Chapter 13

Dannie did her best to hide in the trees outside the grove as she waited for her turn with Jake. Usually she arrived early and enjoyed the show as Jake fucked the hell out of Beth, but this morning the show sounded very different.

“What do you mean you’re pregnant?” Jake demanded in a voice just under a yell. “How can you be pregnant?”

“I’m not on the pill and you didn’t wear a condom when you fucked the shit out of me every morning for the last three weeks,” Beth’s voice wasn’t as loud as Jake’s but it cut through his shrill tones like a knife. “If you ask me it was a matter of when I got pregnant, not if.”

“Well than why didn’t you make me wear a condom if you thought you’d get pregnant?” Jake asked weakly.

“Because I like having your cum in my cunt,” Beth admitted. “I also like having your baby in my belly.”

“Are you serious?” Jake asked in surprise. “It almost sounds like you wanted me to get you pregnant.”

“Want may be a bit strong,” Beth said carefully, “willing to get pregnant is probably more accurate.”

“Either way I’m guessing that an abortion is out of the question,” Jake said.

“You’ve got that right,” Beth said forcefully. “Even if I didn’t plan this pregnancy there’s no way I’m going to have it aborted.”

“And you’re sure you’re pregnant?” Jake asked dejectedly.

“I’m sure,” Beth answered, “I missed my last period, my tits are extra sensitive and I think I’ve grown a half cup in the last three weeks. And that’s not to mention the fact that I’m suffering from morning sickness and that George the camp nurse gave me a pregnancy test on the sly and it was positive.”

“Ok, ok,” Jake muttered so softly that Dannie could barely hear him, “so you’re pregnant and you plan to keep the baby. Where does that put me?”

“Don’t worry, Jake,” Beth said with just a touch of exasperation in her voice, “I’m not going to demand any kind of child support or anything like that from you. In fact I don’t plan to put your name on the birth certificate.”

“But if I’m the father why don’t you want me to be involved with my own child?” Jake demanded.

“Maybe because you’ve been fucking so many girls besides me,” Beth said angrily.

“What do you mean?” Jake asked after a short pause. “Who else do you think I’m fucking?”

“Lets see,” Beth said thoughtfully, “there’s Dannie Jamison - whose probably waiting under the trees for her turn right now - then there’s Sandy Griffin from Muskrat cabin and Pattie Evenston, the assistant counselor from Chipmunk cabin, and last but not least there’s Trina Smyth from the kitchen staff. And lets not forget all the girls you must have fucked over the past year to get as good as you are now.”

“How did you know?” Jake asked in surpise.

“Come on, Jake,” Beth said with a sigh, “it’s not like you’ve actually tried to hide what you were doing.”

“I guess you’re right,” Jake admitted, “I thought I was hiding things pretty well, but now that I think about it I guess I wasn’t.”

“No you weren’t,” Beth stated.

“So what happens now?” Jake asked dejectedly.

“Now, I need to run to the bathroom,” Beth said with a quick gulp, “but I’m also horny so I want to get together with you for a fuck later. If you’re feeling horny I’m sure Dannie’s out there waiting for her turn on your cock so you can stick that little baby maker in her tight little cunt all you want, just make sure you save some for me.”

“I will,” Jake called weakly.

Dannie stepped out from behind the tree when she heard Beth walking her way and gave the older girl a smile and a quick thumbs up before they passed each other. “I’ll talk to you later, I think we have more in common than just Jake and his little prick,” she told her counselor and grinned at the older girl’s puzzled look before she slid past her and headed for the center of the grove.

“Hi Jake,” Dannie said, giving her lover a sober smile as he walked up to where he was sitting on a stump in the middle of the clearing.

“You heard?” he muttered.

“I heard,” Dannie said with a nod as Jake lifted his head high enough to look at her face. “And I’m afraid my news isn’t going to make things any better.”

“You too?” Jake asked dejectedly and saw the preteen girl give him a quick nod. “I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, seems like every girl I’ve knocked up every girl I fucked in the last six months. Are you sure you’re pregnant?”

“I’m sure,” Dannie said. “I missed my last period - about two weeks ago - and I had morning sickness - though not as bad as Beth has. George gave me a pregnancy test on the sly and it was positive. And last but not least, I’m even hornier than ever. So what do you think? Want to fuck?” Dannie didn’t bother mentioning that the period she missed was actually the second one she missed, or that George had given her the pregnancy test her first day at camp - almost a week before she started fucking him.

“Sure,” Jake said in a distracted voice as Dannie slid her shorts and panties to the ground before lifting her t-shirt over her head to free her braless tits. In spite of the fact that Jake sounded distracted the young girl could see the way his cock reacted to her naked body as it formed a tent in his shorts.

“So who did you knock up besides Beth and me?” Dannie asked as she knelt down in front of Jake and pulled the front of shorts down just far enough to pull out his cock so she could suck it. “And how did you knock them up?”

“Kind of a long story,” Jake said with a soft moan of pleasure as Dannie kissed the tip of his shaft. “But I’ll try and give you the short version. Things started even before I went back to school last fall. I decided to try out for the football team and actually made quarterback.”

“Really,” Dannie asked, taking a quick break from licking Jake’s cock to give him an appreciative look. “You must be a good player to make quarterback.”

“Not that good,” Jake said with a sigh, “but I was the best one to try out for the team. Even if I wasn’t that good I was still the quarterback, and the head cheerleader decided it was her job to date and fuck me. I tried to put her off at first because I wanted to stay loyal to Beth, but she managed to get past my defenses the first night and I did my best to fuck her silly that first night.”

“Considering how good you are with your prick that couldn’t be too hard,” Dannie said just before she slid her mouth over the length of Jake’s cock.

“That was before I knew how to use my cock,” Jake gasped as his whole shaft slid through Dannie’s lips and down her throat. “I never knew if she made a joke out of my fucking or thought I was better than I realized, but even though I never fucked her again she told all her friends about me and I found myself fucking a different girl every night that first week. Afterward I ended up with the last girl I fucked that week, she was the both the newest and youngest member of the squad and we stayed together for most of the school year, that is until she dumped me about two months ago.”

“And she’s pregnant now?” Dannie asked as she stood up to straddle Jake’s hard cock as she lowered herself into the older boys lap and guided his shaft between her pussy lips.

“Yeah,” Jake groaned as his cock entered Dannie’s dripping fuck hole. “In her last letter my little sister Karen said she saw Jamie at the pool last week and she could see the way her belly bulged out between the top and bottom of her bikini. I guess now I know why Jamie was so mad at me just before we broke up.”

“Well I’m not going to get mad at you just because you knocked me up,” Dannie moaned as she rode Jake’s cock and he played with her erect nipples and flat tits. “And once she gets use to the situation I’m sure Beth will not only forgive you for fucking me and the other girls but she’ll want to join in. What do you think? Do you like the idea of fucking two pregnant girls at the same time?”

“No,” Jake said as his small cock grew larger and harder in Dannie’s cunt.

“Your lips say no but your cock says yes,” Dannie giggled, “I wonder which one is lieing.”

“Ok,” Jake sighed as he licked Dannie’s sensitive nipples, “you caught me. I can’t wait to fuck both you and Beth at the same time. Knowing that I knocked you both up makes me so horny I can’t wait to fuck both of you at the same time, but Beth will never go for it.”

“You’re only saying that because you have no idea just how horny a girl gets when she has a baby growing in her belly,” Dannie groaned. She slowed her pace down because she could feel the orgasmic energy growing in both her cunt and her tits and she wanted the feeling to last as long as possible. “So who else did you knock up? Don’t give me that look, Jake. From the way you were talking it’s pretty obvious you knocked up more than one girl during the school year, so who else did you fuck and impregnate?”

“My mom and my sister,” Jake muttered so soft that Dannie almost missed what he said as her body shuddered with her approaching orgasm. “My mom and dad divorced about five years ago when I was thirteen and Karen was five. That’s when mom decided that she wanted another baby and my dad was dead set against it. The first fight just kept growing until it reached the point that the two of them just couldn’t stand each other any more. My dad remarried about two years ago but my mom never did, and about three months ago when my dad and his wife announced that they were going to have a baby my dad started claiming that he was the one who always wanted another baby and my mom was the one who refused.”

“After she found out about the new baby my mom was so depressed and mad at my dad she went on a week long bender,” Jake explained as he ran his fingers down Dannie’s spine until he reached Dannie’s ass and started playing with her butt hole. “Up until that week mom didn’t even keep any liqueur in the house so she stopped at a bar a few blocks from home on her way home from work. The first night she stayed sober long enough to call home and ask me to come pick her up. By the time I walked to the bar and then drove mom home things were so bad that I had to help her to her room and even had to help her get undressed so she could get to bed.”

“When does the fucking come in?” Dannie asked, she could feel her orgasm growing in her cunt, tits, and butt and tried not to think about how close her body was to exploding as she listened to Jake’s story.

“The first time was that first night,” Jake said with a weak chuckle. “I never really thought about fucking my mom before that night, but when I was helping her out of her clothes I couldn’t help but notice how big her tits were and how tight her pussy looked. Then as I went to pull her blankets up she grabbed me and pulled me into her bed as she gave me a big tongue filled kiss.”

“I bet that was a shock,” with a choked giggle as pussy spasmmed with a small orgasm that made her whole body burn with lust.

“It sure was,” Jake chuckled. “As soon as I was able to break the kiss I tried to get away from mom, but when I tried to get away from her she started grabbing my clothes and tearing them off. When I stopped to pull my clothes back on mom started dragging me back into her bed again. It went that way for another five minutes or so before I realized that as I struggled to get away my cock kept getting harder and harder. Finally I realized that it wasn’t just the fight that was making me hot, I was so horny that I decided what the fuck and crawled into bed to give mom what her alcohol soaked mind wanted.”

“Wow,” Dannie gasped as she felt the fuck energy in her body starting to grow toward another orgasm. “Weren’t you afraid of what would happen when your mom sobered up?”

“Sure I was,” Jake admitted gritting his teeth as his balls threatened to explode, “but I was so horny by that time I wasn’t thinking straight. I fucked mom twice that night and I don’t know how many orgasms she had, but when she begged for it I ended up shooting two loads cum in her unprotected cunt. After she fell asleep I snuck off to my own bed and spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling and wondering what would happen when mom woke up in the morning.”

“So what happened in the morning?” Dannie asked between grunts of pleasure as Jake brushed his shaft against her clit with every stroke.

“In the morning mom had a hangover and claimed she couldn’t remember anything from the night before, but she kept giving me the strangest looks over our cereal bowls. Every night that week was a repeat of the first night with me walking to the bar and driving mom home and then ending up in bed and fucking her twice before sneaking off to my own room. In that one week mom taught me more about how to use my small cock than all the other girls I fucked before her, but than things really changed on Friday night. I had just about to give mom her second load of cum for the night when I looked up and saw my little sister Karen walk into the room and give us both a big smile as she walked up to the bed.”

“That must have been a mood killer,” Dannie gulped as her body shivered through another small orgasm.

“You’d think so,” Jake said, holding Dannie’s shivering body steady as he suppressed his own orgasm, “but knowing that my nine year old sister was watching me fuck our mother made me so horny I came so hard I almost passed out. By the time I could see clearly again Karen had taken off all her clothes and she was crawling into bed with mom and me. When I asked her what she was doing she said that she wanted me to pop her cherry and fuck her like I did mom, and she wanted me to do it right there in mom’s bed or she was going to tell mom what I’d been doing to her all week.”

“Oh,” Dannie said with a blissful grin as she slid her vibrating fuck hole up and down Jake’s prick, “sounds like your little sister could teach me a few things about blackmail.”

“Maybe so,” Jake admitted, “but she didn’t have to try that hard to blackmail me, I took one look at the erect nipples on Karen’s flat little chest and the tight hairless slit between her legs and my cock was so hard all I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck her - and I did. Just as I shot a big load of cum deep in her tight little fuck hole when Karen gave a gasp and I turned to see mom’s eyes watching us as a smile crossed her face, then she closed her eyes again and started snoring even before I pulled my cock out of Karen’s pussy.”

“That must have made things uncomfortable at breakfast the next morning,” Dannie groaned.

“Karen and I thought it might,” Jake admitted, “and since we thought mom would cut us off for sure the next morning I ended up spending the night in Karen’s bed and cunt. Since she wasn’t having her periods yet we weren’t worried about all the cum I left in her fuck tunnel either. But Saturday morning mom’s memory was just as bad as every other morning, though she did give both of us the strangest look over waffles the next morning. That was the last time mom stopped at the bar, but Karen and her cunt made up for missing mom’s tits and pussy.”

“And you managed to keep the whole affair from your mom even though the two of you were fucking each other right there in her house?” Dannie asked as she felt another orgasm building in her belly.

“Yeah,” Jake said with a harsh laugh, “even though Karen pushed the envelope sometimes. Like on her tenth birthday, she told mom that she wanted me to take her to the water park on her birthday so mom gave me enough cash for the part and lunch plus a little extra just in case, but after mom left for work she told me what she really wanted.”

“And that was,” Dannie prompted as Jake licked her nipples.

“She wanted me to take the money and buy her a collection of magazines, dildos, and other fuck toys at the adult bookstore and then come back home so we could spend the rest of the day fucking. Karen said that since I was going off to camp in a couple weeks she’d need something to take my place while I was gone for the summer. But things really got strange when Karen told me that she and mom were both pregnant. She’d had a queasy stomach for a week or so when she was emptying the trash and found the pregnancy test mom had given herself with the positive result. She also found the unused test from the twin pack that mom tossed when the first test one came back positive. When she saw the unused test it made Karen start to think and she decided to use it on herself, and that’s when she found out that I knocked her up before she had her first period.”

“So does your mom know the truth yet?” Dannie asked as she rode Jake’s cock.

“She knows,” Jake said with a nod, he could feel his balls starting to quiver again and he knew he wasn’t going to hold his orgasm off this time, he just hoped he could bring Dannie to another orgasm at the same time. “Mom decided to come clean about her pregnancy the day before I left for camp. The way she described the situation she was sure she got lucky at the bar during her week of drinking and got knocked up by some stranger. It was obvious that she felt guilty about getting knocked up by a stranger, but she was so happy about finally having another baby that she was willing to ignore how she got knocked up. I don’t know if it was guilt or pride that made me tell her the truth then, but once she got over the shock that she was carrying her own son’s baby mom gave me a look that I hadn’t seen from her since the last night I brought her home from the bar. Then the smile dropped off her face and she turned to look at Karen. Sis just nodded and then told her that she was carrying my baby too. It took mom a few minutes to get over the shock that time, but once she did she herded the two of us to her room and we spent my last night home fucking like mad.”

“Oh God,” Dannie moaned as Jake finished his story, “that made me so hot. Fuck me, Jake,” the young girl shouted as slammed her pussy down hard on the older boy’s fuck pole as another orgasm shot through her body and her fuck tunnel clamped down hard on his prick as his balls bounced and he shot a load of cum deep in preteen’s body.

“That was our best fuck yet,” Jake groaned as Dannie pulled her tight slit off his wilting cock. “Do you really think Beth will forgive me for knocking her up?”

“I did,” Dannie pointed out. “And so did your mom and your sister. Just give me a chance to talk to Beth and I’ll bet she’ll be ready to forgive you by this afternoon. In fact, I bet I can talk her into turning your next fuck into at least a three way.”

“At least a three way,” Jake asked in a puzzled voice.

“Yeah,” Dannie said with an impish grin. “If I can talk Beth into it, I know one more girl who’d probably like to join us in an orgy.”

“Sounds like fun,” Jake said with a wide grin as he pulled his shorts up and watched Dannie pull on her own clothes. “I’ll leave the details to you and if things work out I’ll meet all of you here after dinner. See you then.”

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Here goes: You have a great imagination. However that's all. If you really and truly wish to write stories I would suggest you learn the fundamentals of composition.

You have a shopping list of fucking, sucking and movements of bodies from one place to another. Write what is inside the characters' heads. For instance - "Her eyes opened wide as she saw him undress. She felt the silly grin on her face as he crossed the room. The grin was replaced by a soft smile of love." Now that beats the hell out of, "Damn! That big bick her son carried between his legs sure looked good."

Keep writing.


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