink, then she leaned forward and gave me a passionate kiss, complete with tongue...

We just landed at the college. I am finishing this letter and mailing it from the box in front of the library. It's 1:00 o'clock AM, everything is quiet right now except for loud music far away. It sounds like a party going on in one of the frat houses along the park. I miss music. I will have to try and find some, before we leave earth.
The alien crewmembers of my ship are out cruising for a new girl. The last before we begin our intergalactic jaunts. I hope she's pretty and I hope Kitten likes her, because I am totally exhausted. Kitten needs a new toy, somebody other than me.
Oops, it looks like they've found the girl they are looking for. Time to go.

Hugs and kisses, Janice

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45 years later, and I still love Petula songs, voice, and music.. Like many of that ERA, she just fills my soul and with happiness, from a simlper and much happier time.She, and many of the are now, and will always be my permanent time period, of my childhood and your adult memories..Add mollydog1 for some trial runs and if ur good enough I will record some of your gameplays in HD (hd pvr)Peace out

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45 years later, and I still love Petula songs, voice, and music.. Like many of that ERA, she just fills my soul and with happiness, from a sieplmr and much happier time.She, and many of the are now, and will always be my permanent time period, of my childhood and your adult memories..Add mollydog1 for some trial runs and if ur good enough I will record some of your gameplays in HD (hd pvr)Peace out

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