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......But there were days when she needed something other than her battery powered companion. ....
Dena lay in her bed, pondering the day. Today was ‘her’ day. Her responsibilities taken care of, her calendar clear. The satin sheets might have seemed a little extravagant but she liked how they made her naked body feel when she slept. She arched her back in a morning stretch and her nipples grazed the fine fabric immediately bringing them to attention. She had wonderful breasts – and she knew it. They were not oversized or undersized or anything like that, they were a large C, maybe a D, but were the text book perfect shape with silver dollar sized areolas and long delectable nipples. They suited her frame very well.

Dena glanced down to her nipples as she stretched. She smiled to herself as the fingertip sized buds easily made their presence known through the flimsy bed covering. She knew there were lots of people – both men and women – that would be happy to sample her offerings if she was to appease. But that wasn’t her way. She mostly stayed to herself, was happy to be single, and except for a temporary diversion or two, Dena was happy not having a permanent relationship in her life.

But there were days when she needed something other than her battery powered companion. Days when the touch or feel of a real person was something that called to her. Something that consumed her thoughts. Today was one of those days.

But today was different in some ways from the other days that she sought companionship. She could have a man over in a second. In fact she wouldn’t even need to get out of bed. Her cell phone was in easy reach – speed dial numbers of her favourite fellows easily accessible. No, today she wanted something different.

Her morning stretch completed, her gaze remained on her erect nipples. She brought her hands up her side and playfully flicked then pinched both nipples and fondled her breasts. She loved the way the felt beneath her hands.

Her thoughts drifted back to specific sexual moment in her life. She fast-forwarded over the “normal” encounters and preferred to linger her daydreams on the more exotic daring episodes she had experienced. She thought of the time she had two men at once. Both of them experienced lovers. Filling her mouth and her vagina at the same time. She thought back to the largest penis she ever had in her mouth, and then to the fucking she took from that immense cock until she was so sore that she walked bowlegged the next day.

A smile crept to her face. She thought back to the only time in her life that she had a lesbian encounter. The other woman was a tall blonde. Leggy with a small tight ass. A great hourglass figure and a perfect set of enhanced breasts. That girl had been very shy, but the alcohol of the evening and the risqué environment had presented them both an opportunity. One that they both did not deny. She remembered the hot tub where they were left when everyone else went inside because it had started to rain. She remembered the sounds from the ongoing party, everyone seemingly had forgotten about the two girls in the hot tub. How the blonde had sat up from deep in the steaming water, one breast protruding from her forlorn bikini top. She had casually pointed it out – after a long stare. The blonde seemed nonchalant about it. She had asked the blonde if her breasts were augmented and was surprised when the blonde removed her top and offered Dena a look at the doctors flawless efforts. She was more surprised when the blonde offered Dena to feel them.

She was unsure for a moment, perhaps an instant of time would be a better deion of how long it took Dena to reach out and touch those fabulous breasts. She fondled them. She squeezed and rolled the blondes breasts. Then the blonde said that she didn’t remember what a “real” set felt like. It was to obvious of an offer to turn down, so Dena removed her top.
Each girl’s eyes were glued to the other girls breasts. Each of their hands exploring another woman’s body. She was almost as hot now as she was that day when the blonde whispered “suck them”. Even now Dena was unsure whether or not her head had already been in motion when that magic phrase was whispered to her, but nonetheless, her tongue touched another woman’s nipple for the first time that night.

There were more memories of that night that Dena’s mind replayed. She remembered the feel of the blonde’s mouth on her nipple- as if it were happening right now. She also remembered in vivid detail the first touch. When the blonde’s hand caressed her bikini bottoms, and then pulled the tiny material to the side. She could still smell the scent of her hair when she leaned in close to feel Dena’s pussy.

She shuddered involuntarily while she relived her experience. Dena’s hands then slipped between her legs. The heat emanating from her vagina nearly brought her out of her trace, but instead she simply cupped her warm pussy in the same way the blonde did that night and returned to her memory.

They had stopped then, that night in the hot tub, as some drunken guest had stumbled his way out to the hot tub and made some crude remark or other. But this only fuelled her fantasy. She thought of how things might have been if that jerk had not interrupted them.
She could still feel – longed to feel again – the touch of the blonde’s hand on her cunt. If only she’d had a few more minutes, if only the blonde had been a little faster...

She penetrated herself with two fingers. On the bed she arched once more. It was not her fingers that were inside her – it was not even the blonde’s. It was a woman – any woman. Today, she needed to feel what only a woman could give her. Her nameless faceless lover continued to finger fuck Dena while she lay there writhing on the bed.

In an instant she came. It was more a prelude of things to come then a full blown earth shattering orgasm. But any orgasm on a woman’s hands, even if they were really her own, was enough to confirm to Dena what she needed today.

As she rode down the back side of her orgasm she fondled her clit. It was engorged now. The size of the tip of her little finger. Oh how she wished that a woman would enter her bedroom right now and suck her clit. She wished she could reach her own clit to suck it. She wanted to taste a woman.

As her plateau levelled out, Dena begrudgingly removed her fingers from her now sopping wet pussy. And in a moment of pure deviance, brought them to her mouth to taste them. Still with her eyes closed she imagined that is was another woman she was tasting. Her mind spun with the fantasy. She sucked her fingers deep into her mouth, tasting the sweet nectar that was her imaginary lover. She licked her fingers clean.

Dena slept through most of the day.

After a time, Dena reluctantly committed to leaving the bedroom, all the while planning how she would make her fantasy a reality. She thought of going to a strip club. Why not? It’s not for men only! Then she came to the reluctant conclusion that the men there would simply try to pick her up and she’d spend the night frustrated, fighting off pricks when she really wanted a cunt.

She thought of cruising the bars, but she didn’t want some butch lesbian and most likely the other women that she would find desirable, would be accompanied.

She showered. She resisted the urge to touch herself again, but trimmed herself neatly and made certain that all was in order because one way or another her dripping pussy would be on display tonight.

After her shower she spent extra time on herself. I seldom enjoyed past time of plucking this and pruning that, that ended with her looking extravagant. She selected a tight black lycra bodysuit with nothing on underneath. No panty lines would spoil this evening. And she wanted to advertise what she had. She wore her best set of black fuckme boots, that rode clear past her knees and much like a neon sign, point directly and her puffy crotch. The body suit had a zipper down the front, and as she carefully rolled it up past her pussy, she looked in the mirror and decided to leave the suit open to navel level. Her perfect breasts were only accented by the tight outfit and virtually spilled out the front of the suit.

“Perfect” she thought.

Then she laughed at herself in the mirror – “All dressed up with no place to go, eh Dena?” But she felt hot. She WAS hot. She donned a set of evening gloves that matched her boots and lit a cigarette. Then she sat down at her computer to see what the town had to offer for tonight’s entertainment.

Offered was the typical big city entertainment for a weekend evening. This band playing at that bar, this movie showing at that theatre... She briefly thought about a blue move, or perhaps even an adult bookstore! But she didn’t want to get arrested for prostitution and she reluctantly admitted to herself that if she was to enter either of those establishments dressed like this, the outcome would most likely not be pleasant.

She could feel the lycra rubbing her pussy while she surfed on her computer. Looking down at her crotch she realized there would be nothing to hide. Every fold, every crease, in fact even the total lack of pussy hair was blatantly obvious. There was a part of her that liked that. A lot. It was like being naked without actually doing it.

She rubbed her crotch through her jumpsuit with one hand while she surfed with the other. She could feel the heat from her pussy. She was on fire. She could come right now, but she would not be denied her future.

Then, almost closing the popup before she read it, was an ad for an escort service. It wasn’t the ad that had caught her eye, it was the woman in the picture.

A goddess. She had fire-red hair. She was leggy and tall. She had had a full body red leather suit on that clung to her like a second skin. She was ripped. This woman obviously worked out – a LOT. And she had a whip in her right hand that was coiled around her right leg, accenting her muscular physique.

The ad said her name was Caprice.

Dena subconsciously pressed her hand against her cunt so hard that she almost came.
“ I fucking want THAT”, Dena almost said aloud.

She studied the picture. Caprice’s muscle tone was visible through the leather she wore. Her pussy lips filled the crotch of her dominatrix attire. Her breasts – bigger then Dena’s own – were firm and perfect. “Suckable”, Dena thought. So into this picture was Dena that she wished she had a cock to pound this woman with. “ A big fucking thick throbbing cock”, thought Dena.

There was a phone number on the add. Dena recognized the prefix and realized that it was only one suburb from where she was. She thought to herself, “I can’t phone an escort agency!” She argued with herself that she was a woman and these places catered to only men – so unfair!! She read and re-read the add, she stared at Caprice. She masturbated herself through her clothes into a near frenzy.

Then she picked up the phone.

She dialled the number and hung up immediately. “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING!” she chastised herself.

She picked the phone up out of its cradle and dialled again.

The voice that answered was female. A sultry, low raspy voice. “Who do you want today” was all she said.

Dena was silent. Her eyes wide with adrenaline. The woman on the end of the phone had seen this before.

“Your first time calling baby?”, she asked .
“Yes” Dena whispered.

The woman on the phone instantly identified that she was talking to a female and switched gears.

“Hello honey. Don’t be scared. We have what you are looking for too.”, Dena was gently coaxed.

“Caprice.” Was all Dean could muster.
A chuckle from the other end of the phone. “Oh, it’s like that.” Dena was told. Dena was silent. Still unsure of the path she had chosen.

“Say it!” the voice demanded. “Say that you want Caprice to fuck your cunt!”.

Dena was in shock. She almost hung up the phone. But to hang up the phone would be the end of her fantasy. The end of the picture on the screen that her eyes were glued too. The end of the huge breasts, the chains accenting her red leather – then end of her fantasy. Oh so close to being reality, all she had to do was talk.

“Tell me you want Caprice to lick you”, the voice said. Dena’s ears rang from the rush in her body to the point where she had to concentrate to make sense of the words.
“I, uhHem,” Dena coughed,” I want Caprice to lick me”.

There was a moment’s silence on the end of the phone. Dena thought for a moment they had been disconnected. Then the voice spoke softly, “30 minutes...Where do you live....”

As Dena hung up the phone alarm bells were going off in her head. “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE??” she thought over and over.

It took her a stiff drink and a cigarette to calm down, but when she did, that familiar feeling emanating from her groin intruded once more into her conscious.

She returned her glance to the ad on her computer. “That woman is coming over to fuck ME!”, She thought. Just allowing her brain to conceive the thought turned Dena on more. She could feel the wetness inside her suit. She wanted to cum so bad. She wanted to rip her clothes off and run naked through the streets. She wanted to lick a cunt so bad she could taste it....

As Dena worked herself into a frenzy, the doorbell rang. That shocked the fuck right out of Dena. Panic set in.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!”, ran through her head over and over. The doorbell rang again.

A world of emotions went through Dena’s head in point two seconds. Total mental overload. A million thoughts –“I’ve gone to far – what the fuck am I doing – fuck I need this woman – I want to lick her cunt!” All emotions at once, fear-desire-self consciousness – lust. There was no denying what was on the other side of the door....

Dena went to the door and grasped the handle. She couldn’t bring herself to twist the doorknob. Her head thumped against the door in resignation.

It was from the other side of the Door!!
“Dena, its Caprice. Will you let me in?”
The voice was soft. Caring. Everything the blonde in the hot tub had been. The voice was persuading...

Dena unlatched the deadbolt.

“I know you’ve never done this before. I know you have a need.” From the other side of the door.

Dena unlocked the door.

The doorknob turned from the other side. Dena’s head was still on the door as it slowly opened, forcing her to step back and rotate out of the way. Dena stepped back into her entrance way and for the first time lifted her head to behold Caprice.

Her flaming red hair was put up in a way that made it look like a flaming halo around her beautiful face. Her chiselled facial features gave away the fact that this woman spent a great deal of time at the gym.

She had on a fox fur coat that she was already opening to reveal a silver leather bikini top with two of the most massive breasts Dena had ever seen virtually spilling over the skin tight top. Already Caprice’s nipples were hard. Pointing at Dena. Begging to be touched.
Caprice eyed Dena from the tip of her 6” heeled boots to her mostly exposed breasts. Caprice’s audit stopped there.

“Oh my.” Caprice noted.

Caprice dropped her fur coat behind her, exposing herself completely to Dena’s transfixed stare. Her midriff bare, matching silver leather panties tied to her skimpy top with silver chain, Caprice stood there in front of Dena in all her glory. Her boots – skin tight – wrapped up a perfect set of long legs nearly up to her crotch. That perfect V of desire that Dena had been thinking about for most of the day.

As Dena followed her lust up Caprice’s legs to her scantily clad vagina, Caprice closed the gap between them.

Dena’s glance walked up Caprice’s body. Past her 6 pack abdomen, lingering on her massive breasts. Drowning in her pointed nipples, up her muscular neck, past the moist lips to her deep blue eyes.

Caprice held her stare.

Their eyes locked. Caprice stood inches from her. Dena could smell her perfume. She could almost taste the scent of Caprice.

“Will you do as you are told?” Was all that Caprice whispered.
“Yes” Was Dena’s immediate reply.

From out of nowhere Caprice produced a twelve foot whip. As the whip unfolded Caprice grasped a length of the instrument and wrapped it around Dena’s neck.

Caprice announced, “You are incredibly beautiful, but tonight you are mine to do with as I please.” Not waiting for an answer, Caprice walked Dena backwards into her home, now converted to the call girl’s lair.

Dena’s mind was on fire! She knew Caprice had control over her. Almost a magical power enabled through the most fascinating body Dena had ever seen. Dena stepped back as she was guided to the couch. Caprice never broke the eye contact that she knew kept Dena under her spell. The back of Dena’s legs contacted the soft leather of her Italian couch and she robotically sat down. Caprice pushed forward until Dena’s legs were forced to spread to accommodate the vision of her fantasy.

Caprice stood then, in between Dena’s outstretched legs, and looked down upon her servant. Dena was on autopilot. Simply, anamalistically, responding to the stimuli that was present to her. That Stimuli was about 5’10 and built like a playboy model on steroids.

“Touch me now.” Caprice simply stated.
Dena’s hands went o Caprice’s legs as if on remote control.
“No. TOUCH me now.” Caprice corrected.
Dena moved her hands to Caprice’s crotch.

Dena was in another world. A total out of body experience. What she would remember for the rest of her life was the feel of Caprice’s leather clad pussy and the hat emanating from it. She began to rub the perfect cunt inches from her face.

Caprice released the whip from her servant’s neck and allowed herself a moment of pleasure. Dena’s hands on her thighs and rubbing her cunt through her panties got her flowing madly. Unconsciously her head fell back. This wasn’t just another job, this was the hottest woman she’d ever seen feeling her up and making her NEED to come. Caprice hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

Regaining her composure, Caprice pushed Dena’s hands away and reached in between Dena’s bursting breasts and pushed the material on each side away freeing Dena’s perfect globes. Dena’s nipples were harder than they had ever been. Standing erect in anticipation of the first touch. She was not to be denied as Caprice, pausing only momentarily, firmly grasped both of Dena’s breasts.

Dena sighed audibly. She fought to control an orgasm that she couldn’t believe could be caused by only desire. Caprice paid no mind and continued to fondle Dena’s breasts. Breasts that Caprice knew were there only for her pleasure. She began at the bottom of Dena’s curves and roughly massaged those wonderful breasts until her hands unwittingly found themselves logged firmly on Dena’s blood reddened nipples. Caprice pulled those nipples to the point where Dena almost complained about the pain. But she looked in Caprice’s eyes and knew that it was not for her to speak. She knew that Caprice could hurt her if she wanted to, but she instinctively knew that would not happen. She trusted this total stranger with her body and her mind.

Caprice let go then. And backed away a step. She turned around and sat down on her knees, her back to Dena, and said, “Undo my top”.

Dena was almost giddy with excitement as she struggle with the clasp. The top fell away from Caprice’s back, but Caprice held it over her breasts as she stood back up and turned around.

“Do you want to see me.” It was more of a statement then a question.
“Yes”. Dena answered.
“No Dena. Do you WANT to see me?” Caprice repeated.

More the anything in the entire world Dena wanted to see her breasts. She wanted to feel them, suck them, rub her entire body against them. Dena was so wet she could feel her moisture run down the inside of her leg.

“Please show me. Please let me see your breasts. Please let me lick them.” Dena pleaded.
Caprice dropped her top then. Not a word was spoken. To Dena, Caprice’s breasts were incredible! They were huge. Twice what Dena herself possessed. Perfectly formed. Large nipples standing at attention begging to be sucked. There, at that moment, in front of her, stood her fantasy.

Caprice moved closer to Dena. There was no pause in her motion and she did not stop until her right breast contacted Dena’s waiting mouth.

Dena inhaled her aroma. The forbidden fruit. She sucked Caprices large nipples into her mouth like her life depended on it. Her arms found their way around Caprice’s waist. Dena felt Caprice’s muscles ripple as she gained momentary control over this vixen.

Her hands slipped to a perfectly formed ass, and cupped her cheeks. Her hands mere inches away from the source of the heat emanating from Caprice’s backside.

This moment, the second in time, Dena was one hundred percent lesbian. Nothing else mattered but the breasts she was sucking and the cunt she would soon feel. She wanted this more than anything.

A shudder rocked through Dena’s body. “Was it possible to come from just desire alone?” Dena thought to herself. Another shudder. She moved her hands lower until she could feel the soft tissue of Caprice’s cunt straining at the leather of her skimpy bottoms. Another shudder... and this time that familiar feeling from deep inside.

Dena was going to cum.
Caprice reached down to Dena’s exposed breasts. Her hands landed directly on her servant’s nipples. Caprice wasted no time and pinched Dena’s nipples hard. Hard enough that in times of non-excitement it would have brought a scream from Dena’s mouth. But today, in this moment, it triggered Dena’s orgasm.

And Dena came.

Had she been standing, her knees would have buckled, but instead she removed her mouth from Caprice’s nipple and drove her face between the two massive breasts. Her hands pulled the voluptuous woman tight.

Caprice released her nipples and slowly ran her hands through Dena’s hair. As the orgasm washed through Dena she looked up between those fleshy pillars to see Caprice, ever intently, staring straight back at her. Dena tried to form words, tried to speak. Caprice only smiled.

Dena found herself being directed to lay back on the bed. Her vision then leaned towards her. One long meticulously prepared fingernail began to drag the zipper of her body suit lower. click.... Each tooth of the zipper resonating like a boom as Dena’s orgasm amplified sense of hearing made her heart beat in time with the lowering fastener. The tiny blonde hairs on Dena’s flat stomach were like computer sensors, sending bolts of electricity directly to her crotch with each passing inch as the zipper travelled lower to its ultimate destination. Lower and lower the catch travelled until she could feel it at the top of her mound. She had not ever really been allowed – yes that was the word – allowed to come down from her orgasmic plateau. Her senses only heightened - that orgasm simply an ascending stair, not a destination.

Carpice ticked the zipper to its ultimate destination about half way down Dean’s outer lips. Her throbbing clit now exposed to the world, she felt the cool rush of air across it. It was like she could feel the individual air molecules passing over her clitoris. She was in a state of hyper-sensitivity.

Caprice planted her palms on the bed on either side of her captor and began to lower herself towards her trophy. Her steel eyes still staring intently at Dena’s face.
Dena’s clit seemed to enlarge, to try to meet the oncoming assault half way. Never in her entire life had she been this ready to commit to someone. The debauchery of the act, the presentation of the assailant – all fed into Dena’s overloaded brain. When Caprices lightly blew her hot breath across Dena’s engorged clit it was like a hurricane to Dena – A violent sand storm in the desert.

Dena groaned loudly and made a move to grab onto her master. Caprice would have none of this and calmly but decisively held both of Dena’s arms to the mattress.

Caprice’s tongue came out slowly then. Almost a snake from beneath a flaming mantle. Slowly the serpent edged towards Dena’s protruding clit. Dena’s eyes were wide with anticipation. She tried to exercise non existent muscles to bend in non articulating regions, anything to get that tongue against her clitoris. Caprice’s hair flowed, as she reacted to Dena’s movements, like liquid fire itself. Lower, lower, only micrometers away – Dena’s clit throbbed and she could feel the heat from her master’s tongue.

Contact. Cataclysmic explosions of light and color rushed through Dena’s brain. Lightning flashes blinded her vision; invisible steel arms thrust her had back down to the pillow. An alien guttural moan forced its way from deep within her body and presented itself as an unintelligible tribal wail. Caprice sucked Dena’s now massive button into her mouth and pulled on it to the point of pain. She seemed to know exactly how hard to suck and how far to pull.

Dena’s world now revolved around her cunt. Her clitoris to be exact.

“Schtiiiiing!” The noise brought Dena out of her trance just enough to see the gleam of the switch blade as it headed towards her crotch. Dena never even had time to panic as Caprice began to slit open the rest of the bodysuit from where the zipper had parked towards Dena’s perfect ass. Even in her ridiculously over sensitized state she did not once feel the identity of the blade between her legs but more a feeling of relief as the restraining material was sheared away. The cool air that had earlier assaulted her clitoris was now aiding in mediating the fire between her sopping lips.

Caprice never even weakened her attack on Dena’s clit. The blade, now back in view was travelling towards Dena’s upper body. Without even the slightest glance of concern from its controller, it came to rest against Dena’s straining left nipple. To Dena, it was now as if the blade belonged there. Placed back in its sheath and put away until needed again. Using what little control she had Dena lost concentration on her crotch for a moment and moved her back muscles in such a way as to drag her nipple against the razor sharp blade. So confident now in Caprice’s intentions that it was it her mind had secretly decided to provoke the blades beauty into hurting her.

Caprice removed her mouth from Dena’s clit. Standing up now, looking down upon her lover, Caprice stepped back and held Dena’s hand firmly around the switchblade. Dena’s hand – controlling the knife, controlled by Caprice, fuelled by her sexual lust became an automated machine. They locked eyes. Dena sat up as the knife travelled across mid air towards the incredible breasts of her tormenter. The point of the knife coming straight at Caprice.
The knife touched her right breast. Dena could see the skin begin to take the pressure as the knife came to a stop. Dena watched as her own hand moved the knife lower across Caprice’s abdomen. A fingernail scratch was left behind to show the path the blade had taken. That highway led directly to Caprice’s hourglass hip. The knife pivoted and began a slide down that perfect slope until it landed on the leather strap of Caprice’s bottoms.
Caprice removed her hands from Dena. It was the ultimate bond. They were now of one mind. Dena rotated the blade and effortlessly sliced through the leather strap. The bottoms fell to the floor.

If Caprice’s breasts were magnificent, the view present now to Dena was indescribable. Caprice was clean shaven except for a small well trimmed patch above her fleshy cunt that was patterned into a flame. The flame seemingly originating from the vixen’s clitoral hood.
An engorged clitoris exposed itself from the lower regions of that hood, which itself protruded from a perfectly symmetrical set of mouth sized outer lips. If Dena was flowing before, she was a river now. Her mouth watered and she swallowed. The blade fell to the floor.

Caprice edged Dena back onto the bed with the same measured control that was part of her persona. She crawled up Dena’s body like a tigress stalking her kill and ended her hunt when she was straddling Dena’s upper torso. She held Dena’s arms up over her head. Caprice’s legs caressed the lower edges of Dena’s breasts. She exerted no pressure on Dena’s body. Her weight easily managed by her strong defined legs.

Dena could see she was wet too. Her fingernail dragged down Dena’s arms as Caprice lowered herself towards Dena’s mouth. Their lips touched. Immediately their tongues probed each other in a lusty internal combat. Caprice forcefully grabbed her minion’s hair – pulling her head back as she assaulted Dena’s neck. Then abruptly let go and slid forward up Dena’s body.

The time of foreplay was long over. Caprice moved into position and hovered just above Dena’s face. Dena reached up and forcefully grabbed Caprice’s hips and with no fanfare pulled the red head’s cunt to her mouth. Dena would not be denied. She held onto Caprice’s hip with a vengeance born of sexual conquest and sucked the massive clitoris into her mouth.

Dena’s oral assault on Caprice became akin to the pleasuring of cocks she had sucked in the past. Caprice’s clit was large. Large enough that Dena could slurp it in and out of her mouth like a tiny penis. It tasted of sex. Pure and clean and raw. Dena sucked like her sexual life depended on it. In and out she pulled the oversized clit until only the groans and whines of its owner brought her out of her trance.

Caprice was no longer in charge. Dena removed one hand from the vixen’s hip and planted it on Caprice’s neck and dragged it down between her huge breasts. As her hand returned to its place on her hip Dena took control and twisted her body causing the red head to lose balance. As Dena rolled, she guided Caprice to the mattress. Their reversal completed, Dena now on top, she again locked lips with her captor. Dena bit her former master’s lip – asserting command. Claiming her territory. She bore down on that lip until she could feel Caprice wince slightly. Dena’s hand sprawled across the bed and came in contact with the tip of the forgotten bullwhip. Still locked in the kiss, Dena quickly place both of Caprice’s arms over her head and wrapped the tail of the whip around them several times.

Caprice’s eyes were wide with sexual tension. No one had ever done this to her before. Dena moved forward and presented her left breast to Caprice. She accepted it immediately and began to suck in earnest. Dena rubbed her steaming wet pussy back and forth across the red head’s abdomen. Her own juices lubricating her friction.

Dena moved down. She held the whip in one hand to continue the mock bondage that gave her control and slid one of her legs between, and under Caprice’s, rotating and sliding to lock her steaming cunt tight against her captor’s. She ground her pussy back and forth, up and down. Both women’s had their eyes closed, their heads back in glorious agony. Both women feverishly working towards their ultimate release.

The bullwhip around Caprice’s throat loosened became detached. Dena felt the sudden slack in discarded the whip. It hit the bedside wall with a thud and fell to the ground. Dena placed her newly freed hand on the gyrating ass of her lover. She wasted no time in stirring her fingers in their mixed juices and inserting her lubricated finger into Caprice’s forbidden passage. She immediately began finger fucking the red heads ass, stimulating her own clit on every cycle. In and out, first one finger, then two. Caprice’s moans grew in intensity to match the already explosive tribal grunts from Dena herself.

Caprice responded to Dena’s added stimulus in kind. Dena felt a finger probe her anal ring. Normally Dena was not much into receiving anal, but tonight, with this assailant, Dena arched her back and pushed towards the intrusion with prejudice.

Caprice was only able to get a single finger into Dena this way, but the feelings were no less intense. Dena exploded into her orgasm, passing the barrier into the infinite and still accelerating in her desire. Her vision became tunnelled, her existence based now around the mashing of clitoris and the finger in her ass. Caprice fucked Dena’s ass harder and harder. Wave after passionate wave broke across Dena’s lust filled consciousness. Sounds – unintelligible thunderous sounds echoed in her ears. Her hips bucked back and forth in a sexual seizure.

She could take no more. Almost in resignation, the red-head allowed herself to cross over the edge. Her finger clamped in Dena’s tight ass, her other hand holding her lover’s leg to maintain their sexual coupling, her muscles straining. Her orgasm didn’t sneak up on her. It was no surprise to the muscle bound woman when she exploded. Her orgasm came at her like a runaway freight train that she had been watching for miles, but powerless to stop. She was tied to the tracks of her ecstasy and the train hit her without even slowing down.
Her orgasm crashed through her consciousness, numbing reality and putting the vixen in a cobra like trace. She continued to grind on Dena subconsciously. Her mouth agape and her body shuddering as each pulse of electricity flowed through her body.

As their convulsions subsided, the women’s gyrations began to slow. Their breathing slowly returning to normal.

Dean was wasted. Done. She lay back on the bed while Caprice untangled herself and slid up beside her. The lay there face to face, a final kiss was the last thing Dena remembered.
The morning sun shone through the south facing window that was Dena’s bedroom. Birds chirped, crickets sang and the warm summer air rolled through the open screen into Dena’s home.

Consciousness came to her slowly this fine morning, but she awoke with a feeling of peace and happiness. Her eyes still closed, she stretched. She felt her naked nipples brush the cool fabric of her satin sheets much the same as every day. As her mind shifted into first gear, memories began to flood her brain. Vivid memories. Tastes, smells, details......
Her eye’s snapped open with as a crystal clear image of Caprice formed in her mind. She bolted up right in bed, turning to look beside her.

Except for her, the bed was empty. She wildly glanced around the room looking for any tangible trace to confirm her memories, her heart beating through her chest. She bounced out of bed and dashed to her closet, shoving clothes this way and that in a vain attempt to find her bodysuit. Through her morning cobwebs she seemed to recall something about a visit to the dry cleaners with all her old clothes...... Had the bodysuit been in that drop?
She planted herself back on her bed. She held her head in her hands.... “Think Dena Think!” she coaxed herself.

Could this all have been just a dream? “No way!” she chided herself – “It’s way to real!”
She thought back to other times in her life when she’d awoken from a dream or even a nightmare to find herself thinking that her memories were so vivid, the detail so precise that it HAD to be true – only to clear the morning sleep from her eyes and find the images fading as the day went on.

“WOW that was an incredible dream!!” she thought to herself. “Unfucking believeable!”. She shook her head in dismay and robotically left the bed for the sanctity of the morning shower.
As the warm water fell against her body, her hyper sensitive nipples hardened while she thought of her memory. The red headed woman.... her ample breasts...the taste of her pussy. The things they had done... She even laughed to herself at that – “I’d never do some of those things.: She confirmed the dream. But still, a familiar tingling began deep within her. Her hands caressed her breast.... they travelled slowly lower, and lower...until they parted her already lubricating cunt... Her mouth drooled with anticipation as began the long elevator ride to her inevitable orgasm.

Out in the bedroom, her alarm clock rang. It as an old-style bell type alarm clock – Dena had an eye for antiques – it’s little hammer going back and forth between the loosely fitting bells on its top.

Later Dena wonder momentarily where her alarm clock went, but right now, as the vibrations from the little hammer caused the entire clock to topple off her nightstand, Dena was in the shower rocking herself through an extremely intense session of self-pleasure.

Had the alarm clock fell and landed on her hardwood floors, Dena might have even heard the noise and been nudged out of her state of self induced ecstasy.

But instead, the alarm clock fell off the back of her night stand and landed on a cushion. The coiled rope of some forgotten sexual stimulant.

Only latter when Dena located and retrieved her alarm clock would she pull on the end of the coil, removing it from its discarded place to find a black, twelve foot long, bull whip.


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well written


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fucking sucking a very bad story without any logic

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